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temple map ground floor

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Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

"Is that the orb? What does it do? Maybe we should take it back to town?"

I look a bit sheepish about being out of the fight.

"My name is Eliana. Do not worry I have no plans to go into the wilds. I live in town, though I am not sure how safe I will be there..." As Velana mentions the orb she stops "Where is the orb? may I see it?"

"Well a mind is a terrible thing to waste, Who do you think it is?" Argius asked as he started to head out the back door. looking up he turned to you. "You may want to follow me." he says grabbing you and dragging you outside, pulling you to floor hard. As a large crashing sound can be heard behind you. The ceiling of the mill collapses in on the room and a plume of smoke surrounds you.

As the girl speaks a large crashing sound can be heard coming from the mill and a plume of smoke leaves the building,a s what you suspect happens is the ceiling of the mill collapses in on itself.

Male Human

Dusting himself off when he regains his footing, Elon is unsure whether to trust Argius or not. The man had saved his life recently, and there were certain things that were owed in a situation like that.

There is a man by the name of Paul in the village. I have information that he might be some kind of abomination, and thus want to investigate this fact. I don't have any hard evidence. Nothing that I can point my finger at and say that these are the facts as they lie before me

Thank you for saving my life by the way. Its something that I am rather attached to.

Not a problem Elon, If you die then Graves blames me." he laughs to himself.

He starts to walk round what is left of the mill towards the front of building. "Paul, hmm the bar man? interesting."

Male Human

Yes the barman. I wanted to speak to him about this. The claws etc, and I noticed there was something off with his grin before. It seemed too toothy, and not human toothy. Long story.

"Have you seen this grin? or did you hear from someone else?"

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Krallek tucks the orb into the pouch on his belt and whispers to Galacia call me crazy if you will but I think this orb spoke a warning to me as I picked it up.

After a brief pause he leans closer and says it warned me to not let that Argius fella touch it.

"Speaking from personal experience, I'd say its best to just do what the voices in your head tell you." Galacia gives Krallek a quick smile and wink to disguise her all too real comment as a joke.

She quickly becomes more serious and moves closer to whisper back to Krallek. "To be honest, I don't trust half the people here, especially Argius. Did you notice how tentative and out of shape he acted when we first arrived? Then we saw the orb and he started taking charge and wielding a weapon way too big for someone his size. He's hiding something from us."

Galacia stops whispering to Krallek when she hears the elven girl ask for the orb just long enough to give the girl a suspicious glance. "I think it's in everyone's best interests if you keep that tucked away for now. Just be sure to keep a close eye on it."

As the mill makes a crashing sound, Carth turns towards the mill,
"Erm, wasn't Elon and Argius in there?"

After he heard Eliana ask to see the orb, and Galacia's response, he turned back to speak to Eliana.
"Why do you want to see the orb?" Carth asked.

"Please, I must see it. I understand it is not safe here but please It is important." She turns to Carth "You are not of the town so knowing who to trust is hard, it is hard enough for me and I live here, you have kept me alive so I think I can trust you, Please, please, please let me see it. I came here to search for it, I knew something was wrong, then 'He' attacked me and my memories are mixed up right now." She sighs "I know I am not making much sense, I came here knowing I had to do something and stop someone and now I cant remember, all I know is it has something to do with the that orb."

Archaouss remains silent for a time studying his companions for a time as well as glancing at the elf girl. Her story could be plausible. If the person who had stolen the orbs had found her trying to find the orb they could react this way. Tie her up and leave her in a burning ruin. COuple of minutes later and she wouldve died from the smoke. "Was the orb in there? All I heard was screaming and yelling while I was trying to get outsde with her." He asks finally.

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Krallek looks cautiously at the girl and then at Archaouss as he speaks. I did find something like that yes. None too sure bout who should get it though since I ain't ever met none of you other than Galacia. And her I only met on the way here. Alls I know is that when I picked the thing up it gave me what you might call a dire warning about who should see this and who shouldn't ... well more to the point it was just who shouldn't now I thinks back on it.

After a thoughtful pause he adds I can rightly say though that I am one of the few people round here that doesn't want this thing. Huh, Ain't that ironical? We should finds someplace safer to sort this out and make proper introductions.

"You heard that warning as well?" Carth asked Krallek, "Interesting. Assuming he got out of there alive..." He points towards the mill,
"I have a few questions for Argius that I want answering before we starting handing the orb around."

