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KingmanHighborn's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 516 posts (1,029 including aliases). 11 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 7 aliases.

Thinking of making a 'likeness' of him for an BBEG in my homebrew. LvL 20, I like the idea of a dark god/caster that can actually fight hand to hand. The summoning of evil monsters and the huge skeletal hands and that um...pez dispenser fatality in MKX is so dark and yet cool.
One of his variants is called thinking Wizard, Monk or Brawler...

Anyways...looking for advice...have a nice day.

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On the summoner's spell is the poison ability identical to the Eidolon ability, or can I pick any kind of poison I want?

So our druid got pulled down by a swarm of ghasts when everyone realized they were standing in an anti magic field and her wild shape wouldn't work so....she wants to make a new character but what would fit story wise for the new pc? She is leaning between one of the genie kin races, and we are all at level ten right now. But wouldn't that character be thousands of years old?

Already lost the NPC Rayhan to a dragon turtle.

Is there any examples of what it looks like? Sketching a Pathfinder elf for practice and want to make a tattoo on one arm and 'House'/'Family' name on the clothing around the belt.

Just wanting to have fun, so I've seen plenty of Class this, Race that discussions so why not talk about the combo of the two. What's your favorites?

Mine in no particular order:

1. Catfolk - Inquisitor: Sure they have the penelty to Wis, but cat's are natural hunters, and who hasn't felt like their cat is judging them? I generally pop this out with Desna or Caydean as the deity as both make sense for the freedom and Cats=Chaos idea.

2. Kobold - Ninja: They are small, really sneaky, and love traps and sneak and stab. What's not to love? The fact they are generally adorable mini dragons helps too, vanishing trick, and tail terror feats make them fun as well. One of these days I'm going to build a Sweeper + Kusari-Gama trip build.

3. Gnoll - Paladin: Nothing says holy knight then a near seven foot tall creature normally known for eating people. Also lay on hands to people thinking a gnoll is about to eat them. It was hilarious.

4. Ratfolk - Gunslinger/Wizard: Because Skaven are awesome. If Spell Slinger was, I still like this, shooting and blasting people with lightning bolts and cloudkill...happy days.

5. Halfling - Cavalier (Order of the Paw): Tiny lancer of doom, with an adorable puppy as a mount. Bonus points if the riding dog can be a...Dire Corgi.

6. Dwarf Wizard -: I like them, Dwarves aren't normally thought of casters but this and Deep Earth Bloodline Sorcerers are so much fun. Dwarf Skald was very close to.

7. Half-Orc Monk: I also like Half-Orc Cleric, but even since 3.5 I've loved playing a big green and mean punching machine.

8. Kitsune Barbarian: Kitsunes are tricksters, kitsune have a str penalty, but you know what? A rabid angry fox to the face hurts. I had an Intimidate build and he was so cool.

9. Lizardfolk - Saurian Shaman: You know dinosaurs are awesome, this is also a class I like playing as a Kobold too, but Lizardfolk have the dino theme more to their side. And like the skaven analogy, Lizardman riding a Carnosaur. Oh yeah. Also fun to summon a T-Rex right onto a ship you are going to pirate...just saying.

10. Dhampir - Oracle of Life: Cause sometimes I like to throw common sense right out the window. Before the errata this would of been Orc-Scarred Witch Doctor, but oh well. This is still a fun build if a bit crazy. Have to get Life Dominate Soul though. Blood Drinker would be fun too if it wasn't considered evil.

(Oops I meant to put this in General Discussion not PFS, can someone move it please?)

I dunno, I don't proscribe to the thought of martial classes lagging behind casters, but I do hear the blather enough that I had this idea.

Make Combat Feats either:
a.) Accessible only by Fighters, Barbarians, Monks, Rogues, Cavaliers, Swashbucklers, etc.


b.) Combat Feats can only be taken if the class gives access to them at the bonus. I.E. Fighter bonus feats, Ranger combat style feats, Cavs at 6s, etc.

This would mean a straight wizard or other caster (except Magus) for example could not have ANY combat feats.

Think that'd stop the whining?

So basically I'm working on an alternate 'Earth' world where 'humans' are wiped out because of a mass release of Transmutation magic. (Not sure on 'exact' cause yet, but maybe a meteor or biological/technology reactivation of Earth's magic. And the return of magic obliterated most technological stuff.) The new races of Earth are transformed from humans to be: Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, Halfling, Gnome, and the beast races like Kitsune, Catfolk, Ratfolk, Gnoll, Kobold, Tengu etc.

Now the only surviving religions have formed from pieces of pop culture, famous names and hearsay from books, movie box art, etc.

What I got so far::


Prime of Optimus
Domains: Artifice, Good, Law, Protection
F. Weapon: Battleaxe

Short description: Also known as the red knight, whose armor looks like the front of the ancient wheeled transports, one hand grips a strange black staff, while his other hand is replaced completely by a glowing orange (obviously magical) axe.

CN- Conan (? Not sure really while Prime is the 'paladin god' need something for barbarians to relate to.)

Xenos Morph
Domains: Void, Darkness, Madness
Favored Weapon: Natural Attack

Strange god clad in all black, very lanky, kills so well his victims don't even get to scream in his home. Apparently found of eggs and parasites that burst out of a victims chest.

King El Vis
Domains: Charm, Travel, Nobility
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff made of metal

Patron of Bards and odd Monks, priests wear flashy clothes, and temples often put their idols outside after services to show the king has left the building.

Domains: Scalykind, Liberation, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Musket (or other firearm?)

Followers often hear people think their god is dead, tend to also distrust government figures.

Domains: Death, Knowledge, Luck, Repose
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Surprisingly friendly god of death, followed by his two heralds that appear as young and very annoying children.

Magic Users
NG- (I have no idea, on true 'benevolent' deity. To fulfill a Sarenrae like role)

Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Travel
Favored Weapon: Sword Cane

Followers are often lame oracles, or healers with bad bedside demeanors but often granted keen insight on diseases and other medical anomalies.

NE- Crowley
Domains: Magic, Entropy, Rune
Favored Weapon: Khopesh

(I'm actually open to changing this one too, as he isn't as well known, maybe give this to Lovecraft?)

Dwarfs and Elves I have no idea. Dwarfs are probably going to have a lot of Scandiniavian influence with Elves being found mostly in France and Canadian areas, (Drow/Duergar taking up the Nazi stuff, and still being underground)

Not to fleshed out but for laughes Gnomes get:
NG- Lassie
Domains: Community, Animal, Protection
Favored Weapon: ???

Gnomes are tricksters but known to get help when kids fall in wells or other calamities.

Halflings not sure either, maybe Frodo/Sam?

Orcs I have no idea either, they are very British, so maybe the good ones follow The Tenet of David? or something. Evil? No idea.

Catfolks: Probably LG Simba and CN Cheshire

Druids get:

N - Nat Geo
Domains: Animal, Plant, Earth, Water
Favored Weapon: ??? Something that looks like a book?

Any input and advice is highly interesting to me. Racial deities and other alignment and class favored deities kinda needed, as well as evil ones.

As I mentioned here on my comparision between 3.5 and Pathfinder classes, now comes the race comparisons.

Discussion on classes is here

Playable D&D races:

Keep in mind this means playable 'at' lvl 1, so no level adjustments or extra hit dice allowed. So while 3.5 had Aasimars and Tieflings and elemental children like the Genasi, and other 'humanoid' monsters they were not technically playable...more on that later.

