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Mike Lindner's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 690 posts (699 including aliases). 2 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 18 Pathfinder Society characters.


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I understand the desire to reward the consistent local GMs that make games happen week after week and I think adding such a system has merit. I also believe in simplicity.

Having been a tier one GM at Gen Con twice I also understand the significant time and financial cost plus the stress of doing so, so I agree that these GMs getting an exclusive boon is appropriate.

Putting these together I can get behind a system that rewards GMs with boons based on the number of GM stars they have, though not at the level of those tier one GM rewards. By not introducing additional tracking mechanics while still giving those consistent GMs something I think this is a reasonable compromise.


I like the faction cards overall, although I don't have them printed for every one of my characters. I think they are better than the old faction missions by far. They don't spoil the plot and they fit with the faction's objectives rather than just being "collect a teapot" tasks. At worst they make for a short distraction of making a skill check to fulfill a condition on a card. It has been my experience that the time spent on faction cards that distracts from scenarios is far less than the old faction missions that had nothing to do with the real plot, which was a lot of them.


Woran wrote:
joe kirner wrote:

Hold a gm class. Show them how its not so complicated. Perhaps they are intimidated and think they have to know all the rules or have all the books.

Run them thruu a season 0 module with all of you being the gm.

I had this idea with silverhex. Everyone prepare a single quest, and run them for eachother. Its a lot less scary to GM for equally inexperienced people.

They (and you) can give feedback, and see if they are feeling up for a normal scenario.

GMing can seem daunting, but with a little help people can step over that hurdle. It wont be a good fit for everyone, but you might find a few that do like GMing

I think this is a really great idea.


Are you using warhorn or any other public method to organize your games currently?

Having such a standard method that everyone knows about makes it easy for the people who normally play to see that there is no GM for a given day and also makes it easy for them to volunteer.

One way that may get people to realize that they need to step up in order to help create a healthy gaming community is to simply not GM all the time. Let people know ahead of time that you won't be able to GM for the next several gaming sessions and that someone will need to step up. It may take letting several sessions fail to shock people into realizing that they can't rely on you to make their fun happen.


Muser wrote:

"Murderhobo" has become shorthand for the worst among Society, thieving, amoral basterds with chips on ALL the shoulders, but that's not what it meant earlier. Originally, and this goes back years, the term referred to those kinds of characters who were...just there.

No family, no background, no ethics whatsoever. They didn't even have a home off-mission, but sustained themselves purely on looting bodies and dungeons. Mostly this had to do with being played by someone who just didn't care about this. Rolling dice with mates was where it's at, so Bob the Fighter was born.

These days murderhobos might have pages and pages of background, wants and feelings! I know mine does.

One of my most recently created characters is explicitly a murderhobo. This character also has the most detailed backstory of any of my PCs.


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Feast of sigils has a lovely dining experience complete with that after dinner feeling of "I can't believe I ate that."


LG: 1
NG: 2
CG: 2
LN: 4
CN: 4
N: 3

-1 NG (retired)
-2 LN (semi-retired)
-3 N
-4 NG
-5 N
-6 LN
-7 LN
-8 CN
-9 LN
-11 CG
-12 N
-13 LG
-14 CN
-15 CG
-16 CN
-17 CN


GM Lamplighter wrote:
You mean, one that we know is a doppleganger, right? I assume they'll all shape-shifters of one form or another.

I happen to know a dire were bear seeker. He might be a venture captain now.


Daniel Myhre wrote:

No clue... But you know what I find rather annoying? I bought the Advanced race Guide on Friday evening. Saturday while waiting for the convention session I was joining to get started I used my "you haven't played at level 2 yet" rebuild to make my character a kitsune, after showing the GM I do have a legal copy of the book and letting him read the entry. Part of the rebuild was adding an archtype. The GM too has the Occult Adventurers book and is familiar with the archtype, so I'm good. But this means I had to print off a couple pages so I can continue playing my kineticist. You know, race info and archtype info.

