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Now done with Crypt of the Everflame, our brave adventurers continue on to discover where the stolen amulets have gone in Masks of the Living God.

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Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

This is the gameplay thread. It's where we'll make in character (IC) posts. Below your text box, you should see 'How to format your text'. 'ooc' is for Out of Character text like this. Some other common conventions are to bold text that your character says out loud and write thoughts in italics.

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Here's some background info.
You're all from a relatively small town named Kassen. The town is named for its founder, the great adventurer Ekat Kassen. The first few years of the town's history were peaceful and the people flourished. However it soon came under attacks by a man named Asar Vergas and his hired thugs. After discovering where the gropu had camped out, Ekat lead many of the villagers into a confrontation with the raiders. Very few made it out alive and Ekat himself suffered a fatal blow in the bloody battle. In honor of their beloved founder, the remaining townsfolk buried Ekat in an ancient crypt along with the bodies of the fallen townsfolk, mercenaries, and Asar. They placed an eternal flame above Ekat's final resting place, so that all who visited might find warmth in the wilderness.

Since then every year a few of the townsfolk make a pilgrimage to the crypt to light a lantern from the flame and bring it back to town, where it is preserved all winter, a symbol of the town's resilence. Most years the town mayer and a group of dignitaries perform this quest. However, every few years a handful of younger townsfolk are given the honor of lighting the lantern to mark their passage into adulthood. This year, it's your turn to complete the quest.

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Here are some NPCs in the town that you would be aware of. Many of them may have taken an interest in your character, perhaps seeking to mentor you. Perhaps you were the one who sought them out as a mentor. Perhaps you were completely indifferent to them.

Mayor Jonark Uptal (male human):
Every 4 years the town of Kassen holds an election to decide the next mayor, a position that Uptal has held for over 11 years. With another election coming up in just a few months, Uptal wants to ensure that this year’s Quest for the Everflame happens without a problem. Mayor Uptal is a fair man when it comes to his office, settling land disputes and other quibbles among the townsfolk on a regular basis. When it comes to outsiders, he is a bit more cautious, siding with the locals unless faced with irrefutable evidence.

Jimes 'Short Change' Iggins (male halfling rogue):
Those who frequent the Seven Silvers tavern know to count their coins before they leave the table, especially if they have been served by "Short Change," the halfling waiter who has a propensity for giving less change than is due (although he insists the name is due to his short stature). Although Jimes is genuinely kind and helpful to all the locals, he just can’t help but end up with some of their possessions at the end of the night, be it a few coins or a loose dagger. Most of the townsfolk are quite aware of this and do not take too much offense if something goes missing. After all, they know where the missing goods went. Anyone who works with Jimes at the Seven Silvers is sure to get a host of tips and tricks from this good-natured thief, who thinks that a little petty theft is all in good fun.

Ilimara Oniri (female human monk):
While most of the people in Kassen were born and raised within 10 miles of town, Ilimara was born in Qadira in a town with a name most of the humble folk of Kassen could not even pronounce. Not surprisingly, this beautiful and exotic woman keeps to herself. She has lived on the outskirts of town for almost 8 years now, claiming that she is trying to find peace in her heart. Ilimara has had a number of acolytes over the years, each hoping to learn the secrets of Irori that Ilimara claims to practice, but so far, all have abandoned her tutelage for a simpler road. Anyone who learns from her, however, quickly uncovers that there is a darkness hiding in Ilimara, and only those with an iron will can bear to be around it.

Olmira Treeson (female human druid):
Druids are not an uncommon sight in Nirmathas, but Olmira draws stares even in the streets
of Kassen. This middle-aged woman only wears clothing made from natural materials (such as bark, leaves, and grass) and is always accompanied by a host of small woodland creatures. She talks to herself and her retinue constantly, having full conversations despite the fact that no one seems to answer her. Over the years, Olmira has had a number of apprentices who have gone on to become successful druids. Those who learn from her are sent on all manner of esoteric missions, such as listening to the wind for a week, planting new seeds throughout town, and mimicking local animals.

Guard Captain Gregor Wisslo (male human fighter):
The town of Kassen has never truly known the horrors of the war with Molthune, but occasional raiding parties from Belkzen do sometimes pose a threat. As such, the town has been watched over for many years by Wisslo, who serves as guard captain. Gregor is a staunch man who believes in schedules and regiment over ingenuity and spontaneity, much to the chagrin of the town’s residents. As an aging fighter, Gregor is a qualified teacher, but his lessons are rigid and his discipline harsh. The guards he has trained are quite skilled, but they secretly detest the old man, calling him names behind his back (Captain Is-Slow is the current favorite).

