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Fancy being a magic spy in WWII? [Table 2]

Game Master Johnny_Panic

WW2 Map of Kew Gardens

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"London Blitz"

London, SoHo, Noel Street, Night, cold, Raining. Here is the range trade
now bent on making clothing for the war effort. Windows tapped or bored up. Signs of war all around, from Over head barrage balloons, to blasted out building. Now and then signs showing where bombs, where. Keep away.
The few read busses taking Oxford street. Here and there the odd car or truck. Figures move in the darkness, the sirens called not long ago, "All to the shelters" but who ever they are, they have taken to a small shop. Entering one by one.

Welcome all to Table two of the WW2 spy game, I am going to jump strait in. You are have all been sent or called to a small tailers at No9 Noel street London soho. You show your idea when you get there and each is shown into a small Chaning space, where you wait alone.

Sitting quietly and patiently is a man with shoulder length dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. He is wearing a fairly nice suite, black jacket with white button-up under and a black bow-tie.

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

A steady tap tap tap precedes the next to arrive at the small shop. To say he was sharply dressed would be like saying a scalpel's edge could give you a little nick. He wore the carefully tailored suit like a knight wears armor. A three piece, single-breasted, charcoal grey affair worn under an impressive darker grey great coat against the chill of the London winter.

The cane he leaned against as he checked the tailor's address was clearly not some manner of affectation, his stride had a pronounced hitch in it as he moved his right leg, yet whatever the injury might have been, he seemed a man intent on not letting it slow him. Adjusting his leather gloves, mounted the short stair and entered the tailor's shop.

Graciously allowing himself to be led into one of the changing rooms, he did not surrender any items of clothing to the attendants. He knew what sort of men he was dealing with and what manner of bother they could cause him if he allowed them the opportunity. He sat, patiently, fingers drumming a complex rhythm on his cane to the music in his head.

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

A young woman waits impatiently in one of the rooms; she looks in a hand mirror, wipes at the corners of her eyes, and pulls her hair out of her face. For a moment, she seems entranced by her own gaze, and then snaps to clarity. Her hair drifts over her eyes again, and she takes a deep breath.

Sam begins with Compel Alacrity implanted in herself.

As you set there, for an instant there is a disjointing feeling then a voice from outside says.

"Well come along, we don't have all evening"

You get up one by one and open the door to your cubical. Where there was a small tailors shop, with the sounds of a cold wet night, and bombs dropping. You now find yourselves coming out into a sun lit room, of and English stately home.


Sunlight coming in from the windows, fine day-core with a long table, at the head of which is sitting a 60+ bearded English gentlemen.

Image here

next to him sits a slim you man, in American army uniform, you looks barely 19.
He has no insignia or rank makings

Across sits a woman, dark skinned and well dressed.
Image here

Kn Arcana DC22:

You have just been magically transposed to a new place, how?? no idea

laundry agents:

The man is Lord Top Brass, that's what everyone calls him, if he has a real name no one you know knows it. Lord Brass has always been the way others talk of him. He runs Special opps and only shows up now and then.

The woman is from the front desk, everyone calls her Lady Roman or Miss R
she has an Italian accent and she's been at the laundry as long as you have. She just signs everyone in and out.

The young man, you have no idea who he is.

Black Chamber agents:

The young man is "Peet" or "Peety" as he is know, he's an errand boy for the powers that be. What he is doing here you have no idea.

The old guy, no idea who he is.

The woman, she works on the front desk of the laundry here in London, she signed you in when you went there to report.

"Well don't just stand there, take as seat, we;er running late as it is. Blast it where are the rest of you?"

He says as you take your seats.

Know(arcana): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

The blondish haired man obediently walks forward and takes a place at the other end of the table. Almost mechanically sliding the chair back, sitting, and then scooting forward. As he sits silently he takes turns studying each person for about 3 minutes, prioritizing any active or talking individuals.

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

Know Arcana: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

"Fascinating," Sam murmurs. "A pocket dimension, perhaps? Or teleportation? Either way, it looks like we don't need to fear bombs falling on our heads." She takes a seat.

Lord Brass looks at her a moment.

