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DM Alexander Kilcoynes Serpents Skull PbP- Chapter 2, Racing to Ruin (Inactive)

Game Master Alexander Kilcoyne

"I might toss her back into the sea for good measure"

Nkechi "The Tempest", speaking about Willow Whisperwood.

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Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27

Chi, tired from the days events eats quietly, listening to Gelik's tale. Under her breath she mumbles her revenge on the Freemen and their leader. She has been through worse than they can ever know. She spits a chicken bone onto the table in her disgust. But she is alone with her thoughts. She looks forwards to the meals end and time to rest her weary body.

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

Just a jest, my friend. Marcus tries to mollify the gnome. Theres that 7 charisma.

Gelik, Jask can you ask the Pathfinders if they can use their contacts to see if we can sniff out where these freemen are holing up. More guards on the wharehouse might not be a bad idea either.

I think at this point we need to increase our caution. Between the other factions and this brotherhood I'm not going to rest easy until the day after we leave.

Unless anyone has a better idea I think we're accelerating until the Pathfinders have something for us, something happens or we're ready to leave?

"Master Jask intimated earlier that the fires at the other warehouses seemed to be merely a smokescreen for the arson at the Pathfinder warehouse. And I think it's curious that of all of the potential victims available the Freemen kidnapped Master Gelik for their little drama at the whaling company. I wonder if one of the Pathfinder's competitors hired the Freemen to sow chaos through the city so they could sabotage our expedition," Ambroze muses aloud.

Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27


Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

DM has indicated he's pretty busy.

Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27

Ahh, OK just hope AK keeps his had above water.

Male Hobgoblin Cavalier 1 (Fell Rider)

*comes up spluttering for air*. Bumps are appreciated, we just had a guest here until Saturday and i've been damn busy apart from that too.

Gelik indicated as you ate that he would take charge of inquiries as to the Freemen's whereabouts. Jask nodded sagely at Ambroze's words as he replied-

I had much the same thoughts. Perhaps Umagro was easily bought, or perhaps he was manipulated from afar. Either way, Gelik's kidnapping was a stark warning.

An hour later, after you've finished eating and helped a little inside the warehouse, Amivor Glaur turns up to meet you; accompanied by a fair-skinned, well-groomed Varisian woman.

I warned you he said grimly, taking in the scorched building. I'm sorry I wasn't here to assist. Could someone get me up to speed? Is the translation finished? Is it safe?

You see a well-groomed woman with chestnut brown hair tightly gathered into a short ponytail. Her eyes are the color of pine needles, with small flecks of silver near the iris. Her skin is fair, perhaps slightly pale, with small freckles on her nose and cheek bones. She is dressed in a courtier's outfit - a tan three-quarter length coat trimmed with blue, green, and red. She wears loose leggings under the coat and also has an armored kilt or apron over her midsection. She is medium-height, with a solid frame and straight posture. A small, white bird is perched on her shoulder.

She stands quietly, waiting for the party to answer Amivor's question.

Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27

Chi looks across at the woman, then back to Amivor. "And in this moment of caution, you bring another stranger into our lives. Who is that woman? And why have you brought her to us?" Chi's cheeks taken on a darker hue, her disposition angered by the way he seems to disregard their safety, despite the warnings.

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

Marcus studies the woman, standing behind Chi.

Male Hobgoblin Cavalier 1 (Fell Rider)

Amivor burst out into laughter at Chi's caution.

Oh, oh my! I am so glad to see my warnings were taken to heart! he exclaimed. Your caution does you credit. But Tsura here is an associate Pathfinder, like yourselves- her expedition in the Expanse fell victim to a Chaurau-Ka attack. I thought that with the absence of your ally Gwenyth, you would appreciate an ally who could channel positive energy. I am, however, a cautious man. Tsura was tested via several divinations and willingly subjected to several Zone of Truth and Detect Thought spells before I decided to petition your group on her behalf. he said to reassure the group. But perhaps we can discuss this later. What happened? I was told the Freeman assaulted several warehouses...

Gelik looked ready to speak up, but waited. An anxious look was visible on his face at Chi's anger.

Tsura smiles. "If the Society had a secret handshake, believe me, I would give it to you. As it is, I trust that Amivor can vouch for me." Her voice has the soft lilting quality found among many wandering Varisian entertainers.

