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Dark Heresy - Haarlock's Legacy (Inactive)

Game Master Nethru

Online to PbP game in session.

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Illidan approaches the alter and you can see 3 pools of blood next to it and defiled markings of chaos plastered on the altar in blood. Nothing happens when you approach.

Continues with recording his surroundings
Illidan searches for clues of battle participants entering and leaving
1d100 ⇒ 49 vs 20 {1/2 what search character is perception I believe }

"Spread around look for any clues you can. Huntarr signs look to be clear shows all yours. Explain to us what you you were doing here ? what party did you come here with?"

anyone still alive to question, any one here looks of importance, are there any rooms here that haven't been looked into?

Huntarr sweeps the building.

"I was here with these four." He indicates four of the bodies.

"We were here to find the Heron and kill him. We found the place like this, though those three pools of blood are new. Could the daemons have simply dissolved after completing their foul works?"

Everyone make Awareness checks. You already did yours Illidan

1d100 ⇒ 14

I still think I fail

1d100 ⇒ 33


Awareness 1d100 ⇒ 72

Huntarr you uncover several empty storage crates for weapons and ammunition, scattered papers containing occult scrawling, astrological charts, data readouts of astronomical alignments, the lineages of several noble houses, including that of Haarlock and Melua, a rent painting on canvas of the great manse of Gabriel Chase. You also find a set of ancient half-burned plans to a great circular structure that indicates the presence of secret passageways and hidden observation points in the walls.

takes photographs of the ( scattered papers containing occult scrawling, astrological charts, data readouts of astronomical alignments, the lineages of several noble houses, including that of Haarlock and Melua, a rent painting on canvas of the great manse of Gabriel Chase. a set of ancient half-burned plans to a great circular structure that indicates the presence of secret passageways and hidden observation points in the walls

"this information may come in handy"

"If the Heron is after this Chase fellow, what are we going to do about it?"

(Do the plans match anything in the city based on size and the shape of outer structures?)

The plans can be anywhere really. It's hard to tell as it's most likely inside a building

"This places looks ransacked and deserted, we need to gather our Intel here anything that can be useful to us in the future and move onto our next targets. Let's get some of these peoples id find out who is who and what business they had here. We will need to find the white scholar and see if we can intercept this Chase fellow before the heron mask guy."

copies images from pict recorder, and enters all names of people of interest into the data slate. {White scholar, hedonism mask, Chase}

"Good idea, perhaps the White Scholar can answer all of the other questions I have".

"Before we exit Huntarr the battle with the guy in the hedonism mask did anyone manage to land a hit on him or did he drop anything a strand of hair, piece of clothing, drop of blood?

illidan questions the priest next.
"honorable Brother have to any info of this white scholar a photo, or anything that can give me an image or trace of his being?"

Damn you auto correct hedonism = Heron Mask


Only thing you know about white scholar is he's an old adept. He didn't talk to you much in that one month together as he was always doing research for the inquisitor.

Inquisitor Pain:
Yes. but where is he? lol

"We need to find the White Scholar, if he is still alive.."

Constantine doesn't know where to begin to handle the desecrated church, the only thing that comes to mind is BURN THE UNCLEAN!

"When we are done here let me know. I will burn this place to the ground!


You have no idea.

Inquisitor Pain:
I want to attempt to send a message to him, through the people. Maybe start a rumor or something that if he caught word of it would know where to look, does this sound like something that can be accomplished?

"Alright chums listen up I have an idea that is just crazy enough that it might work. It will require some time and focus, I am going to channel the energy of the warp to locate those we are looking for.
Illidan looks around at the team.
"I will need you to gaurd me while I locate the White scholar first. Please stand a safe distance away by an exit if you will incase some twisted shyt enters from the warp."

Illidan sits in a meditative postion and starts breathing heavily while muttering some gibberish.

Innovation: 1d100 ⇒ 58 vs 57 {Failed} everyone a moment to get to a safe distances

3d10 ⇒ (8, 2, 4) = 14 + 5
psyniscience test 1d100 ⇒ 50
"Show me the location of the white Scholar"

"The Wrap has shown me nothing"

You see Illidan try to concentrate and find the location of the White Scholar but nothing seems to happen and he looks up from his meditation with no success.


You can try but you do know he's not going by the White Scholar here. When you guys are planet side you take up other identities but you don't know what his is.

"I am loathe to attempt to find the informatin through a network of people here as I cannot be sure our search will go unnoticed. Perhaps first we should get morefamiliar with everything here then we can determine where this person most likely will be".

Luigi I had a list of things I wanted to do that I posted last week, can we start with the top of the list? If you need me to re-post let me know.

"I can talk to the criminal element. No doubt they have information we can use. I was on my way to do that when I came across the unfortunate Father Obadiah."

"My point is if a bunch of strangers start asking questions about the White Scholar word may get back to our foes. That is something I would like to avoid but you can do what you like, you are your own man".

"I am in favor of hitting the the library to get more information about this city. Possibly these astrological signs. Then this evening visiting the house of Gabriel Chase maybe these hidden passages may be a way in but we can find the role That this Chase person has in this city through the library. That would be the least suspicious way to find out information without raising eyebrows."

There is some gear I forgot to list here that Obadiah and his guys had. 1 Chain Sword and 3 Axes. Can always try to sell them.


Ok if your going to try to find out any of this info where do you wish to find it out and then make an Inquiry roll.

Who is the Spider Bride?
Who is Gabriel Chase?
Who or what is the Widower?
What is the Steel Clock?

