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A player has a 6th level PC with zero ranks in engineering and is in the role of Captain. Can the PC use the "Orders" action to order the engineer? To successfully "order" the engineer the Captain is required to make a difficult skill check using the engineering skill.

Page 134 of the Core Rule Book states"Trained Only: If this notation is included in the parenthetical after the skill’s name, the skill is a trained-only skill, and you can accomplish tasks and attempt checks with this skill only if you have at least 1 rank in that skill. All other skills and their tasks can be attempted untrained, whether or not you have ranks in that skill. Rarely, a trained-only skill may have certain uses that can be attempted untrained or a skill that doesn’t normally require training might have a particular use for that training.".

To me, this means the Captain could not take such an action because they are untrained in the engineering skill. If the Captain can use the engineering skill untrained would the modifiers be the same as if he was trained in the engineering skill?

That seems to be right. Its not something where you can fake it with diplomacy.

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I concur with BNW. Translated to an attempt at Captaining a sailing ship (via The Princess Bride) -

"Move the thing!" (2 second repeating video clip)

"And that other thing!" (2 second repeating video clip)

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