Okay, fine. Well I do have a backup character I wanted to get started on playing too. So I applied my aasimar race boon to that one and tweaked stats a bit. I'm good, or so I thought. Remembered I'd have to print off any additional resources I used on the character. That's 3 pages from Blood of Angels for race, alternate heritage, and an aasimar social trait, another 2 pages for my archtype... Ran out of ink and paper before I can print off the eight pages needed for the Spiritualist class.

Damn it! I was planning on playing that spiritualist in the next PFS session. But I can't since I don't have a printout of the class's info :(

If you have a way to access the PDF electronically during the game, then that is sufficient. As I understand the requirements, you only need to have a physical copy of your character sheet, not everything from the additional resources list that you use.


pH unbalanced wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
Is it possible the OP misunderstood the fame rules, and thought a chronicle sheet was the only way to get a ghost touch weapon?
Is ghost touch in Core? uch


I think there's a difference between reading the scenario blurb and deciding from that which character you will have the most fun playing vs. attacking an NPC during the game because you want to take their shiny thing you saw on the chronicle.


Chess Pwn wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
It's that this archetype needs to have his pets for his abilities and spells. But if you let him have the effects if they are non-combat then what's the difference between a familiar giving it's benefits to it's owner that uses a combat horse?
Static benefits don't clog the table and don't take up time die rolling, which is most of the reason for the one pet thing.
so are you saying I can have a familiar granting me a will save bonus and have a mount that I actually fight with? That is opposed to what I've heard from my local players so I'd love to find out I could do that

Around these parts that is fine. From what I've seen as a local community we do follow the rule that you decide at the start of the scenario what the combat companion will be and cannot later change it. However, any passive benefits from other companions are still allowed, they simply do not actively participate in combat, i.e. the familiar stays tucked in the PC's clothes/hair/whatever.


grandpoobah wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:

I have a spreadsheet that his my character info on it, and cells that trigger effect, like [rage][0 or 1] if [1] str +4. I have all my effects and common buffs made to apply any changes to any stat. This way hardly no in-game calculations need to be made. And I don't have to keep track of how much does this buff give and remember to add it when
I definitely plan to continue using my spreadsheet. But I was informed of the rule that you need a paper copy to be legal to play. Thus I was wanting to see what info I needed for that paper copy, since I wasn't fond of the idea of having to write out everything I already had on my sheet. But alas it seems EVERYTHING is required to be written on the sheet.

Sounds like you've made a cool spreadsheet that works well for your character. A couple of my players have as well. Some people really like working in Excel and flexing their Tech skills. It's a good way to add to the hobby (that's where things like HeroLab come from!)

I think you could create a second worksheet in Excel for your character that is more GM friendly - it just summarizes your characters stats and abilities. It could just call out information from your main sheet (that you mostly tinker with). You can use the standard character sheet in the CRB, or a pregen sheet as a guide for format and what info you might need to show.

For Example, you could list class features (like Rage, Uncanny Dodge) and not list descriptions of these features- instead list sources and page numbers.

Similarly, I don't think your character sheet (for the GM) needs to math out variable things like your to-hit when raging. Just be able to show your GM that you have Rage, and the Power Attack feat. The Summary sheet should be simple.

I think you should be able to (with some work, I admit) create a summary sheet you can show a GM, or print up for a GM, as needed. You wouldn't need to re-do the summary every game - anymore than you need to update your own special spreadsheet...

Yup, a print out of the spreadsheet is fine as long as an average GM can find the common stuff on it: skills, feats, saves, etc. You don't need to write everything out on a piece of paper if you can get the same information by printing your spreadsheet.

I created Excel spreadsheets for two of my characters before I started using Hero Lab and I continue to use the spreadsheets for those characters even now as they do more than Hero Lab.

For anyone that is using Hero Lab I heartily recommend producing printable versions using custom output with AncientOne's sheet. This is downloadable right from within Hero Lab. I find it to be much more readable compared to the default PDF output. I like to open the result in Chrome and rearrange some things like put the consumable resources on the first page and set the skills to an alternate format. I then "print" it to a PDF saved to Google Drive, which makes it easier to print a hard copy later since I don't have a printer at home.


