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The Electrified Crystal Latch states it targets "1 hinge or latch". The Electricity Latch Rune has the trigger "A creature grasps the door latch directly or with a tool". But why would you trap a hinge if the Hazard cannot trigger?

• Solution 1: The Feat should say "Targets: 1 Latch"

Appendum: I believe it should say "Targets: 1 Latch on a Door", so players aren't trapping loose latches and slipping them into weird places, unless that was the intent.

• Solution 2: The Hazard should say "A creature grasps the door latch or attempts to Disable the door hinge directly or with a tool."

Appendum: If the trap should trigger when the latch or hinge is touched, "touch" would make more sense than "grasp" or "Disable".

Full Disclosure: We have considered weaponizing the Rune by playing an Alseta who fights like a Door Warden, using a Tower Shield that looks like a door and inscribing the Latch/Hinge of the "door" so it activates on a shield bash, which the term "touch" would allow. This might be an undesired side-effect, but it would be hilarious and pretty flavorful considering this AP premiered the Door Warden and both the Archetype and Door Warden have strong Elven & Alseta connections.

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