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Lucendar's Savage Tide....All aboard! (Inactive)

Game Master Lucendar

Map of Eleder

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HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

"There must be some statuettes or images carved into the pillar that match the phrasing of the note?" Chez begins looking around.

Perception Check: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (13) + 0 = 13

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Take the potion, Chez. You look like you need it."

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Chez searches the room but he also comes up empty.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

"Why don't we hang onto the potion? I seem to be able to request and grant Desna's boons a few times per day, and I'm unsure how much else of danger we might face in the Vanderboren's basement."

Cure Lt on Chez: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

"Why thank you Arionel."

I think we are going with the max heal for out of combat healing option, so I'll record 9 unless I misunderstood that.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

DM, earlier I said Ialda would take 20 searching the room. Any luck with that?

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Totally missed that, sorry. Ialda methodically searches every nook and cranny in the room, starting with the pillar in the east then the one in the west. Eventually she reaches the middle pillar and discovers when she passes her hands over its surface that there is a hidden switch carved exquisitely into its texture. She flips the switch and the column splits in two revealing a path forward.

This octagonal room is supported by a single large pillar with dozens of deep grooves along its sides. The seven walls of this room each bear fantastically detailed bas-relief carvings of exotic monsters in threatening poses. Starting at the wall immediately to the west of the entrance and moving clockwise, the carvings depict a tentacled monster with a glaring red eye and a mouth full of teeth, a looming dragon, a fish-like creature with three eyes and four tentacles, a two-headed giant wielding a pair of immense clubs, a spherical creature with four eye stalks and a bulging central eye over a drooling maw, a gorilla-like beast with a fanged maw and six eyes, and finally, a towering black spider with seven eyes. The ceiling above is only 10 feet high, with the now familiar eight-pointed star pattern radiating out from the grooved pillar.

Updated Map
I could not figure a way to do an octagonal room but the rest is fairly accurate.

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

Kowaru follows Ialda into the octagonal room, regarding the stone carvings on the walls. "Perhaps these are the creatures the note described, brother?" he says, directed towards Chez, but meant for the group at large.

For ease of reference, I will put the note on this page.
Ring Note

Lavinia looks stumped but upon hearing Kowaru says, "I'm not too familiar with these creatures myself, but isn't a cyclops a giant with one eye? At least that's what I remember from the stories my dad read me as a child and I don't see any one-eyed giants on the wall. Just my 2 cents."

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

Chez makes a mental note of the creature descriptions, noting that they seem to appear in the order of the number of eyes they have:

glaring red eye and a mouth full of teeth (1 eye)
looming dragon (2 eyes)
fish-like creature with three eyes and four tentacles (3 eyes)
two-headed giant wielding a pair of immense clubs (4 eyes)
spherical creature with four eye stalks and a bulging central eye over a drooling maw (5 eyes)
gorilla-like beast with a fanged maw and six eyes (6 eyes)
towering black spider with seven eyes (7 eyes)

He then considers the note:

Chimera looks to sunrise
Cyclops looks to sunset
Medusa looks to sunrise
Umberhulk looks to sunset
Basalisk looks to sunrise

Chez then shrugs. "None of these creatures seem to correlate to what is on the note. Although the eyes could be the secret, I know that chimera have 6 eyes, since they are three headed beasts. Cyclops obviously 1 eye. Umberhulks I think have 4 eyes. Basalisk are believe have just 2 eyes. As for the Medusa, I'm sort of at a loss. I'm not sure if their snakes have eyes? Otherwise a medusa just has 2 eyes. Perhaps these statues and the note have nothing to do with each other? It just seems odd that the note references 'looks' and all of these creatures have a varying number of eyes."

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

Chez inspects the bas-releifs closer to determine if they have any moving parts, such as heads that turn.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

No, the bas-reliefs do not have moving parts.

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

"Well, a more thorough search of the room seems to be in order. Hrmm, I wonder if its just a phrase that needs to be recited? Lavinia, do you want to try that?"

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17
Lavinia looks around at the bas-reliefs and the column in the middle, afraid to touch anything for fear it might kill her, but doesn't find anything intriguing. "You know, that thing with the eyes can't be a coincidence. I think you're on to something, Chez."

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Can the pillars themselves be moved or turned?" Ialda asks out loud, as she approaches the closest pillar to determine if they did indeed move.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

There is only one pillar in the room and yes, when you investigate it and exert some pressure, you realize it can be turned. When you turn it, one of the edges (>) of the eight pointed star on the ground also turns, pointing to a bas-relief. You also realize that if left alone for more than 10 seconds, the pillar turns itself back to its original position, resetting.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"This has to have something to do wtih that note, guys. Why else would it pivot this way?"

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Aeronniell nods along with Chez' deductions regarding the clever puzzle.

"Your parents seemed to have liked puzzles involving magical creatures, Miss Vanderboren. I wonder if there is a consequence if we attempt to move the pillar in the center incorrectly?"

*Jovial voice: There's always a consequence for devices like this being used incorrectly.

I was afraid of that...

Keeping a bit quiet on this one too, as I have *also* seen this puzzle before!

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

"I am guessing that the sunrise and sunset could be references to east and west, and in this case clockwise and counterclockwise? This is really not in my field of expertise but my only thought on this is as follows...""

"First lets note the neutral position of what I'm going to call the dial." Chez places a stone on the ground at one of the star column's points. He then takes his dagger and makes a few small scrapes on the point which points towards the stone.

Chez will then turn the column so that 6 points pass the stone in a clockwise direction. He will then turn the column counter clockwise so that 1 point passes the stone. Then 2 points clockwise. Then 4 points counter clockwise. Then 2 points clockwise.

If nothing happens, then he will repeat this but will exchange the clockwises and counterclockwises.

If nothing else happens, Chez shrugs.

Chez notices the column turns left and right and nothing happens when he turns the column first clockwise then counter-clockwise. However, when he reverses direction, since the first turn is to the east (i.e. right, counter-clockwise), at the end, the entire room rumbles, as some of the walls in the chamber rise, revealing five alcoves containing several coffers and chests!

Lavinia loses herself for a minute and hugs Chez, the warrior noticing her delicious perfume. There are about 20 chests, but as she starts to open them, Lavinia's face turns to worry. The first few she opens are bare and only contain a handful of silver pieces. "No, this is wrong! As of the last accounting I have from my father, there's supposed to be almost 12,000 gp in here! What has happened?! We've been robbed!" 16 of the 20 chests are empty, but in the last alcove searched, Lavinia does find some gold and gems in four of the chests along with some ledgers and a small iron coffer containing a thick pile of documents.

Going through the ledgers, Lavinia says, "Ok, this lists all of my family's debts and some IOUs owed to them, so this will help. It seems they did jobs for some organizations in town and never bothered collecting on payment." She opens the iron coffer but it contains documents and maps written in a strange language. She asks the party for help in deciphering but no one there understands the writing either. "I'll have to look into this later." Aeronniell, just noticed with 15 Int, you know 2 additional languages, which I don't see on your sheet. Could you pick them?

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"We could help collect the IOU's, and find a sage to decipher the other records, if you need it, Lady.

Lavinia smiles, "Oh dear, I am sure you have better things to do than tend to my financial affairs. And speaking of that, here are your promised rewards for helping me. I will forever be in your debt." She counts the coins from the chest and gives each of you 18 pp (180 gold) and 100 gold for Kern. "Go enjoy yourselves and I'm thinking I might have some work for you tomorrow, more your style, so please stop by in the morn, if you're interested. Now, I need to get working on my family affairs." Lavinia hugs the girls goodbye and gives the men a kiss on the cheek.

You each get 200 xp for the Iron Cobra fight, the puzzle, and getting Lavinia her treasure. I also believe you dinged and are 2nd level now, as that puts your total at 1400 xp, if I'm not mistaken. You can use the OOC thread to advance. Congrats so far!

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

Kowaru flushes slightly as Lavinia kisses his cheeks. "I will see you after sunrise, sister. I am glad we were able to help you pay off your debtors - I just hope that your house has freed itself from the bad karma it had accrued." He bows to her, and follows the rest of the group out of the vault and up the stairs.

As they found themselves on Eleder's streets again, the half-orc turned to the rest of his companions. "Would any of you care to join me for lunch? I believe there is much we should discuss about the last two days' events."

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"I'm always up for lunch, Koowaru, the barbarian noted, k mowing she was probably going to get a talking to about her outbursts of anger over the last couple of days.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

The poor lady, her family's chest is barren!

Aeronniell nods politely and does her best to be unassuming as Lavinia sorts through the chests. Occasionally, Aeronniell fights the urge to step forward and look in the next chest ahead of the noblewoman, but resists as her own anxiety builds as each one in turn is found empty.

"Miss Vanderboren, your reward is most gracious, but if you find yourself short on funds until you collect these IOUs, the whole reward isn't necessary at this time. I just need enough to cover food and lodging for the week."

Aeronniell separates five of the platinum coins from the other thirteen and seems more than willing to return those to Lavinia, if needed.

