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Abyssian's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 890 posts (1,093 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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I'm doing that with my core bard. He'll go through first level as a bard before leveling to paladin 2. 3rd level he'll get back into bard. Should be fun.

Nevryn, bard for now

Thejeff, I'm only playing PFS via PbP, myself. You're right; the short "4 hour" format of scenarios definitely helps, since all you have to do is keep playing for a couple of weeks. Also, you get continuity without having to place all the responsibility on one overworked GM.

So, revision: I love PFS PbP.

Having played lots of AD&D and 2nd edition prior to my 3rd, 3.5, and PFRPG times, I can say that the absolute of a battle-mat is very, very good. As a DM/GM, it can add to the "mind's eye" by giving all players a similar and realistic view of what is happening.

Does it detract from the narrative? I don't think so.

Does it change storytelling elements? Sure...if you let it.

In the end, only what generates the most fun really matters.

If you embrace it as a tool, I think you will be fine. If you grudgingly accept it as "the rules," you may have different results.

I hope this helps.


As a really long time RPGer and relatively recent online player, I'd like to say that PbP is awesome!

Really, that's all. The format is like reading the book instead of watching the movie.

Any seconds or refutals welcome.

Step 1) identify someone you believe acts "smart."

Step 2) have your character act like the identified smarty-pants.

The web enhancement for traits is CORE legal.

I'm down with a Shelyn zealot. I haven't played one. Beauty and such- I could imagine a half-elf enjoying that.

The soft rule is soft. That is, it is alterable, or even ignorable if I like the concept. I don't want to waste the racial trait, but I'll sacrifice for some sweet single-class options.

Abyssian wrote:

So, according to the CORE Campaign Challenge, I'll be playing a half-elf bard.

I'm thinking about a mithril full-plate, shield-bashing paladin 2 or 3/bard x, maybe with a whip, maybe buff focused...

Any ideas welcome, the only hard rules are: half-elf, bard. Soft rule: utilize the multiclass abilities of the half-elf.

Um, how about breastplate. Gotta cast those spells!

So, according to the CORE Campaign Challenge, I'll be playing a half-elf bard.

I'm thinking about a mithril full-plate, shield-bashing paladin 2 or 3/bard x, maybe with a whip, maybe buff focused...

Any ideas welcome, the only hard rules are: half-elf, bard. Soft rule: utilize the multiclass abilities of the half-elf.

KestrelZ wrote:
D&D 3.5 had a product called Dragonomicon

Even before Dragonomicon, 2E had Council of Wyrms, or some such. Not terribly successful. Not terribly fun, either. Novel, for sure, but dragons are really better played by GMs.

Feel free to disagree; it's just my opinion.



Half-elf bard. Too easy. I may have to dip another class to take advantage of the half-elf-iness.

But what dip...paladin 2? 3?


Open to suggestions here.


Thank you, Andrew.


That was a lot of "what a stupid idea," "no, it's not. You're stupid!" that I had to read through to make sure my question hasn't already been asked.

I have a character who has one Chronicle, We Be Goblins. It was played before CORE. Can I turn it into a CORE character for CORE Mode?

Just wondering.


Congratulations, Mari. Poog tells me he had a great time playing in your game.

Possibly the most awesomest guy ever!
P00G! wrote:

50701-8, Grand Lodge is fine. I have both played and GMed this. I won't give anything away- I just really enjoy the module and want to try my hand at the PbP format since I'm out of country for the next few months.

Fire for Zarongel!


Martial Artist monks can bypass DR/-, also.

My tiefling bard that I played back in 2e and again for WotR is named Damdaman.

I'm trying to work out a character to be named T'las D'na Reppep. Maybe have a Nethys and cooking combined theme.

Pan wrote:
21st century digital boy here. You are not the only one.

Pan, do you know how to read? Do you own a lot of toys?

Possibly the most awesomest guy ever!

That would be great!

Fun and versatile. Not great.

I don't think that the occultist is supposed to be a gish. I do think that it should be at least somewhat able to be, via implement choices or archetypes.

I don't think that the occultist is supposed to be equal to rogues or investigators for skill-monkeying, either, but maybe with implements or archetypes, it could be.

As is, the poor guys are about third best at everything. (If you don't count ties for first or second). I'm hoping that the class can be cleaned up a bit to allow for some best at one thing or nearly best at a couple.

Maybe this cleared up a few things from my post, maybe it didn't. I'll summarize, too: the concept is unique and interesting, but the execution is rough and lacking for definite mechanical benefit.

I've only gotten the chance to play an occultist for the playtest, and it's a great class...idea.

Psychometry is cool and I don't remember ever having seen it in a game mechanic (actually, I think Longshot had it in Marvel). The occultist plays well with the intended overall theme of the new classes, too, and could be used to make conversions of Harry Dresden or Van Helsing without stretching very far.

