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Chris Mortika wrote:
Medieval scribes knew him well: Titivillus.

If anybody is familiar with AD&D MM2, read the body of my profile and compare it to Titivillus. Just saying.

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Now that official images of at least two psychic Iconics have been released, what can you say about choosing color schemes for characters?

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It's a hardcover. Probably Wayne Reynolds.

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Whenever the player does not have access to his/her non-CRB material, that player may not use those resources. This is true whether they're using a friend's copy or a library book.

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Dragon78- look at the new Familiar book! Link

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Wow. Martial-caster disparity is apparently less debate/complaint/argue-worthy than opinions about sex. I probably would not have guessed.

I understand all of your arguments and have enjoyed reading them (no, really).

What's coolest (to me) is the (possibly forced) civility. That meme, while too rare, really does not grind my gears. I've had some pretty opinion-heavy arguments with a few of you, and really, genuinely enjoyed the experience.

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Darklands? My money is on Casmaron/Vudra. Expanded information on the continent was delayed to be able to build on psychic magic rather than having to go back and retroact psychic rules. No need for further delay, now!

Also, I really hope for an India-flavored AP. It's removed enough from "typical" yet incredibly conducive to fantasy play. My only concern is for finding good subject matter experts, but even that is easily resolved with a quick messageboard search.

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@Wes: good on you and on Paizo for refusal to make it a negative thing. Amongst the many, many reasons why I enjoy the Paizo community.

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"Crystal Frasier wrote:
Mulibrous Tincture

You just had to follow up great fluff with the crunch to back it?... I'm with Gorbacz on the "contributor" title.

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With regards to Earth (capitalized!), aren't tuatara from New Zealand?

EDIT: ninja'd

More importantly: Crystal, it took reading the first page and a half of comments to actually understand Shardra's story but I must congratulate you on a double-entendre of becoming a shaman (historically, to be a "shaman," you must first have suffered some sort of medical malady, and after venturing into the spirit-world and overcoming the malady, you would have the insight to qualify you into shamanism). I thought that the broken arm was a relatively weak malady, story-wise, but as I came to realize that the arm wasn't it, her story really came together. Kudos and well written (even if it took a little explaining for me to get it)!

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The Forgotten Realms model for default RPG settings, that is- a world in which a country or region can be found for most real-world analogues as well as most popular fantasy settings, is a "please everybody," politically-correct, commercially viable move.

Take a look on the Golarion map at where Numeria, and the entire Iron Gods AP (I would guess) lies. Up in the northeast corner, way out of everybody's way. Basically, it is either the setting for your campaign, or it is so distant that it never gets mentioned.

As for suspension of disbelief and verisimilitude, Numeria is a desolate wasteland so far from everything else that only the best travelled or educated have probably even heard of it. There is an enormous hole with demons coming out of it nearby- which probably comes up a lot more often than "that place with no crops that apparently some metal star crashed into and messed everybody in it up pretty bad a long, long time ago."

Sci-fi peanut-butter in my fantasy chocolate? Generally speaking, I'm with you fellers- it's not my thing. This time, though, I'm looking forward to it more than I can explain. Still- I'll try. This AP draws on all of the Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Sandal, Post-Apocolyptic Wasteland, Space Opera, Star Wars, Battlestar Gallactica, Buck Rodgers, Flash Gordon, Thundarr the Barbarian, Galtar and the Golden Lance, Thundercats, Silverhawks, Herculoids, and all the other media of my youth. (I suspect that most of Paizo was born in the mid 70's)

I totally understand that many people won't buy or play Iron Gods. I'm going to, though.

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From the upcoming ACG, an Aberrant Bloodrager sounds like a pretty cool, irradiated twist on the Barbarian! I could definitely see an Investigator, equipped with goggles and mask, poking around some ruined alien craft. There's no Metal Shaman (yet), but that would be pretty sweet- use Wandering Spirit to get elemental powers.

Looking into this is really fun! I think I might use my Owlbear for a season-6 inspired character.

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While it isn't the meatiest book to have ever been written, I just got a hold of one of my childhood favorites, The Dream Eater by Christian Garrison and illustrated (the really important part for me) by Diane Goode.

It's about a little boy and a baku!

Dark Archive

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Bard was my first thought; I really like Dirge Bard to "black magic" it up a bit.

Fey or Infernal Sorcerer was actually my next thought. I hadn't even considered Inquisitor.

I'll think about my options at work and post my build this afternoon/evening. Thanks!

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Really. I think that would be fun. I'm open to just about any legal options to make Baba Ji. Sadly, his PFS number won't be a phone number with country code.

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PFS? If not, re-skin a fox as a wolf cub. Or go through all the trouble to get an AC via feats. Either way, you gotta have it. Ooohh! The best way would be via Leadership- get yourself...a winter wolf!!!!