1. Arctic Dwarf` (small sized not medium like normal Dwarf)
2. Asherati
3. Aventi
4. Azurin
5. Bhuka
6. Changeling
7. Darfellan
8. Deep Imaskari`
9. Dragonborn (RoD)
10. Duskling
11. Dwarf (Deep, Dark*,Gold`, Mountain~, Stone ~, Dream, Badlands, Seacliff)
12. Elan
13. Elf (Aquatic, Gray, Wild Wood, Kagenesti*, Qualinesti*, Silvanesti*, Sea*, Dargonesti*, Dimernesti*, Sun`, Star`, Painted)
14. Extaminaar`
15. Gnome (Forest, Whisper, Wavecrest, Mad*, Deep~)
16. Goblin
17. Gully Dwarf*(Gnome and Dwarf crossbreed)
18. Hadozee
19. Half-Elf (Half-Drow)
20. Half-Hobgoblin~
21. Half-Kender*
22. Halfling (Tallfellows, Deep, Ghostwise`, Strongheart`, Golden~, Shoal)
23. Half-Orc (Scablands)
24. Hobgoblin~
25. Human (lots of ethnic choices but nothing 'really' counting as a ‘subrace’)
26. Illumian
27. Kalashtar^
28. Kender* (like a Halfling to the point of interchangeability but stats and mentality vastly different enough to be separate)
29. Kenku
30. Killoren
31. Kobold
32. Krinth`
33. Maened
34. Minotaur* (medium size)
35. Mongrelfolk
36. Orc
37. Raptoran
38. Rilken
39. Sea Kin
40. Shifter^
41. Skarn
42. Spellscale
43. Spirit Folk`
44. Tarmak*
45. Underfolk
46. Warforged^
47. Wild Dwarf` (small sized not medium like normal Dwarf)
48. Xeph

Playable Pathfinder Races:

Since Pathfinder after Bestiary 1 did away with the royally stupid ECL and LA rules for the RP system in ARG you'll notice I put gnoll and lizardfolk in here as they were down in the ARG book, which supersedes the Bestiary 1's LA on these two. Also Svirneblin which have 24 rp are included since they are put among the 'uncommons' and I'm only counting regular and not noble Drow. Otherwise I only included races at or under 20 RP.

1. Aasimar
2. Android
3. Catfolk
4. Changelings
5. Dhampir
6. Drow (not noble)
7. Duergar
8. Dwarf
9. Elf
10. Fetchling
11. Gathlain
12. Ghoran
13. Gillmen
14. Gnoll (ARG)
15. Gnome
16. Goblin
17. Grippli
18. Half-elf
19. Halfling
20. Half-orc
21. Hobgoblin
22. Human
23. Ifrit
24. Kasatha
25. Kitsune
26. Kobold
27. Lashunta
28. Lizardfolk (ARG)
29. Merfolk
30. Monkey Goblin
31. Nagaji
32. Orc
33. Oread
34. Ratfolk
35. Samsarans
36. Skinwalker
37. Strix
38. Suli
39. Svirfneblin
40. Sylph
41. Syrinx
42. Tengu
43. Tiefling
44. Triaxian
45. Undine
46. Vanara
47. Vishkanya
48. Wayangs
49. Wyrwood
50. Wyvaran

Okay first thing is first Pathfinder just edges out 3.5 in numbers of playable races, though 3.5 has several variants of Dwarves and Elves, and there is a lot of races that look human, (Xeph, Asherati, The Incarnum races, Illumian, etc. Heck Deep Imaskari and Underfolk are humans evolved to live in the Underdark) but share zero mechanical similarities and are generally shown as parallel to humans and not a branch of it. Of interesting note, is the difference in presentation of Changelings, with 3.5 a cross between human and doppelgangers, and in Pathfinder an all-female race born of human and hag parents, and capable of turning into a hag after puberty if they heed their mother’s call. Then there is the 3.5 Dragonborn, and yes they were a playable race BEFORE 4th, and they had a much cooler back story then they got in 4th. The TLDR being a youth of x race becomes a dragon by literally being willing transformed inside a magic egg and re-hatched to help Bahamut in his fight against Tiamat. Personally the rp and backstory with that makes a character as rich as expensive German chocolate.

3.5 had some duds in the race department like the Hadozee (winged orangutans…-_-;) and the apes of the hairless variety (humans and their human wannabes for the most part. But other than this I won’t go into my dislike of humans in fantasy.) But they did have winner winner chicken dinners: The Darfellan were very unique humanoid ‘orca’ like race that could live on land,3.5 Dragonborn before they got watered down in 4th, Gold Dwarfs, Mongrelfolk (A literal if too many half this and half that’s get together this will happen), Spellscales, Shifters and Warforged were all very unique and cool races.

3.5 and Pathfinder also have some overlapping races outside of the Core; Orcs, Goblins, Kenku (Kenku…Tengu…same thing.) , and Kobolds all represent, (Hobgoblins are bit different in Kalamar but still cool) and make fine PC choices. But other than that, the similarities start to divert. 3.5 only has one race that at lvl 1 that can get air born. (Raptorans, I think Hadozee get glide IIRC) Pathfinder has 3 (Strix, Syrinx, and Wyvaran, 4 if you count a feat for Aasimar, and Kobolds have trait to let them glide.) Now to me flight is not that big of an advantage, better mobility sure, but it’s also a great way to make yourself a target. (A flying wizard is a flak magnet for example, and people forget most dungeon ceiling are like…10ft high at best? Not to mention the flight mechanics as most can’t fly like a bee and just stop and start or turn on a dime.) So it’s a balance.

So 3.5 had quite a few cool races and some duds, but if we threw in all the possible racial variants from 3.5 it’d still get buried by the racial options in Pathfinder. Some call this bloat, me I call it being realistic as no two people ‘should’ be alike even within their own race. Even as vanilla as humans are, there is still some nice quirks of vanilla bean, French vanilla, vanilla and chocolate swirl…you get the point.

Now Pathfinder isn’t without faults, there is some dumb races that while I wouldn’t begrudge a PC for playing them I still don’t have to like em’ (Gripplis…frogs…-_-…eww. And Ghorans…a walking fruit salad for when the party gets hungry, literally!) And the water only races like Gillmen and Merfolk.

But where they just beat the every loving pants off 3.5, where they take 3.5 behind the woodshed and just beat em’ bloody is the vast amount of races that 3.5 locked away and said ‘These are monsters only’ and ‘you can only play these at x lvl once you figured in the races HD, LA, and it equals the ECL once they take a level of this…only then can you play them’…Pathfinder unlocked them and said ‘go to town’ (I don’t agree with PFS locking out most of the races, but I can see the point of simplicity in a more streamlined living storyline thing PFS does, so…don’t agree but not a big deal.) In a regular game of Pathfinder the races listed above once you add classes, aren’t really more powerful than one or the other. Some are tailor fitted for some classes, and you have munchkins, and power gamers, but that’s been true of D&D 3.5 too.

