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James Jacobs

James Jacobs's page

Creative Director. Pathfinder Society Member. 43,253 posts (45,209 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 9 aliases.


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Paizo Employee Creative Director

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm starting to lose my ability to enjoy video games. I'm working more than 40 hours a week, and I'm finding that I look more forward to sleeping than playing video games. What should I do?

It helps to set aside specific times to enjoy gaming; make a habit of it, and if you can, make sure that work doesn't interfere with it. That said... the older you get, the less time there is in a week to do the things you like doing. It's kinda just the way life works, I guess.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

equinoxmaster wrote:
are you planning to release a updated ARG (including races from people of the stars, the alternate abilities and heritages for aasimars and tieflings from blood of angels/fiends, more on the races from the ARG, new exotic weapons created by those races, etc.)?????

Races of the Inner Sea might have some elements of this.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Haldelar Baxter wrote:
Will there ever be a book like The Stronghold Builders Guidebook for Pathfinder ?

Ultimate Campaign.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Gordrenn Higgler wrote:

Can a Mercane (or other creature with the Spell-like Ability Plane Shift) that has been to a Sanctum (Mythic Adventures) use their natural ability to Plane Shift to return to a Sanctum whenever it wants?

Would the Sanctum have to be active first for it to work?

Yes... but they'd have to first visit the plane via another method to "attune" itself to that possibility.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

JoelF847 wrote:

Are any of the classes and other content from Occult Mysteries providing another piece of a Unspeakable Futures type RPG?

If so, combined with the technology guide, how much of a SF/future/apocalypse based Pathfinder game will be published in pieces? What pieces would be left to create to cobble together something similar to Unspeakable Futures?

Nope. I'm actually not all that involved at all in Occult Adventures. None of my Unspeakable Futures stuff is informing Occult Adventures, really, at all, despite the fact that I do have an Esper class in Unspeakable Futures.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

midgardinruin wrote:

Greetings James,

Firstly, thank you for maintaining this thread. The clarification you provide is immensely helpful. That said, onto the question.

As written, the Furious Finish feat doesn't apply to the Improved Vital Strike and Greater Vital Strike feats. Is this intended?

In addition, could you clarify which "damage dice" the Furious Finish feat replaces? Does it replace all damage dice to be rolled for the attack, sneak attack and weapon enhancements (flaming, frost, etc) included? Does it replace the damage dice specified by the Vital Strike feat only?

Links for convenience: inal nal

No problem!

Alas... this type of rules question is the exact type that needs to be asked and reviewed in the rules forums.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

ulgulanoth wrote:
James are there large settlements or communities of non-humans (so elves, dwarves, halflings, ect) in Taldor?

It's possible, but unlikely. None immediately come to mind, but I've not read the Taldor Player's Companion in years, so I can't remember.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Deathunseen wrote:

James, i really want to play an orc or half-orc beast rider cavalier! but everyone i talk to suggests against it in most campaigns, so i have a few questions:

1)can mounts not being... mounted fight indoors without me on them?
2)while i am mounted, lances say they can be wielded in one hand, not that they become one handed weapons, do they still apply 1.5 str?
2a) can i technically dual wield lances while mounted? how would this work?
3) i only started playing dnd/pathfinder a few weeks ago, but i grew up with warcraft and the like, and i like to believe that not all orcs HAVE to be mindless savage desroyers, should i just relearn my own idea of orcs? it seems like in dnd and pathfinder they are only really bad guys like undead.

Edit: what are the rules for point buy reguarding mounts? for example if the game is a high fantasy point buy, can i restat my mount with something like say half the normal point buy or so?

Edit: cleave while mounted? yay or nay?

1) They can fight just fine without someone riding them, but you'll need to use Handle Animal or wild empathy or speak with animals or something like that to direct their actions.

2) If you wield a lance in one hand, it does not apply 1.5 Str.

2a) Same as any other two-weapon thing, but with the worst possible penalties... assuming your GM allowed it anyway.