Holgast (male human wizard):
On the eastern edge of town is a single tower, leaning slightly to the south, made of bricks and timber. This is the home of Holgast, the town’s local sage and mystic. Although Holgast is very knowledgeable, he is old and quite forgetful, meaning that the townsfolk (the mayor in particular) only consult him if the need is truly great. Holgast spends most of his days wandering about his tower, reading books, smoking his pipe, and taking naps. Once a week, he wanders into town to purchase supplies and provisions with his seemingly inexhaustible reserve of perfect golden coins, which he claims came from an immense hoard some years ago. Holgast makes for a frustrating mentor. His lessons are erratic and old fashioned. His apprentices are required to do all manner of chores for the privilege of learning from him, while he sleeps the day away and teaches very little. Those who have learned anything from him have done so by sneaking into the wizard’s spellbooks while he is napping.

Trelvar Silvers (male human, tavern owner):
relvar, along with his daughter, Asina, run the only tavern and inn located in Kassen, the Seven Silvers. Trelvar is middle- aged and inherited the bar from his father over 10 years ago. Although Trelvar is a good man and honest with his customers (even if Jimes is not), he has fallen into a deep depression over the past year. His wife died giving birth to his only son, and the son did not last the winter. As a result, Trelvar is left without a wife or heir. While Asina has tried to brighten his mood and insists that she will take over the bar, Trelvar is unsure and would be just as likely to give the place over to a respectable employee after seeing to it that Asina was properly married. It seems like the only time Trelvar seems to cheer up is when a wealthy or affluent stranger rolls into town.

Asina Silvers (female human, works in the tavern):
Asina looks almost identical to her beautiful mother, a fact that causes her father Trelvar some pain since his wife’s unfortunate passing a year ago. This young girl helps her father run the Seven Silvers inn and tavern near the center of town. Asina is only 13 years old, but she is already known as the preeminent town gossip, collecting all sorts of rumors and tales to spread to those who stop by the inn for a pint. Asina works hard and has a pleasant smile, but she is secretly worried for her father. She wants to make him proud by taking over the inn, but this gets in the way of her true dream to move to the city (Tamran) and make a life for herself there.

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

Is it too early for an ale? I should pop in at the Silvers soon.

M human Fighter 3 | HP 32/35 | AC21 FF18 T13 | CMB: +7 CMD: 20 | F +5 R +2 W +1 | Init +2 | Per +4

Mother said Wisslo wants to speak to us today. I’ll keep to our training schedule until she calls me.

Male Human Rogue 4 | HP 40/40 | AC 20 FF 20 T 16 | BAB +3 | CMB +4 | CMD 20 | F +3 R +9 W +3 | Init +11 | Per +9

The view from the top of the building was stunning. It is nice here but I should get going soon enough.

Male Half-Elf Druid 4 HP: 24/24 AC:16 TAC: 12 FF:14 Saves: 4:3:9 Init: +6 Per: +17

Finnrick strolls into the Tavern with what appears to be a lager than average black cat weaving between his long slender legs.

"Good afternoon Asina. I'll take a Glass of rhubarb Mead thank you kindly" Finnrick says In a sing song voice.

The large cat let out a low purr.

"I know, I know" Finnrick laughed, looking at the cat. "and a glass of milk for Millsy" He said turning back to Asina.

M Dwarf Drunken Master Monk (favored)

Runvald Steeltoe, better known as "Bottle-Kisser" sits, at the bar in The Seven Silvers, as he does most days. He's well into his day's work of downing as much ale as he can manage and is starting to show the signs. His head bobs back and forth as he mumbles, to no one in particular, about any number of randomly topics. He sets his freshly emptied mug on the bar, his twelfth of the young evening, and waves his hands at Asina, mumbling for another point.

He stops muttering for a moment when a half-elf and his large cat enter the Tavern. Upon seeing the cat, Bottle-Kisser nearly falls off his stool, catching himself in an odd fear of drunken gracefulness. "I've seen a critter like that before! I don't trust 'em! He stole my trout. You," pointing at the cat, "you owe me a trout!" Runvald stumbles towards the cat, nearly falling on his face with every step, but narrowly correcting himself at the last moment.

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Going to go ahead and post this before I have to re-write too much more of it again. :-P

Etam Rethgifner:
It is precisely 11:30am when Guard Captain Wisslo knocks on your family's door. If possible, he appears even more stiff and formal than normal as he's shown to where you are currently sparring with your older sister. He gains your attention with a polite cough before addressing you. "Etam Rethgifner, at the behest of Mayor Uptal, your presence has been requested at the town square at noon. It is time for you to show yourself a worthy member of the town of Kassen. I trust you are prepared?"

