The Redemption of Voz Lirayne [Spoilers]

Age of Ashes

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This post has spoilers up through book 4; you have been warned. :)

So one of my PCs - a goblin bard by the name of Chimes - took an unexpected shine to Voz Lirayne after she survived their first encounter. As a result, I brought her back for a rematch (you can probably find my other thread somewhere in this forum, The Revenge of Voz Lirayne).

Well, despite being planned to die AGAIN, she survived that also. Later, in book 3, Chimes needed someone to teach her the spell talking corpse and decided to try contacting Voz about it using the dreamstone she acquired in the Dreamgate waystation.

What followed was a series of RPs spread across the rest of book three and most of book four that ended up going in a very unexpected direction.

My player has recently collected all of the RPs, brushed them up a bit, and written them in short story format, which I thought I'd share in case anyone else is fascinated by incidents of minor characters unexpectedly becoming major characters. :)

Link here.

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