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Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

At Peregrine's question, Vorik looks around at the others and nods thoughtfully at Jaestra's words but then says,"Tis a kind and brave offer you've made lady Jaestra. Yet I would be remiss in not stepping forward to take on the task myself. The killing of a man in battle is one thing, wielding the harsh hand of the law can be quite another. It is a heavy burden I would not ask another to shoulder."

His usual jovial voice and nature are subdued as he continues, "I'll not let anyone say that Vorik Torgrimson shied away from doing the hard business of administering the law after those accused have been found guilty and condemned to their just punishment. Be assured I'll see that it's done cleanly and quickly, if the rest of you agree."

Having said his peace he folds his big arms across his chest to listen to what the rest have to say.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

As Vorik offers his services to be the executioner, a smile of relief spreads across my face and I reach across the table, grab his hand and squeeze it gently. 'Thank-you Sir Vorik, you are a man of honour and wisdom. I am deeply in your debt.'

Once I realise I am holding his hand, I release it quickly and begin to blush.

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

As Jaestra squeezes his hand, Vorik's cheeks suddenly match the reddish hue of his beard giving him the look of a sunburned bear. The usually talkative, boisterous man becomes a bit shy and tongue-tied. "Ah. Ahem. Well..."

He takes a quick breath to steady himself, and although his cheeks are still burning he is able to quietly say to Jaestra, "Thank you for your kindness my lady. Your words are an honor from one as lovely as you. Certainly there is no debt when I am just doing what is right and just."

While both the Half-Elf and the big Ulfen seemed to have reached an accord on the arcanist's question about who would serve as an executioner, Gaddak did not agree.

"Your honor is without a doubt unquestionable, Sir, and I do not wish to challenge it," he adressed Vorik, "but I have witnessed and carried out several executions in my time. Another one will simply be an addition to that dutiful burden," he confessed.

"If the bandits surrender, I propose they should be offered redemption in due time. Otherwise, they will die by the sword in battle, or be hanged upon capture and questioning," Gaddak said and looked outside, as if trying to stare through the palisade and into the wilderness.

"If at all possible despite the wildlife, I would probably hang bandit casualties to display outside. It may sound barbaric and unheard of in the cities, but in the frontier it will remind outsiders and bandits not to break the current laws - especially if outlawness is as rampant here as I was given the impression of." Gaddak might not think too much of this suggestion himself, even giving it a slight frown, but he or his father had been forced to use such tactics before with much luck.

Tossing in a Knowledge [nature] check here to see about that wildlife and dead bodies issue, even though it in practice is an issue for later 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17

Brow furrowed, Peregrine studied Jaestra for a moment, as if trying to figure out what to make of her, before turning his attention back to the table at large. "In truth, I had not expected so large a rush of volunteers. Hmm, perhaps it is a burden best shared. Vorik Torgrimson, Ser Orlovsky, might I suggest that you carry out the sentences together, such business will lie less heavily on two rather than one and an extra set of hands may prove useful at the very least."

"I think that is a good suggestion, especially since it is rather unlikely that they will just lay still and allow themselves to be executed. It may very well take at least two people to carry out the sentance. I will offer to listen to any confessions or last words that the condemned may have before their executions and will prepare the bodies for burial or assist with putting them on display if that is what we decide."

"Regarding sentencing, while your suggestion would simplify things a great deal Ser Orlovsky, I fear that we might be passing up on a useful means to an end. That is to say, a reduced sentence could be a powerful tool when it comes to collecting information. I would be willing to interpret, and feel it would be reasonable to do so, the surrendering of information that led to the capture of bandit leaders or the breaking of outlaw groups as repentant behavior. In short, we are afforded some flexibility, were it me, I would use it."

Peregrine leaned back and frowned. "Regardless of what we choose, unless we plan on killing them to a man, simply letting them go, for whatever reason, is not satisfactory. Unfortunately we have a logistical problem. What do we do with men that are not to be put to death? I do not believe we have a means of imprisonment, and such would be even more impractical a few days into the wilds anyway. I might suggest the severing of the first two fingers of the dominant hand, it would severely hamper their ability to use weapons and therefore ply their bandit trade should they attempt to return to such. Obviously anyone so marked, would be considered irrepentant were they to be captured again."

