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This is a new show on Netflix, with some dude named Graham Hancock. He’s a journalist, but I don’t think I’d heard of him before this. Anyway, I saw the show while surfing Netflix, then heard about it on some YouTube podcast. Since I didn’t have much else to watch, I figured I’d give it a try.

It’s….interesting. He’s saying there might have been some mystery advanced human civilization from before what’s generally accepted. Maybe he’s on to something. Maybe not. I’m only a few episodes into it, but it’s giving me a kind of Secrets of Al Capone’s Vault vibe.

That said, I’m still enjoying a lot of it. He’s going to different locations and talking about actual ancient ruins. And there are some really good graphics attempting to recreate what these places might have or did look like. Since I’m big on ancient architecture, that kind of stuff is really cool to me.

Anyway, if you like that sort of thing, or are a fan of this dude, you might like this.

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Hancock's a well known pseudo-archeologist/crackpot.

All about misreading archeological evidence in favor of cool conspiracy theory ideas. Loads of fun to think about (or to mine for gaming ideas?), just don't take any of it seriously.

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thejeff wrote:
Loads of fun to think about (or to mine for gaming ideas?), just don't take any of it seriously.

Like I said, that’s the vibe I was getting. But I’ve gotten some great ideas for new maps.

I’ve got to hand it to that dude though - he’s convinced someone(s?) to fund his visits to some really cool places.

Its nice to watch just to learn that a place is a thing. I'd never heard of java or the "sudden" floods. (which still happened over decades)

But its the sort of thing first year archeology student can debunk. yes, we found building materials at a layer of dirt that was laid down 20,000 years ago. Therefore it must be 20,000 years old.... or the people 6,000 years ago were familiar with the concept a foundation and had shovels. he doesn't even try to sort between the two.

Scarab Sages

Well, I finished the series. And I’ve got to admit - it was very….creative.

Still, I’ve got part of what I was hoping for. There are ideas for a few new maps rolling around in my head now. And there are a few real world locations I didn’t know about before, but now want to do some more research into. Places like that might always be good for a little creative inspiration.

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