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My group has decided PFS Scenarios make more sense for us than a campaign, because of inconsistent schedules. I've been reading through the organized play guide, and I want to make sure my players (who are all relatively new) and myself understand the added steps when making characters.

As I understand it:
In addition to the normal rules in the CRB, players can choose to pick a "school" which gives them different options for bonus loot at the start of an adventure,
They can also choose to be a Field Commission, which means they don't get any starting loot but more downtime after,
If they don't choose any of the above, they get some healing potions at the start.
Is that all correct?

Also, at the start of each scenario, they choose which faction they're representing for this scenario, but that can change each scenario, correct?

Any other rules they should be aware of when creating characters before their first scenario?


Choosing a school gives you other options, but you can always take the potions. Unless you're field commissioned, since then you don't get any item.

The bonus consumable is use or lose. You can't save them, they're just for that scenario.

While you can change up your Faction, you probably don't want to. The actual benefits for representing factions come from increasing your reputation with one of them. Sticking with one primary Faction builds that faster.

Scarab Sages 4/5

The school also gives them a free Lore skill at level 1 and a free feat at level 5 (Field commissioned does get those) off the relevant list of options for the school/generalist/field commissioned.

Make sure that the options they are selecting are both PFS legal and, if they are Uncommon or Rare, that they meet the access conditions. A lot of things are PFS Standard Availability, but that doesn't mean a character has access to that option if it isn't Common.

Be aware that you get welcome points, though! Be sure to check the Books tab under "My Organized Play." You get 80 Achievement Points to start with which is enough to use some of the boons--like an uncommon ancestry--right away on your first character, if you want to.

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