"Careless talk as the poster says young lady costs lives, so we shall hear not more talk like that."

Now happy you are all sat, he goes on.

"It seems not all of my requested agents have made it. Blast Jerry and his bombs."

The young man look down a small note book and with a pen crosses out some things. Then looks back up.

Miss P just smiles as you sit and waits in Lord Brass.

Brass goes on.

"Right as your all Ruthless widow, cleared I need not tell you that the wards placed in you will prevent you from talking to any others about what I am going to brief you on. Only we here in this room know and will know of it. Let get this started then"

He presses a button to the side of him. Blinds come down and the room goes dark. Then a projector starts up, some where in the wall behind him.
A screen came down with the blinds. A film show a count down clock then then black and white footage, there is no sound. Its shows a man, late 40s early 50s fishing by what looks to be a mountain area and lake, He is talking to the one taking the film. Holding up fish and joking.

Brass starts.

"This is Professor Eric Miles Molstrum, of Stockholm university. A theoretical physicists and mathematician. Not a politically gifted one I am told by the boys at Oxford but a good teacher, unmarried suspected homosexual but no more than that. I was last spotted at his Holiday home in Sweden. A small Fjord side place where he.."

Brass points, the film is looping, so the same shot some up again of Fjord fishing.


He says, then he looks at the young American, who takes the hint and takes over the briefing. He talks fast and a NYC accent.

"We have in-tel that Molstrum is working for the Germans. Sweden is neutral or so they say, but we know they are letting German throw overland as part of the invasion of the Soviet Union. They are let the Wehrmacht use Swedish railways to transport the German 163rd Infantry Division along with howitzers, tanks and anti-aircraft weapons. Right now German soldiers traveling on leave between Norway and Germany are allowed passage through Sweden. So we know the Garmans have access just about the hole place. Now Sweden's military intelligence has been keeping tabs on anything they think is odd. They gave us the wink to this guy as a number of German "Researchers" where travailing to meet him. Then 4 days ago, he is found dead in the lake there."

The film changes, this time showing what looks like two doctors working on a bolted dead body. As the camera comes in comes in close you see them pointing to something. Something moving under the skin, there is a jar of the camera and it points back there is just a mess. The doctors look shocked one has used a cutter of some kind and destroyed what ever it was in the body.

"That was Molstrum, his autopsy death by drowning with infestation of eels."

The films shows the shot of the thing under skin over and over, you see its nothing like an eel. What ever it was was small with a pointed head like part and small limes. It was no more than 10" long. And holy under the skin. The footage stops, The blinds come back up.

Brass takes over.

"Now I don't know about you, but I get the feeling something is not right, and when I get that feeling I send someone to find out just what is afoot. That is where you some in, Molstrum was working with someone and the Germans where spending time with him. I want you to find out WHO he was working with, what on, and why. This is all we have to go on, your going to have to go to Sweden, and do the leg work to get me answers. Miss P will be going with you and will act as your oversight while you are there. This could be nothing, just and old man seeing shadows where there are none. But if your the betting type, I would not bet on it."

He and the young american stand.

"You have this rooms for am hour. I want to get to know each other, and get to know Miss P. She has the plans for transport and will be setting up home base in Stockholm. You report to her and she reports to me. Do I make myself clear. This is a need to know only mission. If this turns out to be something, I will give more orders but for now. This is fact finding. DO not upset the Swedish, or pick an fight with the Germans we can't hid or clean up. This is a low profile mission. Outside of that, your capable agents, do what is needed."

And with that he and the young yank head to the doors you came by. As the young man passes he smiles and says.

"Good luck"

And they are gone.

Your left with Miss P.

Female Humanoid (human) as well as [Tiefling] outsider (native) Pison [Telepath L5] Investigator [Psychic Detective L1]

Still sat and still smiling a voice pops into your head.

Her voice.

::"Please do not be alarmed, I'm Lady P, or Miss P take your pick. While Lord Brass was here I was just testing your wards. They all seem in place. Now you can with a thought shut me out, BUT please do not, I am doing this to help protect you. While linked to me like this you can always think talk to me, no matter the distance. Also my link to you will offer some protection from mind reading while your out and about. Now I could mind read you deeper but I will re-frame form that unless you give me courses to. Now if you agree to this link, Please nod your head now"::

She waits to see if you all nod.