"But if you are still unbelieving, then allow me to start our relationship with a token of goodwill." Grasping an iron holy symbol of Desna hanging on a chain around her neck, she places her other hand on her chest and makes a sweeping motion toward the party as though offering them a gift. A surge of soft white light bubbles around her and washes over the party, knitting their wounds and healing their bruises.

Channel Energy 2d6 ⇒ (2, 3) = 5
Channel Energy 2d6 ⇒ (6, 5) = 11

Male Mwangi (Caldaru) Human Ranger 3 (Shapeshifter) / Barbarian 2

Tun'ada nods gratefully in the direction of the new-comer. "Thank you, the aid of your healing powers is appreciated."

Doing his best to calm Chi, the tribeman continues, "Chi, while what we just went through was unfortunate at best, Amivor and Tsura had nothing more to do with it than any other Pathfinder did. We knew when we made a choice of who to work with, there would be others who were displeased by this. Take comfort in knowing that we are all" gesturing toward the other former cast-aways, stopping briefly at Gelik in particular, "back here and safe for now."

Turning his attention to Amivor, Tun'ada says, "Yes, the Freemen were responsible for the attack, and the unfortunate postition Gelik was in. As is the case with many impassioned causes, I feel the Freemen's mission was used to prod them into actions they might not have otherwise taken. Umagro's cause is just, unfortunately he chooses to target the wrong people to further his cause."

"Umagro must be made to pay for his crimes, spurred on to them or not. If he has been swayed before, it is very likely he can and will be swayed by our common enemies again, Amivor."

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

My thanks as well milady. I look forward to discussing what you can offer to the group. My main concern at this point is whether we can expect this man to hinder us in future. I would rather be done with him but if not we may need to take steps.

Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27

Nodding to Tunada, Chi sighs at the inevitability of conflict, when knowledge is the key to power. Enemies materializing out of the shadows, puppets in the hands of fate, Chi and her friends must plough on together, as that is their true strength. "You maybe right, Tunada, and there were times on the island when a healing spirit might have saved our friends. So Tsura, if my reservations offended you, they were not meant to harm. To bring the healing warmth of the gods to aid us, is gladly accepted." Chi casts a glance at Amivor, then moves next to Marcus.

Amivor Glaur wrote:
I'm sorry I wasn't here to assist. Could someone get me up to speed? Is the translation finished? Is it safe?

"To answer your questions, Master Glaur - Yes, the translation is finished. And yes, it is safe," Ambroze replies, lifting the mithral scroll tube containing the 'translation' from his magical haversack for a brief moment before replacing it within the confines of the pack's extradimensional space.

Tsura nods. "No offense taken. Life is punctuated by how people resolve awkward interactions. I wish nothing but the best for this venture."

The white bird on her shoulder twists its head this way and that, before suddenly hopping toward Tsura's neck and glowing a warm red for a moment. In a heartbeat it is gone, replaced by an intricate tattoo of a songbird on Tsura's neck where previously there had been bare skin.

Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27

Chi's eyes blink as her head nods slightly forward at Tsura's words.

Female Half-elf Druid (Jungle Druid)/4th

Willow gives a smile to see the approch of this woman.
"Nice to have another beautiful woman with us, Tsura." she smiles and puts out a hand to shake. "It is nice to meet you."

Tsura takes Willow's hand. "The pleasure is mine." She looks to Master Glaur for more direction.

Female Half-elf Druid (Jungle Druid)/4th
Tsura Vhiski wrote:
Tsura takes Willow's hand. "The pleasure is mine." She looks to Master Glaur for more direction.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself." she says off-handedly. "I'm Willow Whisperwood, a new member to this group and a member of a druidic circle inside the mwangi forest."

Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27

Chi looks confused by Willow's mention of beautiful women, then looks at herself from tip to toe. Beauty is on the inside she thinks, Maybe I ought to have a clean soon. She sniffs the air.

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

Marcus looks to the pathfinder leader. How long until the expedition is ready to leave?

Male Hobgoblin Cavalier 1 (Fell Rider)

Amivor listened gravely to Tun'ada, nodding along and occasionally muttering Freemen... I should have known... and other grim, negative comments.

