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The Forever Man

Eric Swanson's page

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,306 posts (16,663 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 34 aliases.

Grand Lodge

I am looking to replace a player who has stopped posting in this Shattered Star AP. We have nearly completed the first module (Shards of Sin) and all of the other players are 4th level.

The other players are:

Horven Graveltoes, male Halfling Rogue,
Gared Naught, male Dwarven Monk
Ganer Jitesh, male Rakshasa Spawn Oracle (who has apparently gone missing)
Carmina Scarnetti, Tiefling (Demonspawn) Sorcerer,
Yamyyra Anafa, female Halfling Summoner (and her eidolon Fancy)

Ground Rules/Creation Guidelines

4th level.
No Evil characters.
All PF Core races and classes, plus the Featured Races in ARG (Chapter 2) on DM approval. Also the classes in the ACG are available on DM approval.
25 pt buy
2 traits
Average gold per level
Max HP at 1st level. Roll or use the PFS method for HP for the rest of the levels.
As for the character class, we are looking for a divine caster to bolster the party's healing capabilities. Feel free to check out the Game Thread.

This is NOT first come-first served. Recruitment will close on 9 pm PST Monday 10/6 .

Good Luck!

Grand Lodge

I am looking to replace a player who dropped out of this game due to RL issues. We are going to be starting the Shattered Star AP so please check out the Players Guide.

The other players are:

What I am looking for right now are just a brief synopsis of your characte, including race and class. A well fleshed background is preferred. I will be working with you to flesh out your characters BG. Keep in mind you will be a member of the Pathfinder Society

Ground Rules/Creation Guidelines

  • 2nd level.
  • No Evil characters.
  • All PF Core races and classes, plus the Featured Races in ARG (Chapter 2) on DM approval.
  • 25 pt buy
  • 2 traits
  • Average gold
  • Max HP at 1st level. Roll or use the PFS method for HP

As for the character class, I am of the opinion players should play what they want :). However, I know this group sorely lacks a melee fighter and also arcane firepower. After talking with the other players , they agreed either a melee tank (Fighter) or a melee/arcane specialist (Magus?) would be best for the group cohesion/survival. I plan on adding one, and possibly two characters to this game so feel free to throw up an interesting concept. I won't mind :)

This is NOT first come-first served. Recruitment will close on 9 pm PST Halloween.

Good Luck!

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hello, Paizo Customer Service minions!

I wanted to let you know when I received my copy of 'Blood of Angels', pages 9 through 24 were missing from the inside cover. I checked the outside binding and also the staples and I do not see any damage to the book at all. I also checked the shipping package and no sign of the missing pages. To my (admittedly untrained) eye, it looks like the pages were never assembled to begin with.

Please advise...if you need me to return my copy, I would be more than happy to do so, if only to see if something happened prior to Paizo receiving the book.


PS. You guys are great, did I mention that already?

Grand Lodge

Wishes there was a Sheila Heidmarch avatar... NOT ANYMORE!!!

For reasons both personal and out of your control, you have all found yourselves in Absalom. Some of you were born here, and others just visiting the so-called Jewel of the Inner Sea. In any event, all of you have your own wounds and scars you carry in your soul, much like the city you now call home.

After returning to your separate abodes, you all find yourselves feeling more tired than can be expected, and find yourselves drifting into a restless slumber...

As you see in your mind's eye as if from peering from a great distance ...

A leaning monument to the district’s pain, this four-story courthouse is a crumbling marvel of cracked plaster and chipped marble. Once a testament to justice wrought in shining white stone, the courthouse is now a crushed dream, its wretched exterior corrupted by a bloated evil festering within. Rainwater from a recent downpour mixed with mulch oozes from ruptures in the rock like pus bubbling from a wound. The structure of the eastern wing of the upper floor buckled long ago, and now the bell tower tilts perilously, appearing as though it might careen to the ground below at any moment. Two massive pillars frame the heavy oak doors of the court. The pillars’ surfaces run with cracks and fissures like so many burst veins. The doors sag in their archway like the drooping eyes of a madman. The surrounding structures long ago fell in upon themselves in supplication to the creaking courthouse. A salt wind blows up the precipice and rakes across the tangled weeds of Beldrin’s Bluff. The whole building groans as the wind blows, its tortured lamentation fading to a rasping hiss as the wind ebbs. This croaking murmur never completely fades away. The sun sets in the west, the last slivers of twilight painting the courthouse blood red as darkness creeps closer....

