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King Ezelgar

Bushtroll's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 18 posts. 10 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.

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*( )( )( )( )

the old paint jobs from the previous sets are A+ to this

kindergarden marker??? and that's just from the website picture......not wasting my money. and 31$ denaros??? for looka bunch of minis like a totem pole come a apart gang.

sorry paizo.....but fire the artist/painter quality control.
Just put all the pictures of the sets and pictures......your dude eyes are going....or hes drink to much cough syrup

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Great Idea

****( )

the NPC and now the monster codex...awesome ideas.
problem is its not the more basic common monsters.....that would be an excellent start.
As this then is a great intro of some monster villains......

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Thats a big ass sword

***** her....and she is mine
nice mini.....good she needs more kin

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Nice warrior......very nice


well well....another ace.....i should read my reign of winter see why these guys are pale.... them....may need tons more.....they are well painted....armed to the teeth.....but cloaks are pale pale blue unlike the riders who are red. again may be a detail in the AP.....glad i got saving for couple dozen....wiz kids and paizo where on the ball with this...and QC...this should be the standard and bar.

Our Price: $20.00




Wow just got my 4......all was good...except 1....whose head was on upside down and had a real red shading.....thinking some touch and he the veteran....the head....well extract and re attach.

Now with my 20+ baaz and 20+ kapak draconians....they make for a nice warparty skirmish.

i got for the mini...learned that only specifics minis are my needs......Aces for this one lets see some other colored dragon riders......if Wizards would do this....they would be a hit.....again in my books.....this is epic

hmmmmm wonder if i can extract rider to fit my gigantic black......

may need more as my campaign unfolds

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