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Products Stonehenge Library

Stonehenge Library
Stonehenge Stonehenge

Welcome, one and all, to the Anthology Board Game™ Library.

On this site, you can find new games for use with Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game, and you can post your own Stonehenge games for the community to play. Our template lets you create a PDF of your game that looks like the games in the Stonehenge rulebook!

Come check out some new games!

These games require a copy of Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game to play.

Click here for the Stonehenge guidelines.

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2–6 players. Recently unearthed ruins have been found, artifact hunters from all over the world race to collect the ancient artifacts scattered in the dig. The artifact hunters must create paths and join to other paths so as to not to disturb the ruins. The hunters may run into others and...

2–5 players. The time has come to select the next high druid, and what better way than rolling a gigantic boulder around until it falls into a pit and crushes sacrificial victims into red paste? The druid with the most acolytes still alive at the end of the evening is declared the winner....

1–5 players. Lore and legend says that the origins of Celtic Whist is shrouded in mystery. Lore and legends also conflict as to the origins of this trick-taking card game. Some say the game is possibly a druidic ritual of purity tied in some way to Stonehenge, or a way for Celtic Monks to...

2–5 players. History reports that darts is British in origins. However, it doesn't report the connection of it to Stonehenge. In fact, no one has speculated it may have something to do with darts, until now. Seeing the nature of the Stonehenge, if you look at it through the eyes of a...

2–5 players. In Chariots of Stonehenge, Mike Selinker proposed that Stonehenge was a chariot racing track for aliens. Well, if these aliens are anything like human beings, they would be betting on the race. This game covers exactly how the aliens wagered on the races. Players play aliens...

2–4 players. The Druidic High Council is being held, and a critical matter must be decided. But the council is split. Can you sway them to your side?

2 players. In this abstract strategy game, two druids and their armies, battle to cross from one side of Stonehenge to the other.

2–5 players. This is yet another abstract strategy game for the Stonehenge. The basis of this game is Mancala, and it comes with three games. One games is standardish Mancala. A second game is deduction/guessing/bluff and a third would fit under gambling.

1 player. This game is an attempt to convert the cardgame Freecell over to Stonehenge, so Stonehenge has a single player puzzle game. The game shares some similarities to the original Freecell, but has been modified to fit the Stonehenge game system.

4–5 players. No one knows whatever happened to Camelot. Surely if it existed, it had wealth. If it had wealth, then it must have been buried somewhere, and thieves would try to recover it. Well, this game presumes that the treasures of Camelot were buried under Stonehenge, and thieves tried...

2–5 players. This game is an attempt to adapt Tic-Tac-Toe or GoMoku to Stonehenge in a non-trivial way. It supports up to 5 players, and provides some interesting play mechanics to make it a completely different game.

2 players. The research teams digging around Stonehenge are all going broke. Salting the sites with fakes and bribing the museum's Chief Inspector is the only way to make a buck these days. Digging up the same junk tomorrow is even better.

2–5 players. June 6th, 2057... One week from graduation. The only way that you are walking with your degree is by passing Dr. Abe Xavier's Anthropology 754 Final Exam. He walks into the classroom, hands all of the students an envelope and walks out of the classroom. The envelope says Open...

2–4 players. Druids aren't just some ancient holy people who wear robes all day and chant around large circles. No, my friends, they also love a good game of soccer and they are awesome players. However, the rules they play with are a little weird.

2 players. This is an attempt on the part of the designer to adapt Backgammon to Stonehenge, while providing a few changes to make it a totally unique game.

1–50 players. Stackhenge is a physical dexterity party game that measure the ability of players to stack the Stonehenge disks into a single pile, one on top of another.

1 player. To add a blessing to your village, you wish to light its Sacred Fire from the most mystic of all - the well protected and jealously guarded Stonehenge fire itself. You must sneak past the vigilant druids in the dead of night and smuggle out what you can, hoping not to be caught.

3–5 players. A magical race to see which druid's group of spirits will be first to completely arrive at Stonehenge for the annual convocation.

1–5 players. The players are all giants working together to roll rocks though all five trilithons of Stonehenge in this dexterity game. To aid them in this difficult task they get to place bars to help guide the rolling rocks. Will the giants win before they run out of rocks or will the...

2–100 players. According to Richard Garfield, as stated in the rules to Magic of Stonehenge, the Celtic word for beard is Droo. By coincidence, there is a cardgame, called Barbu, that is made up of multiple other games, that is named after the French word for bearded (barbu). This game is a...

