Scaling Factors for 'Encounter Difficulty'

5th Edition (And Beyond)

Somebody posted this on the web, and I think it's an interesting idea to try out:

If an Adventure Day is 6pts of encounters (between Long Rests):
- 0.75 = easy encounter
- 1.00 = medium encounter
- 1.50 = hard encounter
- 2.00 = deadly encounter.

e.g. Per day then, 3x deadly; Or 2x easy + 1x hard + 1x medium + 1x deadly, etc ...

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Cool. Thanks.

My experience in general is that 5E overestimates the difficulty of challenges - my PCs can usually breeze through “deadly” encounters. I’ve countered that with a few extra minions or legendary/lair actions. Taking a longer term view and increasing the number of encounters per day is another dimension I think I underutilise.

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