Erazmus Somonath:
It's approaching noon and you're considering going down to the Silvers for lunch (and some of their delicious ale) when abruptly Holgast appears in the middle of your living room. He looks momentarily confused as he turns around a few times. Finally spotting you, his face seems to light up. "Ahhh yes, young mister Somonath. Good evening, good evening." He beams at you in what is undoubtedly meant to be a beneficent manner, completely ignoring the fact that he effectively just invaded your home with no warning.

Jaed Zandorias:
It's late morning and you've been enjoying your normal hobby of sitting on top of a building, people watching, when a woman's laugh alerts you to the fact that two people are approaching you. A quick look reveals that the laugh came from Asina Silvers. She playfully shoves the halfling man next to her.

"No Jimes, you have to give it back."

"Are ya sure, luv? I doubt he even missed it."

Asina rolls her eyes. "Yes, Jimes. Give it back."

The two stop next to your buildling. A moment later, almost as if by magic, the halfling, Jimes "Short Change" Iggins is sitting next to you, a wide grin on his face. " 'ello there. Nice place ya got up here." He continues to smile at you for a few moments before continuing. "So...listen here. There's this thing goin' on, ya? Something with the mayor and some people in the town square. But I'm supposed ta come along and fetch ya for it. So why don't you pop on down an' take a stroll with me, ya?" Without waiting for an actual response, he nimbly climbs back down the building. Once down, he stands with Asina, both looking up at you as they wait for you to join them.

Finnrick and Runvald:
"Asina's not here." The dour voice of Trelvar responds. He sounds like he's announcing the death of a favored pet and he doesn't even bother to make eye contact with Finnrick as he places his drink in front of him and a bowl for the large cat companion. "She's out on an errand with Jimes." He looks like he's about to continue when he's interrupted by, of all things, a deer nudging his arm.

The reason for this soon becomes clear as Olmira Treeson skips in to the tavern. "Yayyyy! You found him Reginald!" She smiles at Finnrick, bending to scratch Millsy behind the ears. A few other animals can be seen poking their heads around the door to the building, clearly more hesitant to approach the large predator. They scatter briefly as another woman, Ilimara Oniri enters as well.

"Finnrick, Reginald has been asked to deliver you safely to the town square." She leans in conspiratorially. "I think they have a super secret mission for you" She giggles and goes to present a carrot to the deer, who seems to still be harassing the poor tavern owner, addressing him. "Of course, why they asked you to deliever their message for them escapes me. Wouldn't it have just been easier to ask me? Wait, what do you mean 'they did'?" She continues to babble to the creature for a few minutes, apparently without any intention of stopping her conversation.

Ilimara takes the opportunity to speak up as well. "Bottle-kisser, that applies to you, too. Come along." Without waiting for a response, she promptly turns around, heading towards the town square. Olmira pauses in her conversation to look between the departing monk and Finnrick and Runvald, clearly uncertain about if she's supposed to follow the other woman or wait for her charges.

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Another NPC

Braggar Ironhame (male dwarven barbarian):
Braggar is one of the two blacksmiths that service Kassen. This dour dwarf runs a small business on the south side of town. Although he is outpaced byhiscompetitor(Renet’sSteel, near the town square), Braggar’s goods are of higher quality. Braggar is a surly mentor, capable of incredible fits of anger if one of his pieces is not turning out as planned. As such, he often has to spend time repairing his workshop, which only further slows down his work. Braggar’s teaching style focuses on craft and artifice, but he can also teach pupils about controlling
their anger and unleashing it when the time is right.

It had been a nice morning so far. At least, nice until a blacksmith's hammer seemed to fly out of nowhere, narrowly missing your head. Heavy footsteps quickly approach you and as you turn around, you see the red-faced Braggar Ironhame storming towards you, a scowl on his face. "Where in Torag's name 'ave ye been? I've spent all mornin' lookin' for ya." He leans in close, jabbing you roughly in one arm with a finger. "That there's time I coulda used ta do more forgin'. But is the mayor gonna pay me fer time lost? Nooooo." He fumes for a moment longer before roughly grabbing the front of your shirt and forcefully attempting to drag you away. "Come. Yer wanted in tha town square."

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

Erazmus is startled by the surprise guest and leaps out of his armchair. "Good day, sir, how ah... unexpected of you to visit. Not that I don't appreciate it, only... well most visitors come through the door." I hope I don't become quite so eccentric at his age. I admire the man's talent but my goodness. "How may I be of service?"

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Holgast gives you a vague, puzzled look as he absently begins patting his clothes, eventually pulling out a pipe. "Hmmm...?" He lights it with a quick snap of his fingers and takes a few contemplative puffs. His face then lights up as he remembers why he came in the first place. "Ahh yes! Mayor...errr...Mayor..., oh blast, the mayor wanted me to give you a message!" He smiles at you as he continues to puff at his pipe, apparently quite pleased with himself.

