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FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 642 posts (651 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 15 Pathfinder Society characters.


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This is awesome. I think this will really help those who want to or at least may be willing to try GMing. I look forward to running core only games.

This is coming from "one of those" that uses every option under the sun.


Good wands and/or scrolls:
murderous command
touch of the sea
endure elements
summon minor monster
diagnose disease
detect secret doors
resist energy
fireball (for when you absolutely, positively have to kill every commoner in the room)


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Great news.

My one suggestion is that the faction cards be made in the same physical size as a chronicle, 8.5x11in, so that they can seamlessly be kept with chronicles in binders or whatever. Half or quarter sheets of paper are too easy to lose. Maybe even use a general chronicle/boon design, just without the right or bottom portions.


Who knew the Numerians had nukes?


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Here is the one I use in Excel and PDF formats. This prints on 4 8.5" x 11" pages. It should be current with all sanctioned content.


Dylos wrote:
Cao Phen wrote:
I was aiming towards the idea of RAW that it has to be officially stated to be obtained, which this spell does state that Sign Language exists out of Drow Sign and the snail one.

The fact that it exists purely isn't enough to take it, the additional resources need to say that it is possible to take it with Linguistics, and in that spell it is referring to any sign language, not a specific one, just as the monk vow in Ultimate Magic is.

Compare to the Technology guide, which added a new language Androffan, which the additional resources mention.

Misc.: Androffan may not be chosen as a known language. It may only be acquired through a Chronicle sheet

For PFS, only the languages in the Core Rulebook, Inner Sea World Guide, and Dragon Empires Gazetteer are legal (to be taken via linguistics), unless a boon says otherwise.

Here is a list of those languages
** spoiler omitted ** If it's not in that spoiler, and it's not Read Lips, you cannot get it by Linguistics.

For the sake of completeness the Dungeon Dweller trait specifically allows one to speak Dark Folk: "You start with one additional language chosen from the following list: Aklo, Dark Folk, Draconic, Goblin, Necril, Orc, or Undercommon."


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James Krolak wrote:

Bead of Newt Prevention
1,000gp, UE pg282
Negates failed save vs hostile polymorph effect, consumed when triggered. Useful at higher levels when you might encounter a Baleful Polymorph.

Sure, this might seem great but there's nothing like a story of being turned into a squirrel.


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Excellent elixirs to use with alchemical allocation:

  • Elixir of elemental protection 1,800 gp Scintillating colors swirl through this liquid. The elixir grants the drinker 100 points of protection from the first type of elemental damage he takes after drinking it. Unused points of protection dissipate 1 hour after the liquid is consumed. [Dragonslayer's Handbook]
  • Elixir of darksight 1,200 gp This dark, syrupy draught doubles the range of the drinker’s darkvision and also enables her to see through deeper darkness when using darkvision. The effects last for 1 hour. [ARG]
  • Elixir of spirit sight 1,000 gp For 1 minute, the drinker gains the ability to see invisibility (as the spell), and his weapons and armor are treated as if they had the ghost touch special ability. [AP39]
  • Elixir of the peaks 2,450 gp When imbibed, an elixir of the peaks gives the user the ability to scale and survive in mountainous terrain with great skill. The imbiber is treated as if acclimated to all high altitudes lower than a death zone, and gains a +2 competence bonus on all Survival checks made at elevations of above 5,000 feet. She also gains a +10 competence bonus on Climb checks and Survival checks in mountainous terrain (these bonuses stack with the altitude-based bonus above). Finally, the imbiber gains the benefits of an endure elements spell. The effects of this elixir wear off after 8 hours. [RotRL AP6]
  • Elixir of hiding 250 gp
  • Elixir of swimming 250 gp
  • Elixir of tumbling 250 gp
  • Elixir of vision 250 gp


Here is the scenario tracker I use.


While the party cannot leave the dungeon and come back, they could certainly try to rest in the dungeon via rope trick or otherwise. However, I would fully expect the rat demons of the dungeon to make regular rounds to ensure everything is okay. Finding a rope dangling where no rope should be would be quite the giveaway that something is amiss. This is likely to go very badly for the party.

