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Fire Giant

Abyssian's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 834 posts (848 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Nicos, did you happen to read the Arcanist Preview?

The law/chaos axis comes from Michael Moorcock's Elric stories. Elric: The Stealer of Souls is worth reading to understand the context that inspired its existence in early D&D.


For the record, John, my 1,000 to 1 is against changing of minds, not reading the thread.

I'm looking at human or half-orc aberrant bloodrager. Bald noggin, dark grey skin, four-mirror armor made from salvaged ship-hull parts, two spiked gauntlets, green circuitry tattoos, falchion with some kind of elemental damage..... the irradiated barbarian.


Well, Baxcel, I don't know what to tell you. Mike and John are not going to read your thread and change their minds. (I would gamble 1,000 to 1 on that, by the way)

If you absolutely cannot abide the rules, maybe it's time to look for a home game. My time in this thread is over. Tschüß!

EDIT: apologies, ThunderMage. This is your thread.


Baxcel wrote:
Abyssian wrote:
Baxcel wrote:
Not trying to be above the rest of you I'm trying to enjoy the game an have fun... The only race I personally enjoy is Aasimars I've looked every other race none fit well for me except them... I follow the rules but this is one I can't an won't follow... If people wanna use Trifling an Aasimars that's fine with me... If they dont OK... But dont ruin my games an my fun by removing the only option I see use able for me currently

My advice is to play all of your registered characters as high as you can and then look back to see if maybe there is a concept that you could play that isn't an aasimar.

wait, you don't have any registered characters, do you?

I have a society number... None my chr information is online currently...

Well, that's really all you need. I really do recommend playing the characters you have as far as you can (you should be able to hit about 18th level with a couple of them if you don't mind GMing a little) before hating the campaign and its rules.


TOZ, when did you pick up that fifth star?


Baxcel wrote:
Not trying to be above the rest of you I'm trying to enjoy the game an have fun... The only race I personally enjoy is Aasimars I've looked every other race none fit well for me except them... I follow the rules but this is one I can't an won't follow... If people wanna use Trifling an Aasimars that's fine with me... If they dont OK... But dont ruin my games an my fun by removing the only option I see use able for me currently

My advice is to play all of your registered characters as high as you can and then look back to see if maybe there is a concept that you could play that isn't an aasimar.

wait, you don't have any registered characters, do you?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Forgotten Realms model for default RPG settings, that is- a world in which a country or region can be found for most real-world analogues as well as most popular fantasy settings, is a "please everybody," politically-correct, commercially viable move.

Take a look on the Golarion map at where Numeria, and the entire Iron Gods AP (I would guess) lies. Up in the northeast corner, way out of everybody's way. Basically, it is either the setting for your campaign, or it is so distant that it never gets mentioned.

As for suspension of disbelief and verisimilitude, Numeria is a desolate wasteland so far from everything else that only the best travelled or educated have probably even heard of it. There is an enormous hole with demons coming out of it nearby- which probably comes up a lot more often than "that place with no crops that apparently some metal star crashed into and messed everybody in it up pretty bad a long, long time ago."

Sci-fi peanut-butter in my fantasy chocolate? Generally speaking, I'm with you fellers- it's not my thing. This time, though, I'm looking forward to it more than I can explain. Still- I'll try. This AP draws on all of the Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Sandal, Post-Apocolyptic Wasteland, Space Opera, Star Wars, Battlestar Gallactica, Buck Rodgers, Flash Gordon, Thundarr the Barbarian, Galtar and the Golden Lance, Thundercats, Silverhawks, Herculoids, and all the other media of my youth. (I suspect that most of Paizo was born in the mid 70's)

I totally understand that many people won't buy or play Iron Gods. I'm going to, though.

The Rules wrote:
Scatter Weapon Quality: A weapon with the scatter weapon quality can shoot two different types of ammunition. It can fire normal bullets that target one creature, or it can make a scattering shot, attacking all creatures within a cone. Cannons with the scatter weapon quality only fire grapeshot, unless their descriptions state otherwise. When a scatter weapon attacks all creatures within a cone, it makes a separate attack roll against each creature within the cone. Each attack roll takes a –2 penalty, and its attack damage cannot be modified by precision damage or damage-increasing feats such as Vital Strike. Effects that grant concealment, such as fog or smoke, or the blur, invisibility, or mirror image spells, do not foil a scatter attack. If any of the attack rolls threaten a critical, confirm the critical for that attack roll alone. A firearm that makes a scatter shot misfires only if all of the attack rolls made misfire. If a scatter weapon explodes on a misfire, it deals triple its damage to all creatures within the misfire radius.
The Rules also wrote:

Ranged Spellstrike (Su): At 4th level, a myrmidarch can use spellstrike to cast a single-target touch attack ranged spell and deliver it through a ranged weapon attack. Even if the spell can normally affect multiple targets, only a single missile, ray, or effect accompanies the attack.

