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Gaming History:
1986 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness
1988 - Heroes Unlimited
1990 - Paladium Fantasy
1992 - Rifts
1995 - Gurps
2006 - Cyberpunk
- Legend of the Five Rings
- Midnight (D&D 3.5)
2010 - Pathfinder

Pathfinder House Rules:

Some strategies listed as Feats in the game should be abilities that any warrior can use, regardless of whether he has a specific feat.
Weapon Finesse: Applies to all finesseable weapons.
Agile Maneuvers: Applies to all finesseable weapons.
Power Attack: Can be performed by any character with a BAB of +1 or more.
Lunge: Can be performed by any character with a BAB of +6 or more.
Deadly Aim: Can be performed by any character with a BAB of +1 or more.
Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Feinting Flurry, Improved Feinting Flurry, Improved Reposition, Improved Steal, and Improved Trip do not require Combat Expertise as a prerequisite.

These abilities still require a feat expenditure, but have modified effects from the original description.
Combat Expertise: Is now mostly a stand alone feat, and does not function as a prerequisite for the Improved feats as before.
Craft Magical Item: All the Item Creation Feats are replaced by this one feat. You must still posses the minimum required caster level to make the type of item specified, and must still meet all other requirements.
Dervish Dance: Can be applied to any finesseable weapon.
Vital Strike: Scales automatically, gaining the effect of Improved Vital Strike when the character achieves a BAB of +11, and Greater Vital Strike when he achieves a BAB of +16.
Two Weapon Fighting: Scales automatically, gaining the effect of Improved Two Weapon Fighting when the character achieves a BAB of +6, and Greater Two Weapon Fighting when he achieves a BAB of +11.

Simple Weapon Proficiency:
Prerequites: None
Benefit: The character gains proficiency with all simple weapons.
Martial Weapon Proficiency:
Prerequisites: All simple weapon proficiencies.
Benefit: The character gains proficiency with all martial weapons.

Deft Strikes:
Prerequisites: Dex 13
Benefit: You may apply your Dex modifier to the damage inflicted by Finesse weapon in place of your Str modifier. This damage is considered precision damage, and does not affect creatures that are immune to critical hits or sneak attacks.

Finesse Weapons: Staves, Spears, and Katana’s are considered finesse weapons when wielded with two hands.
Bastard Sword/Dwarven War Axe: Any character proficient in the use of a Longsword may use a Bastard sword one handed if he has a strength of 13 or greater; the same applies for those proficient with a Battle Axe using a Dwarven War Axe. Any character that is proficient with the use of a great sword, and with a Strength of 13 or greater, may treat the Bastard Sword or Dwarven War Axe as a Finesse Weapon when wielding it two handed.
Spear: Spears are one handed weapons when used with a shield in the off hand. A character with Martial Weapon proficiencies may always treat a spear as a one handed weapon.
Long Spear: A character with Martial Weapon proficiencies may treat a long spear as a one handed weapon when used with a shield in the off hand.

Cleric/Inquisitor: Classes that receive proficiency with their deity's favoured weapon receive Weapon Focus instead if that weapon is a Simple Weapon. In cases where a deity favours unarmed attacks, the character receives Improved Unarmed Strike.
Monk: Monks receive proficiency with all simple and martial weapons with the 'Monk' property. Monks may use Flurry of Blows with any combination of unarmed attacks and monk weapons, including a single monk weapon.
Ranger: Ranger's may choose their animal companions from the same list a Druids.

Mithral Weapons: Any one handed metal weapon made out of Mithral may be treated as a finesse weapon.
Mithral Shields: In addition to the other traits of Mithral Shields, the shields may be considered one size lighter. The user must still possess the proficiency for the Shield Type.

Movement: Characters may add their Dexterity modifier to their overall speed. They may only take advantage of this on a regular move action if the increase provides them with a full 5ft extra movement. However, all characters may include their total value when calculating a double Move action or Run action.
Skill Points: Just as highly intelligent people learn some skills faster, the same is true of physically gifted people. Characters receive bonus skill points every level equal to the sum of their Intelligence and Dexterity modifiers.

