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New Plane Who Dis?

Somebody call for a rude dude with attitude?

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I have a question.

Jade Regent Spoilers:

Recently I was betrayed by my favoured servant Zaiobe. However due to the unique circumstances of her death, her soul has been kept from me, Pazuzu, her rightful owner. Although she did so in such a way to embarrass one of my most hated rivals Sithuud.

Should I go out of my way to raid the boneyard to reclaim her soul, which rightfully belongs to me Pazuzu? Or should I settle for petty vengeance against the mortals who helped enact her escape from my talons?

Your buddy in the Abyss,

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Sara Marie wrote:

Ive never changed a blog's forum before, but I think I've moved it correctly over to General Discussion.

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You rang?

I expanded my portfolio since Starfinder came out.


I think Pazuzu is pretty great!

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Seriously though, what did they write about me?