Age of Worms for first time. three faces of evil - just a Kyuss cult?

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hey guys,
im planning on running AOW for my group. i ran Red and of doom for them a couple of years ago and we all enjoyed that. we have been running a few short games for a while, but im looking forward to running a meaty campaign again.
i'm reading through the adventure path and browsing the great advice in the forum. this place is a great resource.

i have a question though. would it not be easier to make the Ebon Triad a straight Kyuss cult? i know they are supposed to pop up later the adventure and it might get explained their. however it would seem a lot easier if they just were a secretive cult working to bring back Kyuss.

so atm i think im planning to have the Ebon Triad just be a Kyuss cult, they have found an old cathedral of Vecan and are trying to raise his lake monster to rampage on Kyuss'es behalf. maybe have them raiding a few of the tombs to make sure they are as empty as reported and causing a few murders round town for good measure.

unless doing this will cock up something later down the line?

any advice welcome.
Thanks guys!

If you want to streamline the campaign, you can do this without much problem. One of the uses of the Ebon Triad is to help answer in game the question "If Kyuss is such a threat capable of bringing a new age, why are we only hearing about him now?"

But if you are planning on playing the campaign in the Forgotten Realms, I suggest looking up the conversion notes, since it adds a new depth to the Ebon Triad, specially if you have the time to read some of the older editions sources about Jergal.

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