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Remembering Season 2 and the Assignment of New Venture-Captains

Monday, April 23, 2012

One of my top goals from day one has been to see a facelift to the Pathfinder Society home page, and the creation of various sub-pages that will link to it. Though I can’t provide much details of what the final results will look like yet, I can say that one of the areas it will include is a section on the history of Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

It is important that new players can join the Society at any time and look back at what has happened in regard to the storyline from previous seasons. At the same time, veteran players will be able reflect back on what happened during a season they participated in. This is especially true as we move forward with the revamp of faction missions and season-long faction goals having lasting effects on future storylines, the viability of the factions’ existences, and rewards that characters in certain factions can earn. The first goal to accomplish this was a recap of Season Two, Year of the Shadow Lodge.

I met with Wolfgang Baur at Neon Con last November to discuss how we could get more Pathfinder, specifically Pathfinder Society, into Kobold Quarterly. When I pitched the idea of a Season Two recap in the spring issue, KQ #21, he seemed excited. I reached out to Nicholas Gray, a very devoted player I knew from my days in Atlanta, and he agreed to write up a summation that included the major plot points from the scenarios that revolved around the Shadow Lodge insurgency. Once the summer issue of Kobold Quarterly is released, and the new Pathfinder Society home page goes live, this article will also appear on the history section. A big thank you goes out to both Wolfgang and Nick for making the idea become a reality. You will also be able to find a recap of Season 3, Year of the Ruby Phoenix, shortly after Gen Con on the same page.

Switching focus from the history of Pathfinder Society to the future, in the past 4 to 6 weeks, I have assigned six new Venture-Captains to the Society to help grow PFS in their regions. Some were announced on the messageboards. Others have recently been assigned. Regardless, I wanted to write a few words to make sure they receive the recognition and thanks they deserve for stepping up and taking the reigns of PFS in their regions.

The two newest Venture-Captains to be assigned are James Engle in Cleveland, Ohio and James Hebert in New Orleans, LA.

James Engle will not only will be focusing his efforts on the Cleveland area, but he will also be helping coordinate the growth of Pathfinder Society in Canton and Akron as well. He advised me during his interview process that he would help out Toledo if there were a need.

James Hebert will expand outside of New Orleans and reach out to Lafayette and Lake Charles to the west, and Biloxi, Mississippi to the east. He also advised a trip to Baton Rouge may not be out of the question if there were interested stores or players looking to set establish games as well. Although it nearly killed me to put a Saints fan into a Venture-Captain position, I have faith that James can rise above the normal expectations of Saints fans and do a good job with Pathfinder Society. ;-)

We also added Michael McNerney in Columbus, Ohio, Karim Majeri in Paris, France, and Daniel Luckett in Western Michigan. Finally, we promoted Venture-Lieutenant Clint Blome to full Venture-Captain status of the Omaha, Nebraska region.

You have my thanks, and I’m sure the appreciation of your local players, for all of your efforts in coordinating Pathfinder Society.

Mike Brock
Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator

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Tags: Pathfinder Society Ryan Portillo

Sounds like the pathfinder chronicles are truly going to start .. this will be interesting to not only be able to read about the history, but to have also been there :)

great idea Mike

This may be a dumb question, but just how spoiler-free will these historical write-ups be of previous seasons? I am pretty sure they will have to contain some spoilers to be accurate, so will appropriate spoiler warnings be included with the article and on the website?

Grand Lodge *****

We had the article written similar to that of an encyclopedia article so it would fit the theme of a Pathfinder Chronicle article. There are some spoilers, to be sure, but no scenario numbers or the like were used. We won't have spoiler warnings as that would become to "bulky" in a historical, season recap article.

Shadow Lodge *****

It is important that new players can join the Society at any time and look back at what has happened in regard to the storyline from previous seasons.

Definitely. I was a little blind sided by seeing the shadow lodge as both a faction and someone i needed to kill.

Scarab Sages ****

Congratulations to all the new Venture Captains and Lieutenant's on their recent promotions. Next year is going to continue to be a great year for Pathfinder.

Silver Crusade **

Huzzah for all the new Officers, may your Lodges forever stand! Now, about those chronicles....I can't wait to see the official write up of a few things.

Dark Archive *

История написана победоносным товарищем.

... And those who whisper into the victors' ears from the shadows.


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All well and good, unless you're about to lead your play area into the Season 2 story arc.

But historical write-ups are good.

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