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F. Wesley Schneider

F. Wesley Schneider's page

Editor-in-Chief. 3,093 posts (3,123 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 3 aliases.


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Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

zylphryx wrote:

Soooo ...

Ustalavian? Ustalavic? Ustalavite? ;)

For all your country-related adjective and demonymn needs, check out Pathfinder Wiki. Mark keeps it updated with those straight from the Paizo styleguide.

In this case (combining answers from above),

Demonym: Ustalavs
Adjective: Ustalavic

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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Charlie Bell wrote:

You know, I never noticed until this thread that the languages listed for Ustalav were Common, Varisian, and Skald. Common (Taldane) and Varisian both make sense, since most civilized Ustalavs are ethnically Varisian and there is a sizeable ethnic Taldan population left over from the Shining Crusade.

You'd think instead of Skald it would be Hallit. There isn't anything in Ustalav's history that would lead you to believe that it was ever settled by Ulfen, but its original natives before the Varisian migration were Kellids, some of whom survive in Ustalav's backwaters. I wonder if Skald for Hallit is an error in ISWG.

I'd say it is for all the reasons you pointed out.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ustaaaaalav. Bleh.

I was really hoping this one would be Druma.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

1 person marked this as a favorite.
archmagi1 wrote:
So... you're saying Sutter is an alien, and Wes and Asmodeus have a working relationship?


Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Or Hit Box, or other live streaming site?

(Lets keep straight YouTube and Google Hangouts out of this for now.)

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Do you play Pathfinder on Twitch? Know someone who does? Have a favorite Pathfinder Twitch channel?

Post your links here!

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Can anyone find me a legit source on a creature called a "Kaster?" Gemstones are involved. Maybe Scandinavian.

Deviant Art does not count a "legit."

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Excellent! I should really post my original sketches of the cycle of souls here sometime...

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Totally amazing guys, well, well done!

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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James Jacobs wrote:
Crystal Frasier wrote:
thejeff wrote:

True when it comes to real people. (Or in that case one fictional person to another.)

Somewhat less so when dealing with fictional characters. We often know many things about fictional characters that would be horribly rude to ask of real people.

So we know details about any other iconic's personal bits? Kyra's cup size? Whether or not Valeros is circumcised? The color of Lini's squeedily spooch?


I know these things, but I'm a special case, I guess! :-P

Stop that. -_-

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

13 people marked this as a favorite.
Ganryu wrote:

Wayne Reynold's designs are really great.

How much input does he have on the designs, though?


We've worked with Wayne for more than a decade and trust not just his artistic skill but also his fantastic insight into real-world arms and armor. While we very deliberately choose the genders, races, ethnicities, and general weapons and armors of new iconics in-house, Wayne is very much a creative partner in the creation of these characters. Less is usually more when it comes to ordering art, and in the case of art briefs for new iconics our descriptions typically include little more than what I already mentioned, and a sentence or two more of class particulars and other elements we're trying to highlight. Then Wayne does what makes him one of the best in the biz. We sometimes make minor tweaks upon seeing sketches, but more often than not we don't. Turns out Wayne knows what he's doing and getting a new piece from him always causes considerable buzz.

In Shardra's case in particular, we didn't ask for a dwarf-themed headdress, jade dagger, censer, etc. Dude knows the game, the industry, and his craft, and the results endlessly impress.

(You guys know Crowe, the Iconic Bloodrager is his Curse of the Crimson Throne Pathfinder character, right?)

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
Ipslore the Red wrote:
I'm not well versed in these matters, so I apologize if this question is offensive, but if she can change her body to fit her mind, could she have chosen to change her mind to fit her body?

Changing a body is easy. Almost anyone can do it.

Changing a soul is a lot harder. Sometimes even Pharasma doesn't manage to wipe them completely clean before sending them along to the outer planes.

Nicely put.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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Necromancer wrote:
Well, Hakon's still an option... Hakon alongside a tsundere Harsk would be fifteen types of amazing.

I'm glad I checked in on the slash-fiction* part of the discussion before bed. Glad to see everything's in order here.

(Seltyiel/Seltyiel gets my vote)

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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Crystal Frasier wrote:
Lissa ninja'd me on this, but yeah... I'm not only the creator of Shardra, I'm also a fan.

*Spams "favorite" button*

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

11 people marked this as a favorite.
Crystal Frasier wrote:
(not to toot my own horn too much)

If anyone wanted to toot their own horn a bit more with a link to any awesome Shardra fan art they might have concocted today, I think the door's open for that.

(Hint, hint, madam.)

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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Ross Byers wrote:
Torbyne wrote:
There was a piece of art linked showing a magical transformation from one gender to another.
That was the girdle of opposite gender in the ACG. That is, a curse.


