Sorting Through the Ruins

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

In short time, subscribers will be getting their monthly packages sent out containing Pathfinder Adventure Path #123: The Flooded Cathedral, but we haven't talked about Pathfinder Adventure Path #122: Into the Shattered Continent yet! So, here's my chance.

Illustrations by Roberto Pitturru

In Into the Shattered Continent the PCs continue to explore their new island home after dealing with some of the issues in the previous adventure. This adventure takes the PCs across the island of Ancorato and to one of the neighboring islands as the heroes makes sure that there aren't any more threats to the new colony.

Of course there are more threats, but the PCs also meet some friendly inhabitants that can help make their stay on the island much more pleasant. The adventurers come across these people as they explore the island and find relics of a lost empire, specifically some of the items they used, such as an ioun gauntlet, or places they inhabited, such as a ruined observatory.

Illustrations by Valeria Lutfullina

During the course of the PCs' survey of the island, they are asked to check out a few particular locations—spots that a certain early pathfinder who penned volume 1 of the Pathfinder Chronicles might have visited. If they make it through all of that, the PCs can tackle the end of this adventure in a blaze of glory!

Illustration by Sandra Posada

In addition to the adventure, this volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path also includes an 8-page article about the region where this campaign takes place, including some other points of interest that a GM could incorporate into this campaign. There's also a look at seven magic items and artifacts left over from broken Azlant that a GM could seed into the adventure for PCs to find.

Keep your eyes on this blog in a week or so when I give some teasers about what's in The Flooded Cathedral and go into some more detail about the gods of ancient Azlant!

Adam Daigle
Managing Developer

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Ioun gauntlet!? Now I will have to look at this more to my FLGS!

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Island exploration and relics of a lost empire?

VERY excited for this one!

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So, super excited about the return (and PF update!) for the Blast Shadow, last seen way back in AP #15.
I wonder if they PCs encounter them in a similar location?

A temporal echo of immediately before the fall of the star stone

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Is there some reason this is being listed under Website Feedback on the threads? Sadly I can't flag a blog as being in the wrong forum...

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No, but you can flag posts as being in the wrong forum. Just flag them.


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I've never changed a blog's forum before, but I think I've moved it correctly over to General Discussion.

Who is the Golarion deity of software/internet that I can pray to in hopes that I don't crash the site on accident?

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Sara Marie wrote:

Ive never changed a blog's forum before, but I think I've moved it correctly over to General Discussion.

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You rang?

I expanded my portfolio since Starfinder came out.

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