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

"And what was the message from Mayor Uptal, if I might ask?" Erazmus secured his coin purse to his belt and tied his best, and only, cloak around his shoulders. I hope it's not some errand I have to run for the mayor.

M human Fighter 3 | HP 32/35 | AC21 FF18 T13 | CMB: +7 CMD: 20 | F +5 R +2 W +1 | Init +2 | Per +4

Etam and his sister stop sparring immediately and salute Wisslo.

“I am honoured to serve, sir” Etam gets his backpack and his gear, all readied as soon as he learnt of the coming of Wisslo. He bows to his sister “With your permission, dear sister.” She nods in agreement and looks at Wisslo “Good day to you sir. Mother sends her greetings.”

“Sir, I am ready.” Etam says, standing at attention in his family’s manner, standing upright with the right hand clenched around his spear, feet at a 60-degree angle with the heels together.

Wisslo evaluates Etam's posture and, after a moment, salutes the sister and turns around, heading into the town square. Etam follows.

Male Human Commoner

"Doubt it was Millsy, though she does like trout, if I come across one I'll make sure to share it with you." Finnrick says to the dwarf with a laugh.

"Well it looks like I have work to do today," Finnrick says with a shrug, "Trelvar might I trouble you for a bottle of mead and a bottle of milk to go. It looks like I might have a long day ahead of me."

And with that he turned and strolled out the bar.

I wonder what they need me for? Secret Mission, ha I love Olmira, but she does have the funniest notions.

Male Human Rogue 4 | HP 40/40 | AC 20 FF 20 T 16 | BAB +3 | CMB +4 | CMD 20 | F +3 R +9 W +3 | Init +11 | Per +9

The halfling has always been kind to Jaed. He even taught him some nice (and morally ambiguous) tricks like how to pick a lock. What would he want to show me this time?

Using his acrobatic skills Jaed was back on the ground in a heartbeat.

"M'lady", Jaed said bowing to Asina. They have been playing this game where he treated her like a highborn lady for a long time.

"So, two questions. What did you borrow this time, Jimes? And what it's going on in the town square?"

Male Half-Elf Druid 4 HP: 24/24 AC:16 TAC: 12 FF:14 Saves: 4:3:9 Init: +6 Per: +17

oops just realized I posted with a different alias sorry about that.

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Holgast blinks a few times. "Oh right! But of course! The mayor would like for you to head to the town square for that...torch...ceremony...thing. He says you should pack light as they will provide you with some of the basics." He continues to puff at his pipe, quite content.

A quick look at the clock shows that Holgast cut his message relaying somewhat close, though there's still enough time to get to the town square from your house. If you choose to head straight to the town square, feel free to read the description below.

Just a heads up, normally players don't also get to pick how NPCs respond to them. :-P

Captain Wisslo's mouth twitches slightly in the barest hint of a smile as he gives a single nod of approval of Etam's preparation. "Very well, come along."

Go ahead and read the town square description below.

Finnrick and Runvald:
Trelvar dutifully pours the milk into a glass bottle. He frowns for a moment, trying to decide what to put Finnrick's drink in. Eventually he gives up on decorum and just puts that in another glass as well. As he hands the two over, he flatly adds. "If you can't bring the bottles back, ask Ilimara to. Ilimara, mind." His eyes flick briefly in Olmira's direction. While generally well liked she...wasn't exactly known for her dependability when it came to these sorts of things.

As Finnrick leaves, Olmira bites her lip briefly before calling after him. "Keep Ilia company! I'll make sure Runie doesn't get lost!"

Finnrick, go ahead and read the town description below. Runvald, if you follow, you can read it as well.

Supressing another giggle, Asina does her best to give you a lady-lie curtsey. Meanwhile, Jimes ruefully rubs the back of his head. "Haha...ya heard that then?" Sheepishly, he pulls out an oddly famililar looking dagger and hands it to you. "I...needed it ta cut some bread." He doesn't try all that hard to sound convincing, instead deciding to head towards the town square to avoid possible further lines of inquiry.

Seeing that Jimes didn't plan on answering your second question, Asina leans in conspiratorily. She seems barely able to contain her excitement. "It's the quest for the Everflame! You and a few others -- I don't know who exactly -- have been tasked with bringing it back this year! I told Short Change, I told him you'd need your dagger back for this 'cause it's supposed to be really dangerous with undead and a dragon and some giants and fey queen and who knows what else! I've even heard several people have died previously."

Asina continues to go on about the various tales she's heard, each one more extravagant than the last. Soon, the three of you have arrived at the town square.

Go ahead and read the town square description.

