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Currently lvl 15 Starsoul Tattooed Sorcerer. Retraining both Archetype and Bloodline into Crossblooded and Phoenix Bloodline. Heres what I've got thus far:

Class Feature Dropped and/or gained.............Days
Gain BL Arcana..................................5
-/+1st level BL Power to Bloodline Familiar....10
Varisian Tattoo into Eschew Materials...........5
-Bloodline Tattoos..............................5
Quicken Spell into new feat.....................5
-7th Lvl Archetype..............................5
-/+9th lvl Archetype to Bloodline..............10
15th Level BL Power.............................5
Retrain 6th lvl spell..........................12

Total Days: 62
PP Cost: 62 Prestige Points
Gp Cost: 9,300gp

Thanks to the rules of Retraining and the uniqueness of the Crossblooded Archetype I don't need to train out old Bloodline Spells for new ones, because I just keep the old ones. As well as not needing to train out all of my Bloodline Powers at every level namely just the 3rd level one. This saves TONS of Prestige.

Three questions:
1. DO I have to pay for the Acquisition of the Class Skill that I gain from Phoenix?
2. According to the RAW the dropping of 7th level Archetype class feature is all I need to pay for. I shouldn't need to pay to gain a feat, or am I reading this wrong?
3. Did I miss anything?

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To abandon an archetype, you must spend 5 days for every alternate class feature you already have from that archetype. At the end of the retraining, you lose the archetype’s classfeatures and gain the standard class features for the class.

Swapping one archetype for another requires two retraining sessions: one to abandon the archetype, and then one to gain the new one.

1. Losing Tattooed Sorcerer Archetype - Familiar Tattoo, Varisian Tattoo, Bloodline Tattoo, Create Spell Tattoo, Enhanced Varisian Tattoo - 25 days

2. Gaining Crossblooded archetype - Class Skill, Bonus Spells, Bonus Feat, Bloodline Arcana, Bloodline Powers, Drawbacks* - 30 days
So it's 55 days to change archetypes.

3. 5 additional days for every feat you wish to change. Looks like you just want to do one, so 5 days
4. 2 x spell level days for every spell you wish to change. If you just want to do a 6th level spell, that's 12 days

A total of 72 days.

Note that there is no option to retrain a single bloodline power by itself. In other words you can't swap your 15th level bloodline power. Not without retraining out of the whole bloodline.**

* Yup, Drawbacks is a "class feature." You have to pay for that as well.
** Or, since you are 15th level, you could do it the slightly cheesy way. Retrain one level of sorcerer to some class with synergy, then retrain back into sorcerer, choosing the other 15th level power. Would take 10 days, though.

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1. Nothing wrong here.

2. Do I really have to pay for something I already have? Drawbacks sucks but its understandable, Though now that you mention Class Skill having to be paid for it makes sense that I would have to pay for the rest, Despite having the same name.

3. I'll have to keep the old feat now, as my Budget is 69 PP.

4. Just found out I already paid for the Spell retrain, It wasn't for the Bloodline Bonus spell. Just bad choices. Though now I'm regretting it as now I have less Prestige to work with.

Why would I have to retrain out of the entire bloodline when Crossblooded is giving me the option to? Retrain rules give me the option to do so

From Ultimate Campaign on retraining Class Features wrote:
Retraining a class feature means you lose the old class feature and gain a new one that you could otherwise qualify for at that point in your level advancement. For example, if you want to retrain your paladin's fatigued mercy (which she gained at 3rd level), you can replace it only with another mercy from the 3rd-level list. If at 6th level you learned the sickened mercy (which is on the 3rd-level list), you may replace it with a mercy from the 3rd- or 6th-level list (because you are replacing a 6th-level mercy slot which you spent on a 3rd-level mercy).

So by default because I trained into Crossblooded I have the option now to "you would otherwise qualify for" then just pay to change it from what it was to what I want it to be.(either the same or half cost of the Class retrain you suggested)

Technically it would seem that training into Crossblooded IS retraining my Bloodline already and I should be able to make such choices when I do train into it.(However that just could be my opinion, Crossblooded is wack)

It should also be noted aside from Dropping the Archetype I don't have to pay for gaining the Bonus feat that the Archetype replaced. Pointless because I still have to pay the same cost for gaining the other Archetype. SO ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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