New player trying and failing to find a group for Starfinder. Any advice / aid?

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I have been on multiple Starfinder/Pathfinder focused discord servers, made almost a dozen posts on r/lfg, browsed through numerous Roll20 threads, and have joined a few Facebook groups in search of a group all to no avail.

All attempts have either led me dead ends told me to find a different system, go to D&D 5e with Star Wars Homebrew, go to the Star Wars ttrpg, groups that only focus on Pathfinder (despite advertising themselves as Starfinder specifically), or generally lead me nowhere.

I live in New Zealand and have Sunday and Monday free on most mid-days so anyone running a Starfinder game at 4pm EST on a Saturday/Sunday evening I can join, and despite me buying the beginners set (which is still being shipped to me btw), I find myself unable to find any groups that I can potentially join lest I opt myself to be the GameMaster.

If there is anything I am missing, plz let me know. And if anyone here is willing to let me join their games, let me know. If you read the whole thing, thank you, and I hope you get as many Critical Success in the near future.

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Easiest way to start playing and find a group would be society games. You make a character, find someone running a pre written adventure, grab a bag of mixed nuts and go. You keep track of your characters adventures as they level up. It's also a good way to meet people for a more permanent group or an adventure path (boxed campaign).

Most starfinder groups don't use roll20 except as anything but the table people meet and organize on discord, scheduel games on Warhorn

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Second Warhorn. I've played with some people from New Zealand (I'm in Washington DC) on there. There's multiple games each week, and I don't think I've ever played a bad session on there.

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Hi there, I have send you a private message with an invite to the NZ Discord server. Hopefully you will find some information/people who can help there.

If you're talking about finding a local group to play live, the best advice I can give you is to locate the nearest game/hobby/comic store and pitch them the idea of organized play. Locally, I did tell my comic shop owner about it. He was mostly indifferent. Then I explained to him that, by hosting a weekly game in his store, I'd put it up through the websites to advertise and there was an increased chance of foot traffic business from people who pop in for these games, even from neighboring towns. He told me he'd let me give it a shot. I did have to GM the first several sessions, but I just advertised them on Warhorn and people started showing up. Started with a couple of Bounties, and then as the group built, we started into a few one shot adventures. By the time we were having 6+ players showing up every week and it seemed that there would reliably always be a full table, we started a stable Adventure Path, with a second table picking up basically "new player training zone" for hit and miss players, running SFS scenarios.

Essentially, it only was going to be possible if somebody takes point and agrees to GM in the beginning. I do have other players who now are willing to take turns though, and by the time we finish Fly Free or Die, I should be able to rotate out as GM and become a player for a while.


If you're talking about online play specifically, that is the far easier way to find a group, especially if you don't want to GM.

Go to Warhorn. Sign up for game. Be online at the designated time to play the game.

Basically every week I get at least one session in through Warhorn.

It is important to note though that this is not going to be any sort of a regular "group". I do have a couple of GMs that I regularly sign up for, because they do great and have similar attitudes and personalities to what I enjoy. I do bump into the same player or character from time to time, but this is definitely not a regular group and your character will be taking part of. You'll need to accept your place in a rotating roster of Starfinder Agents.

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