Extra Effort:
Extraordinary Effort: Direct lift from Mutants and Masterminds.

Extra effort is a free action and can be performed at any time during the
hero’s action (but is limited to once per round). A hero using extra effort
gains one of the following benefits:

Check bonus: +2 bonus on a single ability, skill, or power check.
This does not include attack rolls.

Increase carrying capacity: +5 effective Strength for determining
the hero’s carrying capacity for one round.

Increase movement: The hero’s speed for all modes of movement
doubles for one round.

Increase power: Increase a power by 2 ranks for one round. This
only increases the power’s rank; you cannot apply power modifiers
(but see the power stunt benefit). Permanent powers cannot be
improved in this way.

Power stunt: Temporarily add a power feat to a power. This includes
an Alternate Power of an existing power. The power feat must follow
the normal rules for adding a power feat. The temporary power feat
lasts for the duration of the encounter or until you choose to stop
maintaining it, whichever comes first. This includes turning off the
power or switching to a different Alternate Power. Power stunts can-
not be applied to Permanent powers via extra effort.

Willpower: Gain an immediate additional saving throw against
a power with a Lasting effect, such as Mind Control or Nullify (see
Duration, page 70). You get this save even if the Lasting power has
a Continuous duration (which doesn’t normally allow for additional
saves at all). If you’re mind-controlled, the fatigue from the extra
effort doesn’t affect you until you’re free of it.

Surge: Gain an additional standard or move action, before or after
your normal actions for the round (your choice). Using this extra
action does not change your place in the initiative order. You can usea standard action gained from extra effort to start or complete a full-
round action in conjunction with your normal actions for the round.
At the beginning of the round immediately after extra effort, the hero
becomes fatigued (see Fatigue, page 167). A fatigued hero becomes
exhausted and an exhausted hero becomes unconscious the round after
using extra effort. If you spend a hero point at the start of the round following extra effort to shake off the fatigue, the hero suffers no adverse effects.


Parry: A character may block or deflect an incoming melee attack with his weapon (or hands if he possesses natural weapons or Improved Unarmed Strike) under some conditions. As a move action you may make an parry roll using your full BAB, plus your Dexterity modifier, plus any masterwork or enhancement bonus for your weapon. Any melee attacks directed at you until your next turn must exceed the greater of your AC and parry roll to successfully inflict an injury. Feats that provide a bonus to AC, or to attack do not add a bonus to the Parry value. A character that is Flat Footed or denied their Dexterity bonus to AC may not make a Parry roll.
Bonus Feats: A character may forfeit all the skill points given by their class for a given level (though not the points given by an Intelligence bonus), and instead receive a bonus feat.

Improved Parry:
Benefit: You may make a parry action as a Swift action instead of as a Move action.
Greater Parry:
Prerequisite: Improved Parry, Base Attack Bonus +6.
Benefit: You may make a parry action as a Free action.
Parry Focus:
Benefit: You receive a +1 on Parry attempts.
Greater Parry Focus
Prerequisite: Parry Focus, BAB +6.
Benefit: You receive an additional +1 on Parry attempts.
Combat Focus:
Prerequisites: ?
Benefit: You may increase you base attack bonus by +1 as long as your new total BAB does not exceed your total current hit dice. This increase applies in all aspects of BAB, including when calculating CMB and CMD, and when determining when you can make iterative attacks. This feat may be selected multiple times, so long as your total BAB never exceeds your HD.

New Equipment:

Large Bore Firearms: Like Composite bows, this would allow for a custom made firearm that allows a larger powder charge, allowing the user to apply a specific strength modifier to their attacks.
Quickdraw Holster: A holster that provides use of the Quickdraw feat with a one handed firearm.

Campaign Ideas:

Savage Honour:

This is a recruitment call for a short, low level monster campaign. I would like 4-6 players for this story. We will likely be progressing from levels 1-5 before the end of the story line. The idea of this campaign is to try out an idea I have been formulating for a monster campaign, and to playtest a series of house rules before using them in a longer campaign. While this is a monster campaign, it will not necessarily be a traditional evil campaign. The central idea here will be that Orcs and other monster races are savages, but not evil, and instead have very rational reasons for doing things the way they do, even if they seem barbaric on first fight. Having been labeled an evil people, they are persecuted relentlessly, and are now on the verge of crumbling. They decide to send some of their bravest on a mission that will cost them their lives, but may be able to turn the tables around, and give the Orcs one last fighting chance.