Town square:
The town square seems surprisingly empty given the time of day. While there aren't stalls that might be present in a city, there were normally at least a few people passing through on their day to day buisiness. Or a few children playing games with each other. Yet despite the square's relative proximity to the Seven Silvers, no one seems to be around.

Etam and Captain Wisslo are the first to arrive; the Captain made sure to leave plenty of time to get there and spends his time waiting stiffly at attention. Ilimara is next, accompanied by Finnrick and Millsy. While not as stiff as Wisslo, Ilimara makes no attempt to engage anyone in conversation. If Runvald decides to go as well, he will be shortly after them with Olmira and her small posse of woodland creatures. Jaed, Jimes, and Asina then arrive on the scene, Asina throwing everyone a very excited wave and Jimes a much more subdued one. If he also comes to the square, Erazumus will be next with Holgast simply appearing out of thin air, smoking a pipe.

There are a few minutes before noon. At this point, all players who are in the town square should feel free to interact with each other and/or the NPCs. You all know who each other are, but how well is up to you.

Runvald looks a bit confused, whaaaaa... what do... what do they want me for? he takes a big swig off his ale, looking to the outside as if they wheels are turning, but the machine isn't quite working.

"Whaattttsss goinnnng on? Whyyy do they want me in the..." he looks for his words, "squuaare!? Yeah, square."

He shrugs, grabs a bottle of whiskey off the bar, plops down a gold coin, That'sss for you, Truvler... Travler... Trelvar! I'm taking this, I'm needed on urgent buisssnesss! He spins around, grabbing his staff and heading out the door for the town square.

Male Human Rogue 4 | HP 40/40 | AC 20 FF 20 T 16 | BAB +3 | CMB +4 | CMD 20 | F +3 R +9 W +3 | Init +11 | Per +9

Jaed was happy to have his dagger back. Damn! I should have noticed my dagger was gone. "I think you can still teach me some new tricks, right Jimes?"

Jaed spied Etam accompanied by Captain Wisslo. I'm sure he was the first to arrive, always ready for duty. He also noticed Finnrick with his black feline. What was her name? Mmmm... Millsy if I recall correctly.

"So the Everflame." Jaed said to Asina. "I really doubt this is going to be such an adventure as you say. Either way, I don't have much of a choice and I'll really enjoy some time away from this boring town."

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

Erazmus wraps a few things up in a blanket and stuffs it into a backpack, sweeps a few odds and ends off his table into a pouch and informs Holgast that he is ready to head off to the square. Suddenly, his head (as well as the rest of his body) is in the square and it is quite unhappy.

My Gods, I hate translocation. It always scrambles my senses.

"If you don't mind sir, I'd like to go speak to some of the other folk out here and see if they might...uhm, have more information about this meeting, uh if that's alright?"

M Dwarf Drunken Master Monk (favored)

Runvald stands awkwardly in the center of the town square, leaning on his staff, swaying noticeably, and occasionally taking a pull off the bottle of whiskey he just bought at the Seven Silvers. At this point he can't really tell if its a decent whiskey or not, and doesn't really care. The noonday sun makes him squint, I should get a hat... this sun is awful, I hope they get to the point so I can get back to the Silvers soon.

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Holgast nods at Erazmus, pulling a book out of nowhere and seemingly quite content to read and smoke his pipe.


Jimes only chuckles at Jaed's question, giving the man a knowing wink.

Asina shakes her head wildly at Jaed's comment. "No no no, I heard all this from very reliable sources." Her words are spoken with complete conviction. Independent of anything else, she at least seems to believe them. "It is a crypt after all. There's bound to be loads of zombies and skeletons and ghouls and ghosts and...and...all sorts of other monstrosities!" She continues with wide eyes and a slightly hushed tone. "They say that occasionally even Ekat and Asar themselves will rise up to do battle with each other once again, drawing in the souls of any nearby to aid them in their eternal struggle." Straightening up, the slightly fearful expression leaves her face. "But that shouldn't be this year, so I'm sure you'll be able to defeat all monsters, Jaed!"

Jimes merely smiles to himself as Asina relays her tale of certain doom. He instead chooses to walk up to the still stony-faced Ilimara to distra- errr, talk to her. Wisslo's mouth twitches downward slightly in disapproval of Asina's inane chatter and Jime's shenanigans while Olmira seems to be dancing with a hedgehog and a porcupine.

M human Fighter 3 | HP 32/35 | AC21 FF18 T13 | CMB: +7 CMD: 20 | F +5 R +2 W +1 | Init +2 | Per +4

@DM: got it. I’ll restrain myself from now on

Etam stands stiffly by Wisslo’s side. He respectfully nods at each one of the arrivals “This seems like an odd group, to say the least. And this talk of the crypt, could it be true? How adequate is it for me, hardly a native, to meddle in this local custom?”