Note: lady Calista is an NPC now, and can do thing not on her sheet.

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

The man with the cane looked to the other two agents and heaved a sigh. Taking off his hat finally, pushed back from the table and massaged his bad leg through his pants. He was handsome enough but nothing to write home about. His eyes, however, seemed to belong to someone far older than his relatively youthful features implied he was. They were a rather disconcerting flat gray. He nodded to Miss P and looked to the other two.

"Welcome to our little corner of SOE. You two are yanks, right?" he had not seen either of them about and they did not have the slightly unhinged edge of the Russians. Outside of Miss P, it seemed he was the closest thing to a Laundry regular here.

"Right, I'm James Shrike, likely the muscle for this mission unless either of you are hiding a suitably frightening talent for violence."

The ponytailed man subtly nods as he looks over toward Shrike. He watches Shrike's movements and listens intently to his words. After Shrike is finished the man speaks up, "I am Agent L of the OSS and Black Chamber. I have been trained in advanced hand-to-hand, infiltration, and espionage. I am at the service of my handler Miss P and secondary to Ruthless Widow team members." As usual, he will pay very close attention to anyone who speaks and/or moves.

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

Sam considers her teammates carefully. "Sam Korematsu, Black Chamber. I'm trained in light arms, but if all goes well I never need to pull my gun. My talents are many and varied, but mainly pertaining to matters of the mind, to the benefit of my allies and the detriment of my opponents." She considers herself, and leans back in her seat. "Oh, who am I kidding? I'm a psychic. I can influence people, relieve supernatural madness, and place post-hypnotic suggestions to aid your endeavors."

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

"Miss P? Can you provide oversight on that? As much as I dislike the Laundry's practices, I've heard much the same if not a worse tune for the Black Chamber. I'd rather not have an outside agency suborning my will," he paused to think for a moment , "Or at least no more than you lot already have."

The agent made his skin crawl, he seemed too vacant and mechanical for it to be healthy. Sam was at least lively by comparison. Miss P was a familiar face and while he did not specifically trust her, she was a known quantity for him to factor into his calculations.

Female Humanoid (human) as well as [Tiefling] outsider (native) Pison [Telepath L5] Investigator [Psychic Detective L1]

The woman Miss P stands, she is average in looks, and speaks with a very slight Italian accent. She is dressed well in fine clothing, one's that may be seen on a vogue cover. Not that fine, as this was war time after all.

She stands and heads over to a small tea trolley,

"Mr Shrike's that is precisely what I do, I give over sight, Miss Korematsu here will not be able to use her gifts on you two even if she wanted to. Her wards prevent that. Only the highest level clearance can do such things and we only do then when they are needed."

She places her hand on the tea pot.

"Arr, good, Still warm, would anyone like a cup. O and we have cake as well." she gets four cups out.
"I would say sugar but with a war on, honey will have to do."

She brings a tray over that has every thing on she needs on it, she takes the time and slides over a tea to everyone.

"I'm more a field supervisor than daring do agent like yourselves. I have also been tasked with getting as much intel as I can from Swedish MI while keeping them happy about what you three get up to. Which in and of itself I hope will not be that much. The Mind Link I just placed on you will stay in place even while you sleep, and you can contact me day or night by means of it. But a word of warning, lose consciousness by any other means than sleep and it will end. So try not to get bonked on the head."

She hands around cake, its simple, butter and sponge, but even so a rear treat.

"Now down to it, You three will have the task of heading down Kristianopel on the Kalmar Strait. Nice area, never been myself. I will be working infiltration at Stockholm university and looking into Professor Eric Miles Molstrum work there. But from what little information we have from the Swedish MI, who ever he was working with, worked with him in Kristianopel at his summer home only. Which in itself is odd."

She says at the end with a joke. She sips her tea and goes on.

