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Fallout: War Never Changes

Game Master Wareagle

In a post apocalyptic world few strive to survive and a few of those who still roam the earth now look to make something of the ruins that was once our world.

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Dark Archive

Question, who would be the GM and what type of buy system would we use along with starting gold?

I'm still interested in this, with a character similar to the one I posted back in December... I'll put in an update over the weekend.

Nice! I've never used the race builder before but I'd give it a shot just for fun if everyone is going to be contributing.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber
Ashteral Blacksun wrote:
Question, who would be the GM and what type of buy system would we use along with starting gold?

Well, I'm not sure who is looking to GM so far.

Typically, gear/supplies for Fallout (and other P.A. style games in general) are very much "story driven."

That is, you are typically unable to "outfit" your character as you see fit, since the GM (or game system in general) will provide you the very basics (and sometimes more or less) and not much else.

Preferably, we can get this working with PF rules as is, excepting the full-casters & using the Armor as DR variant rules.

Some of the skills would have to be re-worked as well.

Dark Archive

@Psionichamster: oopse I was unclear >.< Dam you work killing my brain. I meant for the builds of the characters like how Society uses 20 points and a homebrew I am in uses a 30 point build.


@Ashteral: It would be based on what the GM decides. Whoever that it...


Since we've been asking about it, and we haven't decided, I've taken the initiative [rimshot] and made a Fallout Campaign using what we've discussed here on this thread, as well as a few more things I've thought about.

Check it out!!

Old Orleans, New Trouble

Let me know what you guys think! Hope to see you there!

still looking for players Wareagle?

I'm guessing Wareagle dropped this, like so many games have fallen into the abyss...

SinBlade's game looked pretty cool, but it's going on now. I'm thinking I may start a game before too long... I'll have to finish putting together rules and systems and everything, though.

yeah i am in SinBlades game now and it is a lot of fun. unfortunately it let me to play fallout on the xbox again, which made me want to play in yet ANOTHER fallout pbp game.

as for rulesets, there are two pretty good ones out there. theres the free fallout pnp rules 2.0 out there and there is Exodus, and that ruleset is cheap.

from what i can tell the Fallout pnp rules are more crunchy and realistic, everything is a % roll, the system is truly classless as far as i can tell. for Exodus, it's kinda closer to pathfinder, with PCs generally feeling more powerful, there are base classes and advanced classes. I havent played with either system, but i have read both through a time or two.

Hm.... I shall look through both of those. My plan is to pick and choose bits and pieces from whatever rulesets have something I like. I plan to give credit where it's due, of course, and I'm not going to claim to be doing anything original. But I think there's good stuff in every game.

Also, the fallout pnp 2.0 link is broken up there.

here is the main page this wiki shows the 3.0 rules they arent quite done with

and here is where you can download this download shows the 2.0 rules they finished.

odd that the link doesnt work, they worked previously

I would have been very interested in this. Shame it doesn't look like its going to happen :(

Never fear, Nihil! I may just be starting a campaign. Ordered Fallout 3 since I'd looked at it before and was inspired by the campaign starting... and now I really like it and want to start a campaign for it. So, I'll get recruitment up when I'm ready for all that!

Oh, awesome.

Crap, now I need to pick up Fallout 3 again...

i never got rid of it! One of my old DMs recommended the game to me, i had given it a miss since i wasnt into 1st person shooters. so glad i picked it up though, definitely in my top 5 favorite games.

Heh, I'm considering looking into starting up a Dark Souls pbp RP, if anyone is interested in that idea.

Not exactly sure how it would work. Its still just in the concept phase.

Scarab Sages

Couldn't get into sinblades game so if you run one I'd be up for it.

im all in

Epic thread necro aside...

Given the recent release of Fallout 4 I would be stoked to play something like this if the stars aligned.

same here. hahaha.

also the long-running but slow Fallout pbp i was in died or is at the very least in a coma.

and the Atomic Highway (more Mad Max-like) game i am in died by GM vanishing act.

gotta get my post-apoc fix!

I just want to RP a member of the Atom Cats. I love those guys, man.

I'd be down for some sweet fallout pbp action. The world is pretty sweet and there's all sorts of people in the wastes

Well someone will have to run it because this thread was dead over 3 years. Coming up on 4 yrs

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