"Or I see your manor is quite large? Perhaps we could work out an arrangement? I would be more than happy to return your coins to you instead of parting with them at what-passed-for-an-inn last night."

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

In the event we have a chance to address Lavinia before she departs...

"It does seem odd that the records do not seem to match the money stored. Is there anyone else who was entrusted to come down to the vaults by your parents?"

As Chez receives his payment he finds his expensive habits have come into conflict with his moral character... or at least the moral character which he wishes everyone to believe he is. Chez caresses the pouch of gold, however nods at some of the suggestions of his fellow combatants.

"Aye, I certainly wouldn't mind staying in your fine manor and enjoying the great feasts your cooks prepare. I would certainly be willing to return some of our money earned for such lavishness."

"Thank you, Aeronniell, but I can manage. I've already sent word asking for some financial help from my uncle and aunt to the east in Kalabuto. Take your shares, it is the least I can do. Now if you wish to stay in my manor, I would ask each of you for 1pp per week to cover food and expenses, but you are more than welcome to stay."

"That disturbed me too, Chez. I will be looking into that tonight also. That coin would be invaluable to me at this moment so it is my highest priority. Thank you for your concern."

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Well, we do have to stay somewhere. I'd rather give you the coin than stay longer at the flophouse, Lady..."

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

As negotiations concluded and the group decided to stay at the manor, Ialda took a closer look at the vial they discovered that had yet to be analyzed. She spins the vial, and tries to recall if she had ever seen anything similar in her travels.

Spellcraft 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Unfortunately, despite the rising influence of Ialda's draconic blood, she is unable to decipher the vial's aura.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

A platinum per week? While it's not inexpensive, it's her money to begin with - the right thing would be to choose to invest it back in our new patron...

"I would happily accept your offer to stay within your manor, Miss Vanderboren," Aeronniell replies politely while wondering what the others may choose in terms of accommodations.

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

"Your gratitude does not go unnoticed, sister. And, since you have a far greater need than I for the stuff of this world, this is the best solution." Kowaru gladly hands over one of the platinum pieces to Lavinia. "Besides, if you are in need of our services, you no longer need hunt us down through Eleder's streets this way."

The day passes uneventfully, as you sell your treasures and gear. Xarethis bids you all goodbye, says the lure of the ocean is too much to bear. Eventually night comes and you rest, with significant changes to your body, as you feel stronger and Ialda's draconic blood opens her eyes to the possibility of magic.

20th day of Desnus 4712
Lavinia gathers you in the morning for breakfast and a meeting. "I've been thinking all night and all morn about who could have stolen the gold in my Vault...who else had access? And though I hate to admit it, the only other person it could have been is my brother Vanthus. We were close as children, as our parents were rarely around, traversing the globe on their adventures. However, after a youthful prank involving elixirs of love being emptied into a nearby water tower, we were separated for a year. I was sent to a finishing academy, while Vanthus was shipped to work in the sugar cane fields outside of Eleder. When we reunited again, he was different, cold and bitter. He also began to associate with people of doubtful character. When my parents died a month ago, he came and stayed at the manor for a week, but he was worse. We even got into an argument and he struck me! I hardly recognized him anymore. He had changed so much. After that, he gathered his belongings and left. He knew about the family Vault and I am beginning to suspect he was involved in its theft. I want you to find him and bring him to me unharmed, so I can question him and determine if he was involved. I still believe he can be redeemed. I love him, he's my brother. Will you help me? Unfortunately, I have no idea where he is."

Lavinia leads you to her manor's private dining hall, where there is a portrait of a young man. "This is Vanthus": Link of Vanthus

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Did Vanthus stay in any room in particular during his stay here t the Manor? Perhaps he left a clue behind, so that we might be able to find him."

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

Kowaru nods solemnly as Lavinia speaks. "Your story is unfortunate, sister. However, it does make the most sense. Your brother would have been able to get aboard the Nixie and into the vault with little difficulty. You said your brother was meeting with unsavory characters. Would any of them stand out in your mind? Any names, characteristics?"

Lavinia leads you to his room but you find nothing of interest that may state where he went. "Wait, now that I think about it, I think he used to shack up with some colonial girl from Portside. Can't remember her name, he never gave me details. I think he had friends in Lower Harbor as well, sailors and such. Never met them. Like I said, he shut down, wouldn't confide in me at all. Sorry, but that's the best I can do."

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Well, that should give us a couple of places to start looking for him. Portside and Lower Harbour, huh? I'm sure Portside will be much more pleasant to ask questions, but I'd wager the louts around the Harbour will know more about his whereabouts..."