"Right now we have two tasks. Number one, Pic our means of entry to Sweden. Boat, sub or plane, that one you will have to decided by you. Boat is simple, Scottish fishing boat over, simple but with risks, Sub is slow but safe, and plane is fast but higher risk in my view. We will have to night jump with the plan, always tricky. Next is the cover story you will be using, we have ID makers, and they will have what you need in the hour, but they need to be told what you need. So you three will have to work out a cover story asap, so I can get them working."

She takes a bight of cake.

"O nice, and If you do pick plane we will be off tomorrow night, so you also need to go see the Armorer and get your equipment."

With that all said she sits back and waits to see what you say.

Male Human Marksman 6

Agent Bronson chuckles "we're doing Introductions now? the name is Bronson, Pierce Bronson, Laundry agent, long range combat and communications specialist. and like the lovely lady Korematsu, I'm also a psychic, though not the same sort she is, I'd wager" a fist sized purple crystal with spindly, glowing legs can be seen by his shoulder, it almost seems to nod at the group.

Female Humanoid (human) as well as [Tiefling] outsider (native) Pison [Telepath L5] Investigator [Psychic Detective L1]

"Mr Brosnan, so glad you could make it, a little late but in time for the impotent stuff. Now if you would all care to look at the wall there a moment everyone."

By some means she seem to flip a card and then on the wall is a geometric pattern that makes your eyes cross.

"now as widow operation agents you know the deal. Please repeat after me, I COMMIT to Ruthless widow operation Winter book"

When you do you feel the tingle at the back of your heads from the wards placed on you shifting to allow for one more.

"I always find that a little painful"

She says, and the card flips back.

"Lets carry on, understand I am no tactical agent, I may be over sight and communications but when it comes to hard fights, in the field, I am in your hands, that's your collective area. Load Brass says we keep this low key, and that is how I want it. So then who shall we get there? and whats to be your cover story"

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

Knowledge rolls for Kristianopel and the surrounding province:
K. Geography: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25
K. History: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30
K. Nobility: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15

He was about to speak when Brosnan cut in with a proper introduction and Miss P decided to hit them with their first mission related geas so he sipped his tea for the moment and repeated the words as required. In the back of his head metal scraped upon metal as something reacting to the latest bindings.

"I'm a researcher at King's College. Give me a day or two to collect some topics to do with the area's history that might require some feet on the ground. Cover stories are always better with a grain of truth to them. We're frankly not going to be able to disguise ourselves as anything other than pair of Brits and a couple of yanks on short notice."

Female Humanoid (human) as well as [Tiefling] outsider (native) Pison [Telepath L5] Investigator [Psychic Detective L1]

nods but says nothing more as she waits on the others to talk.

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

Sam taps her fingers on the table. "Was just trying to be open and honest about what I can do. At any rate, slow and safe is all well and good but it's also time for a trail to go cold. Plane, I'm less than enthused about parachuting in, I'm an infiltrator not a paratrooper. What, exactly, are the risks associated with the boat entry?"

Male Human Marksman 6

Pierce sighs internally, but outwardly nods as he says the phrase to trigger the binding magics. He remarks to the "researcher" "it might help with that I am quite fluent in German and more than passable in french and Russian"

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

"My vote is for boat. With the right craft we should be completely ignored by any U-boats and we have a more plausible trail than if we suddenly appeared near the town or on the coast. We can probably justify a student aide and a secretary from the research angle. As for the odd one out... layabout cousin looking for a vacation?"

Male Human Marksman 6

Pierce chuckles "I'm curious who you considered "the odd man out" to play the roll of "layabout"

"Part of my training included impersonation and swift adoption of identities," L says blandly. "I agree that speed is relevant. The sub option is inadvisable. Unless we are opening the option of arriving different ways, the plane method is out due to Sam Korematsu's inexperience or inability. As I mentioned previously, without specific direction by Miss P or dire need, I am at this team's disposal."

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

What the hell is wrong with him, Sam thinks of Agent L, and briefly thinks about voicing the thought since she can't be the only one creeped out. She instead pulls out a cigarette. "A kernel of truth, a research team would work nicely, give a plausible explanation for the presence of we Americans, and our unfamiliarity with each other."

