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Clockwork Librarian

AndIMustMask's page

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That it makes 50% more money when those races are present?

So who wants to make a bet that there'll be a psionic option for the wizard (becuase they obviously need them)?

For those wishing to squash things from the stratosphere, im pretty sure the wall apells work in the air (except wall of stone i think), its where the "pillars from god" strategy comes from.

Fly/teleport up, spam wall of iron or stone, let gravity do the rest of the work for you.

It doesnt provide a framework for heroic deeds for a non-spellcaster, sure. Mages can blow up a damn mountain with their mind.

So like whatserface with king arthur?

Only drawback i note is the amount of time required for such sacrifices.

Isnt there some neato obediances and such floating around to help this?

While im digging the idea, i cant really post much to help on my phone, so ill dot this for later suggesting/commenting.

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Another proffession for rocks might be a miner, a quarryman, gemcutter, bricklayer, many many kinds of general construction-worker, and dwarf.

"wait, you cant have profession: dwarf!"

"do you think you can get that drunk, dig a moat around the camp, and still murder twenty orcs before sunrise that easily boy? It takes practise. Dwarf isnt a race--it's a lifestyle."

agreed hrothdane, but bane is still a thing as well:

Tiefling (demon-spawn) Bloodrager (abyssal bloodline) 12 / Fighter (two-handed fighter) 7 / Oracle (lore/lame) 1
-Scaled Skin racial feature taken

Str 35 (10pts +2 race +5 level +6 belt +6 EH) / 48 (+11 morale +2 size)
Dex 18 (2pts +6 belt) / 16 (-2 size)
Con 20 (5pts +6 belt) / 31 (+11 morale)
Int 14 (-2 race +6 headband)
Wis 14 (-2pts +6 headband)
Cha 22 (5pts +2 race +6 headband)

-Magical Knack (bloodrager)
-Unnatural Presence

-Sidestep Secret

1 - Power Attack
3 - Skill Focus (knowledge: planes)
4 - Eschew Materials (br4)
5 - Eldritch heritage (abyssal: claws)
6 - Intimidating Prowess (br6)
7 - Furious Focus
9 - Cornugon Smash, Toughness (br9)
11 - Improved Eldritch Heritage (abyssal: strength of the abyss)
12 - Great Fortitude (br12)
13 - Weapon Focus (falchion), Lunge (f1)
14 - Dazing Assault (f2)
15 - Dazzling Display
16 - Staggering Critical (DC 39) (f4)
17 - Shatter Defenses
18 - Dreadful Carnage(f6)
19 - Raging Vitality

HP: 314 / 514 (rage) (d10 (5.5avg) x12 + d12 (6.5 avg) +5 con +1 toughness / +11 rage)
BAB: +19/19/+14/+9/+4 (with haste)
CMB/CMD: 39/52
AC: 38 (10 base +6 cha +11 armor +9 natural +5 deflection +1 haste +1 insight -4 rage -1 size)
Saves: 33/22/22 (13/6/8 base +5a resist +1a competence +4a morale +10/6/2 stat +2w rage)
Attack: +58*/54/+49/+44/+39 (19 BAB +19 str +7 enhancement +1 WF +4 morale +1 competence +2 bane +2 haste +3 gloves -1 size -4 PA) * - PA doesn’t apply to 1st 2H attack/round
Damage: 70 avg (2d4 base (5 avg) +36 2hstr +7 enhancement +12 PA +3 gloves +2d6 bane (7 avg))

-power attacking or dropping an enemy gives a free intimidate check to demoralize (+48 (23 ranks/class, 6 cha, 19 str), works on animals and vermin as well as usual targets)
-attack flat-footed AC of shaken enemies (see: everyone)
-sickens shaken enemies (for a total of -4 attack/saves/skills/ability checks and -2 damage between the two) when you hit them
-30% crit chance, inflicts staggered condition (DC39)
-can take a -5 to hit to inflict the dazed status as well (DC ??)
-CL14 Bloodrager casting
-CL1 Oracle casting
-immune to fatigue
-no speed reduction from encumbrance or armor

of course this is using the old playtest BR and needs to be double-checked against the current BR, as long as it keeps demonic bulk and the STR bonus it's golden.

