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DM Stormwind's Legacy of Fire - The Heavens aligned against us.

Game Master LastNameOnEarth

DM Stormwind brings you the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, in a no holds barred, optimization required, high difficulty delivery.

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Hp: 9/11

Hearing Seif-al-Din mention Father Zastoran, Tarin heads in his direction to help cook the scorpion if he may.

I too would like to get some healing, and be part of the offering if you wouldn't mind. Also, maybe the good Father has some grog :)

|| BAB +3 | CMB +5 | CMD 20 | Fort +5 | Ref +8 | Will +4 || Half-Orc Gunslinger/2

"I took no hurt from the cacti or scorpion, I will seek my rest and make sure my gear is in order for tomorrow."

On leaving the tent Xanyon lets his gaze run the length of the camp.

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Seeing nothing amiss he takes his rest.

|| BAB +3 | CMB +5 | CMD 20 | Fort +5 | Ref +8 | Will +4 || Half-Orc Gunslinger/2

Waking the next morning Xanyon takes stock of his gear and prepares himself for the task ahead. Gathering for breakfast he turns to the group.

"What can we expect before us? Hopefully there are no more pugwampis, one was almost enough to kill us."

Current Map

Standing face to face, Zerekias and Garavel continue to look at each other in the dark, the flicker of distant cook fires providing the only illumination, and making the expressions on their faces hard to see. Then Zerekias, hands held at his sides, leans forward and spits on the ground in front of the major domo. He then turns towards the outside of the camp, and starts walking.

"STOP!" Garavel yells in a sharp bark. Instead of stopping, Zerekias breaks into a run. Without looking, Garavel signals one of the men behind him with a gesture. The guard brings his crossbow to bear, takes aim, and looses. 1d20 ⇒ 4 The bolt sails wide, and Zerekias disappears into the dark.

"Find him. Bring him back. Alive if possible." Garavel says to his men. The two nod and run to the animal pickets, readying two camels. Within a few minutes they are ready to depart, and tramp into the desert night, torches alight.

The camp returns to quiet afterwards.

Current Map

The rest of the night passes quietly. Unfortunately, Father Zastoran was sleeping when the party returned, through the planning with Almah, and afterwards, so healing will have to wait until morning.

Morning comes and passes, and the camp is kept quiet to allow the group to sleep late. For most, it is probably mid-day before the prospect of moving injured bodies out of bedrolls to break fast or see to the jakes becomes urgent enough to force them up. Sometime during the morning, a large pit was dug by the cooking fire and filled with the scorpion legs, claws, and tail. The hole was filled in and the cook fire was then restarted above it. Now, at mid-day, the succulent smell pervades, and is even enough to make most think of food before seeing to Father Zastoran. Luckily, he is there at the cook fire with the others. All not guarding the perimeter are present. The two burned guards are here, and both are healed. The woman, Kallien looks pale, but healthy, and there is no sign fire ever touched her skin. The man Trevvis is healed as well, but scars and distorted skin mar some of his face and chest. The scars are not so bad as to make him a monster, and with the sleek lines of the unburned part of his face, they make him look more fierce than ugly. Kallien is nestled into his arms, while he stands behind. Even Almah has come out of her tent to be here. The guards that went to search for Zerekias are there as well, though there is no sign whether they met success or failure.

Utarchus and one of the body guards, (Fixx, you believe you hear him called) are digging up the pit when you arrive. As the first legs are drawn free, another of the guards (Podarn) cracks them on a small anvil with a hammer, and Father Zastoran parcels out the meat onto flatbread for each to enjoy.

Dashki did not lie, and the meat is succulent. Added to the oils and herbs the Father rolls onto the pale white meat as he serves it, it strikes you as one of the best meals you might have ever tasted. The meat is sweet, and sharp, somewhat like crab or lobster, though only those who had lived near the sea would notice the similarity.

There is more than enough for everyone, and after eating his fill, and asking Sati if he can fetch her another portion, Utarchus arms himself and takes a post at the perimeter so one of the other guards can some back to eat. You have never seen anyone eat quite like Dashki. The man stuffs his mouth and chews sloppily, eating with both hands, and often ignoring the bread. When the claws come up from the pit, he essentially takes one to himself, feeding himself out of the chitin like it were a deep urn. Though he is only able to finish a portion of the contents, no one else seems interested in the rest once he is done.

