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Fire Giant

Abyssian's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 766 posts (777 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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My martial-minded characters do. Malisai, my tiefling magus, named his scimitar Doomwhisper. Lylette, my half-elf rage prophet and self-proclaimed knight-errant devoted to the Eldest, named her longsword Unmaker. On the other hand, Lanlis, my elf alchemist and follower of Nethys, could not be bothered to name a mundane weapon.

Have you ever read the Material Components for spells? There are some good jokes there. For instance- detect thoughts: a copper piece.

Anybody? If you didn't get it..."a penny for your thoughts."

Cloud Giants have scent. Fee, Fye, Foe, Fum.

RPGs are generally written by clever folks who knew how to embed Easter Eggs before they were even known as such.

You know there is a test...that I suggest...

There was only one thing I could do...

As written, the direct hit carries no additional effects if the target makes its save. It's not as bad as you think, though, because the DC can get pretty crazy; remember that bomb DCs are 1/2 Alchemist level + INT modifier + 10.

Sadly, they cannot.

Rest in peace, Dave. You were one of the most important parts of my nascent love of fantasy, gaming, and art.

My friends may have all agreed that DCSIII's Sylph was the best art in all of AD&D, but I maintained that anything you did was much, much better. I loved Wormy- well, as much as I was able to read (my parents didn't like to "waste" money on Dragon magazines).

I was sorry to hear that you had become disenfranchised with the industry and no longer wanted any part of it (even your checks, if lore is correct!). I will always hold your contributions to fantasy, gaming, and art in high esteem and am sorry to hear that there won't be any doodling on old mail while you're on hold or any other art to come from you.

Jeremiah Wamaling


My time was cut short, so I only ended up GMing the BBBash and First Steps 1. We left with five people interested in playing (and five people played BBBash) but when we got to FS1 on the following day, I had twelve people who wanted in. I cut it down to seven (to make it legal) but was quite impressed with the amount of fun and enthusiasm I got from a bunch of joint service-members in the field.

BBBash and the BB in general do a great job of presenting the game without needing to present the enormity of the rules. Thank you, JB, SKR, JC, and anybody else involved in writing and developing those two.

Like a lot of other hobby solutions, the hardware store may be your best bet.

Without adding foam, this may not be so great for your hand-painted and assembled minis, but it's great for pre-painted, unpainted, or unimportant miniatures.

Snowfall on holidays. That's the theme, this winter. Oh, well. At least I'm salaried and keep getting "free" days off.

I like the idea of a Holy Gun of Abadar who sees his arquebus (use musket stats) as the logical progression from the crossbow. He'd be very genteel and look down on rural types, believing that they need to be protected and urbanized to be proper contributors to society.

Feel free to take my character concept, I don't think I'm ever going to get to play him. The picture I drew of him is a Halfling in a high-collared greatcoat smoking a long-stemmed clay pipe.

Grenadier is a great way to trade some poison class features into some cool, useful ones.

I have a PFS alchemist that I had to think really long and hard choosing an archetype to trade out poison stuff. I ended up going with Preservationist. They aren't terribly powerful, but summoning (even SNA) is quite useful, so it's what I went with.

*fun little fact that contributes to Preservationists' awesomeness: "casting" an extract is a standard action. Only Summoners and YOU can summon as a standard action.

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Pan wrote:
abyssian wrote:
To go with a stereotype, Bards played by new players tend to be played by females who want to contribute meaningfully without a lot of character-build decision-making that they don't think they have enough experience to make. I've seen this, and it doesn't seem negative or misogynistic to relay the information, despite being clearly sexist, so there you go.

This is crap and you should feel bad for posting it.

It's just been my experience. New male gamers seem to like making things go "bang;" new female gamers seem to like being helpful and seeing how things work. Again, as I said, in my experience.

Also, it should be noted that I'm not trying to enforce the stereotype (though on a re-read, I could see if that was the interpretation), just pointing it out.

Squirrel_Dude mentioned Bards. I feel like this is a pretty good introduction to full-casting, being 3/4 casters and having a limited selection of spells to keep new players from overloading.....

That said, a lot of new players will have a hard time starting combat with performing an action that just makes everybody else better. It's easy mechanically, but doesn't give new players that satisfying sense of drama and accomplishment.

To go with a stereotype, Bards played by new players tend to be played by females who want to contribute meaningfully without a lot of character-build decision-making that they don't think they have enough experience to make. I've seen this, and it doesn't seem negative or misogynistic to relay the information, despite being clearly sexist, so there you go.

Also, +1 to Caedwyr's re-recommendation (via Ashiel) of Rangers for inexperienced players. They really do give a slow dose of "how-to" as you level.


Thank you both.


So I'm introducing a bunch of players (some with RPG experience and some without) to PFRPG next week using the Beginner Box and hope to transition them to playing actual scenarios for credit (still using the BB). What do I have to do to make this viable (since it seems to be supported)?

For now, I intend to run the BB Bash to get them the tutorial experience, and guessed that I'd do First Steps 1, afterward. Maybe Master of the Fallen Fortress, too.