"What say you all?

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I stop blushing and look towards Peregrine, 'I believe you are a man of leadership Mr Fetch, I agree with both of your idea's. They should be allowed to go free, if they help in the capture of leaders or abandonment of groups. But while they are free to go to, they should lose the fingers. I would never have thought of such action, I am glad that the law can be established without killing every bandit we see straight away. This should instil peace and a sense of dread if people were to resort to banditry.'

I lower my head in a formal bow to Peregrine.

Kaylee nods in agreement. "It sounds like a just punishment and, as you said, it will mark them and unrepentant if captured again. In which case they will then be put to death."

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I turn to Gaddak, 'I thank you too; Sir Gaddak for taking on the burden of executioner.' I lower my head in a sign of respect.

Turning back to the rest of the group gathered here, 'So, we have decided who will be the executioners, the sentences and that Miss Kaylee will listen to their last words. I only have 1 last question, Mr Fetch said that if we could lure the bandits into this fort, we could trap them and not worry about them getting re-enforcements. But how do we intend to lure them in? I don't mind being bait, that I am used to. I used to do that while working with the watch. But if anyone else has any better idea's, then I would be happy to hear them.' I have an embarrassed smile on my face.

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Recovering from his earlier awkwardness, Vorik listens thoughtfully to Gadduck's and Peregrine's suggestions and the comments from Jaestra and Kaylee.

Turning to Jaestra, Vorik says, "Apologies, but before we discuss strategy, I have one last concern regarding how we deal with the bandits after ."

With a nod of the head he turns to Peregrine and says, "Your thoughts seem just to me. To loose two fingers is a fair punishment for those seeking to mend their ways after taking up the sword against others. It would also seem wise to share the burden of execution between two rather than allow the full weight to fall on the shoulders of one."

Then a frown crosses his face and his voice drops to a serious tone as he turns to Gadduck saying, "Hanging is a hard way to die, I'd prefer a swift blow myself. Yet that is less troubling than the thought of leaving the remains dangling in the wind either as warning or the appearance of trophies. Aside from the potential danger of attracting unwanted predators, I wouldn't have us appear like a band of Chelaxian tyrants, nor would I leave the bodies in the open and potentially useful to those who might practice the necromantic arts." At the mention of necromancy his voice takes a much darker tone and his eyes seem to fill with a burning hatred mixed with deep sadness.

"I cannot support such a practice. I would offer to see the condemned receive a proper Issian funeral pyre. Burning leaves no remains, and the smoke could still send a warning to others. Would this be acceptable?"

He looks to everyone else, but especially Gadduck to get a sense of his reaction.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

'Why of course Sir Vorik, that sounds a lot more pleasant to me. Also I do not think that the proprietors would like to have the bodies of hanging bandits outside their walls.'

I lean in closer to Vorik and whisper to him, 'You seem to really hate death-twisters. I don't blame you in the slightest, but you seem to hate them more than most. Perhaps later you would do me the honour of telling me why, I do not mean to pry and would not dream of forcing you to tell me. But it would help me get to know you better. I lean back into my chair and wait to hear what everyone else has to say about the bandit corpses.

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

This is assuming your all at the picnic tables near the fire.
Refer to map given, there is no bar,
that table in the north west building is in Oleg's home, I believe.

Through the Old fort's gates you see someone enter.

You see what appears to be an Ulfen woman of about 6 foot 9.
She has a muscular yet curvy human build with comely features and pale skin.
Her face looks attractive for a human. She has Sapphire blue eyes and lose Golden Blonde Hair that ends at her mid back.

She is wearing a Brown Pants, a white shirt short sleeved shirt, and a brown bodice. On her back are two swords, A longsword and sword as big has her, a Fullblade.*

*I have listed 4 or 5 Cons of the Fullblade in the OOC thread.

If you have a dislike of any character data. Please post in it in the OOC and list why.
So I can either explain it or change it to not cause friction.