3) How orcs function in any one person's game is left to them. The baseline orc in Golarion, the official Pathfinder setting, is a savage evil murderer. There are absolutely exceptions, but the vast majority of them are monsters, much more akin to their role in Lord of the Rings and not Warcraft. The role of the non-murderous monster orc in Pathfinder is generally one more held by half-orcs. But again... the exact nature of how orcs work are left to the GM and are informed by the GM's choice of campaign setting. If you ran a Pathfinder game set on Azeroth, for example, orcs WOULD work the way they do in Warcraft.

Edit: Mounts build their stats according to the rules for animal companions—they have pre-assigned scores.

Edit: I'd allow cleave while mounted only if the mount doesn't move during the round.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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snickersimba wrote:

We need a list of all paladin gods.

I want to make a paladin of nethys, but cannot find anything about such a thing, I thought that it would be interesting. Same for like eighty other gods.

I'm not seeing a question here, but I'll comment anyway.

Paladins don't worship Nethys. He's neutral.

A "List of paladin gods" would just be a list of all lawful good deities, with an alternate list of all the neutral good and lawful neutral ones as less common paladin deities.

That is all.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Helderick de Brevoy wrote:

Dear James Jacobs,

My question is about the Deft Palm rogue talent from Ultimate Combat. What is its use ?

Deft Palm wrote:
A rogue with this talent can make a Sleight of Hand check to conceal a weapon while holding it in plain sight, even while she is being observed.

Can it allow Underhanded, another rogue talent from UC, to function ?

Underhanded wrote:
A rogue with this talent gains a +4 circumstance bonus on all Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal a weapon. Furthermore, if she makes a sneak attack during the surprise round using a concealed weapon that her opponent didn’t know about, she does not have to roll sneak attack damage, and the sneak attack deals maximum damage. A rogue can only use the underhanded talent a number of times per day equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 0).
Deft Hand would make the weapon concealed without the need to draw it in order to attack (it is in your hand), thus allowing to use the surprise round standard action to attack or charge, which wouldn't be possible if you had to draw your concealed weapon ?

Questions about how various different rulebook elements interact like this are best posed in the rules forums for an FAQ tag as needed.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

j b 200 wrote:

Have you seen this:Link?

Maybe some inspiration for new Fey? Or maybe something creepier?

I have not! Interesting.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

ulgulanoth wrote:
James have any big battles/heroes been revealed that took place/existed in the war between Taldor and Qadira and if so what/who where they? Also if a game where to be set in this time and region of Golarion how much fighting between the two would one expect to see, a battle a week, month, year?

Nope; not yet. There hasn't really been a BIG battle there. It's mostly skirmishes and smaller scale stuff.

As for actual mass combat stuff... not sure. It'd probably vary, but I suspect it'd all fit into the length of... say... something the size of an Adventure Path.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

MMCJawa wrote:
Yeah but the Yaoguai of myth are more like demons, with loose connections to bears.

We often adjust mythology to change things in some ways, or focus in on specific elements of the mythology to the exclusion of others. This lets us have our cake and eat it too—it lets us bring in cool monsters from mythology but lets us give our own spin to them as well. Which is pretty necessary, since monsters from mythology tend to be repetitive, since they're the results of "parallel design" in cultures who share the same basic fears.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

ckdragons wrote:
Any update as to whether an official errata will be released soon for this product? Sorry to be a pest about this, but this is important to me, and I'm sure many other players, too! :)

We don't issue "official errata" for adventures.

My responses and the suggestions from other folks who've run this adventure in this and other threads should be enough to help GMs seeking advice... sorry!

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Andrew Betts wrote:
Should the "Lock Coder" pg 49 have a usage of 10 charges? Meaning it can only be used once before needing to be recharged?

Yes; that's the correct charge usage. It basically drains an entire battery when it encodes an access card or lock.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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MMCJawa wrote:

The Prophecy for starter, which is an early 80's horror movie featuring a bear mutated by toxic waste....which also happens to bear a bit of similarity to the Yaoguai.

Um...Hungry Flesh I think has been mentioned to be inspired by the 80's Blob remake

The Carnivorous Blob from Bestiary 2 is actually the Blob inspiration.

And the Yaoguai is from Chinese mythology. That said... The Prophecy is a delightful movie, I must admit.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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zergtitan wrote:
That robot in the picture is intriguing , what is it?

It is a...