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2–4 players. As pilgrims completed their journey to Stonehenge, the gods vied for their loyalty. The gods attracted followers and organized them into clans; they also unleashed mighty powers to eliminate followers of other gods. When the dust settled, one god stood victorious, while the...

2 players. Contiguity is another abstract strategy game for two players for Stonehenge. It challenges players connect their pieces into one Orthogonally connected group.

2 players. Contiguity Deluxe is an advanced version of the original Contiguity. It is for two players, that has players attempting to connect their pieces into one orthogonally connected group or surround an opponent's druid piece.

2–10 players. Lexihenge is an attempt to create a word game for Stonehenge, that plays quick, and is unique.

2–5 players. This takes the basic Fidchess and turns it into a game for up to 5 players. The game replaces Oin promotion, from original Fidchess, with increasing the power of a piece by adding opponent's pieces to it when capturing.

2 players. This game is an attempt to do a Chess-like game for Stonehenge. It has a unique “morphing” ability to change pieces and increase or decrease their size as needed by players, in order to change their ability. The game has pieces similar to pawns, which also promote and various strength...

3–5 players. Druids were wise men and women who looked after their people, who called upon the ancient gods for guidance and who sometimes liked to have some fun. One of their favorite games was to run around the stone circle. But since they had some magical powers, they used this to hinder...

2 players. This game is an attempt to turn Raiding Stonehenge into a two player game.

3–5 players. The Summer Solstice is approaching and the decision needs to be made on which druid will lead the ceremony. Each druid will attempt to convince the clans and the spirits that they have the power to successfully perform the necessary rituals to ensure a prosperous year ahead.

3–5 players. It is the height of the Era of the Druids. The High Druid has called together all of the wisest, strongest, and politically powerful Druidic factions to embark on a grand endeavor; the construction of Stonehenge. While all of the factions must work together to achieve the...

2–5 players. A territorial contest for 2-5 players.

3–5 players. You are one of several druids competing in the games. This is a test of balance, speed, dexterity, willpower, and magic. Your opponents aren't going to make it that easy though. While you are trying to get to the alter, they are trying to slow you down. Welcome, and good luck.

2–5 players. You are the head of one of many Celtic clans vying to become the king of the Celts. You will battle your opponents in a destructive and bloody fight to decide who is best suited to be king.

2–5 players. The Square Circle is an area control/commodity speculation game. Players employs merchants in various markets in an attempt to influence the value of the goods collected in the game.

2 players. Take control of a clan of wee highland folk at the Umpteenth Occasional Games and trounce your opponent in the Fightin', Drinkin', and Stealin' events. Excitement! Drama! A thousand elephants!

2–5 players. Who can think of Stonehenge without harkening back to the great song by Spinal Tap? I certainly cannot, so I ran with that theme and created a game about a rock concert at Stonehenge, and how much fun it is to try to find a seat at an outdoor festival. I can almost hear the...

3–4 players. In the Stonehenge Spell Casting Game, players represent druids attempting to cast a powerful spell. Why? That's where imagination comes into play. Cast the spell for whatever reason you want, but when you do, you win the game. ... Players use an energy conversion mechanic to...

2 players. Use your wits and some luck to annihilate your opponent's tiny plastic disks. may not want to annihilate them lest you have to order more. This game is super simple and plays quickly if you've got some time to kill. I suppose it could be likened to checkers.

3–5 players. At each Equinox celebration a game is held to see which Master Druid will have sway over the majority of trilithons. A race of raw speed and wisdom takes place to determine who will have the most influence until a similar competition takes place at the upcoming Games of the...

3–4 players. The players are priests who must create a magical barrier and summon spirits of Nature to defend Stonehenge against demons. Score points by defeating demons and controlling areas of power. The best protector of Stonehenge shall rule.

2 players. The ancient origins of a civilized sport. Play Test, Limited Over or Twenty20 versions of the game at its most hallowed amphitheater.

2–8 players. The Druid Council has become weakened through in-fighting and years of drought. The leader of each Druidic chapter races to seize control of the council and assume power as Chief Druid. Upon establishing command he unleashes a team of assassins to eliminate his political...

2–5 players. Absolution is a cooperative game in which players work against the clock at Stonehenge. Should they fail, a hapless druid will die at the hands of corrupted high priests who demand a blood sacrifice. Games typically last 30-45 minutes.

2–7 players. Your tribe of celts are seeking to dominate Salisbury Plain by controlling a majority of its sacred sites. This light 4X game can be played by up to 5 players with the Stonehenge Anthology Board Game, or up to 7 players if the Nocturne Expansion is also used.

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