you could even tack on primalist and trade the 8th, 16th, and 20th-level bloodline powers for 6 rage powers (lets say... the beast totem line and superstition/witch hunter/spell sunder).

i dont know whether to be frustrated or thankful that with the BR 12 req for the abyssal str boost and the 2HF 7 req for backswing cant be combined with a 2-level MoMS dip for prereq-free pummeling style and pummeling charge (since that would put you at 21 levels total).

w01fe01 wrote:
damn you MOMS...always sneaking into awesome optomizations

quick! nerf the monk more (and praise the exploiter wizard for his unique and perfect grasp of game balance)!

two level moms dip (for 1st and 3rd pummeling style feats) into abyssal/arcane/destined primalist bloodrager has a lot of potential.

question: does trading a BR ability for rage powers allow you to start taking the extra rage power feats? because if so i could see that spiraling out of control quickly.

question 2: because you're a barbarian hybrid class, can you take barbarian FCBs? because trading out a bloodline ability for witch hunter + superstition's crazy high save boost (with human FCB) seems more than worth it.

then again for a BR's feats you'd want power attack, arcane strike, reckless rage, etc. still leaving you plenty to spend on extra rage power if that door is now open.

as an alternative, perhaps a destined bloodline primalist for witch hunter+superstition along with the scaling luck bonus AC and to saves (as well as other nifty stuff)?

not quite as anti-mage, but more anti-everything in exchange (though fortune's favored + destined bloodrager + superstition + cloak makes for some freaking hefty saves)

something to note though: since you're not a barbarian, you can't get the FCB to boost superstition to stupid-high levels (unless you can since it's a hybrid class involving barbarian, but i highly doubt that).

so maybe a dwarf with (fortune's favored + destined bloodrager (+2-6 bonus)) + cloak (+1-5 bonus) + steel soul (+4 bonus) would be good?

i for one welcome anything that allows the classes not named barbarian to pounce.

this is basically pounce+ultra vital strike.

also, what of the cestus? brass knuckles? gauntlets? punching daggers? the klar or neko-whatevertheheck claw hand things? those re all weapons one could feasibly punch with.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

page 84, for the bloodrider AT:

Blood Bond (Su): At 9th level, the bloodrider and his
feral mount gain a closer bond that allows the bloodrider
to augment his mount based on his bloodline. While the
bloodrider is bloodraging and on his feral mount, he
grants the mount all the immunities and resistances he
gains from bloodline powers. Furthermore, whenever the
bloodrager is affected by a spell or spell-like ability with
the range of personal while on the feral mount, the feral
mount also gains the benef it of that spell. This ability
replaces the bloodline feat gained at.

there should be an end to that sentence, not just a floating "at"

pummeling style seems great, but then you realize you'll never get it in time (for a rogue) to be useful... (EDIT: unless you MoMS dip for them as noted above--at which point that means that every martial now has access to 'pounce vital strike plus-plus' at level TWO)

the 'sneaky' weapon enchant from the ACG looks helpful (1/day (free action): mark someone and get your SA on your next attack against them regardless of flanking/dex-deny status AND lets you use the hunter's surprise ability once more per day if you have it), and slashing grace (or the fixed 'fencing grace' posted on the boards by the design team) is great.

if you go the charismatic route the 'steadfast personality' feat seems like it would greatly help you not automatically die at/after 9th level.

Steadfast Personality
You rely on your assuredness and sense of self to help keep your mind clear.
Benefit: You gain an insight bonus on Will saving throws against mind-affecting effects equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 0).

the 'twist away' feat also seems helpful to that end, but the staggered condition it imposes in exchange might get you killed anyway (edit: unless there's a way to become immune to the staggered condition).

if you go the intelligent route, the studied combatant and improved studied combatant feats all help your accuracy/damage problem, but comes in super late (bab 6 and 8, respectively, and requires 'amateur investigator' feat as a prereq).

it's a damn shame paizo didn't add a panache, brawler-feat-grabbing, or inspiration based rogue archetype, nor any way for the rogue to get any of the invesigator or slayer talents as far as i can see (short of taking levels in the classes who'se abilities you need which defeats the whole point)--any of these would have been incredibly helpful, but i've already come to expect this kind of disappointment with paizo.

fun fact: there's no save for the elixer.

pop it on a syringe spear and force it on the unwilling.

the biggest weapon i can think of off-hand is the sun blade--you can wield a huge-sized one with a medium character (albeit at a crazy penalty, but hey)

Marcus Robert Hosler wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:
the fighter can... swing his sword at stuff? with reach if he lunges?