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I look to the door as this giant of a woman walks in, I turn to the others, 'That bandit woman held 2 hand-axes right? So that huge woman at the door can't be her, as she is holding 2 swords?' The whole time she is in the fort, one of my hands is clasped around my bow and the other on the flight of an arrow, ready to nock it my bow string.

"I would prefer burial to return the bodies to the earth from whence they came. Plus such fires would be quite inadvisable during the dry season. I have no desire to inadvertently cause a forest fire."

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

Have no idea of height comparison between PC's except for Vorik
VITA 6'9"
Vorik 6'6"
everyone else??
Heights tend to helps me visualize the PCs and the scenes with proper ratios and scaling.

The woman approaches the group and asks
"Is this Oleg's Trading Post?"

5'4" for Kaylee's height. I was just going to cut and paste her appearance from my background, but my spoiler is blank, apparently paizo ate that attempt to save it. :(

"Yes it is. May we ask who you are?"

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

"I am Valeria Ingrid Titania Abia,
I was given a charter to explore the land here and kick bandit butt.
And I was told there would be 5 others with me."

A victim of the board gremlins as well.
To avoid that for character data.
I do the work in Notepad, save it, then post it, so I have a back-up copy encase the gremlins strike.

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Looking up from the conversation Vorik watches as the big warrior woman steps over to the table. Noticing Jaestra's tense hold on her bow he leans over and whispers, "Easy lass, I think she's another who carries the charter."

As Valeria introduces herself he listens politely and then offers a bow of the head and says, "Greetings friend. I'm Vorik Torgrimson." Pointing to the various charters scattered on the table he adds, "and yes, we all carry the Brevian charter."

"We were just discussing the potential of ambushing a group of bandits who've been harassing our good host and hostess and how we would deal with them once subdued." Waving towards an empty spot at the table he says, "Take a seat, enjoy some food and drink."

Turning back to Kaylee he says "You've a point about fire in the forest. Being from the harsher northern lands, I've not worried about such concerns. If you will see the bodies blessed, I'll see them buried deep and proper."

Peregrine quirked his eyebrow, looking up at the large woman with a sort of dispassionate interest, the spark of intensity he had shown once more retreated back into the depths of his being. "Your charter, may we see it?"

I reckon Peregrine is about 5'10". He's about 25ish, though he carries himself as though he were older and he is a thin, sullen man who favors dark clothes. He is not particularly handsome with his aquiline nose and slightly pitted pale face framed by shoulder length black hair. He is wearing black leather gloves, despite the time of year.

Knowledge (Arcana): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14. To see if he recognizes any trait that might betray her heritage. Given the situation I'll let you, Azure, decide if it's high enough, what it might reveal. The results one way or the other might affect how he views your character.

Kaylee, ever since I installed the Lazarus add-on into Firefox dropped and lost post bother me no more, it's very handy.

I'll go ahead and repost Kaylee's appearance here and then add it to her sheet.
Height: 5'4", Weight: 108, Eyes: Grey-Green, Hair: Chestnut brown, shoulder length.
Wearing a dark green tunic over a pale green blouse, dark brown pants and leather boots that lace up to her knees. Dark brown cloak embroider with dark green leaves around the edges which matches her dark green scarf that has dark brown leaves and acorns embroided on the ends.

"Welcome to the group Valeria. As Vorik said, we were about to begin discussion on how to best deal with the group of bandits that are due to arrive here tomorrow. Would you care to add any suggestions?"

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

24 years of age, 5'8" in height. Jaestra Gelabraes is a slender girl, with long blonde hair. She has green eyes and is quite petit. She is dressed in furs, but underneath the furs, there is a Leather Jerkin. On her back there is a beautiful, well made, dark mahogany longbow, with gold inlaid tribal markings and an unusual sword, with an icy blue sheen to it. The sword looks like it should be held in 2 hands, but the handle doesn't seem to be long enough for that. She also have a backpack, which appears to be almost full. On her hip she has a quiver, containing about 80 arrows.

At Vorik's reassurance, I release my grasp of my bow and arrows and following his lead I introduce myself, 'I am Jaestra Gelabraes, of the house Gelabraes. I take it from your armaments you like to fight in close quarters?'

I look towards Kaylee, 'Miss Kaylee, you make another good point. Fire can be dangerous in the woods, but where would we bury the bodies? I am pretty sure that Oleg would not want them buried outside his store.' I look as though I am trying to solve a puzzle, but not with much luck.

"Perhaps during our scouting of this area we may find a likely location for a graveyard?"

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

"Some of the Bandits will be here tomorrow.
If that is the case, lets see if we can turn the post into a trap or cage."

She takes a quick look about.

"If they arrive tomorrow and enter.
We'll provide no treat to warn others.
We'll have the fort doors open, but we'll hide behind the doors.
When the timing is right, we close the doors. Cutting off the retreat.
this also means we are caged in with them though."

she pauses a moment

"since we know they are coming, enhancement spells will help here."

VITA 6'9"
Vorik 6'6"
Peregrine Fetch 5'10"
Jaestra Gelabraes 5'8"
Kaylee Veridian 5'4"

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I turn to face the newest member of the expedition, 'I have no quarrels about your plan. But I have a suggestion about positions. Before you arrived, we all shared our strengths in combat and both Miss Kaylee and myself said that we are better at fighting from a range. Although I can fight in close, at range is where I am best. So would it be wise and strategic for Miss Kaylee and myself to be on the wall next to the gate? That way we are out of the way and we can still give cover fire. We could hide until the gates are closed and even get off the first couple of shots?'

I turn to face Kaylee, 'That is, if that is okay with yourself Miss Kaylee?'

Kaylee nods in agreement with Jaestra. "Yes, I would much rather avoid any close up fighting. I'd be more of a liability there than an asset."

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I turn around to look at Peregrine, 'Mr Fetch, where would you like to place yourself in this upcoming battle? You said you practise the Arcane Arts, correct? I would hate for you to be placed somewhere you would could hurt.' I let out a quiet girlish giggle, 'Please forgive me. I was not laughing at the thought of you getting hurt, no. It is just all this planning reminds me of a game my father used to play with me, I cannot remember its name. But it included a board, some figures and strategy to remove all of the opponents pieces before you lost all of your own. It would seem it was to teach me some strategy in battle...who knew?!' I giggle again.

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

"Your right in that regard.
I see two places with good line of fire for arrows, and
One spot that could work with casters."

She points to the walkway just 5ft south of the gate.
That spot is good for archers and casters; higher ground, close enough for some short range spells, and if your prone hard to spot."

She then points to the northern wall's walkway, about 15ft east from the northern ladder.
"That spot is only good for an archer; higher ground, some land obstacles (the tables) to the ladder, and if your prone hard to spot."

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Vorik studies the layout of the fort carefully as the others discuss the different possible options. With his brow furrowed in thought he speaks up saying, "I agree with Jaestra that she should be on the wall. Preferably, in one of the towers near the gate. If I was leading this gang of thieves, I'd not bring all of my men inside, just in case there was an ambush. So, if we are to keep them from alerting their comrades," he turns with a smile towards the young half-elf, "It'll be up to you and your bow, to make sure they don't get the chance to run off."

"Kaylee, I'd be concerned with you being on the wall, as we may need your healing powers quickly should the scoundrels choose to try and fight their way out. While I've plenty of confidence in our battle prowess, no fight is ever a sure thing." He looks around the courtyard and his eyes finally land on the small cart. "Perhaps we could move that cart against the building to provide a solid barrier from which you could cover the gate, while also being able to slip out and heal if needed.

He looks at Peregrine his thoughts seemingly on a roll as he warms up to the idea of striking a blow against the lawlessness of the land. "It could also offer cover for you master Peregrine, although one of the other locations Valeria pointed out might be better suited for your talents. I don't know."

Looking at the gate he frowns a bit, We should make sure the gate is well oiled and swings easily and quickly. I wouldn't want it stuck half open for some unexpected reason. I'll be happy to take one side, while Valeria or Gadduck could take the other."

He takes a deep breath and then lets it out with a puff of his cheeks, "Personally, I hope the villains surrender peacefully, but I doubt that will be the case." Looking around once again he asks, "Is there anything we've overlooked?"

