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too busy


I played this last night and there is definitely too much going on in this scenario.

The connections between the NPCs you interact with and the factions are not clear enough. I had tons of notes on the people, the factions, the jackseses, and it still didn't make sense.

The GM did their best to keep things moving forward, between ensuring combats were quick and more obvious plot hooks were provided than I think the scenario would otherwise indicate (from reading the other reviews), and it still took 5 hours. All in all I had fun, but that was due to the other players and the GM, in spite of the scenario.

Too much of the scenario is contrived and makes no sense. Having played it this is not a scenario I will run myself.

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The basic rules cheat sheet included in this is awesome. No longer will I have to explain the basic game terms over and over to another new player. Now I can answer the question the first time while digging a copy of this reference out of my bag and give it to them.