That's actually pretty cool from low to mid levels.

It's high levels when lunge stops being cool.

yeah, but if you're a martial who isnt named fighter you're grabbing it at 7th level--the same level where full-casters get some of their niftiest toys (like, say, black tentacles). if you ARE a fighter, you're getting it at 6th, so you get one level of fun before you're not allowed any anymore.

even then it's still a matter of the martial getting to do one thing to one person, while the caster can cover an area with what amounts to a save or die--if he doesn't have a party to mop up the now-betentacled or stinking cloud'ed enemies, he can just summon some to do it, since the enemy is certainly in no condition to interrupt his full-round summon at that point. he can even pull off the untouchable flying+invisible shtick at that point, albeit not for nearly as long a duration as his high-level counterpart.

my 2 copper on why casters win over martials is that casters can affect the world at large on an entirely different depth and scale than a martial can.

while the wizard is busy terraforming the continent while flying around untouchable and privvy to the day's events beforehand and prepared accordingly, the fighter can... swing his sword four times at stuff (five with magic involved)? with reach if he lunges?

mythic only changes the game to high-speed rocket tag for both sides, which the wizard still largely wins due to mythic spells and having their auto-win initiative setup before they even got to mythic tier.

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Ashram wrote:
mswbear wrote:
It makes me a little sad faced that Paizo has been having so many problems with editing lately.

It's fine, they'll just have us proofread it for free and then make us buy all the copies in print if we want to see an updated version in the future. :)

Welcome to capitalism, kids.

and if the fixes get too lengthy they wont even do them--or else their page count/references get ruined (oh the prices we pay for pagecount)

for feats i'd say either look into long-standing armor buffs or the arcane armor feats (or still spell if you've got the slots to spare). if you've got a bite attack, noxious bite (if you've chosen an acid dragon breath) is a neat feat (monster feat sure, but nothing in the prereqs says you've got to be one) might be cool for a natural attack build.

Personally i just tell the players straight up: this guy is out of your league. If you plan to take him out you'll need to be careful and smart. Then they cant complain if they bum rush him and get maimed.

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I wonder how a paladin 2 / dawnflower dervish bard 10 / DD 8 would handle, using the aasimar's FCB to jack up the ECL for the battle-dance inspire courage...

Magical marketplace (iirc that was the name) has a slew of clockwork stuff that would be neat to craft--such as spider automatons to aid gunslingers, prosthetic limbs (that are frankly a must-have for any unarmed monk, since it is both cheaper than an aomf and can be enchanted fully, on top of adding amazing bonuses by themselves), and more.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

i thought soonest was 4th level (as the first level in the class), since you can't take a PrC the level you meet it's skill requirement.

@damocles: so they'd fit right in with the addams family.

a suggestion of my own: you wanna see unsettling? read some of the case files/psych evals of actual child soldiers. that's some creepy stuff right there.

ah, just realized: if you're going the poison route, i give a +1 to my alchemist suggestion--they get to craft the stuff on the cheap, and (iirc) can change poisons from one type to another (like say, an inhaled poison to an injury one). drow knockout poison is a fav of mine for that. and poison bombs are fun too.

i hate to be that guy, but just cast comprehend languages, then reply in their Native Tongue Of Common.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (dammit ninja'd by ciaran)

consider scout ninja instead of plain rogue--the ki powers for mobility and such would likely be of great help to you--there's also some cheap slippers for spider-stepping on the go.

tack on the charging hurler feat and you can throw on the go. vanishing trick and (later) invisible blade let you SA with some regularity.

you could also consider either vivisectionist alchemist or archaeologist bard: they can fill the 'rogue' slot very well--especially with the trap finder trait (though the archaeologist doesn't need it). they are comparable in the skill area, competent in combat without relying on SA's restrictive mechanics, and have spells.

there's also the ACG playtest classes the investigator and slayer: the former is an int-focused skillmonkey (rogue skills/level with an int-focus built in = WAAAY more skill points than a rogue) with much better accuracy and can still do 'spike' damage with studied strike at the end of their powerup, and the latter is a full BAB class with the best of both worlds from the ranger and rogue. tack the trap finder trait on and they're ready to go.