So, it is in the PCs' hands, but I would strongly encourage them against trying to rest in Bonekeep.

As far as the rest, there are no restrictions on extra-dimensional spaces, mists have a miss chance for the enemies, knowledge DCs should not be increased beyond typical (rare creatures), etc. Bonekeep is plenty challenging as it is written - there is no cause or basis to invent additional rules.

Like all scenarios, run as written.


Human 2 (1 retired)
Dwarf 1 (retired)
Gnome 2
Aasimar 1
Wayang 1
Tengu 1
Tiefling 1
Kitsune 1
Nagaji 1
Ifrit 1
Sylph 1


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You will need to level up at the con. You cannot play a character that is not the correct level for the amount of XP it has. I suggest bringing a copy of the character already leveled up, then just making any adjustments from gear purchased, boons gained, etc. while at the con.


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Rushley son of Halum wrote:
When asking "what could possibly go wrong" the answer is always "treachery demons."

While fleeing from one combat, I am no longer allowed to run back to another room really quickly to grab some evidence we left behind. Although running from two combats at once certainly does make the day more exciting. Especially when triggering a third combat in the process.


lemeres wrote:
Kerney wrote:

First World Summoner, bring forth your wimped out eidolon. Too bad we can't combine it with broadmaster.

Geisha Bard.

Dwarven cross blooded sorcerer.

Eh, first world summoner has its bit of charm. Specifically, the pugwampis on the second level of on their summoning SLA. Those little ....buggers...have a 20' radius effect called 'unluck aura' that makes you reroll every d20 and take the worse result. That is as good as the misfortune hex, and it is an constant AoE that has no save (although it doesn't work on mindless things).

It also has a rather easy to (ab)use loophole- you aren't affected if you have ANY kind of luck bonus (So half orcs and halflings can get by fairly easily). And even if you don't have that, it specifically tells you some easy options for over coming it (including divine favor, which is a level 1 spell for the religious casters, which gives a nice enough bonus to attack and damage). And since unluck doesn't affect animals (called out by the ability as being too dumb to work on), you could also spam some of those too to make things interesting.

So these are little critter that have a cirle 45' wide that can mess up your enemies' attempts to attack, use skills, do maneuvers, or make saving throws. And it is on a low enough summon spell that you can easily spam a good number of them. So it is fairly easy to tell them to spread out and cover the whole battlefield in unluck. This means that they can't all be taken out by an AoE blast...and the fact that they have only 6 hp is an advantage. They are so easy to take that becomes the enemies' first priority, rather than (uselessly, due to the unluck) trying to fight your party.

So basically, treat the first worlder like a 1 trick witch (even if that trick is insanely good). Just have him sit in the background, casting buffs and summons and having his eidolon use wands or whatever.

Indeed. I have a first worlder and it is quite good, it just requires a little different approach than "eidolon smash." Vexgits are good summons too with rusting grasp and nuglubs can annoy casters easily because they have the step up feat.

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What we do in the home game I play in is mark them with little colored dots to differentiate identical minis. So I attack pink sahuagin, or with enough enemies, orange-three stone giant.

Pulling out an as-yet unmarked set of enemies inevitably invokes "more dots!" :)


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Jayson MF Kip wrote:

...and the store has to close due to lightning striking the transformer outside.

This is better than the lightning frying your car (and other cars, and the store's computers, and breaking the store's front window...).

My answer: ... the player in the last game who didn't know how their character's mechanics worked and refused to accept they were wrong is the GM for the next game.


kinevon wrote:
And, to be honest, for most non-primary longbow users, Adaptive is much the better enhancement to get. If you aren't running your non-Str-based archer, the odds are fairly high that Str is what you are most likely to be adding those level and item enhancements to. Also great for a Barbarian, since the longbow is perfectly suited for you whether you are Raging or not.
Majuba wrote:
kinevon wrote:
And, to be honest, for most non-primary longbow users, Adaptive is much the better enhancement to get.
Not the best example, since Adaptive is +1000gp, not an enhancement equivalent bonus, which means it very easily is added to this particular bow.