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

It seems to me that we were put on this path by Mr. Graves, and yet we still haven't met him. Maybe it's time to go over Argius' head and meet our sponsor?

Male Human

I need to do parts of my investigation alone. Thoughts need to process and I need to draw my conclusions etc before reporting to anyone. Thank you though for your time and in keeping me alive, as I said before, I am rather attached to my existance. I suspect the others are around the front, might be an idea to see what they are up to. There was an elf there. A new elf I mean, seemed that she was being kept in the building as it burned.

Just after all this is said, Argius makes his way round the corner to the front of the building. "Come on Elon stop dragging your feet." He walks over to Carth and places his hand on his shoulder.

Your memories and emotions return to normal.

Then looking at Eliana surprised for a moment then concerned. he almost pushes Archauoss and Carth over to get to her.

"What are you doing here? what happened, are you alright." he goes to touch her and she flinches and shys away as best she can.

upon seeing it he backs off. Standing up and looking around "Is everyone out?" Did someone get the orb?"

"Argius you know this woman?" Archaouss asks trying to keep his ire out of his voice as he resettles himself near Eliana frowning at the strange man.

Male Human

I believe the orb is safe, but currently there are other items to the agenda, more important things. With the discovery that there was someone left to die in that burning mill, and the evidence that was found in there of some kind of monstrosity with huge claws and teeth that took a chunk out of the walls and door frames, it might be an idea to act on some of the information that I have, and speak to a certain barman. Not as hair brained as you might think, although I cannot really divulge much currently. Trust me on this... or don't, but I am off to meet with Paul.

Elon will wait and listen to the people here, their views and their plans. If no-one mentions that they will be joining him, then he will head back to town alone and try to find Sybil first, then Paul.

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Krallek looks at Elon and says hold on there little fella, I gots me one mantra, well actually I gots me a ton of mantras but only one fits this particular situation. Never split the party!! I seen too many good fellas get killed cuz someone split the party and I aint keen on seeing more of em. So don't go gettin yer britches bunched up so tight it squeezes your nards and makes you go do something silly like runnin off by yerself. Lets decide what we gonna do then do it together.

"I agree," Carth said, "Splitting up doesn't help anyone. If your suspicions about this 'Paul' person are correct, it might be best to not confront him alone."

Carth then turns towards Argius,
"Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the help you gave me when fighting that creature. So, I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but I have a couple of questions for you that I'd like for you to answer before we make a decision on anything."

Looking at Archauoss and then back to Eliana. "I know her." He was about to continue when Carth spoke.

"Anytime Carth I hope I do not have to in future though." he laughs nervously. "Ask all the questions you want on the way back to town. Eliana needs help from the look of her and the temple is he best place for that. I really should report back to Mr Graves."

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Aye, lets get the girl to the temple first then plan out the next step. Argius, your trip to Mr. Graves might have to wait until we get some answers.

"Sounds like a plan," Carth said, "And I would prefer that you answer the questions before talking to Mr. Graves. Hopefully, it will help find the other orbs."

Eliana whispers to Carth and Archaouss in Elven, "Do not take the orb to the temple yet. I will be ok. She tries to stand up once more and give's up. "Well so long as I don't have to walk anywhere I will be."

Argius stops in his tracks and turns to Krallek and Carth. Looking very tense and a little perturbed, but he speaks calmly and slowly. "What do you want to ask?"

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

I aint so good at asking questions. My talent lies in getting answers. As he glares at Argius he adds If'n you know what I mean.

After a pause he looks kindly towards Eliana and says Young lady, if you needs help, I can prolly lift you and carry you easy enough. You ain't but an itty bitty thing. This place is too open and unsafe for discussing private matters. I'd just as soon move someplace more discreet. Just ask and I'll hep ya up and we can be on our way.

Male Human

I knew I should have learnt Elven when I had the chance. What is the use of being able to speak with all manner of evil, when you can't talk to the fair folk? What a fool I have been

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

"Right then Elon, lead the way. Let's see a man about his claws.

I begin to stamp out toward town, then pause and wait for the others: So, where might we find this Paul fella?

Archaouss nods and whispers back to the woman in elven. "Where do we take you then?" Before standing and offering his hand to Eliana to help her up.

Galacia follows behind Krallek and Carth, waiting for her chance to get some answers. When Argius stops and asks what questions the group has, she is more than happy to step forward and sate her curiosity. "Why the deception Argius? You act one way then when the orb shows up, you're a completely different person."