trapper ranger is worth considering as well.

really though, any class with trap finder trait and an investment in perception and disable device can handle the job fine. for example you could play a magus (invested in perception/DD with the trait) who loves using force hook charge to 'web-sling' around the battlefield.

whoops, you're right--i always thought it worked like nature soul+animal ally, but with a level penalty.

lore, lunar, and nature mysteries all have a 'cha-to-AC + extra' revelation

the (playtest) nature spirit for the shaman has one for WIS to AC/CMD instead of DEX

off the top of my head: dual-cursed (???/legalistic) lore/nature/lunar oracle 1 / iroran paladin 14?

any of the mysteries work nicely, it just depends on whether you want higher reflex or CMD. your saves should be respectable anyway, so i usually go for the CMD in that case.

lunar can also net you a full-progression animal companion if you spend the feats for extra revelation and boon companion (which isn't too painful since paladins are usually rather feat-light).

wolfscarred/lunar (with a wolf AC/later mount) might work nice thematically.

Hmm? How do they not go well together? Youre a nobles sprog who got lost during a hunting trip or while exploring the grounds--spirited away by the fey or accidentally stumbling through a wild gate or something. You have a fun time there meeting the strange locals and they send you back right as rain. Unfortunately youre displaced by a few years, as spiriting away is wont to cause. After returning home and puzzledly having everyone hug and cry over you for some reason ( because at your age you didnt kniw how kuch time had passed for them with you missing), you carried on where you left off. So your character looks a little young for their documented age, and you get neato powers and a fun backstory.

Hell, it even lets the GM tie in a fey from your little vacation recognizing you later and asking for help or something, or a quest to prove your legitimacy to your family that youre who you say you are.

Maybe you were adopted by an heirless house who thought finding you was an omen or an answer to their prayers (think disneys hercules-style)

Or maybe you come back to find that your house has fallen and you must work yiur way from nothing to bring your family name out of the muck (perfect for kingmaker!)

You could have been displaced by days, months, or even years, decades, or in extreme cases, centuries. Playing a temporal fish out of water brings lots of roleplay opportunities if you go that route.

@OP: my advice is to not go for mechanics if youre trying to be unsettling. Thats something for you to roleplay. My 2 copper on the matter: the most effective ways are in the little things. Sure you can play a shambling groaning qlippoth spawn with the wasting curse to squick your teammates, but its too in-your face about it, so they'll eventually just ignore it and move on. You need to keep it consistent and subtle or the effect will be reduced or lost entirely.

Maybe they collect useless or strange things (fingernails, eyelashes, bottle corks, etc.) without any apparent interest in doing so, maybe theyre entirely benign but work off of a completely alien morality system (where most people think in black/white/grey, you think in yellow and purple). Maybe theyre a high-functioning sociopath. Have something off about your character that isnt readily apparent, but leaves the other players uneasy of what it might imply.

Obviously this is easier done in a morally grey or evil campaign, but even good guys can be creepy. Just leave the other characters with lingering questions about you that they dont neccessarily want answered.

You can flavor the character mechanically for creep as desired. maybe dark tapestry oracle or a similar witch, or take the opposite approach and play something completely normal, such as a fighter or ranger.

Zilfrel Findadur wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:

actually threw together a build for nightmare a while back for funzies:

"Nightmare"** spoiler omitted **

off the top of my head for the others:

siegfried: paladin
ivy: whip-focused ??? w/ intelligent scorpion whip.
tira: slayer wielding a huge-sized chakram as a melee weapon.
kilik/xiba: quarterstaff monk (or staff magus?)
algol: aasimar (bladed wings) synth summoner
maxi: monk
sophitia/cassandra/patroklos/phyrra: sword/board warpriests
voldo: the above slayer posts work nicely.
talim (shame she didnt make it into SCV in lieu of the THREE...

why do you say raphael is a horizon walker dude

for fluff: as of SCV he's traveled a hell of a long way in search of the missing Amy, and mechanically: the 3-levl dip allows him to grab dimension door as an SLA to meet the prereqs for the dimensional dervish line (which allows him do his teleporty fighting like in the games.)