Robot version of a clockwork mage.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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Ross Byers wrote:
What would be a good Golarion villain with particularly insane goals? (By 'insane goals' I mean less 'take over the world' and more 'blow up the moon'.)

Sounds like an evil Golarion villain, not a good one! :-P

Paizo Employee Creative Director

The smitter wrote:

Hi Mr. Jacobs

I am about to start a game with Earth connections and wanted to get a little advice. So the story for at least one character is that he was investigating some kidnapping cultists that worship a Golarion specific God and because of some ritual he got sucked into Golarion so.

What God from Golarion would have evil plans for other worlds, or should I go with a Great Old One?

Do the years on Golarion and on Earth sync or is time different on the two worlds?

How should I handle Languages? Weapon proficients? Skills? Seems like some one who grew up on Earth should have different things?

Thanks for reading it

Check "Rasputin Must Die" out for how Golarion syncs up with Earth.

And as for deities... I'd go with a deity that's worshiped on both worlds. The Great Old Ones work, but so would Asmodeus or Lamashtu or some oft he archdevils or demon lords.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

equinoxmaster wrote:
what do you do with a drunken sailor?

Chum for alcoholic sharks?

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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snickersimba wrote:

Why don't we just fight a giant ubergod made of all of golarions gods mashed together?

Megabook would be frikken awesome though, Imagine a book the size of a table that required twelve men to lift with every offical pathfinder thing inside it. EVERYTHING
Also, why not get rid of the now useless archetypes?
They really don't do much more than make the classes into a weaker version of an existing class.

Because more options = better for the game. Remember, GMs need options for NPCs too, and having sub-optimal options helps to spread challenges around more.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
As you've taken a look at the 5e Player's Handbook, what opinion do you have on their lack of a Base Attack Bonus? I have a friend that claims because of this, 5e is a complete and utter failure.

Until I play the game for a while I won't have an opinion. And I suggest anyone who wants to have an opinion of their own give the game a try first before they issue proclamations.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

ikarinokami wrote:

will there ever be a AP around fighting one of Pathfinder's signature "villian" i.e the tarrasque, rune lord (pride), treerazer, the whispering tyrant, nex, the whore queen/geb (in this case more likely to redeem to whore queen's souls)

Perhaps. We've already done APs where you fight signature villains like Karzoug, Illeosa, Deskari, and the queen of Irrisen, after all. Why stop there?

Paizo Employee Creative Director

snickersimba wrote:

Will we lose a few archetypes now that we have all these awesome new classes and maybe one or two prestige classes?

It seems like a few are just really weak versions of other classes. Maybe you need to start slimming down the options.
Idea: Combine all the core books (CRB,APG,ARG,ACG,UC,UM) into one massive book, and if you want to get more insane, toss in the ultimate campain, the paths of prestige and pretty much every damn paizo book in existance into one massive book, then charge a decent price for it. Because megabook.

The previously published archetypes aren't going anywhere.

Megabook is a great way to bankrupt us and our customers. Bad idea.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

xevious573 wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
xevious573 wrote:
There is kinda 1452 (and counting) posts... Certainly most other Campaign Setting books haven't gotten this type attention. In addition telling Lone Wolf/my friends to go check page 28 or 29 of this thread for the various errata seems kinda... well not right to me I guess. Don't know how else to describe it. I think you guys should consider that FAQ page for this product, it makes the corrections more official and less word of mouthy even if it is coming from the toothy tyrannic-sauric jaws of the Creative Director. I'm sure we can be plenty patient for that page but I think it would do this book some good in avoiding confusion.

I do agree, and the increased attention and the heavy rules content of this book does mean it'd be good to get the errata gathered. I'll see what I can do.

And having been the one who wrote the bulk of these rules and playtested them for over a decade, I'm pretty confident I can provide pretty official corrections for the book anyway... ;-P

Oh, I know you're the go-to guy to get information on how things work in this book. But some people could be kinda weird and get uppity about being linked to a forum thread as opposed to a FAQ/Errata/Correction & Clarifications page. Dunno why, I seem to remember atleast seeing one post by someone more or less saying they don't listen to developers forum posts, if they are going to get official answers they best be in the form of an errata file or FAQ page.

I dunno man, people are weird. Anyway glad to hear we will eventually get a FAQ page.

