Strange amulet help - backstory

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Hi All,

I am trying to tie a few player backgrounds into the main plot. Not all, but a few are working out well. So far, I have:

- A storm sorcerer who is the last of his kind. He will be a descendant of the storm druids that Kyuss`s cult hinted down.

- A barbarian gladiator from Greyhawk who was framed for a crime after not fixing a fight.

The wizard will start off as Allustan's apprentice, but character has an odd amulet with an unknown sigil on it. He wants to find out what it means. It was the one family heirloom that got him curious about the world.

Easy and lazy choice would be to make it that language of the Wind Dukes and just someone who died at the Battle of Pesh. No real special meaning.

I could have it be from the ancient race from the south, but then what?

Any good ideas?

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