Upon completion, heaps of praise are handed to the group by all for defeating such a tasty adversary, and a few ask when you plan to kill another. Father Zastoran clean himself and his hands, and sees to the party's wounds. He cures most with his prayers, laying his hands and showing the sign of Nethys. Near the end, when his prayers are near exhausted, he resorts to potions, though he treats each as near and dear to him, and examines each would twice to make sure the potion is warranted. Soon after all are healed.

It is once again just after mid-day, and you are healed and prepared to depart. If there anything else you would like to do before heading for the Monstery, please let me know.

Current Map

The Loot:
When the treasures form the Scorpion's lair are examined here is what is revealed.

Of the two scimitars, both appear to be in fine condition, being away from sunlight as they were in the cave, and protected from moisture by the dry desert air. The one in the ornate scabbard proves to be of very fine craftsmanship (Masterwork). The oil last used to clean the blade has dried sticky and dark, but with polish, the blade should look quite fine again. The other sword is well made, but nothing outstanding. The wooden shield appears mundane, as do the manacles and their lock and key. All are in good working order. The compass is of fine make, and might fetch decent coin, but only to the right buyer. The onyx ring appears worth ~30 gold and the money purse has 31 gp in mostly gold and silver coins. The brass tube contains a scroll that registers magic, and proves to be an Arcane scroll of Summon Monster III when examined.

Let me know if you are taking anything with you, otherwise I'll assume it is left in camp.

Female Aasimar Summoner 2 | HP 20/20 | AC 15 (T 12, FF 13) | CMD 11 | F +2 | R +2 | W +6 | Init +2| Per +7

I would like to take the Arcane scroll and the onyx ring (assuming I can wear it?). Does that work for everyone else?

Sati, having brought little on the journey, is quickly packed and ready to head to the Abbey

She appears thoughtful as she gazes into the distance; Mohgwier is nestled compactly between her legs.

I will be glad to get to the monastery. I will do my part to ensure that the Dawnflower's dwelling place is restored to its former glory

Hp: 9/11

I could probably make use of the manacles.

Hp: 9/11

Tarin is very keen to purchase some alcoholic beverages if possible - small quantities will suffice.

Any about? Tarin just needs a little bit to pray with.

Current Map

Recalling that the mercenaries mentioned getting drunk before the fire broke out, Tarin heads over to see them. They inform him that they ran out of regular beverages a few weeks back, and have been making their own since then. They introduce him to a beverage they call Shubat, which they say is called Chal in Kelesh.

"It's fermented camels milk. First you get the milk, and let it spoil. Having it in a sealed bag is best, like a bladder or cow's stomach. Then you mix in fresh milk every day for about a week or so, letting the bag bloat in the heat. You have to be careful that it doesn't burst though, or you'll lose the whole batch. Afterwards, the chunks and the liquid separate, and you can either skim the liquid and drink that; it'll get you where you're going a bit faster than the curds, but if you mix it all up again, it's as good as breakfast, lunch, and dinner!"

They offer to let him try some, and offer to sell a gallon skin for about 2 gold. A good ale would cost half as much in the city, but then you're not in the city. Coincidently enough, it smells like alcoholic yogurt made from a camel.

"If it's not to your taste, you could try Father Zastoran. I think he keeps a bit about for his potions and medicines. No idea if he'll part with any of it though. He was a bit gruff when we asked..."

Hp: 9/11

Tarin nods in thanks to the guard. "You are very kind. I will gladly share a tot with you, and give thanks to Holy Cayden Cailean as well as your good self. I fear your price may be a little steep for a poor friar, however. I will check with the Father for something a little less valuable first, but if he cannot help I will take you up on your offer." If the merc is happy to share a sip with Tarin, he will partake, observing any particular customs they may have with taking the delicious-sounding beverage.

Brother Larvendi will then seek out Zastoran for something a little more mainstream and less costly.

Doesn't make Tarin ill or anything nasty like that, does it?

(AC 19/15/14; HP 124/124; Fort +19, Ref +15, Will +15; Init +13 (+15 if able to act in the surprise round), Perception +20, (60' Darkvision), CMD 27, Fire Resistance 5, Spells Active: Endure Elements) Ifrit Paladin 3 / Cleric 3 / Sentinel 5

Still aching from his tussle with the cactus patch, Seif-al-Din does not sleep particularly well. Nonetheless, in the morning he feels somewhat refreshed.