Any ideas? I ask because many scenarios include things that aren't covered in the BB, and I don't want to confuse my new minions players.

Abyssian wrote:

Sean mentioned hardware stores. I have to second that; putties and resins cost significantly more when marketed to hobbyists. Also, depending on the size of the cracks/gaps, you may not need anything too special.

AD mentioned using "various sorts of glue." If your gaps are fairly narrow, this is possibly your best option. Even regular Elmer's glue hardens and fills gaps (and is relatively cheap and very available).

OK, so I didn't really mean for you to get or even to try Elmer's glue. I only meant that there are glues that can fill in gaps and cracks. You already have Green Stuff, you might as well use it.

I like to keep a chill touch or two handy. They get SR, but it's negative energy damage. It's useless against constructs, though. Corrosive touch is a good one, too, and affects any creature type equally.

I only skimmed through the responses, but I think Druid or Inquisitor will be your best picks, in general.

Depending on your GM (or GM style, if you are recommending to a player), any character (regardless of class) will be the best, since the story will be directly for that character.

Rangers could also work pretty well, as could Paladins.

Steve Geddes wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
Lamontius wrote:
I do use a gm screen. Then again, I also stand the whole time I gm.

Music Stand.

I prefer to stand as well and I can say without a doubt that a good (ie not a gig stand) music stand is freaking awesome.

That's a good idea.

It never occurred to me, but the music-stand solution is useful for other applications, as well. Thanks, Lamontius and other supporters.

Sean mentioned hardware stores. I have to second that; putties and resins cost significantly more when marketed to hobbyists. Also, depending on the size of the cracks/gaps, you may not need anything too special.

AD mentioned using "various sorts of glue." If your gaps are fairly narrow, this is possibly your best option. Even regular Elmer's glue hardens and fills gaps (and is relatively cheap and very available).

It's too ambiguous, I think, to judge accurately (and without variation). I really would like to see an FAQ addressing weapons that can be used "as [other weapons]."

After review, I'm back to the "reasonable house-rule" stance. Scorpion Whips, Sawtooth Sabres, and even Aldori Dueling Swords all use "use as insert near-equivalent weapon here" language with regard to proficiency. I've FAQ'd your original post because I'd really rather the "reasonable house-rule" be just a rule.

Hmmm... I would allow it (reluctantly), since it shares language with two weapons that I think I know how they work. Let me re-read it and think it over. I think that you're right, though.

Sadly, I think not. I think that it would be perfectly reasonable for a GM to rule that Weapon Focus(Musket Axe) could not exist, but that the Musket Axe could be affected by WF(Musket) for ranged attacks or WF(Battleaxe) for melee.

An FAQ couldn't hurt, though.

How, specifically, do you mean, BBT?

Scythia wrote:
I used to when I ran AD&D, there were just so many essential tables and charts that I needed to have on hand. I don't for 3 or PF though, no need anymore.

I still remember the old hit-matrices fondly. Fondly, but I wouldn't ever go back to them unless I wanted to prove to myself that the D&D of today is significantly better (according to ME! Grognard-purists, I don't want to hear it! You are on the PFRPG messageboards!).

I'm with TOZ. Access to the battlemat is too important and my players never really care what I roll, just what I tell them (the two are synonymous, by the way).

A popular sentiment I've seen is the "ease of access" to common rules. Fair enough. For PFS players, you (probably) have a Player Character Folio. Ever open it and see all the rules?

Take a look at this guide, too; it is very useful if spell combat, spellstrike, or touch spells in general seem like a lot to digest. It's long, but it really spells everything out.

Durngrun Stonebreaker wrote:
Moondragon Starshadow wrote:

Something to remember about damage reduction via magic bonuses: It doesn't have to be a +3/+4/+5 ONLY. It has to be a +3/+4/+5 EQUIVALENT bonus, as show here.

You could do a +2 HOLY AOMF (counts as +4 equivalent, so the alignment DR still exists), but with HOLY you can bypass some alignments and do additional damage per successful attack on evil beings.

I don't believe that's true.

It's sort of true. A +2 furious AOMF will bypass all but DR/alignment while the wielder is raging, for instance.

EDIT: oh, yeah- no mythic or B,P,S from the "equivalent" +4, either.

XMorsX wrote:

Exploit Weakness scales with monk lvls. Either you go Monk 20 or you forget it.

Dipping for rage-cycling has merits though. Still there are better ways to do it.

I don't entirely agree that it's 20 or nothing, but more is better, for sure. A good WIS helps a lot (especially if he's going to go unarmored) to beat CR as a DC. Sadly, Savage Barbarian doesn't help, too much, with the unarmored experience.

Martial Artist 4

You lose 1 BAB, 2 Rage Powers, and class progression, but you get REF and WILL Saves, the ability to not need armor (as much), Stunning Fist (meh), Evasion, EVEN FASTER movement, Pain Points (meh), Martial Arts Master (better), and Exploit Weakness (now we're talkin'!).

One more level and you lose another BAB but gain RAGE CYCLING, I mean Extreme Endurance.