Aasimar, Tiefling, the not Genasi (Ifrit, Oread, Slyph, Undine) , Gnolls, Lizardfolk, Duergar, Svirfneblin, Drow, Catfolk and Hobgoblin (not counting KoK) were all locked away by an unnecessary and overly complicated mechanic. There was a lot more in 3.5 that could of made great PC characters (There is a polar bear race in Dragonlance that springs to mind.) but weren’t even given a ‘player stat’ block (Like +2 Str, -2 Dex, etc.) but were given LA, and sometimes even stated they favor ‘x’ class and advance in class. -_-;… so it was mathematical headache, and the way leveling was done a massive kneecap if you wanted to have fun. Because let’s say I wanted to play a Gnoll paladin in 3.5 (I did actually by the way. He is my divine hunter in Pathfinder.) In 3.5 Races of the Wild came out and made the race a quasi-class you had to take 3 levels in before you could take your first level of pally, (But at least it and few other books did do this for other races making them playable but hear me out.) what stunk though was those 3 levels literally got you just HD, a point of nat. armor, and martial weapon prof, with I think med. Armor prof. You were gimped hard compared to just playing a 6th lvl pally. In Pathfinder my Gnoll Pally rocks just as hard a humie pally does because both are lvl 6 when they have the same exp. And it made no sense because the race features really didn’t add up to the LA, drop the HD and there is literally NOTHING the race offered but a racial adjustment (again solely thanks to RotW), some profs. And some nat. armor. Other races like 3.5’s Catfolk got hurt even worse cause they got a level adjustment for no reason and NO HD. Yeah a level 2 3.5 Catfolk Wizard would have 1d4+Con. That hurts.

Thank Caydean, Pathfinder later knifed this stupid system. (B1 still had it, but it seems like it’s dead now, with ARG burying it and letting the cats use it for a litter box.)

Pathfinder also expanded what 3.5 didn’t offer, Kitsune, Androids, Ratfolk , Wyrwoods and Skinwalkers (discount Warforged and Shifters…but I’ll take em’.) and Wyvarans (not a half-dragon but good enough ^-^)

Anyway that’s my two coppers. And a rant/vent.

TLDR 3.5 races had some cool things I still like to this day but Level Adjustment, and ECL was a very bad mechanic and Pathfinder won the day with their races and racial options.

Also Pathfinder has the ONLY cool monkey race in the Vanara.

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First just some raw data:

D&D Player Character Classes:

(note that this is not including prestige, JUST lvl 1-20 classes made by WOTC)

Artificer (Eberron)
Basiran Dancer (KoK)
Brigand (KoK)
Divine Mind
Dragonfire Adept
Dread Necromancer
Favored Soul
Gladiator (KoK)
Infiltrator (KoK)
Mariner (Dragonlance)
Mystic (Dragonlance)
Psychih Warrior
Shaman (KoK)
Spirit Shaman
Wu Jen

Pathfinder classes:

(same rule for D&D not counting prestige and has to be lvl 1-20)

Antipaladin *

On base count it's 55 to 32 in favor of D&D add in archetypes though Pathfinder has a lot more class. And it could be argued that most of the 'extra' classes are almost archetypes in of themselves.

So I hear a lot of people starting to claim 'bloat' by Pathfinder that 'plagued' 3.5, first off I'm not a believer in 'bloat' as much as content became to much for a casual player to digest. However as DM and a player I love options, so at first you'd think D&D wins...however!

Pathfinder IMHO is a different beast in some regards, for one I had to look in I know a good 30+ books and internet sources to root out just how many there were in 3.5 (And in all likely hood I'm missing more then a few.) Pathfinder's classes are all found in what 5? (Core, APG, ACG, UM, and UC?) The 30+ pathfinder classes are a lot easier to access for a regular player then 3.5 ever was. (digital releases 'could' have a play on that though, but hey internet WAS around in the 2000's just took up the phone line to use.)

Archetypes again expand these base classes out even more. So is it bloat? Meh I don't think so. When Gunslinger got pushed out people whined about bloat, then people realized that like Summoner it still had major exploitable faults when facing them. (Or from a DM standpoint presenting a challenge.) The new classes right now are a mixed bag, some are dead sexy like Skald and Shaman (for my tastes at least) others bore me and otherwise worry the anti-power gamer in me. (Arcanist) however give it time and as APs and new monsters come out I think there will be newer challenges that make the hybrids out to be just as balanced as all the other classes.

tldr: Pathfinder isn't bloated yet, but it's actually deeper and does more with less then what D&D 3.5 offered. That said I still like all the D&D classes too, Options and choice is what makes my day when building characters, npcs, and worlds.

Next: A look at D&D 3.5 PLAYABLE at 1st lvl races compared to Pathfinder, and my rant on the stupidity of ECL and Level adjustment.

I'm thinking yes but I see no official reading. Asking in regards to certain traits and clothing that say you need 'x'gp of jewelry to get 'x' benefit.

I mean an Amulet of Nat. Armor for example would be just as much shiny jewelry as a 150gp necklace...right?

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Song of the Fallen (Sp): At 10th level, a savage skald can duplicate the effect of a Horn of Valhalla. This effect requires 10 continuous rounds of performance and summons barbarians as a silver horn at 10th level, as a brass horn at 13th level, as a bronze horn at 16th level, and as an iron horn at 19th level. The warriors remain only as long as the bard continues his performance. This ability requires audible components.

Horn of Valhalla

Specifically this: Summoned barbarians are constructs, not actual people (though they seem to be); they arrive with the starting equipment for barbarians. They attack anyone the possessor of the horn commands them to fight until they or their opponents are slain or until 1 hour has elapsed, whichever comes first

So...what ARE the Barbarian's stats, and what is 'starting' equipment?

Sovereign Court

Hello I am Shagohod Volkov, lisa chelovek (fox person aka Kitsune), Savage Skald Bard. I like reciting poetry in the rain and inspiring others to great victory! Born in Cettigne, Molthune, and proud Pathfinder. (Sovereign Court faction)


Okay introduction out of the way this is my first attempt at a PFS character, and are group is starting up in the first or second week of September...sooo I have time but as soon as the new guide came out I went to work. I figured our group tends to forget to bring a healer, or buffer for that matter, and tend to go for barbarians, fighters or outright blaster wizards and sorcerers, and the occasional summoner. So without going the cleric route, I still wanted to roll up a character that is always useful in some part. So Bard struck me best, with the +1 Enchant DC, (Pally being the next since they too make a nice use of charisma.)

I'm kinda wanting to be a close range archer since again I'm pretty sure there will be a meat shield and eidolon at minimum up front before I even GET there. So primarily I want to buff the party, patch up wounds where they happen and then work on charming, holding, and otherwise enchanting any poor saps, and the rest get arrows to the face.

The other thing is and where I really need the advice is

1. I'm not 100% sold on the faction choice. I like the dedication to nobility and honor though. And this character would have 'ambitions' on becoming nobility anywhere he could get recognized as such. That said I have a hard time playing evil (or even devious) so the only faction I've ruled out is Dark Archives.

and 2. Traits, again nothing really seemed 'Crazy yet noble warrior poet bent on acquiring fame and fortune'

ANY advice at all is appreciated. Books I have to use are: Bestiary 1-4, Inner Sea World Guide, UE, Inner Sea Combat, and APG, and of course Core.

And yes the name and Russian accent (in my head) comes from where you think it comes from.

The crunchy stuff is in the profile

Here was my first post with my artwork:

Back in Aug of last year.

Well I'm back

The Sketches:
Dwarven Beast Rider Cavalier Order of the Tome..

Grenadier Alchemist and Gun Tank Gunslinger.

Exarch Inquisitor and Soulforger Magus

Oracle of Flame, Blackened Curse

Summoner and Gravewalker Witch

And now for some COLOR!
Meet the Dwarves First 6 classes

Don't let anyone tell you a race can't be a certain class folks. And enjoy.

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Ratfolk and Wizard are the obvious starting points, but looking to build one for Golarion, and yet stay close to the Warhammer roots on what they do.

But what school fits them best? What makes good opposition schools?

