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PaizoCon 2014!

GM Blood's Age of Worms in Golarion

Game Master David James Olsen

Current Map

Current Characters

Beauty Patrol
Dreaming Warforged

Happy to be here
(1,106 posts)
Bronze Dragon

(1,420 posts)
Priest of Asmodeus
GM Blood

played by David James Olsen (6,057 posts)
Jirin Tupel

HP 54/54; Per +11, Trap +1; AC 15, Touch 14, Flat 11; Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +6

played by Macharius (386 posts)
Guiltgorger Giant
Kelkzar Redjaw

AC 19/11/18, HP 71/71, F+8 R+4 W+8 Init +3, Per +17

played by michaelane (884 posts)
Artemis Entreri
Quintus of Taldor

AC 22/12/20, HP 72/72 F: +8+1, R: +4+1, W: +10*+1

played by John Woodford (963 posts)
Baron Galdur Vendikon
Rauno Redpath

HPs 53/55, 3 Dex dmg AC 17 FF 15 T 12 CMD 15 Fort +5 Ref +5/+3 Will +7 Init +12 Per +8

played by markofbane (938 posts)
Ruan Mirukova
Rowena Lordail

AC 21/T 20/FF 16; F/R/W +10-2/+10/+8; Heroism Max HP 81-16; Current HP 65;

played by Nazard (868 posts)
Trevor the Yellow

HP 71/74; AC 21/11/20: +4 Smite Evil, +2 with shield Used LoH(2/8) Used Smite (2/3) Used Divine Bond (1/1) Effects: Holy, Enlarged, Feather Step Potion

played by Dreaming Warforged (1,187 posts)

Previous Characters

Aoth Anskuld

(72 posts)
David James Olsen

(121 posts)
Jarl of the North Wind
Andoran John Woodford

(1,129 posts)
Fiendish Fire Giant

Pleroma Aeon Commoner 1
(264 posts)
Lantern Lodge michaelane

(303 posts)

(4,435 posts)
Cheliax GM/Lictor Lane

played by michaelane (759 posts)
Madge Blossomheart
Lessien Nenmacil

HP 19/29 AC 17. Non-mutagen: AC17/14/13;F:+5 R:+7 W:+0 Mutagen: AC 20/15/15; F:+5 R:+9 W:-1

played by Aoth Anskuld (253 posts)
Sunlord Thalachos

Female Azhari
AC 22/19/17 HP 30/32 F+5 R+8 W+1 Init+4 Per+6

played by michaelane (359 posts)
Tangible Delusions

played by David James Olsen (328 posts)

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