You also gain access to Feral Combat Training.

Ogadim, I'm actually playing the same character in WotR, just with two more levels of bard at the moment. Same one-level dip into same mystery for the same revelations.

OK, important thing: Discordant Voice is either applied or is not; it can not be applied by the same source (same character) more than once. Virtuoso performance and shadowbard can't give you +3d6 sonic to weapon damage.

The feat is written, like feats generally are, in a kind of "Paizo shorthand," which frees up the word count and allows for publishable material, but does little to spell out the exact rules interactions, limits, or intent.

As I was writing this response, I realized another question. Can two bards with 10+ ranks in Sing or Oratory and both take DV to and perform (even the same performance) to apply the +1d6 sonic twice? Hmmm...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, a lot of us just want a new player to have a good experience. If monk is the non-negotiable item, then we at least want him/her to play without feeling weak or useless.

This is also why so many of us have suggested something other than monk to play.

No....Sleep...Till Brooklyn!

D.C. (obviously), here. I have some arguments regarding the greatest place, but will have to concede on account of the pizza.

Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Words mean things.
Many things. Often at once.
Gary Gygax, about Titivilus {Duke of Hell}, AD&D, Monster Manual II wrote:
Titivilus is notorious for his ability to twist words, to use words to confuse, and to confuse those using words.

just check my profile!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Green, even if witchcraft is impossible, Malisai could be represented by an Oracle. He's a sicko who doesn't want to belong to sicko society but is having a hard time adjusting to the soft, helpful ways of humanity.

Hama, I've been back to work for weeks. There's a front coming in and the Washington, D.C. area government is shut down.

Freehold, I'm sure I've asked before, but I knew this was coming and have been drinking. Where are you from? (Don't point me upthread, I can't be bothered with reading all of the content of my own thread)


Derek, I enjoy your "difficulty as luck" assertion but submit that, even while using random calculations, PFS scenarios range from "way too easy to F(#&!!!, dead." I especially like the logical progression that takes party make-up into account.

In my opinion (forged out of need for verisimilitude), the "big-wigs" in Absolom are pretty bad at keeping track of who's good at what. Ambrus might put 4-7 members against...well, whatever, and tell them that it's all about negotiation. 6 combat-maxed super-optimized kill-bots? Oops.

The fact that you rarely know what to expect is a lot of the draw for me; I maintain a decent combat optimization while ensuring that I have some sort of non-combat value. Semi-optimized for one, capable of many.

Who already has tomorrow off?

Oh, yeah... this guy!


Additional Resources

Never have to ask, again!

Mikaze, feel free. I DO believe that a good dose of "beware" advise can help, though.

That said, for a similar feel, maybe try staffmaster(?) magus. It's still rules-mastery dependant, but less so and offers a similar "feel."

Again, if your player insists on monk, good luck.

Joex, I actually just don't recommend that new players play monks. They can be quite useful and even powerful, but new players won't usually find that after 3rd or 4th level. You already have some pretty advanced themes in the party, maybe you can a ranger or barbarian? They are much more straightforward (which helps, a lot, for new players) but quite powerful (so he/she doesn't feel obsolete).

If monk is a non-negotiable, zen archer. And good luck.

Yeah. It's one of my tiefling bard's favorite spells in WotR. He's mythic, so he has access to (and has selected)

Display of Charisma:
(Su): As a free action, you can expend one use of mythic power to attempt a feat of Charisma, gaining a +20 circumstance bonus on one Charisma-based skill check or Charisma ability check.

He also has Ancestral Scorn to make for a really bad day for evil outsiders that survive the first round with his party of superheroes.

KiNG T3RMiNATOR wrote:
Lusiphur from Posion Elves.

Aw, great. Now I have to go look around in the basement. Why? Definitely CN, though.

So, I really don't have any interest in GMing a PbP, yet, but I wonder who would be up for a Ghostwalk campaign in commemoration of SKR's retirement from Paizo?

Agreed on Lantern Archons, for sure. They don't do a lot of damage but they do bypass ALL damage resistance. On a positive side-note, they don't come on line for Alchemists with Planar Preservationist until they get 1d3 of them.

My alchemist (preservationist) is only level 4. At this point, there doesn't seem to be any reason to take the feat, but looking at SNA spells vs. SM at IV and beyond, the feat looks pretty good. Thoughts?

I would allow a Catfolk to be subject to a Knowledge: Local to determine if the maker of the check is familiar with Catfolk enough to know that they have claws. If they succeed, no "hidden weapon," if they fail, that Catfolk ninja gets the sneak attack (or whatever).

I would also set the Know: Local pretty low for this purpose; the majority of knowledgeable creatures probably know that cats have retractable claws.

I could probably be convinced to change it to Knowledge: Nature (DC10).

The Jingasa is a must-have for a Fate's Favored character. I like half-orc (so you can keep that +2 to saves at all times), but archaeologist covers saves, so you'd be double-dipping (not stacking) the bonus to saves.

I'll look into warpriest, though. That could end up pretty mean!

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