I mean some spells they have in Warhammer fit into Golarion just fine.
Teleport, Dimension Door, Lightning Bolt, Cloudkill, etc.

It's just's harder to mimic they do have one spell in the Ruin style that buffs allies, but can potentially kill them, so my fellow PCs might not appreciate that one and I don't think there is a spell similar.

The Plague style outside of the Cloudkill gets a bit harder to match. They can summon rat swarms, give allies poisoned attacks, breath poison/plague onto enemies, make their enemies slowly shrivel and die (enervation?), and infect their enemies.

Then there is the crème de le crème spell that turns their victims into Skaven, or they horribly mutate and die. I'm thinking Transmuter but all the plague and death stuff is similar to Necromancy (though they can't raise dead oddly)

Also need those horns somehow...maybe...


Other then that I'd like to make a facsimile to Ikit Claw, I'm thinking the Plague Alchemist archetype Ratfolk get maybe...but just look at his Sir Badassness: Model


Old style

Got to have at least Medium Armor, Glaive, and that flame thrower claw (combo of spell and gauntlet maybe?) And a pistol.


Anyway Help making these 2?

Is there anyway to get these two together? Class wise, archetype, prestige class, etc?

Just wondering...about something....

Question about event in Crown of Fangs: a GM what would you do if the a certain PC sorcerer disintegrated the False Illeosa in the castle? It says when she hits 0 hp she turns to a puddle of blood basically, but if disintegrated she turns to dust, the whole blood thing is a tip off the pcs just met a fake sure, but if she just got dusted, there isn't any real hints it seems to tell the pcs they got a fake and the day isn't saved.

No one in my group really plays small characters, but I'm looking for a more fun but not game breaking character that is simple to play, but rewarding in spite of obvious faults.

The basic idea is this:

Rolled stats: 13,13,11,14,16,14

After racial adjustments:


HP:11 (We start max+con, then roll for hp on lvl ups.)
Kobold Favored Class bonus for every Swarm Fighter lvl.

race traits:
Day Raider
Wild Forest Kobold (-part of backstory)
Dragonmaw (green scaled for acid)

Language: Draconic, Common

Campaign Trait: Trap Finder
Trait: Lair Snake (-more for backstory reasons, i.e. stole from green dragon and ran like hell all the way to Osirion, passes self off as having that 'kobold skill' with traps.)

3 Skill points at 1st lvl would go to: Stealth, Survival, Acro

As far as equipment goes leaning towards Kukri, Chain shirt, and grabbing a Pounder later.

Build goes like this in theory:

1. S.Fighter 1 Feats: Mobility & Weapon Finesse
2. SF 2 Feat: Escape Route (Teamwork Feat)
3. Knife Master Rogue 1 Feat: Tail Terror -get Pounder here
4. KM 2 Rogue Talent=combat trick= 2 Weapon Fighting
5. SF3 Feat: W. Focus (Kukri)
6. SF4 Feat: W. Spec (Kukri)
7. SF5 Feat: Spring Attack
8. SF6 Feat: Precise Strike (TF)
9. SF7 Feat: I. Crit (Kukri)
10. SF8 Feat: Combat Expertise
11: SF9 Feat: Whirlwind Attack
12. KM3
13. SF10 Feats: Dodge, Back-to-back (TF)
14. Duelist the rest of the way.

+1 Dex at adjustment times.

Feats: Greater W. Focus (15), Combat Reflexes & I. 2 W. Fighting (17), and Merciless Precision (19)

1. Doing lots of stuff and getting a feat almost every level.
2. 'Should' hit a lot and 1d8 sneak attacks while standing UNDER someone is fun.
3. Kukri slashes, Pounder bludgeons, and the bite does S,B,P at the same time. So all damage types covered (it's a tick of mine that ends up in my characters.)
4. Can deal with traps, scout, and even pinch in as a face.
5. Lots of attack sources.

1. Str 10
2. Dependent on getting an Agile weapon. (I'll probably bug the heck out of whoever is being the casty.)
3. Need lots of gear, need a bag of holding...probably...
4. Teamwork Feats...ick...(Unless someone brings a Cavy, or Inquistor that gets these as well.)

Anyways thoughts? Changes? I had entertained going Urban Barbarian or Vivisectionist instead of Knife Master, but wanted to hear ideas first.
(Also thought about Inquisitor 3, for solo tactics, since Teamwork Feats generally suck unless someone else takes them.)

First off my gaming group rotates DMs around and it's getting closer to my turn to run a new campaign. Now previously I've used published materials. (RotRL, Kingmaker, Attack on Myth Drannor and a few other one shots.)

But I uh opened my big mouth about an idea to have a party start at lvl 1 and have the first few levels be about simply surviving AFTER their home city gets flattened by a colossal creature. In fact lvl 1 would be "Hey it's a normal day in your profession...then earthquake...huge roar...and all hell breaks loose."

(Inspired by Attack on Titan, and hordes of kaiju movies, the new Godzilla film, Pacific Rim, Cloverfield, etc.)

What my group liked was the idea of having to collect the parts and spells to build a colossus to protect their country from more kaiju and insanely large monsters.

(most likely going to use the stats for the stone colossus from B4, though it's not going to be just get the spells and gold to do it.)

Where I need the advice is:

1. I have never built a campaign on my own from the ground up. Yes I'm setting this in Golarion but other then that, not much structure, nor experience in how to build a 'by the levels' story campaign.

2. Going by strict CR there will have to be encounters where the party might be level 1-4, but the monster may be waaaaaay higher in CR. The hope being that rather then fighting the city eating monster head on, the challenge is dealing with not getting stepped on, rescuing people, fighting 'smaller' monsters, (like Clovie's parasites for just one example) and dealing with refugees and looters passing in the wake of the monster(s)

Unfortunately I have no idea how to scale such very dangerous but not technically combat challenges to award experience.

So...tldr...How to make/plan out a campaign? Cause I got overly ambitious and stuck my foot in my mouth.

Particularly involving this trait: ambler

I'm looking for advice on the best classes to get morale bonuses on my self.

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Just curious how would you build him? Ocelot is pretty much a pure bred gunslinger, but Snake is a different story. CQC is in the vein of a monk (maybe Martial Artist archetype, but I think he would fall under LN so normal Monk and monk archetypes could apply.), but the willingness to use guns, would mean gunslinger needs, and the stealth would be ninja or rouge at least.

Just the concept alone of sneaking up and quietly breaking someone's neck, (or knocking them unconscious if your being nice.) is in of itself interesting...

Trying to help a friend out, fey and stuff are prominent in European literature, but is there any specific fey or spirit creatures in Native American culture and literature. All I could think of was a Wendigo, but that was far too malevolent for what my friend was talking about.

Something that'd play pranks and put 'weight' on people's chests. But not like 'harming' them like traditionally associated with things like Incubi and Succubi, etc.

I'm just curious as to how this works. As I was playing around making characters and had this idea to make an Armored Hulk Barbarian.

Now he has the rage powers animal fury and lesser beast totem (so far)

he also is wearing spiked banded mail and carries a greataxe.

The plan is when raging to drop the axe and attack with his claws and bite, and follow up with the spikes as off hand. But I don't think that's how the rules work cause atm from the other threads I've read it seems like manufactured weapon (in the case the spikes) always take the priority BaB. So the claws and bite would roll in at -5 (-7 if power attacking)

Anyway what is the ruling? In a rage could it be claw/claw/ spikes /w off hand penalty (until I pick up twf) then bite at -5

Or must it be always spikes (primary) then claw/claw/bite -5?