As I understand it, the bow in question is a +1 keen longbow, correct? If that is the case then adaptive is not an option, as adaptive says "This ability can only be placed on composite bows."


From another scenario: "His beard is lustrous but dominated with gray, and his voice is cultured and deep, a pleasing baritone."


Wiggz wrote:
The Morphling wrote:
Wiggz wrote:
RainyDayNinja wrote:

There are a handful of boons out there that let people play Goblins in PFS, but there were only a couple dozen ever printed, and there are no plans to print any more.

So yes, they are legal. But no, you're not going to get to play one.*


Amen. Goblins rock.

Not that I feel they should be allowed without boons - I just want one of the damn boons.

Yeah, I have this goblin build I would kill to be able to play in PFS...

...of course, there would actually have to BE a PFS group within a 100 mile radius for me to do it anyway. *grumble*

Ya know, PFS is kind of a grassroots thing. If you want a group and there isn't one you can form your own. :) Just set up a date and time and put it out there on meetup, facebook, the event page here on, etc. and see who shows up.


Hmm. Perhaps I should bring my archaeologist to that table. He loves casting blistering invective.

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It looks like an investigator cannot legally take brew potion. That seems like an oversight. I'm not suggesting the class get it for free the same as an alchemist, but I think that they should be able to take it as a feat at 3rd.

IMO simply taking the feat is better since it better reflects what your character is actually doing - s/he is really a cleric that wants heavy armor, not a cleric that has significant martial training.


Kezzie Redlioness wrote:
Zach Williams wrote:
There are a multitude of character options and builds for PFS, and if you work with others, any build can be done, play what you want, and be willing to work with others.

The problem I have sometimes is that no mater what I play and try to do what I can with it, I basically get penalized for or looked down on for not having or doing things the way that many others think and say I should by these levels of play.

I'm feeling way out of my league and with more people showing up all the time, I am feeling overwhelmed by the weight of what is essentially peer-pressure to try and live up to the majority of their party standards. And that is getting tiring.

"You play your character and I'll play mine" is the right response I think.


BigNorseWolf wrote:
Hendo897 wrote:
Thanks for the answer so how would my friend go about rectifying that on his chronicle sheet?
Pen, pencil, crayon. Take your pick.

I say paintbrush.


The antimagic field wouldn't necessarily stop his summons from being effective. He can just summon creatures with ranged attacks throughout the sanctum. As the party chases him around they will wink out in the antimagic field, but reappear as soon as the wizard continues the chase and they move out of the field. Then the summons continue their assault from range. That 10' radius is not big enough to protect the full party even from melee attacks unless everyone is taking readied actions to follow the wizard when he moves.


Things that the GM isn't likely to already have are best IMO. If it were possible, some flip-mats that are no longer in print. Or things like those horse mounts, invisible characters, and such. Gamicon does raffles for prints of Pathfinder art - those are pretty cool. Knowing that the local GMs didn't have them I got combat pads for the GMs at our most recent con - that seems to be one of those useful items that many people don't pick up when they could get the latest book instead.


Walter Sheppard wrote:
I was saying: "I think it goes against the spirit of PFS to turn people away from a table. Unless, of course, that person is a jerk."

Simple misunderstanding. :)

Perhaps I'm just extending my own preferences to a general approach, but as a player I would rather the organizer tell me "sorry, we're all full up this slot" then have a less-than-stellar experience. That could be either someone stepping up to GM that isn't fully prepared or being the one-too-many player at the table (whether that's the seventh or fifth). There will always be more game days and conventions after all.