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Why wouldn't her brother simply mention to his sister that he needed some of the family funds?

*Jovial voice: Siblings can be difficult, you may not understand that...*

Aeronniell adds to the questions of the others, perhaps sounding a bit naive when it comes to family matters.

"Doesn't he come home? Back to the manor? I have never been fortunate enough to have a brother of my own, but with such a well-appointed estate, why wouldn't he stay here instead of some dive in Lower Harbor?"

Aeronniell adds, "and is he likely he carried out coins, or paper IOUs? If it was coins, how could he have gone unnoticed? Or if it was IOUs, perhaps we can find out where he redeemed them?"

"Like I said, Aeronniell, our last meeting ended harshly between Vanthus and I. From the looks of the chests, he took my family's coins and gems and left all but four bare. There are magical means for transporting that amount of gold: magical chests and bags, so it's not unheard of. As for how he left unnoticed, I don't know. That's why I want to speak to him."

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

"Seems he would be a 'person of interest' in this, sister. I can attempt to track his movements through the city, and find out where he has gone to. As he is your kin, I would like to try to avoid a conflict with him, but if he has stolen the money from your family vault, then he is not likely to return it willingly. We may need to subdue him." The monk does his best to address this to the group, and not single out any particular member. "I gather the two of you had been estranged for some time, but do you know what he is capable of? Was he puissant at arms? Skilled with magic? Knowing what to expect could help us return him to the manor swiftly." He says this last bit softly, as he realizes Lavinia might become upset that she didn't know her brother quite as well as she thought she did.

"Well, I know Vanthus spent several years at the military academy so I suspect he is good with a sword. Like I said, when he changed, he was seen in the company of shady people, smugglers, cutthroats, so it is possible he may have picked up their habits as well. I don't know."

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Let's go find him then. Which option do we try first? The Harbour or Portside?"

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Chez, you still with us? Last post was Saturday.

Kora, Lavinia's halfling servant appears, "Excuse me, m'lady. There is a gentleman at the door asking to speak with your guests. He says he is here on behalf of Ms. Xarethis. Shall I show him in?" Lavinia looks at the party and says, "Yes, show into the library and offer him a drink." Lavinia looks at you and says, "Again, thank you for your help with my brother. And please bring him back to me alive. I will leave you so may speak to your guest."

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

"I'm fairly certain I can be of assistance in Portside. If we can find his lady friend, I'm fairly certain I can get her to tell us what she knows." Chez Grins.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Meanwhile.. The middle-aged halfling woman returns to Baolo and leads him into the atrium of the three-story mansion. The enormous great hall's marble stonework is smooth and white. Two oak stairwells with burnished brass railings ascend to an open first floor landing. Tapestries depicting a beautiful and savage frontier of sprawling jungle landscapes hang on the walls. Baolo recognizes them as the Mwangi Expanse. A glass chandelier hangs from the atrium's ceiling. Kora then leads the young man to the library and offers him a seat and a drink: water, wine, rum, or a Zenj liquor?

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

Ialda rolls her eyes at Chez's confidence with the ladies. "Ah yes, that is a good plan. Aeryonell might have some luck helping ask about the lady and Vanthus as well."

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo stares open-mouthed at the extravagance of the mansion. He stops for a moment to look at the jungle landscapes, looking in vain for a familiar scene in this strange place before Kora nearly drags him on to the library. "Water please mon with a touch of wine."

He surveys the room, taking a moment to look into the eyes of everyone in the room. "Hey mon, you mussi the people Xarethi sent me to find. Don't see a green ooman evera day. I'm Baolo. She's sorry for runnin out, but wind and waves always provide. Shimye-Magalla calls her back to the sea and blows me to you in return."

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

Kowaru gives the newcomer a polite bow in greeting. "Xarethi's departure is saddening, but understandable. Time and tide wait for no one. I am pleased to meet you, brother, and any friend of Xarethi's is a friend of mine. How is it the two of you met?" Kowaru sips his own watered wine, listening to the curious man tell his tale.

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo turns to regard Kowaru, beads clacking lightly as his braids twist with the motion. "Ah, check it deep mon. You mussi Kowaru. Wi all fishes in di boat, eh? Xarethi from north o' di bay like Baolo. Not many whites deh. Haad to miss. They call Shimye-Magalla, Gozreh. Funny ideas bout protectin' di sea...she ca take care o' herself. But Xarethi's heart is good, no? She know you need Baolo. So Baolo here."

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