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Varisian Wanderer

Aelryinth's page

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I was unimpressed by this offering from Paizo.

*( )( )( )( )

Perhaps it was a case of expectations not matching.

I expected this to go into more fluff and history for the primary knightly orders in the book, namely the ones that are pan-national. I also expected a plethora of new orders that had not been covered in other places.

Instead, we get a possible illustration of a typical knight of an order (does the one order REALLY dress all in gold mail?!?), some suggested archetypes for suggested classes for these orders...and that was really all of substance.

Size? Major holdings? Primary NPC's of note? Average levels? Typical Knightly party?

None of that. The NPC write ups of the 4 paladin Knights of Ozem in Carrion Crown were more informative, in their own way.

Taldor, which could have been a place to throw any kind of whimsical knightly order you could come up with, was instead treated to several noble families of knights of some fame...and that was it.

The closest thing to a swashbuckling order was the Steel Falcons, and they like to use greatswords.

Too, there was absolutely NO treatment of the various Orders available to cavaliers, and how they react with the campaign world, and how they cross the lines of Knightly Orders, and implications thereof.

The best part of the book was the breakdown on armor and clothing. Very nice illos there showing the various parts of knightly attire.

I only got the PDF, not the printed, and I'm glad I saved the money. As a reference guide, there's basically very little here, and there is only a little expansion of the game's lore (mostly the Taldan families).


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