Non rage IIRC the greataxe would be primary, and the spikes off hand, but since the greataxe is a two-hander I'm not sure.

So once Karzoug bites it, has anyone thought what the pcs do afterward have any meaning. At first I didn't have much of an opinion but as it seems these APs are in an order timeline of sorts. (at least it seems too) So I'm wondering what my gamers actions afterward would effect the next adventures. Or not at all.

The dwarven wizard plans to return with the half-orc tower shield specialist fighter to Janderhoff to clear the Vekker's name and lead the way back to Xin-Shalast to claim it for himself, with 'proper' dwarven backing (i.e. lots of dwarfs with armor and weapons)

The half-elf samurai/acrobat/chevalier nutter told him his character being a ronin would likely wonder off somewhere so he'd likely not make an impact anywhere same with the aasimar druid returning to guard nature in the mountain of Varisia.

The human Chirurgeon/Crossbowman though wants to take over the Santorium and run it as a 'proper' hospital.

I wonder if any of this would effect the APs?

And what did your pcs do when they put the big K down for good?

Is there anything 'official' for the images of the orders? I mean Alain's Cockatrice order is displayed on him but I can't find anything on what or if there is an official image for the others (Sword, Lion, Paw, Stars, Tome, etc)

I just wanted to share and this seemed like the best place to do it, the first few sketches done here are all Dwarfs, and all of them are Core classes. I'll do the Basic and alt classes later. And then maybe requests and such, I'm looking for commission work later on and such. Anyways these are just pencil sketches, I don't know if I'll color them.

Barbarian and Bard
Cleric and Druid
Fighter and Monk
Paladin and Ranger
Rouge, Sorcerer, Wizard

Recently had a PC dwarf wizard bite the dust and the party druid brought him back as a human. Now a days of infusing restorations from the party alchemist, the party leveled up to 16th lvl.

The now human wizard picked up Polymorph Any Object to undo his 'human disease' and return back to being a dwarf.

As DM I looked up the spell and enough 'likeness' is in line for the casting to be permanent. But the rules for reincarnate say:

"A wish or a miracle spell can restore a reincarnated character to his or her original form."

I said I'd allow it, but now the session is over I'm having doubts. For one reincarnate doesn't mention it as a way to cure the person. The second is the 25,000gp price tag of wish or miracle to cure is avoided. And it doesn't quite seem like a spell you can cast on yourself. (Though I see no reason why not)

So...I allowed it but was I right too?

Let's say a character has the Robe of Runes and Spell Focus, and Greater Spell Focus (evocation)

With the feats it's a +2 DC on the saves, but Robe of Runes reads like this. For 1 round after recalling a spell, the wearer's spell save DCs and attack rolls made with spells gain a +2 enhancement bonus.

So a recalled evoc spell's DC would go up by +4, or no?

I'm DMing Rise of the Runelords and we just finished Fortress of the Stone Giants, but I have a PC that wants to rework their character because of the story events. He is a Dwarf (Sin Magic: wrath) Wizard 9/Ranger 4 (Hippogriff rider archetype). His animal companion, the barbarian, and the druid's animal companion all bit it near the end, and he no longer wants to get another Hippogriff, as to him it's like getting a puppy after the beloved family dog has died, he feels it would be wrong to just wait 24 hours and have a 'new' friend. Saying that also he'd probably just lock himself in his room at the Rusty Dragon for awhile to mourn and pour over Mokmurian's spellbooks. All he wants is to drop Ranger and all it's benefits and go straight Wiz 13 (same school).

Should I allow this since his original concept was 'wizard dive bomber' and built the character to reflect that? Or should I say no to it, and let him get another bird horse when he is ready. I think though he didn't mention it, the fact Snips died so easily and even with Boon Companion wasn't very good got to him.

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Hooray plot spoiler:
Cause it matters as after the raid on Sandpoint, the stone giants only had a minor success and that was flattening the manors and 'rich' neighborhood of Sandpoint, so I decided to have these two fellas be prisoners with the dwarves at Jorgenfist. In my campaign nobody has really 'crossed' with these two, though they know the heroes the heroes don't really know them. (In fact the PCs think Xanesha and Ironbriar where the sole perpetrators of the mill fires) Anyway this is a chance I figured to introduce them to the PCs. Arrogant, Embarrassed, Cocky Bad Guys forced to work with the pcs for their only chance at escape.

Jubrayal Vhiski
Human Rogue 7
NE Medium humanoid (human)
Init: +4

AC 17, touch 14 , flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +4 Dex)
Hp 60
Fort +2, Ref +9, Will +3

Speed 30 ft.
Melee: +1 Kukri +9 (1d4+2/18-20 x2) +1 Kukri +9 (1d4+2/18-20 x2)
Ranged: Light Crossbow +9 (1d8/19-20x2)
Sneak Attack: +4d6

Str 12, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 13, Cha 14
Base Atk +5; CMB +6; CMD 20
Feats: W. Finesse, Two Weapon Fighting, Deceitful, Black Marketeer, Double Slice
Bonus Feats: Weapon Focus (Kukri)

Black Market Connections
Fast Getaway
Weapon Training (Kukri)

Trap Finding
Uncanny Dodge
Trap Sense +2

Skills: Acrobatics +9, Appraise +3, Bluff +14, Climb +5, Craft(Alchemy) +4, Diplomacy +6, Disable Device +12, Disguise +8, Escape Artist +9, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (Local) +7, Linguistics +3, Perception +9, Sense Motive +9, Sleight of Hand +12, Stealth +14, Survival +3, Use Magic Device +6

Languages: Common, Varisian
Combat Gear: 2 +1 Kukris, +1 Leather, Light Crossbow, 20 Bolts, Bear Trap
Other Gear: Artisan’s Outfit, Compass, 50ft Hemp Rope, 2 Torches, 2 Flasks of Alchemist’s Fire, Masterwork Backpack, Thieves’ Tools, Crowbar, Flint and Steel, Piton, Hammer, 50gp, 3sp, 8cp

Titus Scarnetti
Human Aristocrat 6
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init: +0

AC 17, touch 10 , flat-footed 17 (+7 armor, +0 Dex)
Hp: 45
Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +6

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Masterwork Rapier +5 (1d6+1/18-20x2)
Ranged Masterwork Composite Longbow +1 Str +4 (1d8 +1/x3)

+1 Attack & +2 Damage vs. Large or Larger creatures

Str 13, Dex 11, Con 9, Int 8, Wis 13, Cha 12
Base Atk +4; CMB +5 ; CMD 11
Feats: Skill Focus (Bluff), Deceitful, Big Game Hunter, Cosmopolitan

Skills: Appraise +3, Bluff +15, Diplomacy +7, Handle Animal +5, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (Local) +4, Knowledge (Nobility) +3, Ride +5, Sense Motive +6, Survival +5

Languages: Common, Varisian, Shoanti
Combat Gear: Masterwork Composite Longbow +1 Str, 40 Arrows, Masterwork Rapier, Masterwork Chainmail, Masterwork Buckler
Other Gear: Boots of the Enduring March, 2 Soap Bars, Signal Horn, Everburning Torch, Bachelor Snuff (1 dose), Journal, Ink Vial, Inkpen, Noble’s Outfit /w Signet Ring& Jewelry worth 150gp, pocket watch, canteen, 140gp, 8sp, 9cp

Just something I was musing over, but say you have a character that can't roll a fort save to save thier soul.