And obviously problematic.

It's something we've addressed additively and will share more on soon.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

12 people marked this as a favorite.
Abyssian wrote:
Aspel wrote:

Also, isn't one of the existing iconics also rumoured to be trans? My money is on Seoni. I don't remember why, though.

I think the popular guess was Damiel for access to alchemical...stuff, mutagenic...stuff, and a general lack of gender-based information.

We had a lengthy discussion about Damiel in the lead up to defining our new iconics. While Damiel made an okay option if we wanted to retcon one of the existing iconics into a transgender character, it would be a retcon. Also, if you read Damiel's backstory, you'll see he's not necessarily a nice person, and that he's on pretty shaky mental footing. That's not the way we wanted to represent our first transgender iconic.

Rather, than trying to shoehorn an iconic into a role, we opted for a specific, strong, and positive characterization. Something Crystal has achieved here brilliantly.

All that being said, alchemists would make strong choices for characters with similar backgrounds. You'll see why when the Advanced Class Guide debuts.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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Liz Courts wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
CC: What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! (tangent: somebody at Paizo really does love his/her Castlevania)
Misroi wrote:
CC: As Gorbacz noted, originally from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, uttered by some Carpathian noble.
That would be Wes. :D

There's no evidence of that...

I might have started this whole thing with Pathfinder #6. At the time I was quite taken with similar hidden credits page messages that Privateer Press had slipped into the Witchfire Trilogy. Having one in every Pathfinder volume seemed like too much of a chore, but having a special "post credits" message at the end of the whole AP felt very cinematic.

I didn't expect it to become tradition, but I'm glad it did. :)

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Meet the Iconics WILL return later today, after this important word from your favorite Gen Con sponsor.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tirisfal wrote:
Wes Schneider wrote:
...studded with the gems diamonds cry
This made me laugh so loud I think I startled the replica of "The Scream" that adorns my wall.


Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

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Axial wrote:
Hi Wes! I just wanna let you know that I very much look forward to seeing this article. I've had numerous PCs die in my game, and I gave each one of them an "afterlife" scene.

Those sound awesome! And this article shouldn't muck with that great idea at all!

This is one of those rare articles that is very "secret history," as in very not information every commoner and guard in Golarion knows—or cleric and sage for that matter. It all also happens on a scale that involves extraplanar erosion, so it's not a process that makes any sense to measure in scales as fine as centuries.

I expect a lot of folks are going to have questions and assumptions, but the big part to get across for me is simply, don't let knowing how the system works screw with any of the awesome stuff you're already doing with it!

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Cthulhudrew wrote:
Ha! I remember seeing that when someone thought it might be heralding something Arcadian, and figured it would be a monster for Mummy's Mask. Never imagined it would be a 0-HD race, though.

Yup! There's a lot of eager will-be Arcadians out there, so any hint gets the rumor mill started.

Cthulhudrew wrote:
As I said, now you've got me torn on what to do with the Adam Warlock analogue I've been tinkering with for a Guardians of Golarion style team.

Decisions, decisions. Part of the inspiration for the look of these guys was the Guardians episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which Warlock is in. And he's SUPER cool in it. Enough that I was like, oh, we need some of that in Pathfinder.

Cthulhudrew wrote:
Also, I echo the sentiment on the River of Souls article. I haven't had a chance to examine it in depth, but on first glance, it looked really cool and informative. It might also help in clarifying some things for a sort of "soul transmigrational" adventure idea I've had in mind for some time now that was inspired by stories of Egyptian pharaohs being buried with their servants to assist them in the afterlife.

Sounds cool! Be sure to let us know how it goes as soon as you've got it together!

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

2 people marked this as a favorite.
archmagi1's review wrote:
The post adventure material, though, is where this volume really shines. The River of Souls article is the most comprehensive study of fantasy death and afterlife that I've ever seen. Golarioverse's cycle of positive energy to soulstuff to outsiderstuff to planestuff to maelstrom energy is thoroughly explained and even has a few handy charts to help intrepid adventurers with ranks in Knowledge: Religion and Knowledge: Planes explain it to the Fighter!.

This is one of BEST reviews of this I could have hoped for. Thanks a ton man!

I was just flipping through this article yesterday and was like "How is this only 6 pages long!?" I researched, wrote, and rewrote so much on this to get it just right and assure it's a perfect launching pad for...

For what I want it to be. ;)

I think I'll put together a blog post with the River of Souls map up in the next few days. That piece is awesome and needs a good show off now that it's finally out of my notebook.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Cthulhudrew wrote:

The Shabti are interesting. I was previously on the fence about whether an Adam Warlock Pathfinder analogue would be better served as either an android or a samsaran, but the shabti seems to fit the bill just as well, if not better.