This will be a PbP game played on this forum, looking for players who can commit to posting once per day, each weekday.

Humans and their allies have long maligned the noble orc culture, and continue to paint us as a vile, evil, and lawless peoples. Four generations ago, they moved into our clans traditional lands, and built their city atop our most sacred caverns. When we tried to take it back, they labeled us savages, and slaughtered our people without mercy. For those generations they have hunted us, killing our warriors, our women, and our children, claiming that all are evil and beyond redemption. Now, we have reached the point of desperation, and have decided to strike at their heart and destroy their leaders, and shatter their confidence. However, taking this chance comes at great cost. Hold no illusions; call it a suicide mission, a noble sacrifice, or going down fighting, no one who goes on this mission will survive. The chances of success are slim, and those who do succeed will assuredly be killed in the aftermath. In a kingdom where merely being an orc is justification enough to earn you the noose under the King's law, this is our last chance to strike back at our oppressors. However, should this effort fail, we will not have enough strength to continue fighting, and the tribe will either need to disband or move on, to try and find somewhere else to survive.

This campaign takes the idea of a monster campaign, and turns it around a bit. Orcs and their ilk are a misunderstood, and indeed savage people, but they have never been evil. After so long having been labeled such, the humans in the area never even question it, and tend to attack and kill orcs on sight. The Orc's ways are savage, but they have their own standards of honour as well, and glorify bravery, fierceness, and loyalty to their kin.

The idea of this campaign is that the players have been set on impossible mission that they need accomplish at any cost. Look to films like "The Dirty Dozen," or "Inglorious Basterds" for inspiration here, with perhaps some of 300 or the 13th Warrior for flavour.

This is a mostly setting neutral campaign that here will take place in a sparsely populated part of Golarion. The humans and their allies moved into the area approximately 50 years ago, and displaced the resident orcs. Conflicts have been regular and bloody, with neither side appreciating the tactics of their opponents. This campaign assumes that the ways the Orcs (and other monster races) are portrayed in most works is propaganda popularized by imperialist leaders amongst the humans, and that while the orcs certainly are savage and primitive, they are fiercely noble and hold to their own strict standards of honour. Like most misunderstandings in history, the belief that orcs are evil stems from a failure to examine why they behave as they do and the reasons for their beliefs.

The object of the mission is to kill the King of this new fledgling city, as well as the high priest of the temple. The Orcs believe that killing both of these targets will destabilize the city enough for a final offensive to overwhelm it. There will be a great deal of flexibility in how the party chooses to carry out its assignment, but a mixture of stealth, subterfuge, manipulation, and brute strength will likely be necessary.

Races: The players may choose one of the basic monster races for their character. If there is another playable race that you feel fits this category, please state your case. As the chieftain and the main peoples of the area are Orcs, those playing orcs will be at something of a social advantage within the group.

Basic Monster Races: Orc, Half-Orc, Goblin, Hob-Goblin, Ratfolk, Kobold, or Nagaji. Traitors and turncoats from the core races would also be acceptable.

Should you wish, you may instead choose to play one of the more "civilized" monster races. However, these races are a bit more powerful in many cases than the basic monsters, and so may not be given the same leg-up as the more more balanced races. As these races do not usually hang out with Orcs, your character story must also explain why you live with them, and why you are willing to fight and die for them. Without a genuine reason the orcs would believe, you would not be chosen for this mission.

Advanced Monster Races: Dhampir, Drow, Duergar, Fetchling, Strix, Tiefling, Vishkanya, or Wayang.

Those who choose a "basic" race will receive a bonus in order to bring them in line with the power level of the other monster races listed. Those players may choose to take a bonus feat, a +2 to a non-bonus ability score, or an extra 1000 gp in starting equipment.