Star Port is almost 100 Kilometers away from where your at now. VERY long walk if you still want to try to go there.
Visit Ashtear Starport just to look around and check on security and to see if we can find the Inquisitor's ship.

The Chancel is in the Refutation district and is about 50 Kilometers away.
Visit the Chancel for more background on our masked foes (if possible).

Let me know where you want to go to ask the questions and if you still want to go to those 2 specific locations. Curt said he wanted to go to the Library which is this place.

"Sorry, I was going to leave finding the White Scholar to you. I was going to try and focus on Heron-Mask. The right people in the Underworld may have seen him or know where to start looking."

"I'd like to use the weapons for cash. I may need to spread a bit around in bribes and such-like."

"I've sold the chain sword for a pretty mean bit of change. 50% of its going rate of 475."

Illidan will allow for the others to take their pick.

"I would like one item to generate some revenue have a bit of gear I want to buy."

Illidan ask for the strummer from Auraxis being that the encounter here seems to be over.

Illidan ask Huntarr for the coordinates of the "safe house"
"Huntarr you said you know of a location were we can stay whats the address."

Huntarr will give them directions to the Cleric's apartment.

"I'll meet you all there after sundown. Try not to destroy the place."

Huntarr picks up the chainsword and heads for the arena.

Illidan + Auraxis + Constantine:

Illian will obtian the strummer from Auraxis and while exiting known location he will grab a Chain axe and head towards the arena to sell and exchange for some tools

"Brother make sure not a single ounce of taint remains of this place."

Illidan leaves the Church

Inquisitor Pain:

Going to arena I will like to sell the chain axe. 450/2 gives me $225. and if I still get the same deal I would like to get 3 data slates with 3 micro beads. for communications for the group near and far. I would like to get Magnoculars and a Psy Foci. that comes to 217 and some change. if you want me to make rerolls I can do so to see if I get the same deal. Thats fine with me. when I am done with trading I am headed to the Library First.... then estate of Grabriel Chase

1d100 ⇒ 38 vs 26 {-5 for dealing with non void}


You need to make a new merchant roll to see if you can still get 50% cost for the items you got and any discount if they offer.

I'm assuming you guys are all splitting up again? Huntarr solo? Illidan solo or is the rest of the crew going with him?

I've informed Constatine and Auraxis of my direction they are more then welcome to follow.

inquisitor pain:
what's good with the merchant rolls. How's much for selling weapon? Vs how much for buying tools? Then I was to head to the library.


Your only going to get 25% of cost for the sales and anything you buy is 100% cost.


You make it to the Arena of Promenade unmolested. What do you want to do?


Huntarr will look around, and then check out the weapons merchants. He'll shop his chainsword and stub pistol around to see who makes him the best offer.


Your only going to get 25% max for sales of your own gear and have to buy at 100%. Your not much of a merchant type person like Illidan is. Would you like to test your luck in some games?


Sell the axe ... Buy 3 data slates.

I am going to head to the safe house first. Can you describe it to me. Where its located, is there anyplace to hide my wares inside the house. Is it a safe location. Anyone else around or live in area.

illidan is going to place the three data slates on the table I will mark each one with other players names. I am going to encrypt them with the name of the inquisitor who we met. I am going to place the images, maps, recordings and info from my previous data slate on the three. I will leave clues as to what the key is for the data slate.

I will head to the library after I hear more about this location the safe house is in and a full description of the safe house and is there any place here I can stash a few items like my auto gun? Doubt I can waltz in the library armed.


To get to the Arena is about 15Km from where you started in the Collapsed Palaces. And then another 15Km back to the hideout and then another 45Km to the Refutation area where the library would be. That's a lot of traveling and will take some time unless you want to purchase transportation. May want to see what the others want to do first to see if your all sticking together or not.

You get 15 thrones for the 3 axes that will only leave you with 30 total thrones. Each dataslate cost 25 thrones.


Just so your aware it's about 15Km from where you were to the Arena so by time you get there it's probably early afternoon unless you find vehicle transportation to get you there faster.


Are there any shooting games?

I will follow Illidian.

I will follow the 2 mooks. I would also like to try the idea I had talked to you about Luig.

Illidan, Auraxis, Constantine:

The three of you head into the Arena of Promenade and Illidan sells the 3 axes and procures you all transportation with the money he made to make your way to the Refutation MUCH faster than you would of on foot.

You make it there about 1 hour after you get to the Arena and this area of town is much different than the others. There are still some people out partying and doing whatever they please but you also see the Adepts hard at work here trying to do their daily duties.

Make awareness checks as your walk around toward the library area.


You can get 70 thrones for the Chainsword which will put you at 220 thrones total. Everything here will cost full price for you if you wish to buy anything.

You see a sign for a game called Metalican Quickdraw, High Power Lap Pistol or Hand Cannons only! You see 2 men in the center of a small arena shooting at each other. The sign shows a prize of 500 thrones for the winner on a 1v1 match and it goes up from there the harder the odds.

Illidan + Constantine + Auraxis:

Awareness 1d100 ⇒ 14 vs 40
Illidan makes his way towards the Library, watching the Choas unfold

"Never have I seen such madness as these party goers in all my days traversing the stars. People partying, drinking, parttaking in all kinds of cardinal pleasures in the middle of the street all hours of the day. I know it must not sit well with men of the cloth and Officers alike."

Pointing to the officals trying to keep order

The Three Amigos:

1d100 ⇒ 58 I believe thats a fail

"It is taking all I have not to go off and beat these people senseless. I really hope we get to kill some heretics soon!! It has been too long!"

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