Female Humanoid (human) as well as [Tiefling] outsider (native) Pison [Telepath L5] Investigator [Psychic Detective L1]

"The risk is being spotted by a German air patrol before we get to Swedish waters. A night crossing should get us there with low risk of that, that is if the weather is fine."

She says

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

"The way I have it figured, number four is going to be either the most relaxed or most active role. I'll actually have to give the appearance of doing research, likely by actually doing said research. Whoever plays the secretary will more or less be our public face, diverting attention and potentially doing a bit of snooping. We might want a skilled infiltrator as the student aide as they will have the freedom to break away and investigate under the guise of running errands." He paused to pop a piece of cake into his mouth and munch before continuing.

"The layabout would likely have carte blanche to move about the town under the guise of a bored Englishman. So alternately we stick an infiltrator there in the most obvious role for such an individual. Greater freedom to move about but more operational risk in the long run. We would have to keep the game up until the secretary or the infiltrator in either potential role turns up actionable intelligence and then plan from there."

He looked about the room and made a point to relax the somewhat intense look on his face. He was not the most gifted field agent, his talents running more towards research and his own particular brand of violence, but he was good at thinking things through.

Female Humanoid (human) as well as [Tiefling] outsider (native) Pison [Telepath L5] Investigator [Psychic Detective L1]

She nods at Shrines words.

"This is all meant to be low key and that plan sounds like one that could work well doing that Mr Shike. Unlike other hunter-kill teams we have no target other than information. I will get the IDs done. Any preference in names for any of you?"

She asks, then after names of given she adds.

"So two days from now, we will meet up in Great Yarmouth and talk a fishing boat form there to Gothenburg, there we will part ways, I will be heading over land to Stockholm. You then have two options, go over land to Kristianopel on the Kalmar Strait or go there by boat. I suggest overland, its hard to sink a train."

She says jokingly.

"Two days also gives you time for reserch and collecting anything you need here before setting off. I am going to try and get a few bits and bobs I think will be of use. So if your all happy, we can get started."

Male Human Marksman 6

"I'll take a rather common first name on my ID, something like James, there are countless James, but it's not so obvious as a "John Smith" or "John Doe" so yeah James Bond could work well. I have no preference as to my role, but I doubt I'd be believed as a secretary, so perhaps the aid or layabout would work well for me"

"I am fluent in German, Spanish, and passable in Russian. I am able to fulfill any of the roles presented. I will also be able to adopt the Scoittish dialect should we spend enough time on the boat," L says matter-of-factly. " If I could get some premptive IDs for the previoius. German, Friedrich Huber. Spanish, Ramon Alvarez. English, Benedict Fisher."

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

"Hm. Taro Yamada, secretary. People are my forte; I'd like to do some research on the political climate, myself."

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

"James, unfortunately, is taken if we want to use my ties to King's College. Unless you would rather be known as 'Jim' because I certainly will not be," Shrike noted idly. "You're a weapons specialist, right Agent Brosnan? I'd like to have you close to hand if we need to rally and provide fire support for either of the others. You'll be my aide, just look bored and rush about on errands and you'll be fine."

He looked to Agent L and considered the disconcerting fellow for a time, "Activate the Benedict Fisher IDs and stick by my side for the next couple of days," with an effort, he seemed to relax some sort of internal barrier. When he next spoke a richer southern Welsh accent entered his voice. "You get to be my profligate cousin from Cardiff and need to learn the accent to match."

Perhaps feeling a touch self-conscious about how much he had been speaking and feeling like he had been driving the decisions somewhat, he cleared his throat awkwardly, "All that said, I don't have much in the way of experience with subtle operations like this. I'll be deferring to you all out there."

Male Human Marksman 6

Pierce raises an eyebrow "you've never met someone with the same name as you? but yes. long range weaponry, stealth and secure communications." he gestures to his Psy crystal and words can be heard in the minds of everyone in the room who doesn't have magic specifically blocking telepathy ::so long as you're within a mile of me and thirty feet of my little friend here, we have lines of communication the enemy can't intercept, not unless they're already in our heads, in which case it's a rather moot point::

The door opens, and a tall man in a suit and tie walks in, carrying a briefcase. A slight feeling of dread washes over the crowd as he enters, but quickly subsides. His dark eyes seem to almost draw in the light around him. He nods at Agent L and says in a implacable American accent, "Good afternoon everyone, I apologize for my lateness, there was important business to attend to. Good to see you Agent L, I'm glad you made it. It's good to meet the rest of you as well. In any case, I've been briefed on the mission, but haven't heard the recent specifics.