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I also go with everything there is space for on the character sheet from the CRB should be listed. Feats and such need not have all the text, but at least the names of them, and hopefully a very short indication of what they do. Don't forget your traits and any alternate racial traits. Simply put: anything that has a mechanical effect on the game, whether than be numerical or otherwise.

Off topic:

Muser wrote:
My pet peeve is people who do not count their boni together beforehand but instead start this tedious 1+2+3 when I ask for a ranged attack roll. . .
Ascalaphus wrote:
. . . By then you're often adding five or more different boni to your attack roll, and they change every other round as buffs and debuffs come and go.

The plural of bonus is bonuses.


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Making any assumptions about how PCs are geared leads to uncomfortable situations.

For the "standard" gear you mention, I think the only decent assumption is that for someone whose primary action in combat is doing physical damage they can bypass DR/magic via a +1 or better weapon. Especially considering all the great alternatives in the shoulder, neck, and ring slots there are many characters that do not use the defensive items you mention.

As others have done, here is the gear of my high level non-seeker characters for reference. Many of my lower level characters don't use the standard items as much as these.

bard (archaeologist) 10:

Combat Gear
fortunate charm,
scroll of acute senses,
scroll of comprehend languages,
scroll of erase,
scroll of feather step,
scroll of glitterdust,
scroll of honeyed tongue,
scroll of innocence (CL 2nd),
scroll of lesser restoration (5),
scroll of liberating command,
scroll of memory lapse,
scroll of remove fear,
scroll of see invisibility,
scroll of share language,
scroll of solid note (CL 2nd),
scroll of tongues,
scroll of undetectable alignment,
wand of cure light wounds (50 charges),
air crystal;
Other Gear
mithral chain shirt,
mwk buckler,
arrows (20),
darkwood shortbow,
mithral dagger,
autonomous cartographer,
belt of incredible dexterity +2,
boots of striding and springing,
circlet of persuasion,
cloak of resistance +2,
cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
cracked scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone,
dream journal of the pallid seer,
eyes of the eagle,
field scrivener's desk,
gloves of swimming and climbing,
handy haversack,
headband of vast intelligence +2,
ring of protection +1,
ring of sustenance,
rope of climbing,
unguent of timelessness,
vest of escape,
belt pouch,
masterwork backpack,
masterwork thieves' tools,
pathfinder chronicle,
pathfinder chronicle,
pathfinder chronicle,
pathfinder chronicle,
pathfinder chronicle,
pathfinder chronicle,
pathfinder chronicle,
pathfinder chronicle,
pathfinder chronicle,
pathfinder chronicle,
scroll case,
scroll case,
scroll case,
sewing needle,
spell component pouch,
spider's silk rope (50 ft.),
thread (50 ft.),
trail rations (5),

alchemist (mindchemist) 11:

Combat Gear
boro bead (1st level),
boro bead (2nd level),
boro bead (2nd level),
boro bead (2nd level),
elixer of elemental protection,
elixir of spirit sight,
elixir of tumbling,
potion of cure light wounds,
potion of deeper darkness,
potion of inflict light wounds,
potion of lesser restoration,
potion of reduce person,
universal solvent,
acid (3),
alchemist's fire (2),
alkali flask,
fiddleback venom (3),
holy water (2),
liquid ice;
Other Gear
mithral chain shirt,
blowgun darts (20),
mithral dagger,
mwk blowgun,
poisoned sand tube,
belt of the weasel,
cloak of resistance +1,
dream journal of the pallid seer,
elixir of darksight,
elixir of hiding,
elixir of swimming,
feather step slippers,
formula alembic,
gloves of reconnaissance,
handy haversack,
headband of vast intelligence +4,
hybridization funnel,
lenses of detection,
preserving flask (1st level),
ring of inner fortitude (minor),
robe of infinite twine,
traveler's any-tool,
alchemist's lab,
alchemy crafting kit,
formula book,
masterwork thieves' tools,
scroll box,
scroll case,
sewing needle,
spell component pouch,
spider's silk rope (50 ft.),
travelling formula book,

monk (zen archer) 11:

Explorer's Outfit
+5 Adaptive Impervious Composite Daikyu (+2 Str)
Katana, double walking stick [UC]
Wakizashi with false pommel
Cage (diminutive, bamboo) [AA]
Canary [AA]
Belt Pouch
Bird Food
Scroll Case
Inquisitor's Monocle [UE 226] +5 competence to Sense Motive
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 [CRB] enhancement bonus
Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 [CRB] enhancement bonus
Cloak of Resistance +3 [CRB] resistance bonus to saves
Ring of Protection +1 [CRB] deflection bonus to AC
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 [CRB] enchancement bonus to nat armor
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier [AP 52] +1 luck bonus to AC
Slippers of Spider Climbing [CRB]
Cracked Pale Green Prism Ioun Stone [SoS] +1 competence bonus to saves
Signet Ring
Efficient Quiver
Arrows (20)
Grappling Arrow [AA]
Arrows, Cold Iron, Blunt (20)
Smoke arrow
Whistling arrow (20)
Arrows, adamantine blanched (10)
Arrows, blunt, adamantine blanched (10)
Arrows, silver blanched (10)
Arrows, blunt, silver blanched (10)
Handy Haversack [CRB] magic pockets; retrieve as move action without provoking
Ioun Torch [SoS]
Hammock [AA]
Piton [CRB]
Caver's Hammock [Second Darkness Player's Guide]
Blanket, common [AA]
Mirror, small steel [CRB]
Rope, spider's silk (50 ft) [APG]
Sewing Needle
Thread (50') [AA]
False-bottomed Cup [AA]
Parchment (sheet)
Dream Journal of the Pallid Seer [AP 27] (600 gp) reroll death
Rations, Trail
Noble's Outfit
Light War Horse [AA] (900 lbs)
Military Saddle (30 lbs)
Powder [AA]
Wand of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Vermin Repellant [AA]
Unguent of Timelessness
Alchemist's Fire [CRB]
Smokestick [CRB]
Oil of Magic Weapon
Oil of Align Weapon
Potion of Endure Elements
Potion of Jump
Potion of Lesser Restoration
Potion of Mage Armor
Potion of Fly
Potion of Feather Step
Potion of Touch of the Sea
Air Crystals

Access to the spells, so level*level*5.


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Divvox2 wrote:
For fun, I like to age my character a year every few levels to represent the concept that one only gets these wacky quests dozen times a year at most.

Time passes on Golarion at the same rate as here on Earth. So characters age one year in game for every real year. Though perhaps your PCs like to hang out with time dragons when not adventuring.


John Compton wrote:
GM Lamplighter wrote:

Noticed a few things during prep tonight... not sure if it's something worth playing up at the table or not.

First: I made little stick puppets for the owl and the albatross, to aid in my NPC dialogue. I'm going to do a little puppet show from behind the GM screen to see if it helps the party keep the two characters straight and distinct, or if it's just silly. (I figured since their fey, this would be the place to try silly, if anywhere...)

Next: So, the owl and the albatross can use their entangle ability with all the loose paper that's floating around in the water (with -2 on the DC of the ability). So there must be lots of loose paper and books already off the shelves and floating around in the water?

Fine, but if the party gets the grondair to suck up the water before she leaves... doesn't all that loose stuff get sucked up as well? According to the Bestiary entry, plants and even small water animals get sucked up when a grondair takes on water. So, the Society loses a bunch of stuff into that fishy's belly.

So, is it better for the Society if the grondair removes the water (and the loose books), or if she doesn't?

There's certainly some paper floating in the water, but the worst of the entangling paper is probably comes from the shelves themselves as scrolls lash out from the walls and bookcases.