And Andrew, that is good to hear. We don't want one-shot rockets in our Hero Lab.

Which is why, at some point in the future, this product will have a FAQ link on it. It's probably not gonna happen until next week at the earliest, 'cause I'll need more time than I have this week to get it organized and populated.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

nighttree wrote:
WHO/WHAT is that on the cover ??? COOL FACTOR 10 !

That would be...

The person who built the Choking Tower, Furkas Xoud—we say a LITTLE bit about him and the Choking Tower on page 144 of the Inner Sea World Guide. More information will have to wait until this volume is out.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Mikaze wrote:

I like to think that LG, NG, and CG approaches will all be equally at home and exalted in this campaign. :)

Can't have a proper rebellion without a healthy mix of each, eh? (eyes Galt knowingly)

honestly do not know if I'd rather play through the ball infiltration as a dashing rogue or an honorable paladin trying to traverse that social minefield

NG and LG characters will work fine here, but calling it a CG adventure path is really pretty spot on.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Bill McGrath wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

Asmodeus sees himself as the hero of the story of reality.

He's not right, of course, but he doesn't see it that way.

When you say the hero, do you mean he actually sees himself as the good guy, or that he thinks of himself as the protagonist?

The protagonist. He knows he's evil.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

bob_the_monster wrote:
Why is it that Clerics only get 1 new archetype in ACG? It seems like a lot of other classes got a bit more love.

Because that's all the room they had for clerics. Clerics aren't really all about archetypes anyway. They work better at getting specific flavor by picking a deity instead of picking an archetype.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Care to share the story about the purple worm encounter from the Mummy's Mask photo on Facebook? I'm really curious to hear about how a party of 2nd level PCs comes to encounter such a beastie.

It was, in fact, just a Huge whiptail centipede, and our resident desert druid used vermin empathy to scare it off without a fight!

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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Dragon78 wrote:

Questions about the Occult Adventures?

1)Will it have a reprint of the insanity rules? How about additional rules for insanity?

2)Will it have anything Lovecraft/Mythos related?

3)Have the names and concepts of the new classes been finalized?

4)Will there be any new rules/content for hauntings or possession?

5)Are all the classes psychic based/themed?

1) Unlikely.

2) Unlikely.

3) Yes.

4) Dunno, but that would certainly make sense.

5) I'm not sure, but I think so.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

DM Mathpro wrote:
James you walk into a bar and see Treerazor, Cthulhu, and a Tzitzimitl playing poker with Jason Bulmahn, What do you do?

Apologize to Treerazer for the typo in his name. Then wonder why the bar was built so huge in the first place!

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Alleran wrote:

Looking at the start of Jade Regent, since you wrote Brinewall Legacy I'd like to get your opinion on a scenario that would make a (slight) adjustment to the function of the investiture of the PCs as Amatatsu scions. It's if one of the players doesn't want to be an Amatatsu scion, but was instead particularly interested in a different noble family (e.g. Shojinawa for magic or Teikoku for combat), though the adventure starts in Varisia (with the Harrow and so on).

Could a draw of the Empty Throne card from the Deck of Many Things (character inherits a noble title), prior to campaign start, work within the story/scenario as something like the release of the Amatatsu seal "remotely activating" one of the other seals locked away in Minkai? So that PC instead receives the right to rule (i.e. the "noble title") as a scion of a different family through magic/miracle/artifact-magic creating a one-off event. Ameiko still has the blood tie, so she'd still have primacy as the Amatatsu heir, but it varies the families and scions slightly within the party.

The end of the campaign already gives the possibility of using the other seals to invest new scions with the right to rule. This would just bring it into play earlier and focus it on one of the PCs. Of course, they'd be without the benefits that the Amatatsu seal provides to its scions.

Anyway, does this work within the context of the campaign? It keeps the PC in question still focused on going to Minkai even if he isn't an Amatatsu scion, but is there anything in particular you think would cause problems?