The smell of roasted scorpion, however, is a welcome distraction. Gathering with the others, he savors the odor, the taste, and the texture of the food, grinning faintly when some of the other camp members ask when the party will next bring a succulent delicacy back.

He is particularly pleased when he notes that Kallien has made an excellent recovery; his happiness marred only when he notes that Trevvis has been horrifically scarred.

If only I had had more magic at my disposal; I need to prove to the Dawnflower, and myself, that I am worthy, so that something like this does not happen again...

When the time comes for Father Zastoran to heal the party, he waits his turn, allowing the others to be healed first. When the good Father has finished, he nods his thanks, and says:

"Thank-you. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you, in return."

|| BAB +3 | CMB +5 | CMD 20 | Fort +5 | Ref +8 | Will +4 || Half-Orc Gunslinger/2

Xanyon watches silently as the others prepare, mentally reviewing his list of supplies.

"When do we leave Muqaq?"

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

Muqaq wakes slightly before dawn as always, greeting the sun with prayer. He spends the morning napping, and then partakes in the scorpion feast. Afterwards he is approached by Xanyon with a question about when they will depart.

"First we must show the pugwampi to everyone in the camp, then we should get a map from Garavel. After that we may depart as soon as everyone is ready. Would you care to assist with either of those tasks?"

Current Map

Tarin: The taste of the mercenary's beverage is different, and rather strange. Much like it smells, it tastes like camel milk, but is very sour and hits the corners of the cheeks. Your first instinct is to spit it out as it tastes so strange to your tongue. However, other than the slight earthy scent of camel that pervades it, the aftertaste is not all together unpleasant. You are forced to decide that it is not strictly foul, just strange; very strange. A practiced tongue for the nectars of your deity, you'd guess it is about as potent as a strong beer, but shy of the strength of wine. Perhaps if you skimmed the whey as they suggested, it might approach the strength of wine.

You go to see the Priest, who is pleased to see you and polite. His mood seems good, as even though he has just lost some of his precious potions, he is still deeply satisfied with the rare desert treat you and your team provided. When you ask about liquor he appears as though his first instinct is to be cross, but then remembers your calling an your god and his face relaxes.

"I only stock a few spirits really. Just for mixing with potions or poltaces, and sometimes to ease a cough, pain, or help the lady sleep. They are not really intended for drinking. I can spare some for a cleric I suppose. I don't stock it in great supply, but if you have a small flask, you can fill it here."

The priest retreats into his wagon and returns with a stoppered bottle. It's about the size of a wine bottle, but only half full. When he pulls the stopper, the medicinal smell of distilled spirits strikes your nose. It is a strong, fortified brew, and as he said, likely never meant for straight consumption, but it is Cayden's blessing, and will serve your purpose. You'd guess it twice the strength of a stout whisky. (Say 160 proof...)

Current Map

Muquq: Showing the creature around the camp is not difficult as there are less than twenty who have not seen it. When you show the bodyguards you get a raised eyebrow or two, as if questioning why such a thing would be a threat. The mercenaries just laugh, and can be heard mocking your group for taking down the "Terrible Pugwampi".

When you are finished, Dashki approaches and asks for the corpse. "I'll make a warning of it, to keep any others away."

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

"Sounds like a good idea Dashki, here you are. Muqaq says, handing him the corpse. After that Muqaq will seek out Garavel. "Excuse me sir. Might you be able to provide me with a map showing the location of the Monastery? Or at least show me the way on a map if you only have one copy?"

Current Map

Garavel meets Muqaq neutrally, with his usual lack of expression, "Unfortunately, when the Gnoll overran this area a generation ago, it seems no one thought we would bother to take it back, or at least care about the old settlements. That being the case, the maps were not well preserved. Luck was with us though, and we were able to find a few that touch on this area. The monastery is only about a mile North of here, through the sand hills; Kelmarane is another mile or so North of that. There are few other structures in the area that we can identify. I can't spare a map, but you can make a copy. The building is the only structure in the area and should be easy to find."

He takes a few moments to find you a scrap of parchment and allows you to copy out the basics of the map. He then takes the charcoal from you and sketches in a few other details until it reflect's the original to his satisfaction.

"Anything else?"

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

"That's it for now. Thank you Garavel." Muqaq says, smiling. He gives the dour man a small bow and leaves to find Sati. "Hey Sati, I've got a map of where we're going. Anything else you can think of that we need to do before we head out?"

