Two episodes in ...

Knights Of Everflame

And it's still awesome! Loved seeing a little of Tariel's home life, and the Knights reaction to a luxury inn!

Ep 1 is just taking me forever.

Personally, I always found this adventure trope frustrating to play (investigate and try to earn a spot in a Thieves Guild), since the groups are never set up to actually work as infiltrators, and right now (like I said, haven't finished Ep 1), it's all really silly about trying to look 'mean' or 'rough.'

Also, Tauriel just coughing and not saying a damned word to the shopkeep to keep up the illusion of the character frustrated the hell out of me.

It, unfortunately, wasn't a moment of fun for me to watch; it just dredged up bad roleplaying sessions where our face/lead didn't have a clue about what to do when put into the face/lead spotlight.

Definitely not giving up on this! I'm curious if the group will just end up slaughtering Lucky when they actually do find him. :D

Also what is with this group needing to eat all their downed aberration or animal enemies?! Lol

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