Mechanics:You are the best and the brightest amongst the Chieftains tribe; as a result you may take a 25 point buy, or one of the following sets that have been pre-rolled by the GM. There is no limit to how many players pick a specific set. Take max starting gold for your class, as the tribe will have pooled resources to help you succeed. You will receive max hitpoints at each level 1-5. Select 2 traits.

As this campaign assumes you are facing a far more advanced foe, with better weapons, more magic, and greater training, you can expect to frequently be facing battles above the normal appropriate challenge rating. As such, optimizers are not only welcome, a degree of optimizing will likely be necessary to survive. This is not to say min-maxing is welcome as I draw a distinction between the two. I would like to see fully developed, but highly effective characters who are prepared to roleplay their shortcomings.

In addition, there is likely to be a high mortality rate in-game. As monsters are frequently captured by the local human kingdom for trial, execution, or work gangs, there will be frequent opportunities to recruit replacements. As such, it is probably a good idea to have a back up character concept in mind, right from the beginning.

All official Paizo sources are available, including all classes and Archetypes. 3.5 or 3rd party material will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Asian flavoured classes like Samurai and Ninja will be accepted, but likely reflavoured as local specialties (Goblin Assassin for ninja, etc.) or a variant of Cavalier and Rogue, respectively.

Alignments: As this is not a traditional evil campaign, I would like to steer things away from the Chaotic Evil end. The Orcs in this setting hold to a fierce sense of honour, that while it may not fit the human concept of honour, it is strict and tightly held all the same. As a result, I see the most frequent alignments being LN or LE. Orcish tactics are still brutal by civilized standards, so LG is unlikely. All the characters on this mission are knowingly going to their deaths, by their own choice, for the greater good, so if you pick a non-lawful alignment, I would like you to explain why you have chosen to go. CE submissions will probably not be chosen as it does not fit the theme of the campaign. If you insist on choosing CE, you'd best have a very strong story line for why you are participating, and why the elders would believe you are dependable. As this mission is considered of utmost importance, the group will be expected to work together at all costs, and should an individual threaten the success through their behaviour or in-fighting, the group will likely eliminate them in order to ensure the best chances of success.

Legacy of Fire::

This is a open call for players interested in playing the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path by PbP, updated to Pathfinder rules of course. I am planning a group of 4-6 players, though one of those spots is presently spoken for.

If you are not familiar with the Stormwind Fallacy, from which I took the name, do yourself a favour and give it a read. To summarize, there is a preconception out there that people who optimize characters cannot roleplay, and that people who play underpowered characters are far better at it. The truth tends to be that neither has much of anything to do with the other. Optimized characters can be played well, or be munchkins, underpowered characters can be RP gold, or bland dead weight.

This will be a game for strong, immersive roleplay, by players who also know how to optimise. I believe in letting players play cool, heroic characters, and adjusting the challenges to make them work for every victory. I really enjoy good roleplay, and tend to be of the school of thought that playing a strong character you really enjoy brings an element of enthusiasm to the role playing.

Submissions can come via posts here, or a completed alias if you prefer. Please include a good background and character story, as well as an idea of your character's motivations going forward. Also include a bit on your character's future mechanical development, so we can be sure you know what you're doing; remember, we will be Playing on Hard here. If you are not that good at optimizing yourself, that is not necessarily a problem, as long as you can seek out help when you need it.

Frequency: Once per day during weekdays, weekends optional. This is the ideal, but I'm not draconian about it. Characters that are absent a day here or there will generally be NPC'd, especially in combat, unless repeat offenders become problematic.
Maps: I use Maptools to create my maps, and then post a screenshot to Google Docs. Here's an actual example from my Carrion Crown AP: Here and Here.

