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In many combats, I've found that after the first round most players and npcs tend to stay put behind cover and shoot their ranged weapons. For most classes, this frees up their move action and lets them full attack. Spellcasters, however, have very few spells that have full actions to cast. Assuming we want to cast a spell as a standard action, what are we to do with our move action if we are already in a good position? COM and Alien archive 3 have added some new options. Most will need to be thought of in building and leveling a character, however, as they require feats or skills.

As a move action, our spellcaster could

-Align a shield (requires shield proficiency)
-Demoralize (requires improved demoralize feat and good intimidate skill)
-Spell feint ( requires improved feint and spell feint feats and good bluff)
-Grant an action to a creature companion (requires creature companion feats and ranks in survival)
-use the focused sense feat to locate an enemy (requires blindsense and the feat)

There are some class-specific abilities that can be performed as a move action, too, but what else did I miss?

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Agile Casting feat to move out of total cover, cast, then move back to total cover.

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Don't forget that, quite a lot of the time, "good position" is something that changes. The most common use for that move action is going to be "repositioning to maximize cover/protection as the enemy moves about".

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