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

Whats so dread-ful about him? Just a bad aura or does he look scary? EDIT: Alright literally a Dread, suppose that makes sense.

Sam anxiously taps away the loose ash and takes another draw of her cigarette. She has not touched any of the refreshments. "Another one of the agency's finest, I see. And who, may I ask, are you?"

Agent L turns toward Agent Q but obviously is speaking to the others in the room,"This is Agent Q, also of the Black Chamber. Agent Q is an information extraction specialist. Agent L pauses and then continues, "A professor Eric Miles Molstrum was suspected to be working with the Germans. He studies theoretical physics and mathematics. We are told that he was to meet a number of German researchers. Four days ago he was found dead. The cause of death was recorded as drowning and eel infestation. The eel part is likely not eels but something else. We have a lead in Kristianople. Our task is to find out anything possible about Molstrums dealings, with priority on his work with Germans. We will be taking a boat to the location and adopting disguises for our stay. In two days we will meet at Great Yarmouth to take the boat to Gothenberg. At that point Miss P will head to Stockholm and we will continue to Kristianopel. Miss P is our handler. Our group is referred to as Ruthless Widow."

Female Humanoid (human) as well as [Tiefling] outsider (native) Pison [Telepath L5] Investigator [Psychic Detective L1]
Agent Pierce Brosnan wrote:
"I'll take a rather common first name on my ID, something like James, there are countless James, but it's not so obvious as a "John Smith" or "John Doe" so yeah James Bond could work well. I have no preference as to my role, but I doubt I'd be believed as a secretary, so perhaps the aid or layabout would work well for me"

Looks a bit worried,

"Also, I'm sorry, but we use the term James Bond as a general code name for any under cover agent working alone."

She seem to think for a moment before adding.

"I think a nice young man in Naval Intelligence came up with the term, and it kind of stuck. That name then is problematic for paper work reasons, please use another."

Then as agent Q, comes in she smiles and waits as he is known to some.

"Yes, we are lucky to get Agent Q. He is as has been said a specialist in information extraction. One of our best assets in fact, so please try not to lose him."

She makes him do the warding then she stands,

"Out time is up, We will meet at Charing-cross station before heading by train to out boat. Time will be noon the day after tomorrow, so you have 50 hours."

She pulls out some small cards.

"This is a ID for sound stage F at Ealing studios, its booked for our use for the next week. We where doing something in there, but as agent Q is here that has now ended. Get your thing, go there, it has a short range and training floor set up. Show each other what you can do, and cross train so you can act as a unit. Mr Milln and crew will be there to keep unwanted eyes away. The banks will just me a movie being made so you should have no trouble. I will meet you at the station. With the IDs and things we may need."

She starts to make her own way to a door, enters and then is gone.

Soon after you all exit, outside the shop is getting lighter and you can see a few fires south of the river. you come out one by one and head off to your digs.

===sound stage F at Ealing studios===

When you get the studio you flash the ID and your sent to a sound stage, you see film crew all around, working day and night. At the door to stage F a man, checks your ID and send you in.

Inside is a large high space. A small room has been made to look like a German cell. Its open now but you can see its 4 walls can close to make a single room. Add as how can any one film an in closed space.

A small 50' range has been set you, to one side, also 8 bunk beds with covers. There are tables, one with food, tined and bread. Tea is in a earn.

Other than that the place is empty.

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

Before going inside the safe house, Sam takes a walk around the area to get an idea of the layout and any gaps in security, taking her time to do so.

Taking 10 on the Perception check for a 19?

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

Shrike limps in after Sam splits off and almost immediately moves to the table, his hitched step giving his movements an odd, lopsided rhythm. The large space plays with sound oddly. Leaning his cane up against the table, he began to reheat the tea and set about making it palatable for consumption.