At 11th level, a myrmidarch using a multiple-target spell with this ability may deliver one ray or line of effect with each attack when using a full-attack action, up to the maximum allowed by the spell (in the case of ray effects). Any effects not used in the round the spell is cast are lost. This ability replaces spell recall and improved
spell recall.

Select one target. Apply the shocking grasp to that target.


LazarX wrote:
I really fail to see how any race could be "easier" than Human. With Humans there aren't any complicated spell like abilities to manage, you don't have to worry about certain buff spells not working on them, they get a bonus feat, and they get to place their plus 2 anywhere they want.

Don't forget that with aasimar, you have to try to pair your "skilled" and your SLA with your ability-bonus needs to your concept. Humans are far and away the easiest race to make work. It's too bad they don't have darkvision!

Pan wrote:
So i'll be bottling my peach-ginger mead this week and will have 3 empty primaries for the first time in ever. I got a bourbon barrel porter ready to brew but I need some more suggestions. Y'all good folks have any reccomendations?

How's that Peach-Ginger Mead? Sounds like a good mix of flavors.

So, after a night at Medieval Times drinking whisky, I pick up some Rebel IPA (Sam Adams) on the way home. It's a little too hoppy; seems that there is more hoppy flavor than beer flavor. Anyway- a little too far on my scale- I'm still going to enjoy it, as a hops fan, but I'd have liked it to be just a notch down. Enjoy!

Well...good luck. Maybe, if he is reading along, he'll make an effort to rein it in now that he should know how you feel.

Yeah, just a problem player. How do the other players feel about VGG? (VideoGame Guy- just made that up, so proud)

Haha. I never really liked Palladium's system, despite having some awesome content (TMNT being my first Palladium game).

Maybe it's time to pick up a different system (I know I said that the issue was system irrelevant) just to break things up a bit. Couldn't hurt, right? Maybe your videogame-style friends just associate fantasy roleplay (with a rules emphasis on combat) with, well, videogame-style play. I'd suggest something like TMNT, actually, since is so unlike D&D or PFRPG. Other possible games that are dissimilar to PFRPG: Star Wars, Iron Kingdoms, or Mage: the Ascension.

Just a thought.

Jaçinto, don't think that your way is no good. I do suggest that you dial it back a notch to be a little closer to your group's baseline, though. With any luck, some of the gamist element will pick up on your roleplaying style and dial it forward a notch.

Anyway, as for the title of the thread, "Pathfinder problem. Is it just me?" I don't think that it has anything to do with the game system; you would have the same issues if you were playing GURPS, Palladium, D&D, or pretty much any other system.

Good luck.

LazarX, I thought the exact same thing that you think when I opened this thread. Having seen some linked and quoted rules that said otherwise, I looked into it myself. Turns out that the other folks are right; the inability to take AoOs is comes from the flat-footed condition, which Uncanny Dodge prevents.

If anybody would like to FAQ it, feel free, but it will come back as "no reply necessary" or whatever.


Haha. I love the coffee pot. Gonna brew some (human) coffee now...

thejeff wrote:
thenovalord wrote:

PF gnome wizard and human fighter both with 16 str have identical attacks

It's not the pure numbers. What makes a class unique in any d20 games is the funky extras.

Next wiz and fighter ' play' very differently

At first level they do, thanks to the gnome's size bonus. The fighter rapidly passes that.

I am kind of curious if this would help in making a gish? If you boost str, don't worry much about Int and focus on buff spells, how far are you behind a fighter, even without the buff spells. You can get decent weapon proficiencies from race. I'm not sure about armor.

I tried to find any kind of Arcane Spell Failure but didn't find it. A Mountain Dwarf Wizard would probably make a pretty tough Gish. (I didn't look very hard; I'll look again...use some Ctrl+F magic)

EDIT: found it, page 79. Proficiency in Armor= 0% ASF. No proficiency= 100%.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

From the upcoming ACG, an Aberrant Bloodrager sounds like a pretty cool, irradiated twist on the Barbarian! I could definitely see an Investigator, equipped with goggles and mask, poking around some ruined alien craft. There's no Metal Shaman (yet), but that would be pretty sweet- use Wandering Spirit to get elemental powers.

