DM Stormwind's Legacy of Fire - The Heavens aligned against us.

Game Master LastNameOnEarth

DM Stormwind brings you the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, in a no holds barred, optimization required, high difficulty delivery.

Important Persons:

Almah: This is the leader of your company. She is a beautiful young woman, somewhere in her mid-twenties. Her complexion makes her appear to be Varisian by birth, but she speaks with a native Katapesh accent. Picture.
Garavel: This is Almah's second in command, and the man who interviewed and hired you in Solku. He functions as Almah's administrator, but he also appears to have some experience as a warrior, given the appearance of his hands and the easy way he carries the fine worn sword at his side. He is a somewhat gruff man who tolerates no nonsense, but thus far appears to be fair and honest. He is in his middle years and wears a neatly trimmed beard. He is never seen without a keffiyeh (head scarf) wrapped about his brow. Picture.
Zastoran: A cleric of Nethys, the god of magic, Zastoran carries the rank of Priest. He is an older man, perhaps 60, and both his hair and beard have gone white. He carries a quarterstaff topped with the symbol of his faith. He has thus far been open and engaging when approached. He was friends with Eloais, and is openly mourning his loss. Picture.
Eloais: He was a diviner of some sort, though whether formally trained as a wizard of divination, or whether he was some sort of oracle, fortuneteller, or otherwise has yet to come up. He died in a wagon fire just minutes prior to the arrival of the group at the Sultan's Claw. There was no sign of a struggle or wounds on his body. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. Picture.
Almah's Personal Guards: Fixx, Keldon, Podarn, and Vodrave. They are well accounted and appear a disciplined and organized bunch. They don't talk much, and take their duty of guarding the caravan's First Lady very seriously.
The Mercenary Crew: Led by Trevvis, the mercenary group is composed of three men and three women. Utarchus and Dullen are the other men, and Kallien, Brotis, and Yesper are the three women. Trevvis was the one badly burned in the burning caravan, as he had gone in to try and rescue Eloais from the fire. Kallien went in after him to try and pull out the larger man, but was also overcome by the smoke. She was also burned, but thanks to the healing ministrations of Sief and Sati, she recovered without significant scarring. Trevvis on the other hand, now bears some mean looking wounds. Of the men, Utarchus seems the kinder of the two, and Dullen has presented himself as rather crude. Kallien is tied to Trevvis romantically, but the others do not seem to have any fixed relationships, though they've made reference to relationships they've had in the past. Both Brotis and Yesper have shown an interest in Sief.
The Camel Drivers: Hadrod and his wife Hadrah; an older couple tasked with looking after the camels, as well as the companies other livestock. Hadrod was quite upset about the loss of his prize goat Rombard, who was lost do to a series of mishaps during his rescue from the first of your Pugwampi encounters.

Pathfinder House Rules:

Some strategies listed as Feats in the game should be abilities that any warrior can use, regardless of whether he has a specific feat.
Weapon Finesse: Applies to all finesseable weapons.
Agile Maneuvers: Applies to all finesseable weapons.
Power Attack: Can be performed by any character with a BAB of +1 or more.
Lunge: Can be performed by any character with a BAB of +6 or more.
Deadly Aim: Can be performed by any character with a BAB of +1 or more.
Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Feinting Flurry, Improved Feinting Flurry, Improved Reposition, Improved Steal, and Improved Trip do not require Combat Expertise as a prerequisite.

These abilities still require a feat expenditure, but have modified effects from the original description.
Combat Expertise: Is now mostly a stand alone feat, and does not function as a prerequisite for the Improved feats as before.
Craft Magical Item: All the Item Creation Feats are replaced by this one feat. You must still posses the minimum required caster level to make the type of item specified, and must still meet all other requirements.
Dervish Dance: Can be applied to any finesseable weapon.
Vital Strike: Scales automatically, gaining the effect of Improved Vital Strike when the character achieves a BAB of +11, and Greater Vital Strike when he achieves a BAB of +16.
Two Weapon Fighting: Scales automatically, gaining the effect of Improved Two Weapon Fighting when the character achieves a BAB of +6, and Greater Two Weapon Fighting when he achieves a BAB of +11.

Simple Metamagic:
Prerequites: The ability to cast level 1 spells.
Benefit: The character gains the ability to use all +0 and +1 metamagic. Feats, class abilities, and traits that reduce the level modifier of a metamagic affect must still specify a specific metamagic technique.
Advanced Metamagic:
Prerequites: Simple Metamagic, the ability to cast level 2 spells.
Benefit: The character gains the ability to use all +2 metamagic.
Master Metamagic:
Prerequites: Advanced Metamagic, the ability to cast level 3 spells.
Benefit: The character gains the ability to use all +3 metamagic.

Simple Weapon Proficiency:
Prerequites: None
Benefit: The character gains proficiency with all simple weapons.
Martial Weapon Proficiency:
Prerequisites: All simple weapon proficiencies.
Benefit: The character gains proficiency with all martial weapons.

Finesse Weapons: Staves, Spears, and Katana’s are considered finesse weapons when wielded with two hands.
Bastard Sword/Dwarven War Axe: Any character proficient in the use of a Longsword may use a Bastard sword one handed if he has a strength of 13 or greater; the same applies for those proficient with a Battle Axe using a Dwarven War Axe. Any character that is proficient with the use of a great sword, and with a Strength of 13 or greater, may treat the Bastard Sword or Dwarven War Axe as a Finesse Weapon when wielding it two handed.
Spear: Spears are one handed weapons when used with a shield in the off hand. A character with Martial Weapon proficiencies may always treat a spear as a one handed weapon.
Long Spear: A character with Martial Weapon proficiencies may treat a long spear as a one handed weapon when used with a shield in the off hand.

Cleric/Inquisitor: Classes that receive proficiency with their deity's favoured weapon receive Weapon Focus instead if that weapon is a Simple Weapon. In cases where a deity favours unarmed attacks, the character receives Improved Unarmed Strike.
Monk: Monks receive proficiency with all simple and martial weapons with the 'Monk' property. Monks may use Flurry of Blows with any combination of unarmed attacks and monk weapons, including a single monk weapon.
Ranger: Ranger's may choose their animal companions from the same list a Druids.

Mithral Weapons: Any one handed metal weapon made out of Mithral may be treated as a finesse weapon.
Mithral Shields: In addition to the other traits of Mithral Shields, the shields may be considered one size lighter. The user must still possess the proficiency for the Shield Type.

Movement: Characters may add their Dexterity modifier to their overall speed. They may only take advantage of this on a regular move action if the increase provides them with a full 5ft extra movement. However, all characters may include their total value when calculating a double Move action or Run action.
Skill Points: Just as highly intelligent people learn some skills faster, the same is true of physically gifted people. Characters receive bonus skill points every level equal to the sum of their Intelligence and Dexterity modifiers.

Achievement Tracking:

All Gnolls Must Die (Death blows to Gnolls):
Akhom 1
Gruthic: 3
Muqaq al-Varisi 0
N'Dateh: 5
Seif-al-Din ibn-Subhi: 3
Xanyon: 2

Goal: 20 Death blows inflicted on Gnolls, Hyenas, Dire Hyenas, Werehyenas, Jackalweres, or followers of Lamashtu.

Relentless Butcher (Confirmed Critical Strikes):
Gruthic: 2
Muqaq al-Varisi: 1
N'Dateh: 1
Seif-al-Din ibn-Subhi:
Xanyon: 1

Goal: Confirm 50 Critical Strikes.

Perception and Initiative: