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4th Edition

4th Edition Friday, August 24, 2007We're all back from Gen Con, and aside from the launch of Pathfinder and our new Planet Stories novel line, the hot news at the show was the announcement of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, from Wizards of the Coast. Messageboards across the internet, from to EN World and Wizards of the Coast's own site, are abuzz with discussion of what was revealed at the show, what changes are in store for our favorite game, and what the future may hold. ......
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Tags: 4th Edition Curse of the Crimson Throne Pathfinder Modules Rise of the Runelords
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Gen Con Field Report Day Two

Gen Con Field Report Day Two Friday, August 17, 2007The second day of any four-day convention is typically referred to as the slow day. Retailers and manufacturers complain that nearly every year their business is down, the crowds are down, and Friday is generally a light day. Eager four-day attendees are typically seen swarming the Dealer Hall on Thursday to get the awesome Gen Con exclusives (such as Paizo's alternate Pathfinder #1 cover) and those folks are more inclined to game and rest...
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Tags: 4th Edition Community Conventions Gary Gygax Gen Con Planet Stories Wayne Reynolds
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Gen Con Field Report Day One

Gen Con Field Report Day One Thursday, August 16, 2007Hello from Gen Con! ... It's broiler hot, the humidity makes you feel like you're walking through a warm pond, and the bodies are stacked so close in the hall when someone trips in aisle 14 the domino effects doesn't stop until aisle 37. ... And that's awesome! ... We're having one of our best first days at a con ever and it's in no small part due to the crush of Paizo readers and fans that have mobbed our booth to look at and purchase...
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Tags: 4th Edition Community Conventions Gen Con
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