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,
Peregrine Fetch wrote:


Knowledge (Arcana): 1d20+8. To see if he recognizes any trait that might betray her heritage. Given the situation I'll let you, Azure, decide if it's high enough, what it might reveal. The results one way or the other might affect how he views your character.

I am rigging a visual progression on her draconic traits, as she levels, so far none are very visible.

One change will be that her hair will get redder over time.
another will be the minor growth of a dragon's horns.

Quick reference image idea

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I listen intently as everyone is discussing positions for the charter holders, at the mention of myself being in a tower preventing anyone from retreating, I pick up my bow with one hand. 'Do not worry Sir Vorik, everyone, "Goldfire" and I will not let you down.' I stand up and salute, 'If anyone does try to flee, we shall strike them down true. Another question that has to be asked; I hope that you do not think that I am being awkward with all these extra questions, but where will Mr Oleg and Miss Svetlana be during this ambush?' After my question, I will sit down again and check my arrows for any imperfections.

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

"But Vorik, the tower has poor line of sight into the post.
That and the tower and walkway walls are about equal in height, say about 5 to 6 feet high."


she pauses
"What do we know about the bandit's habits?
If they are cautious yes, a few will be outside.
But if they are over confident, they all will be inside."

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Looking over to Oleg and Svetlana, Vorik politely asks, "Can either of you describe the bandits habits when they visit? Do they follow certain routines? Anything you can think of might be useful, so please don't hold anything back."

Deep in thought, Vorik strokes his beard lightly with one hand, then leans towards Jaestra and adds in a rumbling whisper which everyone at the table can easily hear, "My guess, is they should both stay under cover until the coast is clear. We already risk their lives enough. Perhaps we should even put some light bindings on both of them to make it look like we are raiders as well, just in case we should fail. That would give our good host a plausible excuse for the attack, and might allow him to convince the leaders he was not at fault. Of course, we would have to hide our charters so they couldn't be easily found."

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

"The tactic could work, or horribly backfire.
But Let's get go over what information we have.
An Old Retired Major I guarded for a month had a good quote
"Information is Ammunition."
And I believe it'll hold true, here."

There is a critical assumption in Vorik's plan.

she turns and asks politely of Oleg and Svetlana
"Since your locals, what do you know of the bandits hierarchy here.
I have seen a few places where various bandit groups were controlled by a top bandit group."

Peregrine seemed to be deep in thought as the others talked. He stroked his chin as his eyes slowly roved across the interior of the fort. Finally he spoke. "Here is what we can do. The bandits are expecting their regular tribute, we simply set it up as they would expect, though if that would normally be outside the gates, instead it will be inside. However it should appear as though the fort is deserted. Oleg and Svetlana will be hiding away in their quarters and will not answer any hails. Given the rampant lawlessness of this area I strongly suspect that the bandits will believe they are simply hiding out of fear and come inside to collect the furs and sundries themselves. Given their past experiences they have little reason to expect trouble."

"We can place Lady Gelabraes and Miss Veridian on the walkway of the wall just south of the gate. We will set up some kind of blind that doesn't look too out of place, perhaps with some old tarp, or some such, so they can easily lie in wait. If necessary we can also set up some sort of step in case they need to get a little higher in the event that they have to fire over the wall in the other direction. Directly underneath their position we can mound some hay from the stables over there, enough that if they need to quickly drop down from the wall in order to assist on the ground they can do so with great alacrity and little risk."

"Vorik your suggestion to oil the doors is well thought." Peregrine gave a little nod of his head toward the big man. "However let us only deal with one door, there is less that can go wrong. We shall close the south door, and put a bit of junk up against it so it seems that way for a reason and cannot be readily opened. Vorik, you and Ser Orlovsky should take position behind the northern door, between it being open and the building there, you should have sufficient means of staying out of sight."

"Meanwhile, Miss Valeria Ingrid Titania Abia," Peregrine paused just a split second, eying the enormous woman with that calculating dead-eyed stare of his, "I think you should take position behind that storage building in the middle, you can come around the northern side of it when the signal is given and effectively catch the bandits in a pincer. And, as I was mentioning to the others shortly before your arrival, we should try to take at least a couple of them alive so that we can question them properly about the rest of their fellows."