Its not our business to get involved in the political climate of Sargava. Such a mess could easily drag all of us under the political currents and drown both our society and our expedition. So. Tazion. We have our destination. We must be more cautious, more vigilant than ever.

Amivor paced backwards and forwards for a little as he considered the next move. He finally replied to Marcus, quite suddenly turning towards him.

A week, perhaps, give or take a day or two. The damage to the warehouse appears to be superficial... Which is a testament to your bravery. This could have set us back weeks. I will personally assign some operatives to make inquiries and investigate Umagro and any associates he might have. Gelik, I will be using you and Miss Sasha for this task, in particular.

Gelik nodded eagerly, apparently more than ready to seek ways to strike back at his captor.

As for your group- there's a task i'd like you to handle before we leave. Tun'ada in particular, as the man i'd like you to seek the aid of is rather disdainful of non-Mwangi. We need a Guide for our expedition- and I think I know just the man. A hermit named Nkechi the Tempest, a priest of Gozreh. For several years now, hundreds have travelled to see him to seek his wisdom and guidance. You may have to tread carefully; much like his deity, he can be prone to fits of rage and madness, or so they say. He lives alone in a cave atop a jagged seaside cliff face several miles north of the city, known as the Pallid Bluffs.

Amivor sat down and rubbed his temples, thinking to himself for a moment before continuing.

I recommend you approach the Pallid Bluffs from the shore, as his cave, apparently, cannot be spotted from above. The best route is to take a small boat up the coast and try to row in at high tide when the ocean waters cover most of the rocky shore. You could also travel up the coast on foot, but i've been warned that the beaches consist mostly of jagged, slippery rocks and can be very dangerous.

Amivor looked to the group.

I assure you, whatever hoops he insists you jump through for him or Gozreh will be worth the effort. He might shave weeks off our journey and help to keep local tribes off our caravans. Indulge him.

Male Mwangi (Caldaru) Human Ranger 3 (Shapeshifter) / Barbarian 2

"Very well, Amivor. At least a few of us will seek out this...Nkechi. I am in favor of taking a small boat, it seems the least risky of our options and likely the best option for success. Who's with me?"

Tsura grimaces slightly. "I do not care for boats, but this seems to be the safest route. I am with you."

Female Half-elf Druid (Jungle Druid)/4th

"Jurney by boat will be different, but I am willing to give it a try if it gets us there faster." she says with a smile and then looks to Tsura. "You're concerned about boats?"

"A childhood prank nearly drowned me when I was a little girl. They have made me nervous ever since. It's nothing, really." Tsura sighs. "Shall we go, then?"

Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27

Chi nods agreement to Tunada, as she watches the Pathfinder. "Amivor, so do you have a chart or the sea route we can use? For how long will such a journey take in favourable conditions?" concerned that they reduce the risk of surprises.

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

Lost a post yesterday I thought went through sorry.

Aye lets take the boat. "Prone to fits of rage and madness" sounds a bit disconcerting but I'll take whatever advantage we can find.

He studies both newcomers for a moment and speaks.


Speak you language of angels?

Ambroze bows to Tsura as he belatedly greets the newest member of the expedition. "My name is Ambrozious Boddynock, but you can call me Ambroze," he says, and then adds

in Varisian:
"I must say, it's nice to see someone from Varisia this far south. May Desna smile on our future endeavors."

Ambroze listens attentively to Amivor Glaur's suggestions for approaching their potential guide. "A priest of Gozreh? Well, this should be interesting. I'm in, of course."

Male Hobgoblin Cavalier 1 (Fell Rider)
Chi T'reignial wrote:
Chi nods agreement to Tunada, as she watches the Pathfinder. "Amivor, so do you have a chart or the sea route we can use? For how long will such a journey take in favourable conditions?" concerned that they reduce the risk of surprises.

Its just a case of rowing up the coast somewhat, you won't need to go to sea. I imagine several local guides would be happy to row you to the Pallid Bluffs, if you made enquiries at the docks.

"To the docks then. I'm certain some sailors could be flattered or motivated to help us." Tsura gives a wink and a smile then heads for the door.

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

Its been a rough day and I for one need a bath.