Female Aasimar Summoner 2 | HP 20/20 | AC 15 (T 12, FF 13) | CMD 11 | F +2 | R +2 | W +6 | Init +2| Per +7

Sati turns her gaze from the horizon to Muqaq. Mohgwier, resting between her legs, doesn't turn.

"I can't think of anything else that needs to be done before we depart.

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

"Alright, you go gather Seif and Tarin and I'll fetch Xanyon. Meet me at the northern edge of camp." Muqaq goes to tell Xanyon that they are ready to depart and heads to the northern edge of camp to wait for the others.

Hp: 9/11

Brother Larvendi thanks the good Father, and offers to make a small donation (would 8 sp suffice? It's about 10% of my ready cash). He then retires to a shady corner of the camp for ten minutes and takes a very small amount of the spirits mixed with water, his thoughts turned to his god.

He then spends the rest of his time writing down the events of last night, though he doubts they will be of much interest to the Pathfinder hierarchy.

|| BAB +3 | CMB +5 | CMD 20 | Fort +5 | Ref +8 | Will +4 || Half-Orc Gunslinger/2

Nodding at Muqaq's summons, Xanyon gathers his gear and follows to the edge of camp.

(AC 19/15/14; HP 124/124; Fort +19, Ref +15, Will +15; Init +13 (+15 if able to act in the surprise round), Perception +20, (60' Darkvision), CMD 27, Fire Resistance 5, Spells Active: Endure Elements) Ifrit Paladin 3 / Cleric 3 / Sentinel 5

Seif-al-Din smiles, and nods when Sati comes to collect him.

"I will be ready momentarily. When I am heading into hostile territory, I like to make sure that all of my equipment is in perfect working order."

He then (quickly) finishes polishing his armor, adjusts the straps on his backpack, and finishes honing his massive curved blade with a whetstone.

"Right. I am ready to head out."

Female Aasimar Summoner 2 | HP 20/20 | AC 15 (T 12, FF 13) | CMD 11 | F +2 | R +2 | W +6 | Init +2| Per +7

After collecting Seif-al-Din, Sati and Mohgwier approach Tarin, who is busy writing in a notebook of sorts.

"Are you ready to leave? Muqaq and Xanyon are waiting for us at the edge of camp."

Male Undine Monk of the Empty Hand/1

After nibbling on his share of scorpion and receiving some healing, Gin wanders over to what appears to be everyone who had joined up with the caravan to the North, So, whats the plan? Clearing out a temple?

Hp: 9/11

Tarin finishes up his scribing, packs his things away, and follows Sati to where the party has gathered to leave.

"My apologies. I hope I haven't caused any unnecessary delay."

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

Ah! I knew I was forgetting someone. Sorry Gin!

"Oh sh*t, Gin!" Muqaq mutters, walking over to him "Yeah, I was just about to go get you. We're heading out soon to clear out the Monastery. Do you have everything you need?"

Current Map

I am preparing the monastery map, and have been pretty busy this weekend with regular life. I will be introducing the trip to the abby soon as I can, and it shouldn't be much longer. In the mean time, feel free to keep up the RP; it's great!

Hp: 9/11

Brother Larvendi approaches Muqaq and Gin, and speaks in a low voice, an unsettling, growling whisper. "I am concerned about about the fact that Zerekias has left us. For him and his safety, but also for ours. I think that, as our leaders, you and Sati might consider our tactics as a group. My opinion would be to concentrate on fast assault and use the element of surprise when possible, as we lack any heavily armoured warriors around which to base a more standard form of attack. I will of course defer to your decisions, but I thought it may be helpful to instigate some conversation on this topic."

Tarin surveys the group as the assemble, considering other tactical factors.

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

"Perhaps Mohgwier and Gin can form our front line for now? You look to be quite strong yourself, perhaps we can find you some heavier armor Tarin. Once protected by magic, I am somewhat hard to damage. However I am no great warrior. I agree however that we should proceed with extreme caution and only fight on our own terms. There is no shame in running away to fight again later. Who amongst you can move in silence and shadow?"

Hp: 9/11

Had stealth planned for level 2...
"Perhaps heavier armour would be an option to explore once I earn my 500 gold, yes. As for treading lightly and remaining hidden, it has been a skill I have recently been practising - my Pathfinder instructors often mentioned it, but I have only lately had my time to spend as I would. I fear I am not much better than an amateur at this point.

As Brother Larvendi continues, his voice becomes stronger, less shattered, as if the strength of his faith overcomes whatever physical ailment renders his voice so harsh and unappealing.