Looking into this is really fun! I think I might use my Owlbear for a season-6 inspired character.


Mark, anything from the Sword and Sorcery or Space Opera subgenres seems particularly fitting. Your Kellid Barbarian example certainly fits, so would a sorcerous "princess" character, Subotai (from Conan), or Ookla the Mok. Anything from Road Warrior could probably be converted (same goes for Thunderdome). Galtar is another "big strong guy" type, similar to He-Man or Thundarr (all very good inspirations for Numerian adventurers).

Hope this helps.

Voadam wrote:
goldomark wrote:

5th edition of D&D is the 5th edition of D&D.

Not counting the original white box set of D&D (original edition OE) or the Holmes, Moldvay, or Mentzer editions of D&D (3 editions of Basic D&D).

That's TSR's fault. When they produced "AD&D 2nd Edition," we (and they) just started counting editions from AD&D, treating D&D like some sort of B.C. "missing link" between Chainmail and true D&D.

For the record, one of the later Planescape books included customizable tieflings. I don't remember there being any equivalent for aasimar. The customization wasn't intended to betray which flavor of fiend your tiefling came from, though; it was a lot more like the Counsel of Thieves random bunch of powers and traits.


I really hope that PHB/DMG/MM rules are published as free PDFs. I don't think it's going to happen and it isn't my expectation, but I would really like to see a PRD-type offering to allow everybody to play without any monetary commitment. We'll see, I guess.

Charlie, I wouldn't mind reading a play review tomorrow. I'm particularly interested in how some of the new features contribute to that "old school" D&D experience (you know, the one all the old guys remember...probably a little inaccurately).

I didn't keep up with the playtest docs; could you fill me in on what (not too specific, the NDA still applies) is in the final test packet that isn't in Basic (for example: druids, more Martial Archetypes, a few magic items, etc.).

Scott Henry wrote:

What about races? I sitll want to play a Tiefling for example. I heard they are getting subraces now? So that's sort of stolen from Pathfinder.

This free basic edition didn't have a few things in it though like feats did it? I didnt see any. Some guy was trying to argue you didnt have to spend more money to get into 5th. Not true at all. The basic edition is just that, basic. It wont have everything the PHB has. In other words its incomplete. I also dont see a DMG or a MM for free either. So saying 5th ed core rules are free is incorrect.

Not really stolen from Pathfinder. AD&D had subraces. I believe that D&D did, too.

Scott Henry wrote:
I'm not sure that one is very up to date?

Meh. Looks like the most recent updates were almost a year ago. Probably a good start, though. Hard to say if it would be more work sifting through to determine what still needs to be done or just starting from scratch.

137ben wrote:
Wizards cast like Arcanists- no, seriously. WotC must attend Cons or something.
Arcanists cast like 3.5 Spirit Shaman- no, seriously. WotC must have knowledge of their previous publications or something.

Huh! My group was on a WOW inspired hiatus by the time Complete Divine came out (I had to research that, just now). Arcanists' casting is actually even more similar to Spirit Shamans' than either are to 5E wizards (5E wizards only use one stat). Learn something new (old) every day. Thanks.

I just found out about this site today.

I'm slowly coming around. I've been reading the Basic rules more thoroughly and seeing what we should have been given as 4E. (For the record, I'm not bashing 4E, but it was too far removed from D&D expectations for my taste)

When I picked up the 3E PHB, I was impressed by it's simple modularity. There were definite standards that allowed for more customization than we'd seen in D&D, AD&D, and 2E. 3.5 ironed out a lot of the kinks before Hasbro decided to ditch it in favor of the MMO on paper that they tried to sell to us as "4E." 4E didn't progress the game, though, it reinvented it. Too bad for Hasbro. Paizo picked up where WotC left off, and .5'd 3.5 into PFRPG. More ironing of kinks. Thank you, Paizo. The trend seemed to have been "simplify to customize."

5E doesn't seem to extend from 4E, though it uses a few of it's innovations. Rather, 5E seems to be a logical progression using PFRPG as a replacement for 4E. We see skills getting even simpler, races getting a little more customizable, and even classes getting something similar to archetypes. Options made possible by increased simplicity. Sounds familiar (and successful).