Lets head down first thing in the morning?

Were down hp and spells, suggest resting.

Female Elf Witch 3 (favoured) / Rogue 2 HPs 19/27

I thought we'd rested overnight after the fire, if not then we should . Certainly Chi is worn out and in need of sleep and rest.

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

Thought it was same day, lets go if not.

Your Humble Narrator

Its still the same day right now.

Definitely need to rest. Ambroze is out of spells.

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

Yahing resting then. I'm still 10hp down if I can get a heal. Assume Tun'ada needs as well.

Male Mwangi (Caldaru) Human Ranger 3 (Shapeshifter) / Barbarian 2

Much like Marcus, I am still down 10 hp. Rest is a good thing.

Female Half-elf Druid (Jungle Druid)/4th

willow is low on spells too. Only a couple of 1st level ones I believe.

Use up my remaining Channel Energy for the day on the party before we rest.

Channel Energy 2d6 ⇒ (5, 1) = 6
Channel Energy 2d6 ⇒ (3, 4) = 7
Channel Energy 2d6 ⇒ (4, 1) = 5

Your Humble Narrator

Please feel free to flextime in some more conversation with Tsura and even Willow. They are still fairly new to your group so the dynamics should definitely be a little unusual :).

After a tiring day you eventually settle down to sleep, returning to your quarters within the Pathfinder Lodge. The next day you are served breakfast together as a group as you discuss your next move- to acquire the services of a boat to reach the Pallid Bluffs.

Willow/Tsura- prep your spells!

Tsura will keep her spells the same, unless someone has a suggestion.

Cleric Spells Prepared (4, 4+1, 2+1)

0 (DC 14): create water, guidance, purify food and drink, spark
1 (DC 15): bless*#^ (2), command*#^, obscuring mist, true strike#
2 (DC 16): hold person *#, owl's wisdom, locate object#

Sorcerer Spells per Day (--, 5)
Sorcerer Spells Known (4, 2)

0 (DC 14): arcane mark, detect magic, ghost sound, prestidigitation
1 (DC 15): charm person*#^, sleep*#^

daze*#^ 3/day, DC 15

* +1 DC
# +1 caster level
^ +1 caster level vs. creatures and natives of the jungle

Also, at breakfast she will say a quiet prayer to bond herself to the party members, per the Caravan Bond ability.

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal

IC it seems a bit early for the other characters to give Tsura spell suggestions but OC locate object seems a bit situational unless you have something in mind. Buffs are always good :)

Your Humble Narrator

Agreed, suggestions would have to be OOC. Locate Objects definitely an odd spell to prepare unless you have a specific reason for it.

Male Human Fighter 5 50/50 hp 4hp nonlethal


Overnight Marcus waits til he as convenient moment to talk to the "oldtimers" alone.

Chi, Tun'ada, Ambroze:

I am a bit torn. Gwen leaving leaves a big hole in the group. Glaur has done his best to fill it with Willow and seemingly this Tsura.

But perhaps too well? I keep thinking that we don't know where their true loyalties lie. Willow's motivation for joining us seems a bit scant and who knows about this Tsura? She seems pleasant enough but if Glaur has a deeper plan then she would be, right? Frankly I think we can assume she is a pathfinder spy until proven otherwise.

Now I'm not saying we shouldn't give either a chance. I'm just thinking we should watch them carefully. What do you think?

Marcus seems thoughtful during breakfast.

Tsura. Perhaps you can tell us about your adventures in the jungle? It would also be helpful to understand your abilities. You are a priestess of Desna?

Maybe this can lead in to her bonding thing. Stuggling to see everyone undertaking group prayer time off their own bat :)

Female Half-elf Druid (Jungle Druid)/4th

Changing spells. 1 less produce flame for magic fang and spider climb for burning gaze.

Male Mwangi (Caldaru) Human Ranger 3 (Shapeshifter) / Barbarian 2


Marcus, Chi, and Ambroze:
"With so many parties interested in the information we have, we should certainly view anyone that was not on the Shiv with a certain amount of suspicion. Sadly, that same thought could be said for any of our fellow castaways with strong ties to any of the organziations that are after the information...that includes Sasha too, Marcus."

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