"Still, I am unafraid to face the blows of our enemies, and I can call on the blessings of Cayden to protect me somewhat. I have always favoured a more mobile approach to combat, but I'm willing to serve in whatever way is best for our little company. I also agree that retreat is often the best tactic - Cayden Cailean may be the god of bravery, but he does not promote pride to the point of stupidity," he finishes with an amused twist to his voice.

(AC 19/15/14; HP 124/124; Fort +19, Ref +15, Will +15; Init +13 (+15 if able to act in the surprise round), Perception +20, (60' Darkvision), CMD 27, Fire Resistance 5, Spells Active: Endure Elements) Ifrit Paladin 3 / Cleric 3 / Sentinel 5

Seif-al-Din is more than a little amused by the conversation.

"The Everlight guides my steps, and my sword-arm. I, too, am not afraid of being in the thick of combat."

I have heavy armor proficiency, and am proficient with all martial weapons, so full plate and high damage output will be part of plan, once we can actually afford the armor...

Hp: 9/11

Is Seif amused in a jovial kind of way, or a derisive kind of way, or with another slant that I'm not picking up? Just looking to compose an appropriate response, but I'm not getting the subtleties of your comment as Tarin obviously would :)

|| BAB +3 | CMB +5 | CMD 20 | Fort +5 | Ref +8 | Will +4 || Half-Orc Gunslinger/2

Xanyon nods along with the conversation.

"I am no great warrior like all of you, I am a simple gun maker from Alkenstar. I've been practicing with my father's gun but it's very loud, as you heard earlier. I'm afraid I never got the hang of wearing much armor."

Oracle of Battle is powerful, I've a Rage Prophet who's a beast. When he's alive. Economy of action how I hate you so.

Male Undine Monk of the Empty Hand/1

I thought about being quiet and seeing what would happen, then I thought, hmmm that could be bad

Well, I'll help where I can, I can be quiet when the need arises, and strong armed if necessary; and yes, though I wasn't fond of the brute, he was good in a fight. I agree that fighting on our terms will give us the best chance of survival.

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

"It's good to know everyone's capabilities, but there is no 'right' answer with tactics. That being said, there are two basic tactics I think we should always use. The first being that no one rushes off, or attacks anything without everyone else knowing and being prepared. The second is, that in fights with multiple opponents we must focus our fire as much as possible. I will call a target, and everyone should attack that target until it's dead. Obviously if we get attacked the first one won't apply. Moghwier should lead, and Gin will take up the rear. Other than that I make no requests of you at the moment." Muqaq turns to Sati, "Your thoughts second?"

Another tactic is, that if we all go before the monster(s), melee type characters should delay until after ranged and casters act. That allows us to get off shots without the -4 for shooting into melee. It also allows any buffs or whatever to be cast before the meleers attack.

(AC 19/15/14; HP 124/124; Fort +19, Ref +15, Will +15; Init +13 (+15 if able to act in the surprise round), Perception +20, (60' Darkvision), CMD 27, Fire Resistance 5, Spells Active: Endure Elements) Ifrit Paladin 3 / Cleric 3 / Sentinel 5

@Tarin: Jovial. It strikes me that our PCs are currently engaged in an "Ooo oo! Look at me! I wanna go first!" contest ;-)

Seif-al-Din nods.

"Sneaking forward makes sense, but if there is more than one group of opponents, once combat starts, stealth is unlikely to remain an option; we will have telegraphed our presence... I agree, however, that focusing fire as much as is possible is an eminently practical policy."

Female Aasimar Summoner 2 | HP 20/20 | AC 15 (T 12, FF 13) | CMD 11 | F +2 | R +2 | W +6 | Init +2| Per +7

"Having spent most of my life in the peace and quiet of a monastery I am not accumstomed to battle. Mohgwier is very brave and will surely enter into the thick of battle if I ask it of her. Being what she is, she does not fear death." Sati doesn't choose to expand on exactly what she (Mohgweir) is.

"As for me, my skills do not lie in melee combat. I have some skill with a bow, and, should we decide that Mohgwier's form or skills are not ideal for the situation, I can call upon other beasts to aid us in battle."