They have been poisoned by a strength poison that clicks off 1d4 str for 6 rounds, and they fail BADLY all 6 rounds, and as the DM I wipe thier strength out to let's say -8. Or heck even -14 which is equal to thier normal strength of 14.

And yet they are JUST unconsious? I mean the way I read it, the ONLY lethal poison is con damage, but I've always seen Str and Dex poisons as neurotoxins, which IRL can kill. If the person is so weak they couldn't even breath, they could theorectially die from suffocation right? But RAW and taken to the extreme they could go -50 Str and still be alive.

Okay my party made it past the stairs, and just finished with the fight against Giants and Dire Bear hunting party at night mind you. A single giant played dead and got away while the party camped and the Dwarven Wizard/Ranger tracked the giant to Jorgenfist, where he got first glimpse of the fortress just as dawn broke.

So first off Jorgenfist will know the PCs are coming.

The PCs have two ways of flying the Druid can wildshape and has a Roc, the Wiz/Ranger has a hippogrif. That leaves the heavy armor half orc fighter, and the barbarian terrestial, along with the Bard, but she has Dimension Door.

Now the question.

Geographically speaking and looking at a map of Varisia, they should of approached just due south and that would put them on the otherside of the river canyon. (Looking at map on pg 200 of the anniversay edition) The map shows the Storval Plateau they came up on as to the west though. (Instead of book directions they went to Magnimar, booked a charter on the Yondabakari River, killed a bunch of bunyips on the way and then visited flooded Turtleback Ferry with it's new shore front property, before heading north.)

So...where the heck are they actually at?

Cause the way I see it, they are looking at a canyon, two caves, and massive fortress. The other way is past the watchtower, and really thier only point of ingress that they'd see is maybe the front door. They haven't interogated a giant yet, cause they keep killing them outright, and so thier knowledge is what they see.

And my other question is what hints if any should I drop about Longtooth's cave, the Wyvern's cave, and the spider tunnel that leads in?

I thought about maybe changing Conna in someway to make her able to 'reach out' to the party to inform them, but I feel that is leashing them too much.

As DM in Pathfinder and him as a PC I know he loves to stretch rules, and has to be 'watched' on occassion when he rolls dice, but now we are playing Skull and Shackles and we are both PCs but he keeps bragging to the DM how he is going into the Shadow dancer prestige class, and is going to get repeating crossbows and do a ton of damage, criting. He is right now a lvl 5 character I think 3/2 Ranger/Rouge. I might have that backwards though.

He also claims he can get a crit of 10-12 by having a keen katana and improved crit, but I'm pretty sure they don't stack.

He builds all his characters in Hero Labs, so I don't know wheter or not it's him seriously bsing, something in Hero Labs missleading him or what.

I still build my characters with books, pen and'm more then a little biased against computer programs in the first place, but his bragging and 'tendencies' are getting on my nerves.

So uh...since it's ten days away, any thoughts on how to make the jolly old fat man? I'm thinking he is certainly without a doubt a spellcaster, More then likely Socerer then Wizard since he is alot more...personable. CG, but I also think he'd have to have Druid or maybe Ranger levels as well to get the reindeer companions. (And 9 of them if you count Rudolph) to build him?

The sword is listed as a two handed exotic weapon but it also reads:

If you are proficient with this weapon, you gain a +4 bonus on any sunder attempts made against weapons with a wooden haft; otherwise you may use this sword as a bastard sword.

Let's say a character already has EWP for the bastard sword to one hand it. Can he one hand a flambard instead, or does she need the EWP for Flambard as well? Especially if they want to use the +4 sunder vs. wood.

Yeah I know some eyebrows are going to raise, but hear me out, the idea in my head is one of 'shoot one guy & stab the other guy' kind of character. And there is so much artwork in fantasy (and futuristic fantasy like Warhammer 40K) where the guy is firing his pistol inches from his opponent's face, while swinging a big sword slicing whatever isn't newly made into swiss cheese.

Right now he is just a concept for Kingmaker campaign but this is what I got going:

Daz Bangfang

Race: Gnoll (I firmly believe in playing 'fun' races over tailoring to a class)

Gunslinger (Pistolero) 1

Str: 16
Dex: 16
Con: 15
Int: 12
Wis: 11
Cha: 9

Sword Scion (from Kingmaker)
Dueling Cloak Adept

Feats: E.W.P. Pistol
Rapid Reload (every guide I read says this is a must at 1st lvl)

Pistol - 10 paper alchemical cartridges
Aldori Dueling Sword

Lamellar Cuirass

belt pouch
artisan's tools
gunsmithing kit
flint and steel

For the future I'm looking to grab the feats neccessary for Sword and Pistol, and might(Probably) dip into fighter to collect more feats.

This is my first Gunslinger, but I'm looking to be good, not cheesy.
For those without the ARG, Gnolls are shown in the race builder section, +2 Str, +2 Con, +1 Nat Armor, and Darkvision 60ft.

Looking for feat advice primarily, and ideas mixing the dueling sword and pistol. I also like the pistol whip deed later on, but what if I shoot, and don't have a chance to reload, and want to just whack people with the pistol? Improvised weapon feats? (I've seen it down in a lot of movies.)

Any advice is apreciated though.

One other issue also seems that at early levels every gp is going to treasured, and horded for cartridge making. So pick up a backup ranged weapon?

Building a character more for fun then function, and more towards an idea in my head, then anything 'game breaking' I read the AM Barbarian guide, and while good, just made me more confused on this character.

What I'm trying to build is almost an anthama to the way a Barbarian SHOULD be.

Con:12 <---Yes I already know
Int: 8
Wis: 8

So yeah Kitsunes are tricksters, and charismatic. I want to keep that about them. Just this one gets ticked easily, and lives for the fight.

Anyway a little BG for the character. It's a Rise of the Runelords campaign. I took the Country Born feat cause of it's bonus to Will and it lets me ignore the exhaustion/fatigue effect once a day. The traits are: Hagfish Hopeful, and Deft Dodger. The story is he is inspired by a family legend of kitsune arena fighter, and he seeks to emulate his family's tell.

(Kinda like how when someone tells you how awesome a relative was in military, or some other profession and you try and follow in the footsteps.)

So he has a lot of mind to not only fight, but fight 'flashy'. I decided to also go a bit different then normal in weapons to keep the arena/gladitor angle and gave him a scizore, and the klar. (The mental image is awesome, and a -1 to attack is fine when you can nail a d10 damage.)

The other point is bravado. I like CAGM, but I also like what I read as a control/Intimidate Barbarian (which is what I think I want) but can't find any advice on it. But the idea of fighting, taunting, boasting, and being 'loud' is appealing. So I keep looking at Intimidating Glare, and Terrifying Howl, he worships Caydean so the drinking powers work to.

He just hit lvl 2. So where to start? So many options, and so many choices. I have no clue what fits best.

And yes when it comes time, the Con is getting bumped up. Either by buffs, or a magic item. (The wizard is going after item creation stuff.)

Superstition doesn't make sense even though it's trees of powers are good too. I doubt he'd be paranoid of magic when he and most of his family can use dancing lights.

Beast Totem also looks good, but Kitsune get the pounce as a feat later anyway. with a very untraditional character?

So started playing in this campaign two weeks ago (two gaming sessions basically) and everyone kind of made of characters on the fly and ran with it.