Feel free to adjust the adventure's setup to work with your players' choices... but at the same time, if a player wants to opt out of a campaign plot line... that should be fine too. Just give that player a heads up as spoiler-free as possible that their choice may have unforeseen benefits and disadvantages down the line. As long as the PC still feels invested in the overall plot and wants to keep going on the AP though it's all fine.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Icyshadow wrote:
The Green Faith Acolyte Prestige Class requires one to be a follower of the Green Faith. If you have a Druid that follows the ideals of the Green Faith but also worships a deity (an example would be a Druid that heeds the teachings of the Green Faith and worships Shyka the Many), would that character still qualify for the Prestige Class or should the deity be dropped from the statblock? It never seemed very clear to me how philosophies and deity worship interact on Golarion lore- and game-wise, so I figured I should ask this to dispel the confusion.

Nope. You'd need to track down a different prestige class.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

LazarX wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Neutral ones could go either way, but might instead just retreat deeper into the wilds to find new homes OR find a way to live in the new society in the same way wildlife in the real world works.

Unfortunately the real world pattern is generally extinction either at the hands of mankind's cats and dogs, or habitat eradication from farming or lumbering, so I'm not sure which parallel results in a scenario where a druid can accomodate themselves and their charges, no matter how good aligned they are. It's only recently that we've seen deliberate action to reserve wildlife areas and that generally means keeping human settlement away from them.

I'm not intending on making this a debate with you, Just pointing out that there really isn't a history of humans accommodating themselves with nature. And it's not just technology to blame, the spread of the Sahara is believed to be due largely to actions of nomadic overgrazing.

It's a tough call for the druid, that's for sure. From situations like these, though, some cool roleplaying opportunities or adventure plots arise. Which is the whole point. Pick the solution that makes for the type of story you want to tell. I'm not gonna sit here and say which ones are the RIGHT choices because the right choice is the one that's right for your particular story, which might be the wrong choice for the next similar story you want to tell.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

LazarX wrote:
Do you have any advice for dinosaurs who accidentally swallow time machines and find themselves in the river Thames?

Learn to swim quick! Then eat some Brits!

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Thomas LeBlanc wrote:
Have you seen the trailer for the The Mill at Calder's End?

oooh... neat! I had not seen this. Thanks for the link!

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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samuraixsithlord wrote:
Neongelion wrote:
I'm perfectly okay with it, though I wish they didn't reveal who they are in the Iron Gods Player's Guide! Now I'm desperately hoping my players don't happen to read that part of the guide...

I kinda wish they would have waited to reveal that the pilots of the Silver Mount were ** spoiler omitted **

Keeping secrets like that from the GM isn't the way we do things.

That said, I suppose we shouldn't have mentioned it in the Player's Guide... but that ALSO said...

all of the technology in the region is obviously built to be used by things with human shaped bodies, so I'm not sure how much of a surprise it would have been anyway....

People looking for weird alien technology will find some later on... particularly in Part 4 of the Adventure Path.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Fraust wrote:
Not sure if I'm missing something, but that first encounter with the malfunctioning drone came across as pretty sad to me too...It's listed in the book as a CR1 encounter, but it consists of a single CR1/2 monster? When putting the encounter into Fantasy Grounds I just threw another drone in to put it up to CR1, but I really like Crustypeanut's idea of the extra hitpoints and what I'm going to do is keep both, add the extra hit points, and then rule that whenever someone hits one in melee the robot is zapped for 1d2 damage and the PC who hit takes 1d2-1 damage (all electric). If it's shot with a ranged attack a random creature adjacent to the drone is shocked.

The malfunctioning drone is indeed a CR 1/2 creature; the CR score at the start of the encounter is wrong.

It's not supposed to be a tough encounter for the PCs. It's supposed to be an easy first encounter, not one that has a chance at a TPK. Those come later. ;-)

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Charles Scholz wrote:

According to the Ecology in the AP, androids who can activate a renewal program in themselves. Their soul leaves and the nanites totally refurbishes the body into a brand new one and a new soul comes in to inhabit the body. When an android is renewed, do any missing limbs grow back?

Later, the Ecology says androids can be raised from the dead, resurrected, true resurrected, or reincarnated.
So, if an android is resurected after their body is renewed, does the soul return to the original body? If it does, what happens to the new soul?

As true resurrection creates a whole new body for someone who died, will there now be two androids with the same face if the android was renewed?