Winter Wolf Witchwolf Winter Witch with a winter wolf!

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For alliterative and redundant (and redundant) purposes, I think I would have to play a Winter Wolf Witchwolf Winter Witch with a wolf.

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Pan wrote:
abyssian wrote:
To go with a stereotype, Bards played by new players tend to be played by females who want to contribute meaningfully without a lot of character-build decision-making that they don't think they have enough experience to make. I've seen this, and it doesn't seem negative or misogynistic to relay the information, despite being clearly sexist, so there you go.

This is crap and you should feel bad for posting it.

It's just been my experience. New male gamers seem to like making things go "bang;" new female gamers seem to like being helpful and seeing how things work. Again, as I said, in my experience.

Also, it should be noted that I'm not trying to enforce the stereotype (though on a re-read, I could see if that was the interpretation), just pointing it out.

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Well, a lot of us just want a new player to have a good experience. If monk is the non-negotiable item, then we at least want him/her to play without feeling weak or useless.

This is also why so many of us have suggested something other than monk to play.

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Green, even if witchcraft is impossible, Malisai could be represented by an Oracle. He's a sicko who doesn't want to belong to sicko society but is having a hard time adjusting to the soft, helpful ways of humanity.

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Yeah. Anymore, when I want a guide, I go straight to BZ's site. It's bookmarked up at the top of my Chrome right between Meetup and Archives of Nethys. Very useful.

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Best of luck, Sean. Enjoy Indiana and don't totally reject the potential to knock out a freelance piece or do a guest appearance.

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I'm pretty drunk, right now, on a six pack of "The Truth Imperial IPA" by Flying Dog. The first sip was crap, but I adjusted pretty quickly (which is more than I can say for my typing!!)

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I apologize if I've entered into the thread at an awkward moment. It's at 443 posts prior to mine, so forgive me if I repeat somebody's(ies') sentiment.

I was a server for quite a few years. I was very good at it. I usually left a shift with about 19% take-home. I tipped out to my host staff and service bar a total of about 5%. (All percent values reflect a percent of sales prior to tax or tip). I typically worked about 30 hours a week and made great money.

That "great" money was by no means easy. It was the highest stress job I've managed to hold for any mention-able time. It was also the job with the greatest level of genuine teamwork and support. High-stress, high-support. By some studies that I've never read or even checked to make sure that they exist, this is the ideal professional environment for talented individuals. I agree.

Now to the point. I worked hard. Really hard. I ensured that you (generic, in this case) had everything you wanted, but never had to ask for it. I got paid .5xminimum wage by my employer (altogether legal) which just about covered my taxes to IRS and MD (and county, neither here nor there).

Tip your damn waiter. If you never really had to speak to him/her but got everything you wanted, tip more.

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Big Snow II, Revenge of Work and School Closings, was insufficient in its ability to stop ol' Abyssian from making a booze run in the Corolla. A neighbor from the next court over couldn't make it up the hill in his Crown Vic. Front-wheel-drive, I think I love you.

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Jeff Erwin wrote:

I feel as I may be more attuned to racial privilege issues myself for two reasons:

1. I lived in the American South as a kid and was friends with black people in my school (it was a mostly white school with maybe <15% black kids). Its tough to be friends with people who are targeted by authority figures (administrators and teachers) completely on account of their perceived delinquency. (I.e., in a fight, the black kid almost always got worse punishment). Most black people I knew were stoic about it - drawing attention just drew more aggressive persecution.

2. My daughter is part African American. When I take her to the park, other kids have refused to play with her because of her skin color. Even when I overheard one kid tell their parent "I don't want to play with her because she's dirty" (i.e., has dark skin) the kid's parent refused to address this (this sort of thing has happened several times). I think that there is a human instinct - stronger in some of us than others - to exclude or avoid people who do not resemble our families. I'm pretty sure you have to pro-actively act to undercut this sort of childish racism before it becomes reflexive. Also, how one's parents react to people who are different tends model whether you act in a suspicious, uncaring, or fearful way to people who are different. It's partly this that suggests to me that the problem is white institutions and families not querying how they teach such reactions and not challenging the development of exclusionary affectionate patterns. After all, a major factor in the development of tolerance and even love for people who are queer, non-white, or disabled is actually have a real, non-aquaintence, friendship who is one of these things. But in fact, because children have a tendency to pick up on even slight non-verbal cues about our biases, it's quite easy to pass on low-level racism even if you don't intend to. Obviously I don't want to impart these prejudices to my daughter; and I wrestle with my own. I don't think we should be...