Koi is also a fabrication of some pretty wonky fey narrative—on both levels of storytelling. I suspect her reabsorption of the water leaves most of the paper behind. Certainly it captures little enough that the Society much prefers her cooperation to dredging and drying the archives manually.

For the entangle I'm thinking that wet paper goes splashing all over and covers the PCs like papier mache.

I think combining them would make those talents must haves, and must haves make for bad options.

Okay, it may be better than to remove "for the limitation of one per hidden strike."

Edit: Thanks for being so active and answering so many questions!

Bumping to hopefully get an answer. Can * rogue talents be applied to every hidden strike, whether or not the foe is aware of the vigilante?

LazarX wrote:
Entryhazard wrote:
A CE vigilante can ping as NN in social guise (one step in the law axis and one in the good)
The restriction is within ONE step. You can't get from chaotic evil to true neutral in one step TOTAL.

That's not true.

round 2 wrote:
A vigilante can possess two alignments, one for each of his identities. When in an identity, he is treated as having that identity’s alignment for all spells, magic items, and abilities that target alignment. For the purposes of meeting a qualification for a feat, class, or other ability, he is only eligible if both of his alignments meet the requirements. A vigilante’s two alignments must be within one step of each other on each alignment axis. For example, a vigilante with a lawful neutral social identity could have a vigilante identity that is lawful good, lawful neutral, lawful evil, neutral, neutral good, or neutral evil.

kevin_video wrote:
Amanda Plageman wrote:
RobertSh wrote:
I'm going to test Vigilante in PFS-game, so can Identities have different Factions? If not, must leader of the Faction know who you really are?


I'd really like to know the answer to this as well.
We're playing it that your secret identity is part of the PFS game, but your day job person is actually your "agent" or "representative" (the VC's are clueless about your true identity unless you purposely tell them because we think of them as Commissioner Gordon). They're the ones that go in to visit the VC, and IF the adventure is something that their vigilante can do (99.9% of the time they would), then they go get the other person, which takes 5 minutes. We've also played around with the idea that we're a Justice League team so the VC's have a "bat signal" to alert us when danger is present. We're really cheesing it up and having fun with it.

I'm handling this with a dip into ranger (falconer) so my owl will hang out at the lodge when I'm in my social disguise. If there's trouble they can send the owl to come find me.

ShieldLawrence wrote:

Under the new wording, the damage is nonlethal bludgeoning and ONLY bypasses DR if the natural attacks of the opponent you hit with your attack bypasses that DR with it's natural weapons.

I was hoping to bypass DR altogether, but alas I forgot that all physical damage is subject to it, save for touch attacks specifically.

This is how I read the ability as well. So if you attack a demon, and use foe collision to shove the demon into an angel, then because the demon's natural attacks are evil they bypass the angel's DR/evil (as the demon has the evil subtype).

I think the real question on the dual alignments is how does Pharasma decide where to send the soul, random die roll?

I think the restriction makes sense. A CE vigilante might pretend to be LG as his social identity, but his actual alignment wouldn't really be LG. After all, if his alignment truly was LG, why would he then want to use his vigilante identity that is so monstrous?

They are two identities, but the underlying individual is the same.

I assume not as this prevents being able to apply powerful effects like mighty ambush against every opponent in a combat.

It would be nice if the timing was more clearly defined. If I'm trying to move through the enemy's square to get a flank, can I take the swift action attack after I move into that square to get the flank bonus?

Mark Seifter wrote:
Mike Lindner wrote:

Chronicle clarification request...

PFS chronicle wrote:
You may print out multiple copies of this Chronicle sheet and assign up to one per single-classed character that uses the vigilante playtest class. Each time you play an adventure with this character, have your GM fill one of the lines below that reflects your character’s level. If there is not an available line, you do not receive credit on this sheet for that adventure. If you are the GM and assigned credit to this PC, you may instead fill in a line if at least one single-class vigilante played at your table.
If I apply this at level 1 to a vigilante then take levels in another class can I still continue crossing off lines when playing?
Just like last time, has to be single-classed. The journeys of Bob, the 10th level Unchained rogue who also took 1 level of fey zealot to turn invisible during a move are far less useful to us than the journeys of Bob the 10th level zealot vigilante.