"I will position myself in the stables, there I will find a sufficiently large window with command of the courtyard, or I'll cut one myself tonight, if needs be. I will work my magics from there, and make my way to the courtyard if something more potent is required. I'll simply hide beneath the window and observe though one of the many cracks I'm sure such a building possesses until the proper moment."

"That proper moment will of course be when those on the wall give the signal, I'm sure we can rig it so that they are able to observe both the outside and inside. At their signal, and it would ideal to wait until the bandits are dismounted if possible, the two at the door will swing it shut and offer them the chance to surrender while everyone moves into position to attack. If they take any aggressive action I will attempt to put them down through magic and any that remain should be dealt with accordingly."

"Have I missed anything?

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I listen intently to Peregrines plan, after which I stand up, salute and reply. 'Yet another well thought plan Mr Fetch. A plan I am most happy to be a part of, it ensures that both Mr Oleg and Miss Svetlana are safe, that Miss Kaylee and myself are at a good range to assist while out of the way of any melee combatants. We can also get down quickly to assist...I really like this plan and will help out in whatever way I can, so we are ready for tomorrow.'

I sit back down, 'So the signal will be ... us dropping the tarp once everyone is inside or do you have another signal planned?'

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

"A slight problem, If the bandits see one door open and another closed, they could assume something is up.
As one open door forces them into a single file.* and looks a bit odd."

she turns to ask Oleg and Svetlana
"Here's a question, Do the bandits expect you to be present and or to load the cargo?

she faces the group again after she gets an answer, with her right index finger on her chin.

The northern door when fully open looks like it meets the corner of this North eastern building, which could hide me completely.
For the southern door, when it's open, have it just meet that cart.
A person who is prone has total concealment, and when the doors get closed, someone is guarding the ladder up to the walkway."

*horses are size large and a door is 15 feet wide.

"Does it matter what the bandits expect? If the post appears deserted won't they investigate anyway to see what has happened to them and to see if they left anything valuable behind? I rather doubt the bandits will think to themselves, Oops, looks like no one is home, so let's just leave.

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

"Actually I does.
If it IS what they expect, they will be very predictable.
If it IS NOT what they expect, they will not be predictable."

"If they see this post abandoned, odds are they'll then enter cautiously, alert, and on guard.
I would rather the bandits come in predictably, relaxed, over confident, and with there guard down.
A group of bandits with there guard down is easier to take down."

"Miss Abia...this is a fort in a wild land, that has already been assaulted by bandits, and Gods knows what else, it would seem more strange to me to have both doors standing wide open without good reason."

"I find myself in agreement with mister Fetch. Perhaps you don't have much experience in such a wilderness setting, but those of us who have lived here all our lives can tell you that few people would just leave all their doors open to the elements and animals of the wild without watching over them unless they did not intend to come back. Perhaps later I can relate to you a rather amusing story of a cousin who did in fact leave his door open and ended up with a bear in his kitchen."

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

I'll assume someone spilled the beans that they come in the morning. from Svetlana and that it happened like clock work.

"True it's in the wild, and that would be common sense
But the bandits arrive at a specific time, therefore.
I believe they would expect both doors open, SINCE they are expected.

"It's like a messenger who arrives at a castle every first of the month at noon,
would the gate of the castle be open or closed if they knew he was coming at that specific time."

But to be certain lets ask what IS expected?"

She asks Oleg and Svetlana
"When the bandits come do you have both doors fully open, half-open just one door open?"

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

After working over Peregrine's plan in his mind for a bit Vorik gives a quick nod to himself and says to the arcanist with a bit of a bow, "You've a fine mind for planning and a better way with words than myself friend. I've no objections, in fact I heartily support it." He lets out a hardy laugh and gives the table a strong thump, causing the dishes to rattle.

As the conversation veers towards what the bandits may or may not expect, Vorik starts to grow a bit restless and looks towards the sky.