I think the key is to explain the reasoning to the player, so that they know you're not just being a curmudgeon but rather are trying to maintain the highest quality of gaming you can.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

I disagree that GMs should be expected to take on more players than they are comfortable with. The GM should be able to have a good time too and they shouldn't feel pressured to run for 7 players if 5 is the most they can handle. I believe that almost every 7 player table I have run would have been noticeably better if I had limited it to 6 players.

There may be a cost to telling someone to come back next time rather than cram them into a table, but there's also a cost to putting too many people at one table. I firmly believe that every player needs to take the initiative to be responsible for themselves. If there are options to sign up ahead of time and the player chooses to just show up then that is their own fault - not the GM's and not the organizer's.

I feel it's especially inappropriate to label a GM a jerk because they honestly believe it's in everyone's best interests to turn a player away rather than go beyond what they can handle.

It goes against the spirit of PFS to create a miserable experience in the name of inclusiveness.


Most... interesting. Muahaha!


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CRobledo wrote:
Aaron Mayhew wrote:
Dredging this up one more time for a quick question. Can you use summon monster spells to summon elementals from other bestiaries, or just the ones from Bestiary 1?

For PLAYERS the official answer is only Bestiary 1.

For Krune? I dunno. I'd allow it since all 3 bestiaries are GM assumption.

I disagree with this. The exact same spell shouldn't be better just because the GM is using it. Plus it's unclear anyway since the only direction I can find is from James Jacobs who contradicts himself. link1 link2


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Personally, I feel that Pathfinder Society probably allows even more (in sum) than most home games even should. There's a huge breadth of material that Paizo has published and much of that won't be appropriate, flavor-wise, to any given campaign.

The hard-cover books plus any books on topics directly related to the campaign you are running should present plenty of choices for characters while reducing the overwhelming amount of stuff out there. There are also certain things that PFS disallows that a home game need not, such as item crafting since you can directly monitor how it affects the game.


FLite wrote:

Hmm... Do you get the boon if you GM the scenario?

Only if you choose to not cross it out on your chronicle. :)


There is also a certain investigative scenario set in Absalom where the story ties in with Rahadoumi traditions.


If you have Ultimate Equipment I recommend 2 PP for a snapleaf.

Going into a cold environment? Get a campfire bead and don't fear the frozen nights.

I have this problem as well, both with chrome (no extensions) and firefox.


The atheist abjurations feat from Faiths and Philosophies also gets you "a +2 bonus to your caster level whenever you use an abjuration spell to dispel or counter a divine spell, or send an extraplanar outsider summoned or called by a divine caster back to its home plane."




Mystic Lemur wrote:
Acedio wrote:

Protection From Evil


Second, the subject immediately receives another saving throw (if one was allowed to begin with) against any spells or effects that possess or exercise mental control over the creature (including enchantment [charm] effects and enchantment [compulsion] effects, such as charm person, command, and dominate person.

[PEDANT]You know, in PFS, when something says "such as" and lists examples you are supposed to stick to only those things listed.[/PEDANT]


"Such as" simply means "for example." It is not limiting.

From align weapon: "You can’t cast this spell on a natural weapon, such as an unarmed strike." This doesn't mean you can use it on a claw attack just because they didn't list out every natural weapon.

From baleful polymorph: "If the new form would prove fatal to the creature, such as an aquatic creature not in water, the subject gets a +4 bonus on the save." A fish gets a bonus to its save when you try to turn it into a squirrel (while it's in water).

From bless weapon: "Individual arrows or bolts can be transmuted, but affected projectile weapons (such as bows) don’t confer the benefit to the projectiles they shoot." Bless weapon on a crossbow doesn't confer the effect to the ammunition.

From calm emotions: "This spell automatically suppresses (but does not dispel) any morale bonuses granted by spells such as bless, good hope, and rage, and also negates a bard’s ability to inspire courage or a barbarian’s rage ability." All morale bonuses from spells are negated, not just those from bless, good hope, and rage.

From dispel magic: "You can also use a targeted dispel to specifically end one spell affecting the target or one spell affecting an area (such as a wall of fire)." You can use dispel magic to perform a targeted dispel of any spell, not just wall of fire.