Jeff, if you grew up where I grew up, things would have worked out for you...pretty much the same. I'm from Prince George's County, Maryland, called by some "the largest population of affluent African-Americans in the United States."* Racism is no small issue here, and, despite the overall presence of non-troublemaking African-Americans, the law still sits on the side of, well, anything white. My neice is half-black and she's frikkin awesome. She's six, now, so she's just starting to hear the really stupid s#!t that comes out of people's mouths and I'm afraid that my sister isn't up to the challenge of setting her up for success. I could go on for a long time, but I know that all of my ability to structure paragraphs and make sense in the long run is screwed when I start talking about this sort of thing.

Hit me up on PM if you want to talk. I'm here for you, man.

*Since I don't remember who I'm quoting, just consider it a paraphrase.

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Well, Hama, it's because of people like you (a bad way to start a sentence- this isn't going to be negative) that I think that smoking should not be banned in a capitalist nation. Let me explain. If there is a profitable demand for non-smoking establishments, entrepreneurs will (should, at least) recognize that and open their non-smoking businesses, be they clubs, bars, diners, or whatever.

The problem is that there isn't enough demand for a lot of establishments, especially ones that thrive on the sale of alcohol, to make the switch. If there were more people like you, even if those people were not the proprietors, we would see clubs and bars becoming non-smoking establishments without any government mandate. It already happened for many restaurants because there was a demand.

Anyway, that's my take.

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I felt like the "ooh, that dwarf is kind of hot" aspect was just another nail in Tauriel's "abandon the elf kingdom" coffin; she represented a desire to do the right thing, despite the King and his rules. She was what CG is supposed to look like.

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The monster stat-block above wrote:
Bountiful Corpse (Sp) Consuming the corpse of a feast golem grants the effect of a heroes’ feast, but those that partake are fatigued for 1 day.

While fatigued by a Feast Golem's Bountiful Corpse ability, creatures must make a DC16 Will save (CHA based) or be compelled to spend their time on a couch, watching Football. This is an Enchantment (Compulsion) effect.

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Not at all. I was serious about everything I said. If we ever get the pleasure of gaming together and you are the GM and this comes up, I know that you have thought about it. If vice versa, I think that you would agree that in my world, it works like I've said.

I genuinely enjoy arguing amicably with reasonable people. You seem to be one of them. I hope we can disagree on interpretation again in the future!

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Don't hate on PFS. It isn't for everybody, but it's a good way to "PUG" PFRPG games.

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I'm sort of with Grimmy. The PC doesn't necessarily have the presence of mind, but with Dominate, the PC is just being commanded like a marionette, not actually friendly to the Dominator like (s)he would be vs. Charm. As a result, the PC is acting for the enemy but is not actually for the enemy. Make sense?

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thejeff wrote:

Seems a bit excessive. But then pretty much everything Jackson does is excessive.

One of my big problems with him on the Tolkien movies. He's uninterested in subtle or understated. And that's much of what I like about Tolkien.

You're right. It's actually kind of mind-blowing to me that Peter Jackson (and all of Wingnut, if I'm not mistaken) are Kiwi; his over-the-top, forceful approach vs. J.R.R.Tolkien's subtler approach made me certain that he was American. Sometimes I'm wrong, I guess.

I don't necessarily like the all of the ponderous bits of Tolkien's subtleties, though. Sometimes his characters take actual "in game" months to get moving or it'll take an entire chapter to pass a creek.

Call me American, but sometimes PJ's take seems a little easier to swallow.

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Fate's Favored seems like a potentially really useful trait. I'm trying to figure out what race/class combo feeds it best.

I figured halfling priest (Desna or other Luck Domain God) would be the best, but that doesn't seem to be the case, since the combination grants Racial bonuses and re-rolls, not luck bonuses.

Archaeologist bards make a LOT of use of luck bonuses... I just think that there is a way to either do better or make an archaeologist even better.


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RJGrady wrote:
Abyssian wrote:
Oh, one more thing: can we get Knowledge (nature)? I can definitely see BRs not taking it, but it's kind of Bararian-ish, and shouldn't unbalance anything.
Okay, so I just noticed that bloodrager bloodlines don't grant new class skills. Weird.

Hmm. I didn't even think about that. If we can't get Know (nature), can we get an added skill or two to each of the bloodlines? Can we even if we do?

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lbporter wrote:
I was trying to build a war priest for Pathfinder Society and I noticed that it is really cool to get a bonus combat fear 1st level, but most combat feats have a +1 BAB prerequisite. Just an FYI.

Combined with the extreme "dippability" of the class as currently written, the +1BAB requirement for so many combat feats has caught the eye of the lead designer. The final draft should address this issue.

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Oh, one more thing: can we get Knowledge (nature)? I can definitely see BRs not taking it, but it's kind of Bararian-ish, and shouldn't unbalance anything.

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It's been mentioned before but I want to +1 that my expectations for this class were more along the lines of a divine Magus than a Paladin for all alignments.