Decisions, decisions...

I am sure—SURE—I have no idea what you're talking about. ;)

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

5 people marked this as a favorite.
Kvantum wrote:
The eyes give the art inspiration away. Zöe Bell.


I love this character even more now!

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

5 people marked this as a favorite.
ulgulanoth wrote:
oh I like Kess, now to wait for some of her art of her punching a giant in the face to come along

You think we would get art of her and I wouldn't have a Punch Out homage in the works like RIGHT away? Come on.

Keep an eye out. ;)

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Congrats guys!

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Advanced Class Guide Preview Schedule Update!
Everything is normal and is going smoothly.

Look forward to the Meet the Iconics story for the iconic skald tomorrow.

Next week, we might be previewing the brawler... or the shaman... or something else. Who knows? Certainly no one here has said.

There's nothing else to see here. Carry on.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Blackvial wrote:
So any ideas who and what the next Iconic is going be?

You'll have a strong hint come Tuesday.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Adam Daigle wrote:
I wasn't initially going to write up Crowe...
Still Adam Daigle wrote:
...but did because I'm a big damn hero.

Thanks again man! Great story!

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

9 people marked this as a favorite.
pH unbalanced wrote:

In a recent Know Direction podcast, James Sutter talked about Wayne Reynold's design reason for giving Amiri a bare midriff. His reasoning was that because she had such a large sword, and she often held it in front of her in the guard position, she didn't *need* midriff armor, because her sword was already blocking any blows to that area.

That was a Barbarian. Now we have a Bloodrager with a really large weapon and a bare midriff. My suspicion is that the design choice was made for a similar reason as before. And/or, that he wanted there to be echoes of the Barbarian design in the Bloodrager.

Wayne's fantastically knowledgeable about ancient and medieval weaponry—likely having something to do with living within spitting distance of the Leeds Armory. More than once I've seen him explain and demonstrate the freedom one would need to wield a massive weapon with any sort of speed and flexibility. It's pretty fascinating, but more than that, it's something he thoroughly considers in his designs.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

8 people marked this as a favorite.

You can tell he's a Gorumite from that flail! :D

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Devastation Bob wrote:
Will there be a player's guide for this?

There are currently no plans to do a player's guide for this product.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Erik Mona wrote:
We wrote the dungeon levels to specific character levels. It shouldn't be too difficult to add that breakdown to an upcoming preview.

Top... Men.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Hobbun wrote:
Arnwyn wrote:
Skeld wrote:
I also think this product suffers from "all level maps must fit on a flip-map." That seems like unnecessarily restrictive. Flip-maps are nice when their generic locations, but the dungeon ones are less useful.
I was afraid that might have been the case, after reading the details about this product.
Yes, I was afraid of this as well. That's a shame.

For my piece, I didn't feel any more or less restricted in my mapping for this project than any other. Paizo only publishes dungeon maps in adventures as either full-pagers or half-pagers—there are always those specs on projects, you simply don't see us printing round maps or page-and-a-half-sized maps. If adventures feel like the designers have complete control over their medium, I rather think that speaks to the strengths and professionalism of the designer, not to their having carte blanche to do as they will. As I recall, the only additional specs added on for the Emerald Spire maps were to use 5-foot squares and to create a single level (no split levels), which didn't feel that outlandish. Heck, I seem to recall we even got graph paper of the proper size.

As with any project featuring this many participants you might be able to notice designers' particular strong points from level to level. Some designers are amazing storytellers, or encounter designers, or trap builders, or cartographers. As such, you might notice their particular strengths contrasted by their fellow authors' strengths. In effect, that means you're going to see the work of some awesome map makers next to the work of designers whose strengths lie elsewhere, or whose tastes are radically different. You're going to see some real old-school work in here—as there are a few real old-school authors—next to the work of those with more radical sensibilities. Readers are sure to find their favorites in the mix. But, at least for me, that's actually part of the appeal of an exquisite corpse project like this. It's the variety that makes experiments like this so interesting.

For folks who haven't seen the maps yet, I'll ask Owen to preview a couple in this weekend's Emerald Spire blog. I've also just posted the sketch I did for my dungeon, level 10, the Magma Vault, on my personal Tumblr here. It's not Jason Engle's awesome final map, but it suggests what you can expect in the awesome final piece.

(You can also check out more about this level, the Magma Vault, and some art from it in this past weekend's Emerald Spire preview on the Paizo blog.)