[aspoiler=Character Generation]
Ability Scores: Design your characters with a 20 Point buy. Once the group is selected, I'll allow each to roll a set. Each player will be able to choose to either keep their 20 point set, or choose any of the sets rolled by all players. There will be no limit to how many people choose any one set, and in previous games most players all chose the same set.
Acceptable Sources: Any official Paizo PFRPG sourcebooks. Please reference the more obscure options. 3rd party and 3.5 material may be considered, but is subject to approval. I typically use PFSRD as my online resource as I find it easier to navigate than the PRD.
Classes and Archetypes: All official Paizo Classes are open, including Gunslinger, Summoner, Ninja and Samurai. For the Oriental classes, you will need to explain why you are in Katapesh, or how you would reskin the class to fit local culture (which would probably not be too difficult imo.) I might restrict the reviled Master Summoner archetype, mainly to avoid the bookkeeping it entails.
Races: Any from ARG, though core will be favoured in the selection. Suli can be added to core in this case, as they fit the setting very well. I prefer to stay away from custom races unless I (the GM) make them, so submit them at your own peril.
Alignment: I prefer heroic play, which entails a mostly Good character base. Please avoid LE, and NE/CE should be right out.
Traits: 2, one of which must be a campaign trait.
Starting Gold: Max.
HP: Max at level 1, half+1 after that.

Recruitment is open until I find an ideal group of players, so there is no fixed closing date. If you are a late comer, please check my posts to see if I have announced an end to recruiting.

[aspoiler=House Rules]

Hack and slash powergaming with a little extra power on top.:

I love a well role played game. A group of diverse characters, acting within specific mindsets and varying points of view, all acting and interacting in order to bring out the most diverse, interesting characters imaginable. This is not that game.

Sometimes you just want to kill something. The rules will be very simple in this by the numbers, hack and slash killathon. You will be put up against a foe you should have no real chance of killing, but then given every possible advantage that a character of your station could possibly have.

This will be a single module one-shot. I'm moving this month, and will likely need to blow off some steam. While that means I would like the game moving at a fast pace, there may be breaks as well. Maps and such will be very simple to facilitate this. I am considering using the method of posting the adversaries' stats in order to allow the players to resolve their own actions, and help minimize GM duties.

What: A 10th level Module with a focus on combat and minimal RP
Who: A group of 6th level adventurers
How: Gestalt characters, 30 pt buy, extra feats.
How Many: 4-5 players, plus a GMPC (I want to kill something too; besides PC's that is)

Character Creation Guidelines:
Buy: 30 pts; min 7/max 18, before racial modifications.
Sources: Any Pathfinder, plus 3PP as long as it's on PFSRD.
Classes: Any
Races: Any, including ARG, but no custom races, as we want to keep this quick and clean.
Feats: 1 at each level. To reflect your dual nature as gestalt characters, you will get an additional feat every level. This will replace the feat traditionally received at each odd numbered level.

Gestalt rules: Pick two classes at each level. For each class feature (HP, Saves, BAB, and skill points) you get the better of the two. You may have any combination, and multi-class in any way you see fit, as long as you qualify for both classes. You may have no more than 1 prestige class at any one level. Class features cannot exceed the normal for your hit dice (such as Caster levels, sneak attack, animal companions, etc.) but can exist in parallel (a 6/6 Druid/Cavalier could have 2 6th level animal companions).

Setting Rules: Common Firearms. All firearms are martial weapons. Early firearms and their ammunition cost 25% base cost, but advanced firearms and their ammunition cost the full price to purchase or craft.
HP: Max. Every level. You'll need them.
Wealth: 32000 gp. Double standard level 6 gear. No restrictions on how you spend it either; you want to have nothing but a +4 weapon, that's your business.
Crafting: Allowed. Anything you can make yourself can be part of your starting gear for the crafting cost; but only for yourself. Items above your crafting level are available for purchase only.

The Characters: Character submissions should be fleshed out and have all the crunch completed. A modest background would be nice, as well as a little personality. However, don't think too hard about your character; they're probably going to die and need replacing anyway.
The module: I'll be looking for one that fits the bill, but you are welcome to suggest one.
When: Pretty much as soon as we can get the module picked out. This will be open for submissions only until we get a decent crew together.