That makes sense. I am assuming I can continue playing the character after the end of the playtest though, since I did already play as a single-classed vigilante (filling in at least one line on the chronicle), correct?

Chronicle clarification request...

PFS chronicle wrote:
You may print out multiple copies of this Chronicle sheet and assign up to one per single-classed character that uses the vigilante playtest class. Each time you play an adventure with this character, have your GM fill one of the lines below that reflects your character’s level. If there is not an available line, you do not receive credit on this sheet for that adventure. If you are the GM and assigned credit to this PC, you may instead fill in a line if at least one single-class vigilante played at your table.

If I apply this at level 1 to a vigilante then take levels in another class can I still continue crossing off lines when playing?

I rebuilt a PFS character with 1 XP into a vigilante for a game last night, 6-22 Out of Anarchy.

The character is a kitsune stalker whose vigilante identity is a Pathfinder in his native kitsune form, who is in it to help kill people and take their stuff. His social identity is a human bum who sits on the street corner at the end of the adventuring day with "the end is nigh" signs occasionally yelling at people about the end of the world. (With profession beggar for his day job.) Quite literally a murder hobo.

As you might expect the main identity is the vigilante - I don't expect the social identity to ever come up much or interact with the other PCs. For me this solves the dilemma of how to handle multiple personalities within PFS and it worked out well I think.

Without saying too much about the scenario I was able to at least change into my social identity for a while during a roleplaying section to scout and gather information without drawing unwanted attention to the pathfinders. The rest of the time was spent in his vigilante identity.

Mechanically, the vigilante identity worked out just fine considering he's only first level. I don't mind that hidden strike just uses d4s most of the time, although I have never played a rogue sort before.

I like the fact that I had enough skills to contribute outside of combat, having put a rank in both diplomacy and bluff.

Overall I was able to contribute without overshadowing the other PCs, enjoyed playing as a vigilante, and am excited to play the character more at higher levels.


I think this would be workable with a few tweaks. First, PDFs should never need a sign off because they should already include the owner's name. Second, the resource tracking sheet should never expire. Third, any GM should be able to sign the tracking sheet; we already trust them to run the game and fill out the chronicles correctly after all.

I think some folks have missed one key requirement, that the player is still responsible to bring a copy of the rules with them to the table, either a PDF print out or a photocopy of the relevant page(s) from the book. So the GM still has the official text to use for rulings.

As far as abuse of the rules goes I don't really see how it would be worse than now. In particular you can change the name on a PDF you didn't buy if you are intent on cheating, which isn't much different than making an extra photocopy of a book page for a friend. The people that would intentionally cheat the rules, such as forging someone else's name, whether on a PDF or a tracking sheet, are probably already fudging their die rolls, "misunderstanding" how their abilities work, etc. I don't think it's a good idea to make honest peoples' lives more difficult because some people suck.

I acknowledge that the time taken to sign the sheets is an additional burden on the GM, but if they don't have time (such as at a convention), they can just ask the player to have it signed at a later date. After all the player must have the resource available at that time to get it signed off anyway so it does not prevent them from playing their character.

I myself was bitten by the removal of photocopies as a legal rules source. I owned everything in hard copy and was tired of lugging it all to every game, so I photocopied every bit of rules I used outside the CRB. Not long after that photocopies were made illegal and I once again had to start carrying all my books to games. That was pretty annoying. I wasn't active on the forums at the time and never saw anyone else in my area using photocopies, so I don't know how much this was truly being abused, but that experience does make me empathize with Gary on this.


