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Rise of the Runelords

I'm looking at playing an old dwarven bloodragers who became a master smith against his will for this campaign. He'll be using a two handed weapon. Dorn-Dergar would make sense for an older dwarf to have because of reach. Could be a last memento of his clan, brothers, mentor etc. Looking for some advice on bloodlines, backstory and how to tie it all together. I'm GMing the AP myself, so don't mind story spoilers.

Current idea is that he was part of a clan of dwarven berserkers who took upon themselves to take down (Fire?) Giants. (Giant Slayer campaign trait variation). However, they were defeated and instead of being killed, the giants forced them to forge weapons and armor as punishment until death. Alternatively he was sold into slavery and had to serve over a hundred year sentence. He was the only survivor of the group or clan. I'm open to other ideas as well.

I have not thought about how he escaped. Whether he was just let go by impressing the giants or finished serving his sentence or perhaps something else was required of him that he was temporarily released for. I'm thinking his looking to take revenge on the giants eventually.

In terms of bloodlines, I have a couple of ideas. Fire Elemental bloodline (Azer), Salamander or Dragonic. Outside of dragonic, the other two both are considered master smiths, and I'm thinking they were teaching the dwarf somehow. Could have a cool mentor like figure. Not sure how a dragonic bloodline would manifest or make sense for a dwarf to have, but close proximity to the essence of the elementals for so long could perhaps infuse him with arcane energies through mystical absorption.

He could be in Sandpoint to worn the town of the coming giant invasion, but perhaps none took him seriously and being out of coin took on the job in one of the smithies. How about an old mentor of Savah's? I believe she is a weapon and armor smith and perhaps the dwarf came to visit? Having lived somewhere around 200 years wouldn't make this impossible. Perhaps he rebuilt his old village and she learned of the master smith living in the mountains and came to learn the craft?

Character Inspiration
If anyone is familiar with the Demon Slayer manga series. There's a character there called Gyomei Himejima. When I stumbled upon the dorn-dergar, it reminded me of him, and that's where most of the inspiration is coming from. As always, I'm open to other ideas on how to portray this character outside of a bloodrager.

Liberty's Edge

He escaped from the giants a long time ago, set up his forge and workshop in a secluded place and taught the craft to students, including Sandpoint's own smith, who invited him to come for the festival. And for once, not having as much work to do as used to be the case in previous years, he accepted.

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