So what's new? I only have the Basic rules, at the moment, so I can only tell you what's included in or alluded to in that PDF.

  • Proficiency Bonus- this is how your BAB, good saves, skills, and spell DCs increase. All one value. Clever.
  • Very low XP to advance at first- 300 to second and 900 to third. Looks like WotC knows where the real fun begins.
  • Subraces- less PFRPG ARG, more Unearthed Arcana (AD&D). I expect to see an eventual bloat of subraces.
  • Ability score improvement is a class function- I'm not too sure about this as a development, but it's the case.
  • Fighter style and Martial archetype- double the customization, double the fun! I expect this to end up incredibly overpowered eventually.
  • Backgrounds- not just an excuse for the character to exist, anymore. Now they add crunch.
  • Low light vision- gone. Upgrade to darkvision, which is a little different.
  • Advantage/disadvantage- roll 2d20, take the higher (advantage) or lower (disadvantage). You can still get circumstance bonuses and penalties, but this seems to be the primary way to reflect situational variety.
  • Abilities cap at 20- I imagine that magic will overcome this, but that's the deal; ability score cutoff is 20.
  • Six saving throws?- each ability can be targeted as a save. I'm not 100% on this.
  • Bonus actions- one move, one action, bonus actions as appropriate. No more free/swift/immediate.
  • Grappling is even easier than in PFRPG- it isn't as useful, but it's very simple.
  • Casting spells at a higher level- similar to casting a Mythic version of a spell. Cool idea.
  • Feats are optional- seriously. Feats will be one of the many optional systems that can "plug and play" into the basic rules.

What carried over from another system?

  • Tiers of play- less "hard and fast" than in 4E, but still appears as an actual rule.
  • Wizards get 1d6 HP- WotC looks like it followed Paizo's lead on PC HD; rogues are 1d8 and wizards are 1d6.
  • Channel Divinity- not identical, but similar to PFRPG's channeling.
  • Wizards cast like Arcanists- no, seriously. WotC must attend Cons or something.
  • Ritual magic- from 4E.
  • Electrum pieces- gotta have half-dollars!
  • Finesse for dex damage- and automatic, too! If a weapon has the "finesse" quality, you can substitute dex to hit and damage.
  • Resting- 5E uses 4E's Short rests/Long rests.

Another observation that defies the two categories above: Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws all take a prominent spot on the front of the character sheet and are intended to be a solid, important part of the character's interaction with the game and the world.

Well, these are the observations that I found significant enough to write about. Feel free to disagree with me or point out that I missed something.


I noticed you will be taking Mythic Spells and taking haste as one of them. I cannot begin to tell you how ENORMOUSLY useful that is. My WotR bard generally casts it on the first round unless we are only fighting the most pathetic of mooks. MY WHOLE PARTY advances with their 80' moves and then FULL ATTACKS!!

I couldn't help but notice that your party includes the buffiest of buffers, as well! I recommend leaving the buff spells to him/her and focusing on killing things.

If you are taking Dual Path (and you should), consider an archetype that trades Spell Recall and take Wild Arcana. Read Wild Arcana! Take a few metamagic feats and trade mythic points for the most ridiculous (that is: highest equivalent level you can cast) spell that you could possibly use right now. Too sick.

Just a quick caveat to Ipslore's answer: you will still need the book or PDF in which your elemental appears. I'm sure you knew that, already, but it's still worth noting.

I only downloaded the free 100-page basic rules. I'm not terribly impressed. I wasn't terribly impressed with the playtest, either, so no big shocker. It doesn't look bad, mind you- just not terribly impressive.

Power to you, thejeff. I've always found shorter adventures easier to write. I think I expect too much from myself when I'm trying to write whole campaigns as a single, long story.

Using a basic "sandbox" campaign format can really be a lot of fun and helps GMs from having to write a 12-20 level chain of congruently linked adventures. Keeping a simple theme like "Pathfinder Society" or "profitable venturing into the Mwangi jungles for the glory of Cheliax" can glue it all together and provide the opportunity to include recurring villains, rivals, and allies. It also allows for short hooks and disjoined stories. You also get the illusion of freedom (verisimilitude!) that is hard to achieve in a "railroad" plot.

Don't get me wrong- they're both good. I think that the themed sandbox is the easiest way to get a fun campaign, though. Railroads require too much effort to make work.