Then your view of the courthouse vanishes, only to be replaced by another vision...

Ganer Jitesh:
The courtroom buzzes with nervous anticipation. Dozens of eyes, from the crowd behind you and the jurors’ box across the aisle, focus on you. The expressions range from contempt to pity, but there is no forgiveness in their faces. The magistrate slams down his gavel repeatedly and snarls for silence. The murmur of the crowd relents as the stocky magistrate draws up to his full height, smoothing a silver beard with one hand as he sets down his gavel and focuses on you with shining green eyes.

"Jarbin Mord. For the brutal and savage slaying of your own wife and six-year-old boy, it is the verdict of this jury, with which I concur wholeheartedly, that you shall hang by your neck until dead. May the gods take mercy on your blackened soul."

Gared Naught:
A clack of wood on wood is followed by a whip crack of rope drawing taut. The crunch of vertebrae echoes off the walls. A man’s booted feet twitch freakishly as his last breath rasps from his ruined throat in a choking death rattle. You suddenly realize the man is you, and you look down in horror at your own twitching legs. The crowd jeers with delight and laughs as you rasp your last.

Horven Graveltoes:
A hulking man is hunched over in this dark dreary corridor of cold flagstone, his back to you. His right hand works feverishly, sawing away at something unseen with a blood-slick shortsword as he gibbers: “Show me the way, Sashrala, you can do it. Use your magic to show me out of here. I love you. I love you so much. Just please show me the way!” With a final wet snap of sinew, blood pools at the man’s feet and he hefts the gory head of a beautiful elven woman. “Thank you, Sashrala. I love you.” The man cries and laughs at once as he kisses her still-working lips and then thrusts her head forward like a lantern. The poor woman’s eyes still blink in disbelief; you get the horrid sense she can still see as her mouth trembles out a vain and silent plea for mercy. Her body lies in a pool of blood flowing freely from her hacked neck. Her right arm is outstretched, her finger pointing toward something beyond the darkness.

A cloaked figure enters a small attic. A voluptuous woman with dark features sits in a rocking chair, swaying as she hums and knits a sweater for a small child. She looks up, alarm on her face, as the figure closes, its back to you as it advances toward her. Slowly the alarm changes to horror as the figure looms over her.

Slowly, the vision fades away as you return to consciousness, but the sight that greets you is almost as disturbing. The dying gray light of sunset peeks through slits in the boarded windows, barely illuminating a yawning courtroom replete with pews and a towering bench covered in cobwebs. A shadowed mural on the domed ceiling above depicts Iomedae in her shining plate mail of gilded sunlight, locked in mortal combat with Norgorber, Calistria, and Asmodeus, holding the trifecta of evil at bay with her shining sword. You find yourself in a jurors’ box, and you are not alone. In the other chairs, figures stir in the darkness, each emerging from troubling dreams into a new nightmare.

Glancing around you, you all realize the number of people in this room is twelve. In addition to yourselves, you see

  • A male half orc dressed in commoners clothing,
  • A male gnome, dressed in a jesters outfit,
  • A human female, rather attractive, dressed in a sequined red evening gown,
  • A rosy-cheeked old human man dressed in threadbare finery with a broad handlebar mustache and a frayed top hat,
  • A hobgoblin, who has the look of a hardened criminal about him,
  • A tall, sturdy human man in his fiftieth winter, dressed in chainmail emblazoned with the symbol of Iomedae,
  • A pretty young halfling lad, and finally
  • A grizzled old dwarf laborer.

OK, the adventure has begun! Feel free to interact with each other now. The four of you are seated together in the south jury area, while the other eight people are seated apart from you in the north area, murmering softly to each other and stealing glances at the four of you when they think you won't notice them.

Grand Lodge

Wishes there was a Sheila Heidmarch avatar... NOT ANYMORE!!!

OK Guys,

Here is the discussion thread. Please post with your alias to confirm your interest in this game. Also, feel free to describe what you are currently doing in Absalom and where you are at.

