How will the Cult of the Canker adjust after half its members are killed?

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My party just cleared out a portion of level 3, leaving behind Nhakazarin, Rosk, and 10 or so ghouls and cultists. They took a book they were looking for before heading back to town for the night. I think it only makes sense for the remaining cult members to switch up what they’re doing once they find the dead bodies of their fellow ghouls.

Does anyone have any ideas for defenses the ghouls might set up overnight or how they’d change their positioning in the dungeon?

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Be extremely careful that "common sense" adjustments such as mixing encounters together are very likely to TPK in PF2.

It happened to us in pretty much these circumstances and led to several players quitting the game.

Remember too that these are crazy cultists who have been left alone for centuries. Not a SWAT team of highly trained professionals with a hive mind. The latter is the PC party (supposedly).

I had them barricade into the room outside where the flesh golem is. Then fight have a group move out to fight PCs they hear in the library so you got three fights at manageable difficulty BUT it felt like the ghouls were reacting.

Also helps that that barricade position still blocks the stairs down.

I ended up just having them scatter some difficult terrain and shifted positions around. I have a party of 5, and even after making both encounters high-moderate to low-severe and having two combats accidentally merge due to running around some doors, the party still made it through - the regular ghouls are fundamentally not a threat to level 3 players outside of ghoul fever, and they had slain the cultists.

IN short: idk! Spread some difficult terrain, use their hops to jump over bookshelves. Make it neat.

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