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I have just started playing second edition. I used Harsk as my first character. Its now listed askbe if my character profiles. I would like to just change the name and be able to keep what I earned in my session.

How do I get rid of Harsk and put in my new character name?

Thank you,
John aka Visigoth1

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I don't see a Harsk on your character profiles page. Do you just mean that a session was reported as you playing a Pregen?

That's a normal thing when people play Pregens and doesn't affect anything.

You just name your character whatever you want and continue playing them as usual.

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All that matters is the character number for reporting/credit. You can technically change your character's name every session (it's just harder for us PbP people but still legal).

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Oh, and you can't change an alias's name once you've posted 10 times with it here in the Forums.

So "Will Fleetfoot" still has 9 posts left to go before it's locked in.

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