Heroes of Cheliax:

Iron Man: Synthesist with clockwork eidolon?
Hulk: Jotenrage Barbarian/Brawler or Ragechemist
Batman: Investigator/Brawler
Paladin: Aasimar with Wings Paladin/
Wolverine: Fast Healing race with Claws Barbarian/Brawler?
Storm: Weather Oracle/Weather Druid (or Shaman)
Groot: Plant based Shape Shifter?
Thor: Aasimar Mighty Godling/Adept Godling or Druid


Go ahead, break my game.:

"Go ahead; Break my game."

I’m feeling melancholy of late, so please excuse the level of melodrama in the following rant…

So, with all the recent nonsense that has been going on lately, including what appears to be ridiculously misguided, rampant, and seemingly random use of a comically oversized Nerf bat, I feel inspired to do something completely different. I really, really, REALLY hate it when the nerf hammer comes out, especially when, as seems the case lately, the dev's seem to over-react to minor problems, non-problems, or gm experience related issues by nerfing the feature in question into uselessness, and therefore dooming it to die in obscurity. After this happens, in most cases it feels like it would have been better to have never come up with the concept, rather than tempt us with the good mechanic we were waiting for, and then take it away, leaving only a pathetic remainder of the idea behind, as though only to cruelly rub it in. I love this game, but sometimes I have to wonder what the dev's are thinking, as such changes really only seem to serve to sanitize the game of any creativity, and water it down into bland uniformity.

Like so many other areas in life, and for organizations that grow large enough , the practice seems to be catering to the slowest kid in the class; such as people that quote ”Roleplaying vs. Rollplaying” arguments, not realizing the entire idea is fallacious, and that the two things have really nothing to do with each other.

'This is why we can’t have nice things’.

OK, rant over.

My thought process on this whole phenomenon is to just ignore the whole mess, and go as far the other way as possible.

Calling all min/maxers, creative character builders, rules-lawyers, and cheese monkeys! Lets have some fun! And for those who would never identify as one of the previously mentioned titles, but have a good command of the rules and are curious what it might be like to play a severely broken character, feel free to unleash your inner munchkin.

If by chance someone really does manage to build a Pathfinder version of Pun-Pun, we'll have to deal with that when it happens. (I’m not aware of such a thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were such things. Since I don’t know them, perhaps the early posters can post the obvious, well-known examples, so we can avoid those as a group.) Chances are what we'll do is give that player a tip of the hat, a guaranteed spot in the game, and enough time to build a different, slightly less broken character.

House Rules: Ignore any and all Nerfed versions of rules and feats, and use the original versions instead, all the way back to the beginning of the game. In order to do this, you are going to have to show me a version of the feat/trait/feature you are using. On occasion, PFSRD does us the favor of showing us both the pre-nerfed version, and the current "official" version, either by noting the new version or clarification in a sidebar, or sometimes by using a strikethrough through the original version and displaying the new version in a different font colour. Unfortunately, they don't always do it that way, and sometimes all you can find is the current (useless) version. In those cases, you may have to do some homework. Get me a scan, screen-cap, or other documented early version of the rule, and you are free to use it. As a backup, you can quote a thread on these boards where the original version is referenced, or being discussed. As a side note, there probably will cases where we will have to differentiate between a nerf and a genuine errata. In those cases, where a typo changed the meaning from what was obviously intended, such as saying can where cannot was intended, the errata will likely stand. Class and racial features that say they may be used with GM permission can be used freely as long as you highlight where and when you are doing it. I realize that this may make for an entire party of Aasimar and Tieflings, as their variant special abilities can be chosen instead of rules with GM permission, but overpowered nonsense like that is kind of the point in this game.

The one caveat: Repetitive, self-replicating buffs will still have to remain illegal. So things like the original Pun-Pun, where he polymorphs into something that can permanently alter his familiar into something that can permanently alter him, after which he permanently alters his familiar, and so on and so on until they are both gods… well, that wouldn’t get us anywhere. I looked around to see if there were similar Pathfinder exploits, and I saw mention of a few, such as casting Planer Binding on something that allows you to cast an additional Planer binding, and therefore assembling an army of celestials. I don’t know whether or not that exact example would work or not by the rules, but we’ll nip that in the bud now, as it misses the point of what we are trying to accomplish here.

