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King Ezelgar

Bushtroll's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Modules Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 8 posts. 9 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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****( )

I have seen every page in side this treasure chest.....and its not gold its platinum...and i am going to buy a hard copy for my library

excellent stuff PAIZO....super art work....great learning tool for the rusty DM's and new DM's as it really shows how to link and set up great characters in each class with thought i knew....the mechanics....but a excellent tool all the way around for all who sit at the table

Just wish it was 1000 pages...if that is even enough???
as it needs too have .... a 1st level character per class for each potential character "race" up to the epic level with the core classes...not just one random race per level and class ...not enough dwarf stuff.....others would say not enough elves......yes with the art work for each......a greater wish for sure.

then it would be 10 stars...and i would buy the encyclopedia set...
then that would be the ultimate NPC guide....a worthy and noble feat .....we as gamers...would cherish and honor

from the north clans

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Need a baby troll...


Have WOTC and WH trolls....when i pick one up for just curiosity and sizing....first words was...hey teenager or baby again being barbarians....more is better...and another couple of dozen bought and based for war....and well.....trolls everywhere......and cheap and painted at the adventurers... say if that's a little one....where's mommy. DM snickers (heard as evil laugh from the heavens above)

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wow....ranger me anytime sweetheart


awesome a northern barbarian.
I ordered more....cause....more is nice....and several bearing down on a party....demand honor and manners. and equal opportunity for female chapters. now they are a plague to orcs and adventurers in the north. do gooders.....are great unless ya say the adventurer groups

great some brunettes and red heads please

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Our Price: $4.76

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bigger than orc and smaller than a giant....perfect


I bought one....and added bigger WH base for ogres.
and then i bought 30 more..... and well their mine now..and so.... they made a perfect orog raider group or nice addition to the great northern horde.
as they are little smaller build than the D&D ogre minis but much more handsome.
and when my accountant isn't looking the king will spent 10% of my levy on another hand full...ok two hands full. shhhhh

for a chieftain i figure more armor and not a club
and a least more bling

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****( )

they seemed a little bent out of shape
other than not stand'em
want 100 to make a army.

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