Agent Q looks around the room and sits down at a table. He removes a small onyx pyramid from his backpack and places two fingers on it, closing his eyes and making it thrum with a disturbing resonance. He smiles slightly, before opening his eyes once again and putting the pyramid away and saying, "Well then, does anyone wish to train a bit?"

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

After looking around, if she finds nothing, Sam heads inside, plants herself in a seat, and lights another cigarette, but this time it's to relax rather than a nervous tic. "So, seems we'll be working together for a time, at least. Where you all from?"

Agent L watches from a distance as people begin gathering at the table. Thinking for a moment, he says, "I will look around as well."

Heading around you find a working film studio, everyone seems to have a job and working hard. As you come back a guy on the door, you know him as someone from the Armory hands you a bag Agent L.

"The production office sent em sir, and a put some ert in for you all."

Its a large kit back, Looking inside Agent L you find all your arms kit from each of you and a new unopened bottle of Lonond Gin. Also a letter address to

####"The team working on sound stage F, Production notes."####

Inside is train tickets and time table and your ids, all top rate.

After a cursory glance in the bag Agent L reaches into his pocket and retrieves a piece of paper and hands it to the Armory guy."Please walk in a circle 1 meter in radius while reading the words on the paper. All for 1 minute," L requests in his normal voice, void of any intonation.

After the minute of awkward recitation Agent L thanks the guy emotionlessly, reaches into his pocket again, retrieving a padded vial this time, and walks back toward the others while drinking the contents of the vial.

Disguise Self: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (6) + 23 = 29

A guy, who some recognize as the Armory guy walks around the corner of the set holding a piece of paper in one hand. He stops just around the corner and looks to be reading the paper while he address, he has no idea who, "I've got a package frum an 'office' for a Miss Ko-re-mat-su." With the name he obviously takes it a bit slower to sound it out.

Bluff: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (19) + 11 = 30
Voice Mimicry: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (4) + 23 = 27

"This way ma'am," he say while bowing slightly and geturing around the corner with his arm.

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

"Hm? What's this about?" Sam says, as she steps up to the 'armory guy' and takes a look around the corner.

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16
Perception: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (8) + 14 = 22

Sam sees a large kit on the ground 15 feet along the wall around the corner. "There ma'am," the Armory guy ushers.

After she has walked 10 feet toward the bag, he attempts to grapple from behind.

Grapple: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

Despite the failure he still whispers in a familiar voice, "My apologies. Normally I would swiftly take out the decieved, but I seem to have underestimated you." The bland voice of Agent L continues quietly, "I would ask that you remain quiet and observe further from the corner down that way."

Hoping Sam complies Agent L turns toward the corner and once more draws a vial from a pocket and drinks it, now appearing as Sam.
Disguise Self: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (8) + 23 = 31

Male Human Marksman 6

Agent Bronson sends in the Psycrystal to the building first, hidden under a camouflage power and by its minuscule size and it being low to the ground. After the rock checks the area out, Pierce mostly just strolls right in.
Once Q asks his question he raises an eyebrow "train in what way?"

Male Human Soulknife (Psychic Armory) 6 | HP 54/54 Focus: Y Psychic Strike: N | F +6 R +10 W +12 | PAC 20 BAC 19 T 14 FF 12 CMD 20 | Init: +3 Perception: +14

Perception Round 2: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (17) + 14 = 31
Just barely missed that time

Shrike stood and picked up his cane, rolling his shoulders theatrically.

"I might be game to spar a bit, I'm sure Mr. Brosnan could show us a thing or two on the range, and Agent L... Where did he get off to? No matter. Let's see the color of your steel." He unbuttoned his coat and jacket, laying them over the chair he had previously occupied.

F Japanese-American Human Mesmerist 6

When Agent L tries to grab Sam, she elbows him in the face, pushes away, and starts casting a spell before she hears him, and drops her hands. "Oh, for the love of god, I guess we're doing this now." She snaps her fingers and casts 'Disguise Self' to appear as a very poor facsimile of George VI, but she does hold back mostly out of curiosity to see what he's doing.

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