Hp: 9/11
Seif-al-Din ibn-Subhi wrote:
@Tarin: Jovial. It strikes me that our PCs are currently engaged in an "Ooo oo! Look at me! I wanna go first!" contest ;-)


Tarin nods in approval to Seif-al-Din. "Faith is indeed a mighty benefit. Although plate mail might be nice... I'm glad we have discussed these matters. My knowledge of group tactics is not extensive."

|| BAB +3 | CMB +5 | CMD 20 | Fort +5 | Ref +8 | Will +4 || Half-Orc Gunslinger/2

"From what I've seen plate might not be your best choice. It's fairly hot here, you'll need a lot of water."

Xanyon settles his pack, aware that his load causes the same problem.

Hp: 9/11

Brother Larvendi notices Xanyon's discomfort with his load. "Are you restricted by your load? I am happy to carry some of your gear if it would allow you to move more freely."

I'll work out my load, which will definitely be light, and see how much of your gear I can take, if you'd like?

|| BAB +3 | CMB +5 | CMD 20 | Fort +5 | Ref +8 | Will +4 || Half-Orc Gunslinger/2

"I appreciate the offer Brother Larvendi but some of my gear is quite...explosive."

I can carry it, most of the heavy stuff is in the backpack so I can dump it in combat with enough warning.

Hp: 9/11

The hooded friar flinches slightly at the word "explosive", but recovers quickly. "As you will."

HP:27/27;1st Sor- 6/6, 1st Or- 2/5, Flame ray 9/9

"What of enduring the elements. The heat doesn't bother me, do we have someone who can cast Endure Elements on the party members who do need it?"

(AC 19/15/14; HP 124/124; Fort +19, Ref +15, Will +15; Init +13 (+15 if able to act in the surprise round), Perception +20, (60' Darkvision), CMD 27, Fire Resistance 5, Spells Active: Endure Elements) Ifrit Paladin 3 / Cleric 3 / Sentinel 5

Seif-al-Din shrugs.

"Like Muqaq, I am not especially bothered by the heat; additionally, through the grace of the Dawnflower, I can materialise as such much water as I require from thin air."

Hp: 9/11

"Cayden also grants me the power to produce fresh water on command. For myself, I am hardy, and have this very stylish desert outfit. Perhaps there are more to be had here in camp?"

Current Map

The trip north to the Monastery is neither long nor particularly difficult. Even though by happenstance you have ended up travelling at the hottest time of day, the journey is relatively short. Only a mile distant you find yourself drawing near to the Abby.

The interim had you crossing the sand hills, the first rank of which you became unwillingly familiar when chasing down the gremlin creature and the lost goat. (What did you do with the goat, by the way?) The successive ranks were much the same, with the occasional draw created by infrequent flowing water or the erosion of wind. Some were marked by more cactus patches, but most were clear. Due to the trouble getting through those patches however, you end up going over the hills as often as through them, in order to avoid the pricks, as well as embarrassing memories, of you last attempt to bypass one in that manner.

In a little more than an hour, you find yourself looking at the old building from a few hundred feet out. Having had to scout out a few of the draws, and having to turn back once or twice, you feel you could probably make it back in 45 minutes, or even half an hour if you dared force march in this heat.

The monastery is composed of a single large building. You are approaching from the south, though from this angle, the building is only a flat looking wall, with a few empty windows. It is a large building, some 240 ft in length, though it appears to be narrower in cross-section from East to West; perhaps half that.

Most of the monastery’s walls remain intact, though a few of its towers have collapsed and gaping holes mar most of the structure’s ceilings. Most wooden structures have rotted away and nature has begun to intrude upon the monastery’s interior. Some of the old red and orange tile work remains intact, but where walls and ceilings have fallen the decoration has cracked and faded.

1d100 ⇒ 19 There is no visible sign of any creatures, though a thin wisp of smoke can be seen coming from somewhere near the northern end of the building.

The Building Exterior

Knowledge Religion DC 12 for Sarenrae followers, DC 15 otherwise; or Kn: Architecture DC 14:
From you glimpse of the exterior, the building would appear to bear the classic floorplan of a shrine of Sarenrae, and be based on her symbol, the Anch. The cloister would likely be located on the eastern side, being why a varied wall is visible on the western side, but the eastern side is more rectangular. The sections within the Anch itself would be the areas of worship and assembly.

Best Guess

You stand some 200 ft from the building, having just come into sight from the last hill. You have stopped here as you have a view of the place, and anyone inside would be unlikely to have seen you yet.

Hp: 9/11

K. Religion: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15

Male Undine Monk of the Empty Hand/1

Religion: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

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