Overall, I think the breadth of talents featured in the Emerald Spire will make it rather difficult to generalize on any level. I think some folks are really going to love that and, beyond using it as a fascinating adventure, will find it chocked full of adventure design insights. For those who like the formality and unified tone of a single author adventure, though, might I recommend...

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Major_Blackhart wrote:
Cool. Will there be a strong backstory for the Emerald Spire, like who built it how long ago and why in the module or just stuff hinted at and referenced in generalizations, nothing spelled out exactly.

It's a complete adventure (series of adventures) with a complete background and plot.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Mr. Pilkington, Philosoraptor wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Katina whispers: You're the chosen one...
The level of amusement stemming from this greatly depends on who she's whispering this to...
The next doughnut to be eaten? The next cave raptor to be awoken from the clone tanks? Puppet Wes Schneider?

This is the most uncomfortable I've been since the last time Mark was in my office.

And yet... it seems somehow so right.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Major_Blackhart wrote:

So we get a Meet the Iconics tomorrow? Already?

How come so soon? I'm not complaining, just curious.

Ten new classes. About ten weeks before the ACG's release.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

6 people marked this as a favorite.
Cheapy wrote:
I understood it to mean next week.

Rules previews start next week.

Meet the Iconics start tomorrow.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Shisumo wrote:
Can't be sure, but it looks like a ravener.

It's a ravener.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Oh good, I'm glad this post is already here.

Looking forward to my new mug. :)

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Thomas LeBlanc wrote:
Who/what is depicted by the giant statue?

Who/what indeed!

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Trinite wrote:
I just wanna say, what a fantastic-looking map.

Thanks! You can get a suggestion of the size of Arudora Island on that spread from my 2012 moleskine (the one next to the giant mosquito). :D

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Heine Stick wrote:
I'm fairly certain that Emerald Spire has been labeled a superdungeon, having a smaller scope than a true megadungeon. That particular discussion has been going in the Emerald Spire product discussion, with Owen Stephens and Erik Mona participating in the discussion.

Any single dungeon or series of closely linked dungeons that fill multiple adventures and carry characters through numerous levels of play can probably be argued as a megadungeon. If the idea is that a dungeon covers one adventure, a megadungeon covers multiple adventures—the more, the better suited the term. Calling a dungeon that covers two adventures a megadungeon seems like a pretty paltry use of the word, while I don't think many would disagree that a dungeon you can advance from 1st-level to 20th-level inside feels like a megadungeon. The gray area between dungeon and magedungeon is an imprecise, subjective span. Throwing in the word "superdungeon" suggests a whole additional spectrum of semantics for what are ultimately entirely invented, imprecise terms.

Rather, I'd avoid considering "superdungeon" and "megadungeon" as units of measurements on some implied scale of dungeon-ness and take them as meaning:

Superdungeon: Big @#$%n' Dungeon.

Megadungeon: Even Bigger @#$%n' Dungeon.

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

ArVagor wrote:
What is it that every campaign setting needs a mega-dungeon? Greyhawk had Castle Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms had Undermountain – is Bastardhall Golarion's answer to this quandary?

I don't know how much of a quandary it is, but Golarion—like many campaign settings—is thick with large structures that would make exciting places to have extended adventures.

I'd say Golarion's most iconic is the Starstone Cathedral in Absalom, but others like the Spire of Nex, El Raja Key, Viperwall, Kaer Maga, and the Well of Lies all come to mind as well. In fact, every one of the dungeons presented in Dungeons of Golarion (both featured in the dozen or so mentioned in the introduction; of which Bastardhall is included) is called a megadungeon.

So the concept's not one we've avoided.

As for what makes a megadungeon...

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Snorter wrote:

'The Baby-Eating Bishop of Bastardhall'?

'The Bubbling, Black Blob of Bastardhall'?


Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
NOT a fan of kidnapping

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

Thanks for all the interest folks! For now, though, the best way to get more Bastardhall is to be at Paizocon or.... you, know, abduction.

The Paizocon 2014 event schedule just went up, so if—like me—you're not a fan of kidnapping, you can soon put your name in the lottery for this year's foray: The Silent Servant of Bastardhall. (Event Lottery Details)

Hope to see a bunch of you at the show!

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

2 people marked this as a favorite.
wxcougar wrote:

It was a blast. I happened to be the one who lit the fire and be the one to die in said fire. Turning on the party was quite fun ;).

Thanks Wes!

My pleasure! That fire twist was EASILY my favorite part of the game. :D

Paizo Employee Editor-in-Chief

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Blackfingers wrote:
Someday,I would love to see Bastardhall published in some form or another. That would be a long ways off, of course, but I still would love to see it.

I don't think anyone else would be interested in that. ;)

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