The reincarnate spell grows a new body from the elements at hand, and the Ecology says a new android body can be grown to replace the old. So if an android can be grown a new android body to inhabit, what stops a non-android from gaining an android body?

An android ONLY renews into the same body with a different soul if she dies of old age. In this case, the new android is an entirely different person but just happens to share the same body as numerous others before her.

An android who is resurrected or raised from the dead has their soul return to the body they came from. Note that this kind of magic doesn't work on creatures who died of old age, so there's never any crossover there.

Reincarnation puts the android into a brand new body that's likely NOT an android body, at which point the android is a new creature with an android soul, and does not renew at old age.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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xevious573 wrote:
There is kinda 1452 (and counting) posts... Certainly most other Campaign Setting books haven't gotten this type attention. In addition telling Lone Wolf/my friends to go check page 28 or 29 of this thread for the various errata seems kinda... well not right to me I guess. Don't know how else to describe it. I think you guys should consider that FAQ page for this product, it makes the corrections more official and less word of mouthy even if it is coming from the toothy tyrannic-sauric jaws of the Creative Director. I'm sure we can be plenty patient for that page but I think it would do this book some good in avoiding confusion.

I do agree, and the increased attention and the heavy rules content of this book does mean it'd be good to get the errata gathered. I'll see what I can do.

And having been the one who wrote the bulk of these rules and playtested them for over a decade, I'm pretty confident I can provide pretty official corrections for the book anyway... ;-P

Paizo Employee Creative Director

doc the grey wrote:
Hey quick question. On timeworn Cylex what chart does one use to determine what happens to it when it glitches?

Cylex isn't technically a weapon or pharmaceutical, and it's certainly not armor, so it'd use the General glitches table.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

And I'll see if I can get the errata for this book organized somewhere easy.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Angry Cow wrote:

How does Vital Strike and the like work with slow-firing weapons, if at all? Does the full round action requirement mean you are technically not using the attack action so Vital Strike cannot apply?

Additionally, on the inside front cover natural 1s are listed as causing a 50% glitch chance. Page 55 specifically says a natural 1 is an automatic glitch, with no percentage chance. I assume the latter, more strict entry is correct, but is that so?

It doesn't Vital Strike requires its own action, and with a slow-firing weapon, the attack uses up your available actions so you can't Vital Strike with it.

And glitches happen automatically.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Bwang wrote:

'People of the Stars' now in hand, I find little RP material or fluff in the book for the four races. Three of my potential players are interested in them (An Crit/Ftr Android, a Kasatha Ranger and a male Lashunta Barbarian). All three are now pestering me for RP material, society, religion, communities. All three have been bombarding me with crappy feats, alternate traits and the occasional rough gem.

This is what I get for promising a Spelljammer game...

Oops! Great stuff in there otherwise, love the solar system, btw.

More information on androids is in Pathfinder #85.

We've got some more info about kasathas spread out throughout the entire Iron Gods AP—they're not really intended to be player characters in that AP though, and as such their information is spread out in a way that works best for the adventure.

Lashuntas have some more information in Distant Worlds and the Inner Sea World Guide.

There's just not a lot of info yet about kasathas or lashuntas as it works out, so feel free to do what you will to round them out!

Paizo Employee Creative Director

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Roshan wrote:

Theres one question that I've been mulling over for a couple days now. I've been thinking about the position of Asmodeus in the whole dynamic of good vs evil. Whats mostly been in the back of my mind are the Hellknights, a Lawful Evil organization.

The Hellknights, who model themselves after the armies of the nine hells are one of the most effective (if brutal) police forces in the inner sea region, they throw down no matter the threat but still apply the law evenly to the mortal races no matter their alignment. Which is more than can be said for a number of paladins I've played with who use Detect Evil as a writ of execution.

How does Asmodeus see himself in the grand scheme of things? Is he really the prince of lies trying to claim all the realms for himself? Is he the Final Judge and Jury, holding the threat of his Devil Hordes above the heads of the other gods should they decide to cross the line? Or is he something else entirely?

Asmodeus sees himself as the hero of the story of reality.