Search the core rulebook for "such as" and you will quickly come to realize it is used to provide examples, not to provide all encompassing lists.

So, going back to the above quote:

Second, the subject immediately receives another saving throw (if one was allowed to begin with) against any spells or effects that possess or exercise mental control over the creature (including enchantment [charm] effects and enchantment [compulsion] effects, such as charm person, command, and dominate person.

Protection from evil is not limited to only stopping charm person, command, and dominate person.

Note, I'm not trying to jump down your throat, but I've seen this notion before, and not just with the "because PFS" reasoning. I just want the idea to die. Determining how multiple effects overlap is one of those reasons why the game has a GM. All we can ask is for GMs to make a good faith effort to adjudicate the rules fairly and without malice.


Michael Brock wrote:
So what it sounds like just from this thread is there is little play happening at levels 7+ And we should focus on lower level play options because we need to allow enough options for veteran players to play with the new player that comes in off the street. Interesting. Perhaps we need to reevaluate any plans we had for a new seeker arc and refocus those on tier 1-5. Thoughts?

I would really love to see a new seeker arc, but I believe that focusing those efforts on more tier 1-5 scenarios would benefit the community much more.


The thing is that the responses here make it seem more ambiguous than I believe it really is. Many people are responding with "it should be this" as opposed to what the rules actually allow.


The season's faction goals are in the Guide to Organized Play that everyone is expected to read.


Season 5 Faction Goals

Each faction has specific goals it hopes to achieve during Season 5. Below is a brief overview of their motivations.
Andoran: Root out corruption in Andoran and better understand others’ paths to liberty.
Cheliax: Secure important artifacts and sources of power to establish order in the Inner Sea region and strengthen the faction’s power base.
Grand Lodge: Ensure the success of the Pathfinder Society’s expedition to the Sky Citadel of Jormurdun.
Osirion: Contact the Jeweled Sages, explore their history, and extend the faction’s protection of history beyond Osirion’s borders.
Qadira: Establish a long-term trade deal with one of several possible trading partners.
Sczarni: Extend the Sczarni faction’s reach into central Avistan, and neutralize the faction’s rivals.
Silver Crusade: Aid the nation of Mendev in its crusade against the Worldwound.
Taldor: Assist Lady Gloriana Morilla in gathering forces to march to Mendev.

Infusions are great - they are force multipliers that you don't have to use your own in-combat actions for. Some good lower level formulas for infusions include:
* alchemical allocation - drink a potion or elixir without using it up (elixir of elemental protection is amazing, elixir of spirit sight is good too)
* ablative barrier - give the meat shield DR
* shield
* blur
* kinetic reverberation - attackers damage their weapons
* cure X wounds

For a bomber alchemist: if you have the Adventurer's Armory book, then take the Splash Weapon Mastery feat.


Does it make sense for them to? Yes
Do they actually get IUS? No


Players wanted some additional options after the Advanced Race Guide came out. Tengu were selected along with Aasimar and Tieflings to be available without a boon. Tengu had already been depicted as being found in various places within the inner sea region, so it made sense for them to be more numerous within the Pathfinder Society compared to many other "exotic" races.


You can empower horrid wilting three times, plus still widen a cloudkill or black tentacles and have one charge leftover for whatever. I think maximized, widened cloudkill on top of a widened black tentacles is particularly nasty myself. x4 movement, possible grappling, and con damage every round. Wall them in and it's game over.


Chronicle sheets are not available separate from the scenario. For modules there are links on the product pages.


Sent you an email.


Treat non PFS legal stuff as though it does not exist. There is no ambiguity as the only legal trait "Exalted of the Society" is restricted to clerics.


Will there be a seeker table for Siege of the Diamond City?


BigNorseWolf wrote:
On the note for this boon, does it let you make 1 of the new character or can you make as many of the new characters as you want?
boon wrote:
When building a new character for Pathfinder Society Organized Play, you may make use of the Thassilonian magic rules on page 17 of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Magic.

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