my reasoning on regular summoner vs synthesist summoner is: regular summoner and his eidolon are separate beings that can be in two places at once, while a synthesist's body and eidolon are locked in the same space.

in JJBA most people's stands have a range that they can get away from the user (to step forward and fight each other in an ORAORAORA/MUDAMUDAMUDA clash, for example). the users can also use this distance to have their stand manipulate the environment to make things more advantageous for the user (such as star platinum stealing things, holy diver creating platforms, and so on).

a synthesist summoner gets none of that until 20th level.

also: most of the JJBA cast are powerful stat-wise even WITHOUT their stands active. the usual synthesist reasoning of 'dump physical since my eidolon covers that' wouldn't apply.

off the top of my head i'd say an (early-entry):

[full BAB class] 1 / wizard 1 / eldritch knight 10 / hellknight signifier 8


example build:

human sword saint samurai (order of the staff) 1 / wizard (diviner(scryer)[illusion/enchantment]) 1 / EK 10 / hellknight signifier 8

str 32 (5+2), dex 20 (5), con 20 (5), int 24 (5), wis 16, cha 16
+5 str (level), +6 all (gear), +5 str/+4 int (book/wish)

traits: magical knack (wizard) / armor master

assiduous gaze:
16 - elucidation
19 - veracity

1 - weapon focus (katana), power attack*
3 - improved initiative, combat reflexes*
5 - arcane armor training
7 - still spell, lunge*
9 - weapon specialization (katana)
11 - arcane armor mastery, greater weapon focus (katana)*
13 - dazing spell
15 - persistent spell
17 - spell mastery* (dimension door, wall of stone, emergency force sphere, ???, ???, ???, ???)
19 - spell mastery* (greater teleport, plane shift, overland flight, mind blank, contingency, ???, ???)

* - these feats are mostly filler, but having a store of 'get out of dodge/get revenge for stolen spellbook' spells always on-tap is helpful.

note that you can bypass ASF for armor via still spell or with the arcane armor feats.

if you're building this for PFS, you can easily reach the prereq by playing a drow magic half-elf, since tieflings and aasimar are being phased out.

oh I don't mind personally (it's good to see new options for this kind of thing springing up), but i'm not sure on the board's/mods' stance on necromancy.

i've been toying with a playtest shaman (nature's whispers)/zen archer monk/inquisitor for maximum WIS sadness, but don't have anything worth posting right this second on it.

you can stack oath of vengeance and oath against fiends. the oathbound paladin intro section explains how the oath spells work when using multiple oaths, so you can use both to get a hilariously flexible array of smite and LoH uses as you level up. a good piece of gear to look out for is the bracers of the merciful knight or the bracers of the vengeful knight--both have their uses, and merciful bracers works well with oath of vengeance.

Sir Garith Mordrand wrote:
Is extra path power a feat?

i'm pretty sure, yeah.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I just want martials to be able to screw with tye world as much as casters can. If your wizard can tear space and time asunder with an errant thought, i should be able to make the air shiver and the mountains quake by drawing my sword. If your wizard can rip the soul out of a demigod just for funzies, i should be able to cleave a damn mountain with the same effort.

So far the wizard's getting their phenominal cosmic power, so where is the fighter's?

@OP: because paizo thinks that the mountain cleave law is unfair for casters.

hey, at least they're able to pick a fight with a wizard and stand even a partial chance (before the wizard decides 'screw it' and uses the pillars of god tactic). not many other classes can say that.

i'd say either ranger+zen archer or inquisitor+zen archer. lots of wis-synergy, and you're stupid good at taking out your targets.

Imbicatus wrote:
Also, consider worshiping pharasma. For the low cost of three ranks in religion, you will have +2 to hit with daggers from the deific obedience feat.

i really need to actually look the deific stuff over. all these boons just waiting to be exploited.

while not so cha-centric as the above builds, i did make a rather scary bardadin:

aasimar (azata-blooded) paladin 2 / bard (dawnflower dervish) 18
(bard 1/paladin 2/bard 17)
*scion of humanity alt. racial trait taken

str 16, dex 32 (7+2r), con 20 (5), int 16, wis 14 (-2), cha 28 (10+2r)
+5 dex (level), +6 all (belt/headband), +4 dex/cha (book/wish)

traits: ??? / ???