The class is difficult to understand with a single reading, and the implement groups aren't balanced well against one another. There are only a few that have focus powers available and worth taking at first level, for instance. The spell list, as it sits, is unimpressive and lopsided.

Maybe good, maybe bad: occultists' casting is genuinely unique and eventually results in lots of high-level spells known, but few spells per day.

I really like the high number of skills and good proficiencies. I keep reading that it "advertises one thing but delivers another." I disagree, but it fits with my first negative point. All in all, the occultist offers a fun, versatile "jack-of-all-trades" class.

Thanks, Paizo.

Possibly the most awesomest guy ever!

Right on


I definitely felt like character personality and appearance were fairly unimportant when I was playing back home, face to face. I just got into a couple of pbp scenarios, and the rp value is greatly improved.

With my job taking me all over the world (Army) I think I may just make it my primary method of play.

I would like to see "alternate" lists based on other cultures. A Native American or Taoist or Hindu- inspired list would be really cool. Sadly I'm not familiar enough with the importance of specific things from these cultures, so I don't have specific recommendations.

Possibly the most awesomest guy ever!

Sorry to hear. Good luck.

-Abyssian aka Poog

Possibly the most awesomest guy ever!


Possibly the most awesomest guy ever!

So, a heads-up to the Licktoads and Mari: I leave for a field exercise (Army) in 12 hours and will be out in nowhere until PM on the 23rd (Korean time zone). I provide internet as my job, so I should be able to continue posting....but Drive doesn't work on my Gov computers and I can't move using my phone. Assuming we have phone service where I'm going (I think we will), I should be able to view the maps, just not manipulate them.

If for some miracle I stop posting, it's because has finally been blocked by the Department of the Army.

AAAAAAaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! Poog go play with the croakers!

Possibly the most awesomest guy ever!

Poog can't fix your poison, Mog-Mog. But Poog can make bite go away.

cure light wounds: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Let's go get the Scribbleface's FIREWORKS!

Poog shouts excitedly before pulling a splintery wooden flute from.... somewhere. He plays (poorly) for a time and dances about.


With a small chunk of wood hanging from his lip, Poog becomes irritated at his flute.

Grrrrgh! Let's go!

Possibly the most awesomest guy ever!

Right on. Thank you.

Possibly the most awesomest guy ever!

Mari, I totally just made a copy of your Drive map (complete with Goblins!). How did you rip the images to Google Drive?

I thought about the "legacy" aspect, myself. I'm glad the faction icons match the current factions, though.

Really I was just poking fun. I don't have a problem with Commonwealths.

Kirth, it's because you live in a Commonwealth! Remember that there is a non-Commonwealth State sandwiched between PA and VA. Keystones and Lovers be damned, MD is the world capital of CRABS!

....and we unquestionably have the coolest flag. Just saying.

The first trick step is to get her interested in even picking up the dice, so to speak.

Once she's on board, Beginners Box is a good, fun, rules-light(er) system. It will actually be harder for you than her because of your existing PFRPG knowledge.

Good luck!

Mari, this may be my first PbP player attempt. I will gladly (gleefully, even) play any of the loveable little fiends.

There's a Meetup, now!

Bump number three. No PFRPG players in Korea?

Another shot. Doesn't even have to be by private message.


Oracle- lunar mystery also provides an AC.

Um, yeah. That about sums it up. If you're in DongDuCheon or Uijeongbu area, hit me up by private message. I GM PFS and have Iron Gods coming to me. I'm willing to play a different AP or homebrew but unlikely to GM those.

1-level dip in Bard will open up the knowledges and keep CHA synergy. Unless you want to use a standard action on a performance that never gets better, I'd take the archeologist archetype.

Unapologetic sounds wonderful! I also enjoy Sapporo, especially in those bullet - proof cans.


Gotcha. Another possible option would be a wand; since it's on your "spell" list, you can use it without UMD. Still expensive by comparison, though.

Since I'm leaving town for a year, I'm still drinking up the Maryland beers. Tonight's comes from Baltimore: Red Sky at Night by Heavy Seas. There are some flavors that I'm trying to pick out, still. It's significantly different from the IPAs that I'm used to, but I think it's going to find it's place on my palette.


Just so you know- it's on the Alchemist list, so an Alchemist 7+ with the Infusion discovery can get you Monstrousized.

May I recommend Abadar as this one's patron deity? Seems like the logical choice for a "redeemed barbarian." He fights for civilization!

3 people marked this as a favorite.

@Wes: good on you and on Paizo for refusal to make it a negative thing. Amongst the many, many reasons why I enjoy the Paizo community.

@Torbyne & pH unbalanced: it's been a while. I get the feeling that we're all remembering the ones that we felt had the best argument for plausibility. pH, zie will, zie will.

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