Mike Lindner wrote:

Human 2 (1 retired)

Dwarf 1 (retired)
Gnome 2
Aasimar 1
Wayang 1
Tengu 1
Tiefling 1
Kitsune 1
Nagaji 1
Ifrit 1
Sylph 1

Reboot update:

Human 4 (1 retired)
Dwarf 1 (retired)
Gnome 2
Aasimar 1
Wayang 1
Tengu 1
Tiefling 1
Kitsune 2
Nagaji 1
Ifrit 1
Sylph 1
Halfling 1


I agree with others that nonlethal is preferred, but it all depends on the situation. If my (level 11) zen archer monk was dominated to attack the party, I would fully expect the other PCs to drop him as soon as possible regardless of the means due to the large likelihood of him killing other PCs.


UndeadMitch wrote:
Byakko wrote:

Many seem to be of the opinion that most towns will have ways of dealing with high level adventurers.

I wonder just how common high level individuals really are in most non-capitol/legendary locations, however. A team of high level (10th+) pathfinders might be extremely rare and powerful. If they decided to go on a rampage, perhaps little could stop them until a special task force is assembled by a major government/organization.

If they go on a rampage, it's going to be pretty short. The PC's are going to get mobbed by numbers, regardless of level. If the PC's want to just sit around and fight an endless mob of town guards, then perhaps a home game would be more their speed. Check out Mike Brock's post linked to upthread for a better summary of what should happen.

The village rounds up every house cat in a 20 mile radius. The PCs don't stand a chance.

Commenting on your comparison for the stalker...

I disagree with your assessment of pull into the shadows. It lets you do something that is otherwise impossible: you can take a move action, attack doing damage, then attempt a drag and move again dragging the enemy. Assuming the attack and drag are successful it's better than the three feat chain leading to spring attack. Plus it's very thematic.

I am concerned that at higher levels mighty ambush combined with up close and personal could be too powerful since you have the potential to knock out every enemy leaving them open to a coup-de-grace. Perhaps mighty ambush should be limited to once per combat.

I agree that perfect vulnerability looks nice until you realize you'd have to use it every round to, possibly, maintain the effect. This needs beefing up somehow.

On rogue talent, I created another thread to clarify one aspect, so I won't go into too much detail, but I think this should call out that it applies to all hidden strike attacks, not just those against enemies unaware of the vigilante. Otherwise it is strictly worse than a rogue taking the same rogue talent.

Does the limitation on applying the effects of a vigilante talent marked with * "only when that hidden strike is dealt against a
foe that is unaware of the stalker vigilante (or who considers him an ally)" apply to the rogue talent vigilante talent?

Playtest document wrote:

Vigilante Talents: A stalker vigilante may select from any of the following talents. A stalker vigilante can apply only one talent marked with an asterisk (*) to a given hidden strike, and only when that hidden strike is dealt against a foe that is unaware of the stalker vigilante (or who considers him an ally), unless otherwise noted.

Rogue Talent (Ex): The stalker vigilante gains a single rogue talent (not an advanced talent) of his choice. If he selects a rogue talent marked with an asterisk (*), that talent applies to his hidden strike instead of a sneak attack, and it counts as a vigilante talent with an asterisk (*) for the limitation of one per hidden strike.

Perhaps it's just seeing what I want to, but the way I read this is that the limitations are not inextricably linked, and since the rogue talent talent specifically calls out (only) that it counts "for the limitation of one per hidden strike" then it can be applied to any hidden strike attack. To me this makes sense balance-wise as rogue talents were written assuming they would be applied that often, rather than the more powerful vigilante talent effects that are balanced by not being applicable as often.

I want to take bleeding attack and would like to apply it to every hidden strike attack. Otherwise I will just use the wounding weapon special ability.


UndeadMitch wrote:
Does anyone find it odd that the trap in the lower tier is the harder to disable and more dangerous flame strike trap while high tier just has a shocking grasp? Did the two traps get switched?

It is odd. I assumed it was to balance out the overall scenario. That flame strike killed someone the first time I ran the scenario because they didn't heal up between fights. The other cause is that they checked every other door for traps, but because it's on the inner door they got lazy. Lessons learned.