So, have a great build in mind that got wiped out by the recent neutering? Have an old favourite concept that couldn’t be built anymore due to changes in rules? Curious how that idea would have grown with the addition of newer rules? Have at ‘er.

3pp/Third Party: None whatsoever; don't bother asking. The point here is to try to use the Paizo material to its utmost. I already know you can break a game with Third Party material. That's a no-brainer.

Character Generation:
Material Allowed: Official Paizo sources.
Starting Level: 11th High enough for pretty much every class to have hit their stride, for martial classes to have gained their 3rd iterative attack, but low enough for me to find an appropriately inappropriate CR module to put you through.
Classes: Any official Paizo Classes, including Archetypes. Includes Core, Base, Alternative, Hybrid, Unchained, Occult, Prestige Classes, and NPC classes, if for some reason you want to use one.
Abilities: 25 point buy - I like some other methods of doing stats better, but I’m wanting to go with default rules for this one shot.
Races: Any from Core, Featured, or Uncommon, plus Android, Monkey Goblin, or Skinwalker. Basically any of the official Paizo races with full ecology, etc., and not just a list of stats and abilities like the ARG sample races. If I missed another full race (with PC stats) you wish to use, please bring it to my attention. (No to Ogres, Driders, and other Large monster races that are given stats in the ARG). You are free to use any official variants as well, such as for Aasimar, Teiflings, Dhampir, and Skinwalker.
Traits: 2; drawback for a 3rd. Since we're playing to the letter of the law here, reflavouring traits will unfortunately not be allowed.

Hitpoints: Max for level one, and for the rest roll 10dx for the rest of the levels, and take the greater of either your total roll (for all ten levels) or the average (½+1) for all combined levels.

Starting Wealth: Standard for level - 82000 gp, to be spent in any way, shape or form that you see fit. You can also add in money received from traits, if any. Seriously, if you want nothing but a +6 weapon and a few incidentals, go ahead. You might even pull that off with some Kensai or Monk builds...

Crafting: To your heart's content. To pre-craft items, you will need to demonstrate that you can meet all required crafting checks while taking 10. Simply be sure you are holding to the letter of the rules; if you require spells you do not know (such as when the DC is too close to allow you to take ten), you must account for how the spell was provided, via scroll, wand, hireling, etc., and make the necessary payments for this arrangement.

Backstory: Don’t spend too much time here. Give your character a basic role, some simple motivations, and that is good enough. Your character may die very quickly, so don’t get too invested. Two or three sentences tops.

Feat Tax Corrections

Suicide Squad:
Private Recruitment: This game will be run in the same game world as tumbler’s Justice League Generations campaign. Players from that game will have top priority for spots in this game, though I have also invited players from a few other games using the same system. This will be a Mutant’s and Masterminds 2nd Edition game.

Recruitment Notice wrote:

Attention Detainee:

Are you a convicted and currently incarcerated criminal? Are you a psychiatric patient previously found not criminally responsible for criminal actions, but required to remain within a designated psychiatric facility for non-voluntary treatment?

Do you regret your criminal actions and wish to make a positive contribution to society? Do you have special skills or abilities that might be used to benefit your country? Are you dissatisfied with your present accommodations or incarceration? If so, this might be the opportunity for you!

By volunteering for this project, you may be eligible for benefits or improvements to your circumstances, based on the details of your present confinement. These include:
•••Improved Conditions/Privileges at your place of incarceration.
•••Reduced or Commuted Sentence
•••Full Pardon (Murder Convictions are not eligible for this benefit)

While it is possible that you will be called upon to make use of specialized skills you previously used in your criminal endeavours, the uses to which you will put them as part of this program will be for the benefit of society as a whole. Should any unfortunate “violent actions” be required as part of your duties, rest assured that appropriate counselling will be made available to assist you with the emotional ramifications of such actions, and that these actions will be channeled in

Be advised that compliance with the guidelines of the program will be strictly monitored and enforced, and failure to comply could not only jeopardize your entitlement to program benefits, but endanger the safety of your fellow program participants, as well as your own. As a result, deviation from program parameters will not be tolerated, and may result in immediate sanction.