"My home is near this end of town, we could go there." replying in Elven. She will take Archaouss's hand to help her stand up, though a little tentatively and leaning a lot on Archaouss to stay up. Wincing a little as her injured legs take the weight. She turns to Krallek and speaks in Common. "I do not need carrying but I would not mind a strong arm to lean on so I can walk."

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Krallek extends his arm to offer support for the young elven girl. Then he smiles and leads her away from the burning mill. Every so often as they walk he looks over at Argius to see if he is acting strangely.

Perception: 1d20 ⇒ 5

Edit: doh! And the hot dice begins to cool

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

And after Galacia asks that question Krallek chimes in with Yeah and how is it an out of shape old fart like you is able to wield a hammer like that. You look more like you should be filling out ledgers and crap like that rather than swinging around an anvil. And other times you start panting after running a few steps

Krallek, with a roll of 5 you are well aware the Argius is still with you, as to to his actions, well he isn't out right stabbing anyone.

Speaking to Krallek in common, "Thank you for allowing me to lean on you sir."

Eliana leans on Krallek and begins to walk, she is limping and moving slowly but is able to keep going. She turns to Krallek and whispers. "Please do not take the orb straight to the temple. I need to see it first."

She speaks to everyone, If you wish somewhere private to talk, my home is near the edge of town here, not too far. It is closer and more private than the temple would be."

"On the subject of the hammer, where the hell do you fit that thing?" Carth asked, "But more importantly, why the hell did the orb have a monster in it? A monster you alone had some sort of power to negate one of its attacks. And can we expect this from every orb we try and find? Or something worse?"

Argius continues to walk ahead for a few moments and then stops and slowly turns back face you all. Tilting his head back and forth and breathing deeply.

"What do you mean 'different person' Galacia, the orbs are important and I was spurred on by the need to get it. You should all know the strength that battle can bring."

He takes one step forward towards Krallek. Krallek as he does you can feel Eliana tense. a corner smile appears on his face. "If you aim to insult me, you would have to try harder than that. My hammer is my weapon I wield it to my will, amongst other things."

"If all you want to know is how I am able to fight then ask Graves. The weapon was made by him. Any who's need is great enough can use it and my need was great." He turns back to walk to town and moves to face Carth as he does.

"I have many skills Carth, the fact that one of them counteracted the creature was mere coincidence, the next time I may not. As for what you can expect, I can not say, I have only seen one orb up close and it did not have a creature in it and yes if I was you I would be expecting worse."

His patience growing short he turns continues to walk to town. "Your house, the temple, I do not care which Eliana. So long as you get healed up."

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Krallek beams a smile that can only be described as a snarl at Argius and replies I ain't none to smart little man so you may need to use small words. You gots a gift for making people uncomfortable, suspicious, and angry. Yer better at it than me and that's sayin a lot. And from what I can tell, your gift doesn't stop at just people. Powerful magic things don't seem to want you around neither.

So, no I ain't insulting you, I'm just telling you in my own unsubtle way that I don't much like you. So back off and keep yer distance. I don't much like the idea of droppin this poor girl to plonk you on the head to learn you some manners.

Krallek looks down at Eliana and says your place is nearby? Just point in the direction.

'My hammer made me do it.' Sure...

Galacia continued following the group, growing more uncomfortable as Krallek and Argius traded verbal jabs, each of them obviously getting upset with one another. It would probably be for the best if she stopped talking about Argius and changed the subject.

"So Argius. Tell us about the orbs. Who made them and why?"

Archaouss follows closely behind Krallek and the Eliana. Something was odd and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. "How do you know each other Argius. And don't just say you have seen her around the village."

Argius breathes in slowly once more."I have many gifts Krallek, one of them is patience" He said very pointedly.I shall walk where I like. If you do not like me, I shall take Eliana and you may go where you will."

"I know most of the people in town. How I know her specifically is none of your business.

"The orbs, there are four of them, each for a different faction in town, merchants, leaders, farmers and temple. They have been stolen. Without them this town and its people are in trouble. They are used in a ceremony once a year to signify the renewal. Graves knows more than myself about them, all I know is they are very important."

Eliana reply's to Krallek. "It is just one street over when we enter the town. Please you have the orb, if you get into a brawl it may get damaged."

Eliana turns to Archaouss and speaks in elven "It is supposed to be his job to protect me, at Sandy's...Mr Graves request, that is how he knows me."