We have a Kitsune Rogue
Human Alchemist (Grenadier archtype I think)
Human Fighter
Dwarf Barbarian

and my character a Catfolk Orcale of the Waves

Here is her stats as of lvl 1:


AC:15 (Silken Ceremonial Armor, Buckler)
touch:12 flat:13


She has 2 daggers, a hanbo (her cane),

Monk's Outfit
Wooden Holy Symbol
Flint & Steel
Weapon Cord
Wrist Sheath

Weapon Finesse (Just cause I figured the closeness of pirate ships means hand to hand is bound to occur.)

SA and Racial Stuff:
Cat's Luck
Clever Cat
Low light vision

Mystery related:
Wintry Touch


DM let everyone pick two traits
Arcane Talent: Ray of Frost

Create Water
Detect Magic
Mage Hand
Ghost Sound

Cure L. Wounds
Summon Monster 1

Diplomacy: +10
Heal: +5
Sense Motive: +2
Swim: +5


Now that that's settled her primary purpose is 'probably' going to be healing. But I love Wintry Touch and my one shot of Ray of Frost. And I'm liking the idea of her being nice and happy, but when made mad or pushed to far, having no problems turning people into ice cubes. Now Oracle seems all well and good for healing but waves mystery aside, not much 'ice' damage potential. So I'm thinking about multiclassing into an arcane caster. And with Cha being the high stat, going Sorceror or Bard.

The goal being to stay in the spirit of the pirate adventure, and the fluff of her having an affinity with ice.

So while I'm worried an ice focus might backfire (don't spoil it for me, I'll be sad if there is a lot of cold resist monsters in this though.)

The things I'm thinking and wanting input on:
1. Stay straight Oracle of the Waves

2. Sorcerer: This really appeals to me. Originally was going to go sorcerer but wanted to do some healing. The big issue is what bloodline makes the best sense? I narrowed it down to these

2a. Boreal: Cold Steel right off the bat sounds awesome. Frost-rimmed spirits add to the haunted curse.

2b. Elemental Water: Like the elemental ray, and cold versions of spells.

2c. Stormborn: Departs from the ice idea, but makes sense for versatility. Thunderstaff is nice. Thunderbolt latter is cool

2d. Marid: Again some nice stuff. Just doesn't come off as fluffy as the others.

3. Bard: Focuses more with pirate theme, looking at Buccaneer (since she is CG) and Sea Singer (makes themactic sense at least.)

4. So...happy go lucky personality, her favorite things = Heal and protect friends (with ice if applicable), and turning bad guys into popsciles.

The DM will let me tweak a few small things. Stats are set in stone. Fencer can be changed to something else (haven't downloaded the S&S player's guide yet, so if there is a trait there, I can use those too, I can't find AP specific traits on the pathfinder d20srd)

Alright me focus on something that fits?

Just a thought of mine, since UE didn't deliver on bringing more ways to stab, slice, and crush people I thought I'd do 3 things. Find weapons that are in old 3.5 products that haven't graced Golarion yet. And secondly show off some of my own concepts.

Thirdly look for others to add to this, since this is all homebrew, and maybe a wish list if Paizo ever wan't to borrow the idea.

Bottom line. There is never ever enough weapons.

So I'll put up stats later but let's start with weapons themselves

Starting with 3.5 Exotics

Gnome Tortoise Blade: Style wise it's like the klar, being both a bone shield and steel blade weapon, GTB has a 19-20/x2 crit, and is P rather then S, so there are some differences. Also gives gnomes a racial weapon outside of the hooked hammer.

Dwarven Buckler Axe: I loved my Gold Dwarf having this thing, would love to see one in Pathfinder.


Orc Crusher: Okay it's a big ball on a stick and wielded according to the text in one of the dumbest ways possible (put stick in ground, pull back and release to send big ball into opponents face). But it gives Orcs and Half Orcs a racial martial weapon to catch up with Dwarves.

Elven Thinblade: The Pathfinder Elven Curve Blade is similar, but this is a smaller one handed version.

Stump Knife: For when your pc loses his arm to the Bulette.

Bladed Gauntlet: I like this one. Blades come from the metal of the forearm and curve down. If you have ever seen an Eldar Warp Spider Exarch. It's like thier arm blades.



Gyrspike: It's a great and verstile double weapon combining sword and flail.

Double Hammer: Add Orc in front of it. Make it an alternate to the Double Axe.

Garrote Cords

Double Scimatar: Like a double sword, but curvier.

Spring Loaded Gauntlet: A weapon for the medieval Iron Man. Instead of a pulse of energy, when the palm is held out, it launches a tiny dart at people.

Fukimi Bari: Mouth darts. And you spit them at an opponent. Good for a villian npc, or a pc that 'spits in the eye' of authority. :P

Orc Shotput: It's a solid lump of iron, and it's a ball. It's simple and deadly. Pure Orc goodness. A returning one and/or a MLB style pitcher character would be great with this. Beaning becomes lethal.

Pincer Staff: It's a crab claw on a stick, granted, but it's also a more lethal version of the mancatcher.

Caber: Tell me this doesn't belong with a Shoanti fighter. It's a tree that you throw at people. Scots do weapons right.

Tigerskull Club: A weapon that'd probably be 'fragile' and probably should be simple rather then exotic, but one of my favorites (including the Gyrspike) A catfolk oracle of bones, or ancestor with this would be epic.

Sugliin: It's a massive staff weapon with deer and elk horns on it. Again would be 'fragile' in Pathfinder, but could do seriously high P damage to something.

Goliath Greathammer: Earth Breaker's bigger brother.

Fingerblade: Rapier like weapon, but it's handle reminds me of the of the Sith villian that was around in the Star Wars episode 2, and got killed in 3.

Scorpion Claws: It's a giant scorpion's pincers what's more to say?

Cresent Scythe: Basically a double scythe with a more pratical curving blade.

3.5 Martial

Razored Armor, and Razored Shield: Basically the slashy version of the stabbing armor and shields. But I like them as much as the spiked variant.

Dart Thruster: It's a crossbow for darts. Small and concealable.

Pike: Very long spear. Reach out to 15 instead of 10 like a spear. I'm really surprised it isn't in more d20 books. It's a known real world historical weapon.

My ideas:


Shiv: Simple prison weapon, defiently a P type weapon, more then likely fragile. But also cheap and easy to make.

Boat Oar: Tempted to call this exotic, but it is a familiar weapon for sailors, and I know it's a traditional weapon in a lot of real world martial arts. So it'd certainly be a 2 handed monk weapon.

Spring Launched Knife: Got the idea from the ballistic knife the Soviets used. Press button and knife shoots out.


Ball and Chain: Again a good Scot weapon, seen alot in olympics like the javelin.

Bat'leth: Maybe can't use the name but I'm think a 2d4, 19-20 /x2 weapon that can do P or S type damage. Still I think people would jump at the chance to use this weapon on sight.


Combat Scissors: Oversized sheers in the basic terms. But good for 'snipping' off limbs. Idea came from the Clocktower survival horror game. Need two hands to wield. A vorpal pair would be funny.

Throwing Hat and Bladed Throwing Hat: Attributed to Oddjob from 007 and Kung Lao from MK respectfully. It's a hat...that you throw to do lethal damage. Normal one is B type, the blade is S.

Bear Trap Fist: Inspired by Warhammer's version of Ogres. Probably should do the same damage as a bear trap...trap. And help make grapples easier.

Spiked and Razor Net: Like a normal net, but does damage if trapped opponent struggles. Spiked nets are like barbed wire, or fish hooks woven into a normal net. A razor net is more futuristic/high fantasy, but basically sharp as hell wire.

Dart Gun/Pistol: Similiar in theme to the Dart Thruster crossbow, but darts made to carry poisons and such.

