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I have a question on the housing layouts for each of the different tiers of housing as shown on page 17. mainly how many of what kind of rooms does those purchase prices "normally" get. Trying to find something official not just a gm ruling.

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Houses have traditionally always been small. Even up to the last hundred years, it was rare to see a house bigger than 2 bedrooms, and those bedrooms were small. Usually only one bathroom as well. Multi-story houses were usually reserved for those with servants, or farmhands employed around the farm.

I don't think there is currently anything official, but if it were me, I would say:

Poor home = probably 1 large room with a hearth. Maybe something hung from the ceiling to separate the children's sleeping area, if it's a multi-generational home
Comfortable home = 1 large room for the common areas (kitchen, eating, reading) and 1-2 separate bedrooms. Usually 1 for adults and 1 for kids.
Quality home = Many rooms. This would have a dining area separated from the kitchens, and a nice sitting/entertaining room. This home would probably have servant's quarters either on a higher floor. Would certainly have separate bedroom for the owners of the house, and enough bedrooms to separate girl and boy children.
Fine home = Reserved for the rich. This kind of home would be made for entertaining. Kitchens separated either in the basement or in a separate building, a nice drawing room, maybe a library. Bedrooms on the second floor and servants quarters on the third. This kind of home might have a nursery and/or a separate staircase for the servants. The house itself is probably more function than form, but well decorated.
Luxury home = This is what we would consider a historically fancy house. The kind of houses built by the ruling class to flaunt their wealth. This kind of house may be set up similarly to a fine home, but with carved railings, sculpted columns, and other architectural details that are highly adorned.

I know that you're looking for something for official than a GM ruling, but I feel that this has a lot of historical grounding.

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