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Krallek growls at Argius' response but then calms himself and says to Eliana Don't worry ma'am, I aint gonna pop him just yet. He just rubs me the wrong way is all. Looks like you feels the same way bout em.
Same as this talkin orb. I don't think Galacia likes him overly much either. Hehe, he aint makin too many friends is he?

After they walk a bit Krallek whispers in her ear 'and there is no way I'm pullin this orb out in his presence once we get back to your place. Might be best if you be the one to ask him to step outside cuz I'm just as likely to toss him out the window.'

"Well, if that's the case I'd like to speak with Graves once we drop off the girl. Never hurts to know more about what we're up against. Hopefully we can avoid any more surprises in the future."

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Ya know, perhaps I am slow cuz I just caught on to this. Hehe. Hey Mr Argius, if it was your job to protect Eliana, what the hell were you doing in town while she was tied up on the second floor of a burning building? Seems to me you ain't doing your job too good. Ya also seemed a tad more interested in that orb than in saving the one you were charged to protect. Now I see why you is so cranky.

Hey Krallek I dont mean to interject but Eliana spoke to Archy in elven heh ^.^'

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Oops! So she did. Strike that then. 8P

You near the edge of town and Eliana points the way to her house. Down a long street to the left as you enter town. (Working on basic town map will be up on Monday hopefully, so you can use it for reference.)

Her home is a small building on the right hand side of the street. From the outside it looks like a 2 floored wooden structure same as most of the houses on the street. You enter straight in to a living room area. Eliana apologizes for the lack of seating for everyone but points out there are some padded cushions out for people and a few boxes in the back room. So they can get them and sit. She thinks for a moment then asks Argious to get some healers from the temple for her. Knowing full well he will have to do it.

Argius leave's as asked. He looks very dejected when he looks at Eliana and for a moment you see a hint of an emotion other than the anger and boredom you have seen from him thus far.

"Once I am up and around again I can get some food and drink for those that want some. I am sorry that you have met me like this I must seem so pathetic at the moment. Especially to a capable group like yourselves."

She turns to Krallek. "May I see the orb now? please"

AC 17, FF 16, TAC 11 // HP 13 //F 4 R 1 W 0// Per:0 //Init: 3

Being injured ain't nothin to be ashamed of so think nothin of it. You also ain't got to worry bout playing host neither. As for the orb, here she be ...

Krallek reaches into his belt pouch and produces the orb and hands it over to Eliana.

After a few moments pause he says quietly ma'am, what are these orbs? I mean other than symbols of the four factions and the town renewal and all. But what ARE the orbs themselves? Why'd anyone want to steal one ... or even all of them?

Female Dwarf Bard (archaeologist) 1, Initiative +2, Perception +6, Hit Points 9/9

At Eliana's request, I take a seat against the wall and lean back. I close my eyes and wait for Eliana to speak but I also strain to listen as Argius' footsteps retreat and make sure he has left.

perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24

"Obviously it is important to the community as a whole. Perhaps power? Even places like this people want power." Archaouss says quietly he remained standing leaning tiredly against the frame of the house looking around curiously.

"You mentioned that Argius was assigned to protect you," Carth said to Eliana, choosing to stand and lean against a wall, "But what was he supposed to protect you from? Don't take this the wrong way, but why are you considered important enough by Mr. Graves that you need protection?"

Eliana takes the orb and carefully places it on her lap.

"Archaoss is right, they have great power and where a gift from the gods. Placed amongst us as a sign of trust." She speaks in a warning tone. "The orbs must be kept separate, together they are at their most powerful and most dangerous. The only reason to steal them is to use their power, what ever that power may be. Though you would have to know how to use them. For this town they are symbols, tokens of gods power and they bring goodness and light, without them we would..." The fear in her eyes begins to grow as she speaks and she turns to Carth as he asks his questions.

"I do not have an answer for you Carth, I do not know why. I am no more important than anyone in town. Argius does not like it, I am sure he wants me gone. Do not let him touch the orb, or any of you for that matter. All his power comes from touch. He frightens me, sometimes I see a look in his eye and...I am sorry, in short Mr Graves ordered Argius to protect me."

She lifts it up and points out the dark part in the middle of the orb, that is moving around. "There is something wrong with it, this should not be here. The orbs are supposed to be pure. I do not like it, it feels wrong it feels like the orb is injured. I am sure it has something to do with the person that attacked me, that horrid smile." She shudders again. "If only I could remember who it was."

Velana you hear Argius walking away, he does not wait by the door, he is moving very quickly.

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