He observes Runvald, puzzled as usual with the mix of the respectful training and dedication of monks and the permanent drunken stupor this particular monk seems to be in.

Male Human Rogue 4 | HP 40/40 | AC 20 FF 20 T 16 | BAB +3 | CMB +4 | CMD 20 | F +3 R +9 W +3 | Init +11 | Per +9

Jaed smiled faintly. "Do not worry, m'lady. We can drown any monsters we find using Runvald's stash." I'm not even sure that he will be able to walk in a straigh line.

This is a weird group indeed. I really hope we won't find many difficulties. "I am more worried about outlaws than ghosts, to be honest." Jaed said raising his eyes to the blue sky.

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

Erazmus takes his leave of Holgast and approaches the group, "With such fine fellows, I don't think a few outlaws would be any trouble at all." He shades his eyes with his hand as he scans the town square. "Now has anyone seen the mayor?"

Male Human Commoner

"A beautiful day to meet outside don't you think?" Finnrick says looking up at the sun. "I sure do hope the mayor gets here soon though, Millsy and I need to streatch our legs"

Finnrick plops down on the ground to bask in the sun and with a sigh takes a swig of his mead.

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

As if on cue, the bells atop the Temple of Erastil toll their midday song, echoing throughout the quiet town of Kassen. As the peals begin to fade, the first of the townsfolk make their way into the square, dressed in black, as if attending a funeral. They slowly fill the square, moving quietly across the cold, hard ground, their eyes downcast and mournful. After a few moments, a murmur passes through the crowd as it slowly parts to let Mayor Uptal through. He leads the way with a tarnished silver lantern. Behind him, an old pony drags a cart laden with backpacks and supplies.

Once he reaches the center of the crowd, Mayor Uptal stops and calls out to the assembled townsfolk. "Once again the winter winds blow through the Fangwood, marking the end of another harvest. There are wolves in the woods, howling at our walls, and serpents in our shadows, waiting to strike. Just as it was one hundred and seventy-four years ago, when Kassen himself left these walls to protect us, so it is today. Where are the heroes? Where are the brave folk that will venture out to Kassen's tomb and retrieve the flame to keep this community safe for another winter?" The mayor pauses, waiting for a response.

The solemnity of the situation is lessened somewhat by the sound of some scuffling and swearing as Braggar Ironhame drags Artair into the town square. Pushing the younger dwarf forward, Braggar calls out. " 'e do, yer honor." He looks expectantly at the gathered group.

Slightly miffed at this less than ceremonious entrance, the mayor dryly adds, "Ah, yes. Good for you to join us Braggar and Artair. Any other young heroes?"

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

A shiver runs down his spine as Erazmus steps forward, "I will help bring back the flame."

Male Human Rogue 4 | HP 40/40 | AC 20 FF 20 T 16 | BAB +3 | CMB +4 | CMD 20 | F +3 R +9 W +3 | Init +11 | Per +9

I don't want to hear that talk about family honor and traditions again. And I ran out of good excuses this time.

"I'll go too", Jaed said without showing much enthusiasm.

Male Dwarf Barbarian 3 | HP 41/41(+6R) | AC19(-2RAGE) T11 FF19 | BAB+3 | CMB +7 | CMD 18 | F+6 R+3 W+3 | Init +3 | Per +8

I wonder what they want me for this time...

Whatever it is, I did not do it!

He begrudgingly follows to the town square...

M human Fighter 3 | HP 32/35 | AC21 FF18 T13 | CMB: +7 CMD: 20 | F +5 R +2 W +1 | Init +2 | Per +4

Adequate or not, this might be a good way of repaying this town’s hospitality.

Etam steps forward and firmly grips his spear, “In the name of the Rethgifners, my spear is yours.”

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Artair, if you didn't read the above blurb, you should. You also need to get your crunch/stats finished up ASAP. Let me know if you need help with it!

Mayor Uptal nods at Erazmus, handing him the silver lantern. "Will you accept the honor of carrying this lantern to the Serpent Hills, where lies the Crypt of the Everflame?" At the same time, one of the villagers dressed in somber black offers the wizard a backpack of supplies to help him on his journey.

As each of the other would-be heroes steps forwards, they too are handed a backpack.

For those who have not yet accepted, if you do, you're handed a bag. If you don't, you're given a funny look and a bag is conspicuously dropped to the ground instead.