It is currently 22 Rova 4708 (Wealday)

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Absalom is an old city and no stranger to murder. Throughout its history, countless men, women, and children have met horrible ends in its darkened alleys, shaded tenements, and abandoned buildings. They choke on their own blood until their bodies surrender up their souls, but they never leave. Absalom’s dead linger. They dance in shadows at the edge of lantern-light. They peer between the cracks of creaking floorboards. Their phantom breath sends shivers down the spines of the living. No home in Absalom is without its haunts, ghosts, and whispers. The sounds of a weeping child from the attic in the dead of night, the moans of a tortured maid issuing from the basement of a crumbling manor, and the croaking rasp of a strangled man just beyond a bedroom window—all are heard for a moment amid a night’s storm and then swallowed up by thunder or silence. Some dismiss them as fancy or imagination, but we know better. The dead lurk all around us, in air and shadow, between the walls and right at your back. They watch while you sleep, and wait, moaning in the dark, united in their tireless hatred of the living.

OK after a long time of being a player in these boards, I have decided to take the plunge and try running a short horror-based adventure based in Absalom on Golarion. Should this game go well, I plan on continuing this campaign with these characters (assuming they survive that is, he he) and eventually move into some pretty EPIC stuff.

What I am looking for right now are just a brief synopsis of your characte, including race and class. A well fleshed background is preferred. I will be working with you to flesh out your characters BG. Keep in mind none of you will know the other characters to start out though.

Ground Rules/Creation Guidelines]

  • This game will start with 4 PCs
  • 1st level.
  • No Evil characters.
  • All PF Core races and classes, plus the Featured Races in ARG (Chapter 2) on DM approval.
  • 25 pt buy
  • 2 traits
  • Max gold at 1st level
  • Max HP at 1st level.

This is NOT first come, first served. I will close recruitment on Wednesday July 4. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Thanks for giving this rookie DM a try out and Good Luck!

Grand Lodge

Wishes there was a Sheila Heidmarch avatar... NOT ANYMORE!!!

You dream…dreams of warm desert sands, dreams of waking on the throne of the Sand-shaper Empire…and then finally you dream of your death, of feeling the blades plunging into your back and your sides, and then darkness closing in on you. Knowing that your death is real. Now, for the first time in many years, you breathe air, the hot dry air sears your lungs for the first time in decades.

As you look in your sarcophagus, the memories flood back into your mind,. Of your last night spent alive and the banquet thrown in your honor. Thoughts of REVENGE flood your mind.

A quick search of your burial chamber reveals some equipment buried with you, of particular usefulness is the ‘Replenishing Skin’, which allows you to slake your thirst. But hunger soon rears its ugly head and you realize if you do not find food, then your second life will be quite short. Already, the growls of your stomach have grown noticeable.

The chamber itself is 25 ft by 15 ft. and the only other thing you see in here is 2 large rubies that are affixed to the wall above your sarcophagus. Looking closer, it appears there were 2 other niches that also held gems, but no longer. It appears to be otherwise empty and undisturbed. You do see a door in one wall, and it appears the only way out of here.

Edit, lurkers welcome, he he

Grand Lodge

Wishes there was a Sheila Heidmarch avatar... NOT ANYMORE!!!

To all players:

You have found yourselves up in the region of Lastwall, and around the town of Vigil, where you have all been summoned to meet with the Lord of Vigil, some by the promise of gold and some, freedom. When you meet him, some of you are surprised to learn he is a dwarf, as dwarves are uncommon in this part of Golarion.


I’m going to reset you so you never left Vigil, also you have been offered a pardon for your crimes, your other background details are good.


You spent most of your time trying to track your…friend Alexander Redraven down, but were not able to find him. You did hear rumors he traveled to Barovia before the start of winter. Maybe he is looking for you!

He says to all of you:

"Word has come down from sources in the area that there has been several unusual deaths and reports of strange undead over the last few weeks. One of my other smaller squads lead by a paladin of Iomedae entered the area 2 weeks ago they were to have reported back about this area two days ago via a sending. As yet I have heard nothing. I am sending you guys into find out what happened to them and to locate Ashlyn, the paladin I mentioned before. Her or her corpse as may be the case The last sending I got a week ago mentioned that they had a lead and that they were traveling in this region to someplace called Barovia. I looked into our libraries at the War College and there was only vague references to a minor noble family called the Von Zarovich, it didn't mention whether they were vassals of the Whispering Tyrant, however there seems to be reports of evil magics and the like tied to this family. Be cautious and wary. And may the strength of the Brotherhood that stands the Lastwall be with you."

He provides a charcoal drawing of Ashlyn for you to keep, in order to recognize her or her body.

"I will provide each of you 1,000 gp for the safe return of her or her body, also if you can get to the bottom of what is happening there.

Any questions?"

P.S. Also here is a LINK for the previous IC thread.

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