He's not right, of course, but he doesn't see it that way.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Alexander Augunas wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Whew! Just wen through this whole thread, and I think I addressed the errata questions; I'm keeping them in a file for eventual use if we reprint as well. Let me know if there's more and I'll answer them as well!
Even if you don't reprint the Technology Guide (traditionally most Campaign Setting Guides don't get reprinted) maybe you can see about getting the Web Team to enable an FAQ tab on this book where people can quickly reference your corrections?

The combination of their INCREDIBLY busy schedule and the fact that at this point there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of errata to track makes me think that, at this point, this forum works well enough.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

LazarX wrote:
No... but the needs of an expanding settlement DO generally involve things that many druids would tend see as encroachment. The whole of druidic tropes after all are drawn from tribal societies that were pushed out by the kind of societies that would produce clerics.

And it's generally just the chaotic neutral or the neutral evil druids who would destroy those settlements.

Neutral good and lawful neutral ones would work with the settlement to achieve a peaceful solution. Neutral ones could go either way, but might instead just retreat deeper into the wilds to find new homes OR find a way to live in the new society in the same way wildlife in the real world works.

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Jaçinto wrote:

For the first time ever today I have heard the word Vanican magic and Vanican spellcasting and have no idea what it means. So, what does that word Vanican mean?

What is your opinion on D&D 5th edition? I am not asking for a professional opinion, just as a gamer and NOT in comparison to pathfinder. Just as a separate game on its own merits. If you already answered this, sorry but your thread is massive and I may have missed it.

Can you think of any way to get a munchkin player in a roleplay group to stop being a munchkin without asking them to leave? We all like this guy but he keeps pushing around the players about how we build characters wrong and our personal flavour doesn't matter. We have told him to stop that but he wont listen; but outside the game he is a great guy and we do want him to play.

I am making a Thief character in pathfinder and I was wondering if there is a god of thieves or if it is ok in Golarian for someone to not attach themselves to any of the gods at all. I mean, not like they don't believe they exist since there is absolute proof that they do in that world but not exactly devoted to anyone really.

I am bad at writing adventures so aside from Horror on the Orient Express, what Call of Cthulhu RPG adventures would you recommend? Like I said, I am bad at writing them up but I am really good at adapting adventures and changing them heavily to something totally different; but I tend to need a starting point.

Did I use the semicolon correctly in this post? I am trying to use it correctly because I actually was never taught the use of it back in school. My teacher at the time was big into comma usage.

Oh and what is your opinion on the Oxford comma? Is it actually considered incorrect at all?

Vancian comes from the stories of Jack Vance, where wizards had to study and memorize spells. It's become the word folks use to indicate the D&D and now Pathfinder method of how a spellcaster can't cast spells all day long and has a list of what spells are available in a given day, as opposed to something that say, uses a mana system or a spell point system.

I've looked through the Player's Handbook for D&D and I quite like what I see. Particularly from a restoring nostalgia and classic lore to the game—the fact that they have Greyhawk stuff in the PHB is huge to me. Haven't had a chance to actually play a game yet, alas... Gen Con and now the aftermath of Gen Con on our schedule hasn't given me much free time.

Ask them to build a different character, or give them less resources to build a character than other players. But frankly, it sounds like the actual problem with that player is not their character but their attitude; if they won't play nicer and respect the other players and GM's choices, asking the player to leave the game might be the only option. Outside the game doesn't matter at all for the context of the game itself.

Thieves would choose deities close to their alignment. Norgorber is the classic choice, but he's evil. For good thieves... Desna and Cayden Cailean or even Calistria would be good choices. It's absolutely fine for a character to not worship a deity if they don't have powers specifically granted by deities.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness is my favorite CoC adventure. Masks of Nyarlathotep is great too. And I just picked up Eternal Lies... it looks great so far—it won the gold ennie this year for adventure. It's for Trail of Cthulhu, but the adventure itself looks easy enough to adapt to CoC.

You wanted a comma instead of a semicolon in this post.

The Oxford comma is the only right comma choice. ;-)

Paizo Employee Creative Director

D_GENNEXT wrote:

Not sure if this has been answered or not before:

Magus Arcana: Wand Wielder
Could you activate the wand and channel the charge through your weapon?
The arcana says that with spell combat you can replace casting a spell with activating a wand and spellstrike allows you to channel a touch spell through your weapon.

That's a good question for the rules side FAQ.

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