- 5 days rations
- A small tent
- A winter blanket
- Full waterskin
- A piece of paper
- A box containing tinder and three tindertwigs

- 5 days rations
- A small tent
- A winter blanket
- Full waterskin
- A piece of paper
- A grappling hook

- 5 days rations
- A small tent
- A winter blanket
- Full waterskin
- A piece of paper
- A vial of some reddish liquid labeled "Potion of Cure Light Wounds"

- 5 days rations
- A small tent
- A winter blanket
- Full waterskin
- A piece of paper
- 3 torches

- 5 days rations
- A small tent
- A winter blanket
- Full waterskin
- A piece of paper
- 50 feet of hempen rope

- 5 days rations
- A small tent
- A winter blanket
- Full waterskin
- A piece of paper
- A small bottle of local brandy

The mayor once again speaks to the townsfolk. "I present to you the brave heroes who will follow in Kassen's footsteps to retrieve the Everflame! Some of them may not return, but I say to you that their sacrifice shall not be forgotten. Go, brave heroes, and do not return until you have the eternal fire." With that, the mayor points to the south, the direction of Kassen’s tomb. The townsfolk begin waving goodbye with cold, solemn looks on most of their faces.

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

The small lantern in his hand feels as though it weighs a ton. Erazmus sorts through his new backpack and withdraws the paper. He looks it over and asks the others, "Does anyone else have a bit of a map?"

M Dwarf Drunken Master Monk (favored)

Runvald looks around at the other 'heroes' wondering how and why he was selected. Well, I suppose this could mean some reward money... Reward money can mean ale... Better yet, a grateful town may buy me drinks for a job well done...

"Allllright, I'mmm not other otherrrwisssse engaged. I'llll been back... be back shortly. Gotta get my stuffff. He scurries off, weaving back ad forth as he leaves the town square. He comes staggering back a few minutes later, carrying all of his 'stuff'. A small ale cask is strapped to his back and several bottles hand from his staff that's slung over his shoulder. He doesn't appear to have grabbed anything other than booze, but looks very content in his acquisition. "OK, let'sss hit the rrrroad. Who'sss got the othhherrr partt of thissss... Mmmm... Map? Annnnd, I needa hat.

Male Human Rogue 4 | HP 40/40 | AC 20 FF 20 T 16 | BAB +3 | CMB +4 | CMD 20 | F +3 R +9 W +3 | Init +11 | Per +9

"I also have a piece of a map", Jaed said reaching for his newly obtained backpack. "Here, take a look."

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

If you'd like to piece the map together yourselves. (Be aware, you may need to do some resizing)

Completed map:

If anybody has any last minute shopping to do or anything they want to ask of NPCs, now is the time to do it. I want to at least give Artair time to finalize his gear, but I'm hoping to move on by tomorrow evening. Or earlier if everybody says they're ready.

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

I'm good to go! Also thanks for the map. I had MS Paint open and everything before I realized that there was probably a whole one already.

"Well if anybody is missing anything, now would be a good time to get it. I'll just be waiting here until we are all ready to go."

M human Fighter 3 | HP 32/35 | AC21 FF18 T13 | CMB: +7 CMD: 20 | F +5 R +2 W +1 | Init +2 | Per +4

Etam receives the backpack with slight bow. After helping his new companions in assembling the map with his scrap of paper, he asks Wisslo “Sir, what sort of challenges are we to expect on this journey? Brigands, bandits, foul magic?”

Male Half-Elf Druid 4 HP: 24/24 AC:16 TAC: 12 FF:14 Saves: 4:3:9 Init: +6 Per: +17

Well it looks like this is the "super secret mission" Olmira was talking about. I guess she wasn't exaggerating too much this time.

Finnrick steps forward and receives his bag with a smile.

"Millsy and I would be delighted to come along. Erazmus, can I trust you to hold on to this I'm going to run to the temple to see if I can get a potion or two for this little adventure."

Finnrick riffles through his new bag and pulls out the piece of paper and hands it to Erazmus.

After a short period Finnrick comes skipping back

"We're ready

Finnrick says as he ruffles the fur atop Millsy's head and is met with a playful nip.

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Captain Wisslo strokes his chin, considering the question. "We have been known to have the occasional bandit on the roads. We are a convenient stopping place for travelers on their way between several large cities, including Tamram. While there are all manner of wild creatures in the forest, as Finnrick and Olmira would know since they keep bringing them in to town," He doesn't bother to hide the disapproval in his voice at this comment. "They will most likely leave travelers alone unless hungry. The crypt itself will undoubtedly have traps and puzzles to make it hard to get to the flame."

"An' undead!" Jimes chimes in. At Wisslo's deadpan look, he continues. "It'sa crypt, so there's gotta be lots of undead ready to devour your souls!" He delivers the warning in a surprisingly upbeat manner.

"Yes. Indeed." Wisslo gives the halfing a glare that clearly says 'Go away'.

Jimes, showing a remarkable amount of common sense for him, actually heeds the look. But then, as if to even the odds, he heads off to harass Braggar instead, calling back over his shoulder, " 'member: ya gotta crush skellie bones with clubs or other blunt objects!"

