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So super new Paizo & Pathfinder. I am very confused by the whole subscription system. Is there a video (anywhere) that explains how the subscriptions work? Benefits? do the subscriptions have a monthly fee? Adding them to my cart really did nothing help. I also have no idea where to start for core books (Like what does the GM need/ What do players need? Can anyone explain this please?

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The subscriptions have no monthly fees, and they will not get you the core rulebook now (as they were released a long time ago). Details of each subscription can be found here. You can generally choose whether you want your subscription to start with the most recently released product or with the next product to be released.

In short, if you buy a subscription, you pay nothing immediately. However, once per month, Paizo builds a subscription order for you by going through each of your subscriptions and adding to the order any product(s) from that subscription that is being released that month. They ping your credit card to confirm ability to pay and send you an e-mail detailing what is in your order, giving you the chance to check it for problems and ask Customer Service to fix it if necessary. Then, some time in the next couple of weeks or so, the folks in the warehouse actually bill your credit card and ship your order. For most of the subscriptions, this causes a PDF of anything that was shipped from that subscription to be deposited in your digital content for you to download at your leisure.

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