1 - weapon finesse, dervish dance*
3 - arcane strike
5 - skill focus (perform [oratory])
7 - eldritch heritage (imperious 1)
9 - lunge
11 - improved eldritch heritage (imperious 3)
13 - dimensional agility
15 - dimensional assault
17 - dimensional dervish
19 - greater eldritch heritage (imperious 15)

bardic music (DC 28): countersong, distraction, fascinate (8 creatures), suggestion, soothing performance, frightening tune, mass suggestion, deadly performance, inspire competence (+5 [competence]);
inspire courage* (+8 saves vs charm/fear, +8 attack/damage [morale])
inspire greatness* (+4 HD (d10), +4 attack, +2 fort [competence])
inspire heroics* (+8 saves [morale], +8 AC [dodge])

versatile performance
2 - dance (acrobatics, fly)
6 - oratory (diplomacy, sense motive)
10 - percussion (handle animal, intimidate)
14 - act (bluff, disguise)
18 - [any, all bases covered]

0 (infinite)- detect magic, read magic, light, ghost sound, prestidigitation, message
1 (8/day)- unseen servant, cure light wounds, expeditious retreat, feather fall, vanish, moment of greatness
2 (7/day)- bladed dash, blindness/deafness, blur, allegro, heroism, invisibility
3 (7/day)- dispel magic, good hope, haste, see invisibility, tiny hut
4 (6/day)- dimension door, freedom of movement, greater invisibility, shadow conjuration, hold monster
5 (6/day)- shadowbard, greater bladed dash, greater dispel magic, shadow evocation
6 (2/day)- eyebite, waves of extacy

and bard:

catfolk oracle (lore, legalistic) 1 / paladin 2 / bard (archaeologist) 17
(oracle 1/bard 19)

str 16, dex 28 (10+2r), con 20 (5), int 16, wis 16 (-2r), cha 26 (5+2r)
dex/dex/dex/dex/wis (level), +6 all (belt/headband), +4 dex/cha, +1 wis (book/wish)

traits: fortune's favored / nimble fingers

revelations: sidestep secret, lore master

rogue talents:
5 - trap spotter
9 - fast stealth
13* - skill mastery (acrobatics, disable device, [face skill], perception, sense motive, stealth)
17* - improved evasion

1 - weapon finesse
3 - dervish dance
5 - lingering performance
7 - extra revelation (lore master)
9 - arcane strike
11 - dimensional agility
13 - dimensional assault
15 - dimensional dervish
17 - dimensional savant
19 - improved critical

0 (infinite)- detect magic, read magic, light, ghost sound, prestidigitation, message
1 (7/day)- unseen servant, cure light wounds, expeditious retreat, feather fall, vanish, silent image
2 (7/day)- blindness/deafness, heroism, invisibility, ???, ???, ???
3 (7/day)- dispel magic, good hope, haste, ???, ???, ???
4 (7/day)- dimension door, freedom of movement, greater invisibility, shadow conjuration, hold monster
5 (6/day)- greater heroism, greater bladed dash, greater dispel magic, shadow evocation, shadowbard
6 (4/day)- eyebite, waves of extacy, ???, ???

0 (infinite)- create water, purify food/drink, detect poison, guidance
1 (5/day)- protection from evil, tap inner beauty

hmm? i was just curious on pharasma specifically, since i've got a character i built for the playtest who was unfortunately unable to do much with their weapon. the class on the whole (as of the playtest, anywho) seemed more than fine to me.

The Red Mage wrote:
That shaman is totally about to tip over.

the proportions DO seem a tad off to me (she seems to be comprised almost solely of thigh and neck), but hey, it's better than anything i could draw in it's place.

Cthulhudrew wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:
so uh, are the elemental exploits still terrible (ESPECIALLY the lightning one)?
You'll find out in only a few short weeks!

completely unhelpful, but thanks. I'm mostly just wondering if I'm going to have to sit and be disappointed by a large chunk of the arcanists exploits and greater exploits. i mean sure, they're plenty broke regardless of them, but signing off a whole portion of a class' options as 'completely useless just cast a spell and spend that arcane point to buff it' seems too... rogue-like for my tastes.

just popping in to ask: can warpriest use their thing with thrown weapons, or is pharasma just screwed?

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