"I am sure you will be fine, Etam. Your training should have prepared you quite well. Just remember to remain vigilant."

Male Human Rogue 4 | HP 40/40 | AC 20 FF 20 T 16 | BAB +3 | CMB +4 | CMD 20 | F +3 R +9 W +3 | Init +11 | Per +9

Jaed reorganizes his possessions trying to pack all the necessary things into a not too heavy or uncomfortable backpack.

"Could you please take care of these things until I am back, m'lady?" Jaed says to Asina while he gives her one of the backpacks. "And don't let Jimes get too close", he adds winking an eye.

Jaed turns to the others - "I'm ready whenever you are."

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

Erazmus secures the lantern inside his pack and slides his arms through the straps. Well, that's all of us. Oh no, almost all of us. "Artair, is there anything you need before we start heading south?

M human Fighter 3 | HP 32/35 | AC21 FF18 T13 | CMB: +7 CMD: 20 | F +5 R +2 W +1 | Init +2 | Per +4

Ignoring Wisslo’s snide comments, Etam takes his leave from the guard captain “Thank you for the information, sir. Hopefully we will see you in a few days.”

He approaches his new companions: “If I may be excused for another minute, I will follow master Finnrick’s lead and get extra provisions from the temple.”

He returns shortly afterwards: “I am ready.”

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Having prepared as much as you can, you all leave the town of Kassen behind. You've been traveling around 2 hours now. The narrow path winds through the raking claws of the trees, now bereft of their leaves, which crunch loudly underfoot. Up ahead in a particularly shady area of the forest, a fallen tree trunk blocks the path. Suddenly a trio of snarling humanoids leaps up from behind the log, all greenish skin and fearsome tusks, bellowing vulgar challenges. Each one is wearing crude armor made of animal skiins and wielding a greateaxe.

Enemy: 1d20 ⇒ 7
Erazmus: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13
Etam: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
Finnrick: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
Jaed: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18
Runvald: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4
Artair: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13


As a free action, you may make the check specified below. If you succeed, you can read the spoiler, but you won't be able to reveal what you've found until your group is up in init.

Knowledge (Local) DC 11:
These are orcs. They can continue to fight even when they've taken enough damage to stagger a regular person. Since they spend most of their time in the dark, their eyes are sensitive to the light.

Erazmus, Finnrick/Millsy, Jaed, and Artair can all take their round 1 action.

Male Human Wizard 1 | HP 7/7 | AC 12 | CMD 12 | F +1 R +1 W +4 | Init +1 | Per +2

"Ooooohooohoh!" Erazmus unleashes an unfortunately high-pitched squeal as the things jump over the log. He unleashes a bolt of unseeable force at the creature standing by itself.

This is the evocation ability Force Missile which is an autohit, 1d4 + Intense Spells (+1/2 wizard level, min. 1, to damage rolls)
damage: 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

As he begins to calm down, his eyes focus on the things blocking the road.
Knowledge(Local): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11
"Oh, ah... I think I know this!"

Male Human Rogue 4 | HP 40/40 | AC 20 FF 20 T 16 | BAB +3 | CMB +4 | CMD 20 | F +3 R +9 W +3 | Init +11 | Per +9

"Well, it looks like this is where our peaceful hike ends and the party begins", Jaed says as he draws his crossbow and aims at the creature on his left.

Jaed holds his breath, closes his left eye and shoots his light crossbow:

Ranged attack: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 241d8 ⇒ 2

After the bolt leaves the crossbow he takes a closer look at their new friends.

Knowledge(Local): 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

I have no idea what those things are.

Looks like I scored a threat. When this happens, should I modify the post with an additional attack roll and damage roll?

Edited to include the critical hit roll:
Critical: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 251d8 ⇒ 1

Definitely not a vampire Courtyard

Yup, you can go ahead and modify the post you already made. If you don't notice until too late to modify, you can make another post, but I'd prefer you to consolidate as much as you can when possible.

The first enemy staggers and lets out a loud grunt as he's hit by Erazmus' blast of invisible force. The other one snarles as he's hit in the chest with Jaed's crossbow bolt.

This should be fun!

Charges from the back and readies his axe to attack any enemy that comes into range.

HP 32/32 AC 18 TAC 15 FF 13

Finnrick looks at Millsy and pets her saying something inaudible under her breath. Then looks up, you know what to do Millsy.

With that Millsy charges in at the enemy on the right standing slightly more by themselves and attempts to bite them.

bite: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 5 + 1 = 20

Not sure if I did that right but Millsy has weapon finesse and the plus 1 is from Finnrick's guidance. If she can attack with her claws here are the rolls if not I end my turn

claw 1: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20
claw 2: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

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