Still at it

I'm from Greenbelt, MD (just outside of Washington, DC) and live between DC and Baltimore... for the next couple of months, at least.

Like a lot of the "old-timers" posting, I've lost most of my gaming group to various vicissitudes. Most of them either moved away or grew apart, leaving me to be with my wife, kids, and coworkers. Between all them, I don't really have much time for a lot of friends, anyway. Oh, well.

I started playing PFS at local game stores (even opened one venue near my house specifically so I wouldn't have to drive too far!) to satisfy my need for gaming. That eventually led me to a group of older gamers for an AP (we're about to finish book six of Wrath of the Righteous). While the AP has gotten a little silly, and we definitely have a focus on defeating combats, I enjoy the group and get to play PFRPG once a week. Sometimes my wife will let me sign up for a local mini-con or something, too. For the most part, though, Tuesdays from 5:30 until 9:00ish seems to be enough; I've got more than enough work to keep me busy the rest of the week.

It's all like Wrong John Silver said- we just don't have that kind of free time.

ChainsawSam wrote:
Abyssian wrote:

IHIYC, if you tell BBT what you want to accomplish, including "must-haves" and preferences, I think you will find that his "outside-the-box" thinking works well. As a super-awesome bonus, it's just advice on a forum thread and can be abandoned at will.

Slightly off topic, when 4E brought Dark Sun back, did it tempt you to move over? I have to admit... I thought about it.


What the hell does IHIYC mean? Even google got me nothing.

I didn't want to write out "I'm Hiding In Your Closet."

A Magus can do that using Spellstrike to deliver the held charge and Spell Combat to use weapon and spell in the same round. If you haven't used your swift action, feel free to cast a quickened spell. Viola! Intensified shocking grasp three times in one round. Ouch.

IHIYC, if you tell BBT what you want to accomplish, including "must-haves" and preferences, I think you will find that his "outside-the-box" thinking works well. As a super-awesome bonus, it's just advice on a forum thread and can be abandoned at will.

Slightly off topic, when 4E brought Dark Sun back, did it tempt you to move over? I have to admit... I thought about it.


Valar, if you can drum up enough PFS action in the Flagstaff area, there is no reason that you couldn't be a Venture Officer. I don't know how close Phoenix, Sierra Vista, or Tucson are, but they all have VOs. They are all listed in the Guide and should all be willing to help you set up public games in your area.

Even without the benefit of being a Venture Officer, setting up nearby public locations to play with community players can be very rewarding. I personally set up a permanent PFS location near me purely out of a desire to game near my house. The newest VL in my area GMs primarily out of that location.

Good luck, and look into it is an easy way to set up sign-ups and is, if I'm not mistaken, free.

I made some pretty simple cards for my bard. Tent-style for performances or buffs and card-style for attack-type spells. All in Drive presentation. These could easily be adapted for Hexes, too.


Zeroith item: download the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play. It's free and it details what you can and can't (and must) do for Society games. As for modules, this should help. Also, most PFS games are Scenarios (~4 hour modules).

Beyond that, if there are local PFS games to be had, I have to agree with BNW- take in a few sessions as a player. It'll give you a feel for what's different.

Welcome, and enjoy!

Trying Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale by Flying Dog. Sadly, it tastes like they were trying to get away with putting Old Bay in it. Not impressed. Luckily, I also picked up a six-pack of Bloodline Blood Orange IPA, also by Flying Dog. I'm confident that the latter will be good.

Mark, I like your style. I also like your (relative) laziness; who wants to reinvent all the things when you can just apply a template or two, give a class level or two, and some favorable terrain to have a memorable, customized adventure. (It occurs to me that I may sound sarcastic about all that. I'm not)

The "snap-on" qualities of 3.x don't stop with GMs, either, which you have mentioned. How many times have you been inspired by a single archetype ability or prestige class feature that you wouldn't have thought of on your own? I'm creative, but I find cool rules that I wouldn't have written all the time!

I've only been playing since...1984(?)...I long... Anyway, I've had my time with all of the Dungeons and Dragons editions since AD&D, some West End Games, some White Wolf, some FASA, some Steve Jackson, various CCGs, board games, MMOs, and everything else. PFRPG is where I sit, now. Not because it's all I can find, because it's what I want to play.

Silent Image. Unbelievably useful.

Still more

Wow! My hometown! Sadly, I won't be joining; I'll be out of the country for a while. Out of curiosity, where are you playing?

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