"I'm in agreement with Kaylee and master Fetch on this point. We have no way of truly knowing the minds of these bandits. I'm sure they expect Oleg and his good wife to be tame and leave the goods for stealing, but beyond that, their actions become less predictable. We've a plan for if they are overly cautious or confident, and that puts our hosts at limited risk. All of which I support. However." He pauses to glance again at the sun as it continues its slow march towards the horizon. "We'd best get to work. We've a good bit of preparing to do and I'd not want to run out of daylight without being ready."

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I look up to the point on the wall I have been asked to keep watch from. 'I am glad we are being cautious, but would someone please tell me what the signal is going to be? I do not mean to sound impatient or angry, but the last thing I want is for us to plan all this out and then for Miss Kaylee or myself to not know the signal. That would make this a most wasted effort.'

I continue to look the wall up and down, 'Does anyone have any red fabric and a cloth? We could make a small flag to hold up, once all the bandits are inside? That would be quiet and wouldn't alert them to our presence before time.'

I look back at the group and smile softly, while waiting for a reply. I pick up my mug of drink and start to take a small sip again, which I return to its place on the table once I have finished.

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

"There are two types of signal that can be use; A visual signal, or an audio signal.
Each one has an advantage and disadvantage.
A visual one is less likely to be noticed, but requires line of sight and may not be perceived by everyone.
A audio one can be noticeable like a sudden whistle or subtle like a bell ringing for breakfast.
But audio signals do not require line of sight and can be perceived by everyone, and getting us to all attack at once."

"I'm sure we are all aware of visual and audible signals. You need not speak to us as if we are children."

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Grumbling a bit under his breath at Valeria's comment, Vorik gives a quick nod towards Kaylee in agreement.

He then turns to Jaestra and offers, "I'll likely not be able to see anything as I stand behind the open gate. I'm not certain about the others."

He holds his chin in his hand for a few seconds while thinking and then says, "Why not have the signal simply be you or Kaylee demanding the bandits surrender once they are inside. As soon as I hear your shout, I'll slam the gate closed and we can all be ready to subdue anyone who starts to draw a weapon or escape. That should accommodate anyone who is hiding where they can't easily see where you're hidden."

Female Half-Elf Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3

I smile when I hear that we need to call for their surrender. I stand up, face Vorik, 'Sir Vorik, would you like to help me with setting up for tomorrow? I think we have heard what will be important for us during this ambush, I know the signal and as you said, it will be better to get all of this ready before sun down.'

Once the hay is moved to below the walls, I will climb up to the wall and try the fall to make sure that it is not going to hurt too much if I need to drop down. I will also check to see what sort of sight I can get from the top of the wall and will place a step or something up there, that I can stand on in case one of the bandits gets away.

Male Human Paladin 3, HP: 26/26, AC: 16(18), Fort: +6, Ref: +3, Will: +6 (Horse HP:17 /17)

Gladly accepting Jaestra's offer with a smile, Vorik quickly excuses himself from the rest of the group, takes a few seconds to meticulously gather his gear and then ducks into the guest house. Upon seeing there are only four beds, he carefully tucks his pack into an out-of-the-way corner of the stable and says to the others, "It looks like there are only four guest beds." Looking over to Jaestra, Kaylee, and Valeria he says, "I'll gladly leave the beds to you ladies and one of you other gentleman and bunk in the stable for the evening." He chuckles cheerfully, "It won't be the first time I've had to share a stable with the horses."

He then proceeds to help Jaestra move the hay and get set up on the wall. There's a slight hint of tension in his eyes and body as she leaps into the hay for the first time. But upon seeing her land easily and safely he relaxes and lets out a long breath, not really realizing that he'd been holding it.

Another slight blush flushes his cheeks as he slowly shakes his head at his own foolishness. He then offers Jaestra a quick smile and gets to work oiling the southern gate and blocking the northern.

HP: 35/35, AC: 18:12:16, CMD: 20 Saves: 5:3:2 +2Enchant Skills: Dip: +7, Per +11, Sense +9, Stealth, +7,

she replies to Vorik's gentlemanly thoughtfulness for the ladies.
"Thank you Vorik for your gentlemanly thoughtfulness, But I must decline.
The standard bed is made for people under 6 feet and 2 inches,
I am 6 feet 9 inches, so I don't fit in a standard bed,
And I am used to stables and barns."

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