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Don't think anyone's suggested this yet, so Tetori Monk? Closest you'll get to engulfing people! :D
You don't have a Str or Wis Penalty and Extra Con's always nice.
I'd be up-front about voicing concerns about the Blind Sight 30 (maybe ask if you can increase it like an Oracle as you level up), but over all it could be pretty fun!

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Acing a bluff check to pursuade the occupants of a town in Nirmathas that Razimir is actually 9 Large Crabs in a robe and mask (it's why he never shows his face, see?), who set up the church to gain enough enough money to purchase a humanoid body for himselves.

Thanks to the Convincing Lie rogue talent, the rumour got quite a long way before it puttered out, and a few of the local GMs still mention it during Gather Information rolls from time to time in PFS games :)

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I'd love to run a game set in the Mana Wastes, with the players being a small group of Mutants sent out by their tribe to find a safe new place to settle down.
Instead of the usual races, I'd give them a set number to spend on the builder at the back of the ARG (Want to see in the dark? Spit venom? Maul your enemies with claws of your very own? Just be really, reeeeally Smart? Go for it!).

There'd be ancient, hyper-intelligent Sand Kraken mummies!

There'd be cannibal raiders riding around in a gigantic Apparatus of the Crab! (shiny and chrome)

There'd be fanatical cults dedicated to exceptionally powerful Living Spells!

There'd be a hunting expedition of musket-weilding toffs stalking the party as The Most Dangerous Game!

No one would have any magical items and fresh new mutations (both positive and negative) would always be a possibility.

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Not mine (alas, I am not so splendidly inventive), but from my husband's game...

Step 1. Collect the dead of any small races you find.
Step 2. Reanimate as Skeletons.
Step 3. Sew up inside adorably fluffy teddybear suits (with appropriate levels of padding).
Step 4. Sell to rich, bored parents without access to Detect Evil.
Step 5. Make Bank.

They cuddle back! And go for the jugular nuzzle you adorably!

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I always thought that some of the best opportunities for toe-curling, flesh-crawling Creepy can come from good, or at least neutral, characters.
I played a Dirge Bard once (and nothing wholesome can ever come from Dirge Bard. Nothing) who was a recently reformed follower of Menxyr. As you do.
Having fallen in with a group of Pharasmarites and determined to get away from her questionable past now she had seen the error of her ways, she over-compensated in a big way.
Dressing in bright and cheerful colours, disregarding personal space and greeting everyone she met with a nasal "Hey, -friend-", I made sure that each and every sentence she spoke was dripping with sleaze, obsequisousness and smarmy compliments.
She liked to give people Great Big Hugs.

For me, the best kind of unsettling effect a character can have is when the party waits and waits and waits for the inevitable betreyal... and it never comes.

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Quickly! To the temple of Cayden Cailean!

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Will make with the numbers in future! As for the help though, that's great news and thanks for taking the time to answer!
I was looking at weight savers (dropping a bit and bridle in favour of grabbing it by the eye-stalks to steer it) but sounds like I'll be well into the comfort zone as is.

And in terms of Stay, a hastily-poured circle of salt will have to suffice. Though it is mindless... I can see that ending poorly.

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Ok! So I have recently realised that there is a void in my life. A void that can only be filled by giant slugs.
It's a very specific void.

I've been looking at the rules and think I've just about got a first level druid sorted out, but wondered if anyone might know anything about the following questions:

Availability: First up! Is this actually feasible? I've seen that in UM there's a note saying that Druids can take a Verminous companion, but I didn't spot anything about any class/feat pre-reqs for this option. Are squidgy things free for all or do I have to pay to unlock the Acochlidium of my dreams?

Purpose: Now, what's the point in having a giant slug if you can't ride it about? With suitable reinforced waders and realistic expectations about being invited to nice places, naturally. Now they start at Medium so theoretically a small-sized character (let's face it, Gnome. Going to be a gnome) could sit on it... but would it actually go?
I've noted that, to be trained for purpose: Riding, an animal companion has to have three tricks - come, heel, and stay.
Problem is, Vermin start off as mindless with only one base trick and one bonus trick - until you can put a point into its Int, giving it an actual score and the two other tricks Animal Companions start with by default. I'm assuming then it won't serve automatically as a mount until that point but is it possible to Push an animal into performing an unfamiliar role as well as into attempting unfamiliar tricks, or am I being too hasty with the lettuce on a fishing line?

Carrying Capacity: So, if I can't sit on it, can it at least carry my stuff around? Unfortunately, as well as being a (literal) jelly-brain, the slug is also a stone-cold wuss with a starting Strength score of 13. How can it be expected to carry around my character and an exotic military saddle (to compensate for the - 5 on ride checks that comes from it being a beast that was never meant to be sat upon) in style and comfort?
Now, I know quadrupeds have an increased carrying capacity... but this beasty has no legs at all. It -is- a sturdy muscle sausage (never something to google) and nice and low to the ground, so I'm not sure how this factors into its ability to drag things about.

Please help me, oracles of the Paizo Forums! Grant me your insight!

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"Don't worry! By the time they realise what we did, we'll be literally Metres away!"

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Ah! But being a Hitchhiker's fan, I shall still count that as a win.

As for your wish - Granted! However everyone else becomes an increment 25% more awesome. They shake their heads sadly at you as they depart to fight crime in their zeppelin navy.

I wish that I possessed the Power of Funk.

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Granted! You become an internet legend... but alas, this is still the internet and two days later you are overshadowed by a meme about a dancing cat.

I wish for the perfect cup of tea.

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Granted! The itching stops - but only following a bout of severe desquamation that also claims your ears.

I wish I had a pony.

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W. Kristoph Nolen wrote:

Lostandlovingit ... As an artist, who's made a point over the years of being familiar with professional artist's styles, I want to say that I like your illustration. ... And also, it reminds me a *whole* lot of anartistbythe name of Phil Foglio. If you don't know his work, you ought to google him. .... Try his name with "Myth adventures of Aahz and Skeeve".

Great stuff, man.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I hadn't encountered his work before but after a bit of a furtive google, I'm rapidly becomming a fan.

Gaerath wrote:

Great stuff:!)

Here's an idea for an agoraphobic gnome/eidolon:


Hope y'all get a laugh :P

Also, that's Amazing! Love the detail and the summoner's expression (and will now view any eidolon without an inbuilt cupholder as inferior).

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Quick doodle of my aberrant-bloodline sorcerer Imeyne in all her overly-enthusiastic, wannabe glory.

Alas, that's acne rather than scales or marks of arcane destiny on her face.

Pulse-quickening heroism. ur doin it wrong.

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I reckon it should come with the option of opening up Swiss-Army-Knife-style to offer use of a corkscrew, bottle opener, foil cutter, stirring rod, etc