For small to medium sized maps I print them with the following process. I copy the maps from the scenario and paste them into irfanview. Then I crop them to only be the area I need to print since many maps have extra padding around them which just wastes ink; plus I can ensure it's an ordinal number of map inches to make the next step easier. Irfanview makes adjusting the DPI easy (press I) as you can adjust it separately for horizontal and vertical dimensions and it updates the map dimensions in the same screen in cm/inches so you can quickly fiddle with it until you get the correct overall size. Next cut it up into multiple images as needed to fit on the paper size you have available. Print them!

For larger maps I prefer to draw them ahead of time on a large pad that has a 1 inch grid preprinted on it. You can get these from office supply stores or stores that sell supplies to teachers. Check around as prices can vary by a lot (I grossly overpaid for mine from Office Depot). This is especially useful if you think you will run the scenario more than once.

When it comes to drawing don't worry about it being pretty. As long as you can draw a line close enough to straight for walls and features that may affect combat, then that's enough. You can fill in any other details with the verbal description of the room. Remember that you don't have to stick to just the "box text" description of rooms; you can embellish all you want to fill in the details that your drawing may not capture.

Fomsie wrote:
Just a question, are there any flip maps or map packs used for this scenario, or all custom? Just want to be prepared.

maps used:
It uses: Flip-Map: Swamp, Flip-Mat: Falls & Rapids, Map Pack: City, and two medium sized custom maps.

Stirges are indeed quite good, especially at higher levels because that con damage can add up quickly.

Elementals are often useful. I used some summoned earth elementals to recover some gear in a recent scenario that we otherwise would have missed out on.


Jessex wrote:
Not to dare write something nice about HeroLab but this is something it does well. I never have to worry about tracking my characters encumbrance the program handles it quite well automatically.

There are some limitations to be aware of though.

HeroLab gets the weight wrong on many small sized items. It either halves the weight twice or applies the half weight when it shouldn't.

HeroLab also does not count the weight of the free outfit PCs get at first level.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Since the wording is "spells you cast to ensure peace or force aggressive creatures to become peaceful" I would say that spells which simply provide a penalty on attacks would not qualify.

I would allow the bonus on sometimes yes, sometimes no spells based on the specific situation.

I find the guiding idea of "when in doubt, side with the players" to be pretty good. It certainly makes for a more pleasant gaming atmosphere.

On the general topic, there are lots of effects in the game which require the GM to rule within the context of the current game. That's why we have GMs. Oddly enough I agree with the rulings more often than effects with no room for interpretation. Perhaps because they have to actively think about it and often talk it out with the players to gain some consensus.


I would like to see grippli, vanara, catfolk, samsaran, and grippli.

I think it would be a good idea to keep the existing options and simply add more as it would lead to less people using the new options. Greater variety available preventing a sudden surge of catfolk for instance. I'm not sure how accurate that assumption is though as I have never played in other organized play campaigns.


UndeadMitch wrote:
UndeadMitch wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
Speaking as one of those GMs who was affected (6th level Dhampir GM blob), let's not drag old business into this new thread. It happened, we were impacted, let's move on.
Agreed. How 'bout that Season 7? I hear those Aspis are back with a vengeance!

How crazy! I heard the same thing! Man, that is some classic Aspis right there! I wonder where all we'll go to fight them?

Blog wrote:
And for those of you who were guessing whether the Year of the Serpent would involve the Aspis Consortium or the serpentfolk, why can't it be both?
Oh man, serpentfolk Aspis Agents?

Let's all go to Garund!

An adventure to the first world would be fun.


This is awesome. I think this will really help those who want to or at least may be willing to try GMing. I look forward to running core only games.

This is coming from "one of those" that uses every option under the sun.


Good wands and/or scrolls:
murderous command
touch of the sea
endure elements
summon minor monster
diagnose disease
detect secret doors
resist energy
fireball (for when you absolutely, positively have to kill every commoner in the room)

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