Dart Rifle: Bigger and better delivery. Think both weapons should do nonlethal damage. Give a pacifist gunslinger some time in the spotlight, armed with sleep darts and the like. It'd be fun.

Also speaking of nonlethal. Rock Salt ammo for Shotguns and blunderbuss type weapons.

Anyway intentional thoughts? Additions? Subtractions?

Tried the advice thread and got nothing so...

I just wrapped up DMing Varnhold Vanishing and getting ready for the next books. Fun really, but my players here have a habit of making friends out of people I didn't expect them to, even if the book did give them a chance to. (Or sometimes they don't specify)



The sootscale kobolds- Helped the Chief 'get rid' of Tartuk, and mites. Then got them to agree to not only behave, but later when the kingdom was founded made another treaty giving them the gold mine and making them pay into the kingdom's taxes. They also handle the southern toll bridges.

Perlivash and Tyg

Munguk -Not only giving him alcohol,but also a purpose (royal assassin of all things since it said headsman/public executioner)

Nomen Centaurs -though not part of the kingdom itself, the pc's kingdom does assit in guarding the Nomen's borders, and have a mutual defense pact. Like an Indian Reservation but better treated.

Tig Tannerson - (long story, but I treat him like a Huck Finn, and he not only makes friend with Munguk but the pcs didn't directly force him back home either so that quest angle didn't really finish to the book's specs.)

Melianse- Side with her over the loggers.

Kundal- Thanks to the kitsune in the party convincing him that control is possible 'and' easy. (Bluffed saying he was a 'werefox' and had the fox form feat, so he shifted from fox, to hybird, to human and back just to prove the point.) He keeps his greataxe though. He is 'monitored' and kept under lock and key during full moons at the moment.


Kesten-Made him the Marshal snubbing the positions he 'wanted' (I haven't told the pcs he felt slighted yet.)

Grigori -more then discredited him,they managed to get him drunk and spill the beans, making him fail in the eyes of Pitax as well.

Corax- For siding with the fey and Melianse

Jubilost- For siding with the kobolds, since I edited the campaign a bit to make them ignoring the kobolds lawful request for the toll payment. (though the pcs don't realise the kobolds jacked the toll price cause of the racial enimity)

Plot so far:

As you can imagine they seem ace diplomacy and bluff when needed and blew it on a few easier ones.

Now the one they have fell flat on thier faces has been handle animal, (the ranger has got attacked by sooooo many wild animals for the ones he rolls, that is until they found the Roc egg, and instead of omelete they wanted to raise it...and they blew that one out of the water for rearing a wild have a tame Roc as well.

So now I'm sure once they get through book 4 they will have more friends and enemies that 'could' of been friends. But by book 5 when mass combat happens they are going to have some off the wall allies in thier mist. Kobold army and Centaurs are at least given but it doesn't really cover what I should do with the fey they have friended, the giant, and the roc (I'm sure they aren't going to let it sit idle and look pretty.)

Obviously they are very laid back kingdom in terms of 'who' they let in, so humans might be in a lot lesser numbers then the book presents. And other humanoids taking thier place (kingdom law basically being no discrimenation of a sentient race, so long as they follow the other basic laws. So they'd welcome a non evil ANYTHING in.

So how should 'other' kingdoms perceive them? They aren't being a threat to anyone, but aware of Pitax's eye on them though. I'm trying to deside if the territory the pc's gave the Nomen's (Which included the city of Varnhold itself) will cheese off Brevoy.

The territory for mutual defense:
The Nomen's have thier burial ground all the way accross to the Kiravoy Bridge which they share any toll income with the pc's kingdom, and south to the Linnorm's Grave, the mountains serve as the border.

Also I wonder how the massed battle units should be edited.
As I want to give them a mixed race units, and race specific specialist troops. As well as what roles certain key friends and enemies should play.

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So I just wrapped up Varnhold Vanishing and getting ready for the next books, which are going to be the big mass battle stuff. Fun really, but my players here recently have a habit of making friends out of people I didn't expect them to, even if the book did give them a chance to.


The sootscale kobolds- Helped the Chief 'get rid' of Tartuk, and mites. Then got them to agree to not only behave, but later when the kingdom was founded made another treaty giving them the gold mine and making them pay into the kingdom's taxes. They also handle the southern toll bridges.

Perlivash and Tyg

Munguk -Not only giving him alcohol,but also a purpose (royal assassin of all things since it said headsman/public executioner)

Nomen Centaurs -though not part of the kingdom itself, the pcs kingdom does assit in guarding the Nomen's borders, and have a mutual defense pact. Like an Indian Reservation but better treated.

Tig Tannerson - (long story, but I treated him like a Huck Finn, and he not only makes friend with Munguk but directly force him back home.)

Melianse- Side with her over the loggers.

Kundal- Thanks to the kitsune in the party convincing him that control is possible. (Bluffed saying he was a 'werefox') He keeps his greataxe though. He is 'monitored' and kept under lock and key during full moons at the moment.


Kesten-Made him the Marshal snubbing the positions he 'wanted' (I haven't told the pcs he felt slighted yet.

Grigori -more then discredited him,they managed to get him drunk and spill the beans, making him fail in the eyes of Pitax as well.

Corax- For siding with the fey and Melianse

Jubilost- For siding with the kobolds, since I edited the campaign a bit to make them ignoring the kobolds lawful request for the toll payment. (though the pcs don't realise the kobolds jacked the toll price cause of the racial enimity)

Plot so far:
As you can imagine they seem ace diplomacy and bluff when needed and blew it on a few easier ones.

Now the one they have fell flat on thier faces has been handle animal, that is until they found the Roc egg, and instead of omelete they wanted to raise it...and they blew that one out of the water for rearing a wild have a tame Roc as well.

So now I'm sure once they get through book 4 they will have more friends and enemies that 'could' of been friends. But by book 5 when mass combat happens they are going to have some off the wall allies in thier mist. Kobold army and Centaurs are at least given but it doesn't really cover what I should do with the fey, giant, and roc (I'm sure they aren't going to let it sit idle)

Obviously they are very laid back kingdom in terms of 'who' they let in, so humans might be in a lot lesser numbers then the book presents.

I've noticed this weapon isn't listed in any weapon group for a fighter, or anyone able to access the weapon groups. I like this weapon for a fighter to use but RAW it can't be used for any of the weapon training bonuses. I figured it should be a at least a hammer, and probably a polearm as well.

This might sound wierd but what I'm looking for is something I can build a map on, place characters, monsters, etc on a grid like I would on a normal table top. And then move the set pieces around on said computer.

Reason being while I dm at a certain friend's house they have this nice big table, and grid map and solid I can run a campaign, have easy access to resources (mostly refering to the Pathfinder srd) and such, including a space for my ever growing stack of Pathfinder books, and so forth.

However at my home, the wi-fi doesn't work that well (if it does it's a miracle) and the tables here are just too cramped for any sort of sprawling out. So what I think I want is a map maker like program, and basically use it like something like the roll20 beta (I do apoligize for the vagueness cause I'm not really sure on 'terminology' here ).

Init, damage recording, and finer details I can just use pen and paper. But it's gravy if the program does it for me.

But my problem is I can't use roll20 cause 1. I'm not always online
2. It's browser only and hates my browser anyway.

And also I have another reason. I like playtesting things in secret and since I don't have space to lay everything out, I kind of need to use the computer primarily to run 'mock campaigns' and the like by myself. Or just cause I feel like playing my own characters against a challenge.

I'm looking and debating on trying RPtools but suggestions will help.

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