For those that believe that the Warpriest isn't especially good at combat, would that help? I haven't played a WP, yet (and may not; it's my least favorite of the playtest classes) but I'll try in the near future to make some specific recommendations by altering some of the existing WP mechanics and post them here.

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Why is this hard? Bastard swords are intended for One-Handed use and are One-Handed weapons. That they are usable as Two-Handed weapons with Martial Proficiency only alleviates the penalties for non-proficient use.

Bastard Swords are One-Handed weapons.
Without Exotic Weapon Proficiency (EWP): Bastard Sword, they CANNOT be used with one hand.
With Martial Weapon Proficiency (MWP): Bastard Sword*, they can be used with two hands without the non-proficient penalty, but are still One-Handed weapons.

*Typically, there is no reason to take the MWP rather than the EWP if you actually have to burn the feat.

When being used as a Martial Weapon in two hands, it is being used as a One-Handed Weapon wielded in two hands, just without the non-proficient penalty.

If you only have Martial Weapon Proficiency, don't bother purchasing a Bastard Sword, you only have a substandard Greatsword (substandard in damage dice and handedness).

Did this help?

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thaX wrote:

You have not played a true Tiefling unless you played her in the Planescape Setting.

Not him, her. Okay?

Haha. Do you remember Tony DiTerlizzi's hot Tiefling from the Monstrous Compendium, too?

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Jessica Price wrote:
A whole lot of stuff

Can I just say that, as a devout heterosexual, I am glad that the game company that I give my monies to is openly supportive of gay relationships? I think we (especially gamers, who have lived with "alignment" as a fact of life, just about) have grown beyond (ok, well..mostly) hating homosexuality.

That all said, If there was a Golarianic culture that would openly oppose homosexuality, Dwarves would work pretty well for that.

All in all, though, it is your world and it should be played how the table overall feels it should be played.

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Ouch to Heavens (Dual Cursed). "Save against MY color spray? How 'bout you roll that one again?"

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@Finlanderboy: if that were implemented, it would leave the first couple of months of a scenario's life to be played only by the confident, foolhardy, or ignorant. Not necessarily but...

I'm going back to my original stance. There is no problem. If a scenario isn't especially life threatening, so be it. If another is lethal, so be it. Really (like really, really) players should expect their characters to sometimes face ridiculous peril and sometimes should have a field day, but mostly be somewhat challenged.

If a given player makes extreme, optimized, kill-machines and is disappointed in his/her experience because the fights are too hard, I say "make another character! Make a character who you can roleplay!" If another player is getting frustrated because his off-center role-only characters are getting eaten, I say "make another character! Make a character who can survive an adventurer's life!"

Sorry, Finlanderboy, only the first paragraph was at you.

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Not to be persnickety, but I'm a little lazy. Do you think you could re-write your archetype and include what it replaces?

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The Red Ninja wrote:
Abyssian wrote:

Adventuring, by nature, is dangerous and unpredictable. Why try to change that?[/soap box]

Qua??? We're not trying to change that! We want that! The exact problem is that adventuring as it stands is both safe and predictable!

I think we agree that adventuring should be dangerous. I guess what I'm trying to get across is the "unpredictable" bit. Sometimes your "quest-giver," be it Ambrus or Dreng or whoever, just chooses right and sends a group out that totally annihilates any roadblocks that come their way. Other times, they'll send a bunch of combat monsters to ask nicely for something.

So what's Paizo to do? Pretty much nothing they are not doing already, in my opinion. We already have "pushover" scenarios and "killer" scenarios. We have faction missions that some characters can't even attempt and others that are pretty much "gimmes." I think that that fits the "unpredictable" nature of adventuring perfectly.

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[soap box]Not to nay-say (I've seen where that can go), but why? All of this: why? So the super death-machine characters roll over combats..... so? And the Diplomacy +147 characters roll over social encounters.... so? And the trap-finders.... you get the idea.

The episodic nature of PFS (probably my favorite aspect of it, BTW) helps to ensure that the death-machine needs to sit back and watch the super-face do his/her thing once in a while and the trap-master might be bored to bits in a scenario that has no traps. The easiest solution is player-controlled: be semi-optimized for a couple of different roles rather than super-optimized for a single role. Why do we need to warn players of the potential lethality of adventuring? Also, why do we need to warn them that the Pathfinder Society, essentially an archaelogist club, may send its members out to do something other than cut a monster in half?

Adventuring, by nature, is dangerous and unpredictable. Why try to change that?[/soap box]

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As Seranov alluded to, Sarenrae has worked side by side with evil in the past when defeating/sealing Rovagug. She doesn't like evil, and your paladin probably wouldn't either, but if the threat at hand requires a daemon to punch it in the face, the Dawnflower not only approves, she encourages.

Well, that's my interpretation of how a fictional goddess thinks.

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