Ideas for strange / funny / disturbing inmates in Zandalus' community

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The module doesn't give any details about the community of inmates in area E. I'd like to throw in some details about individual inmates -- as wallpaper, if nothing else.

Some of these could be real-ish mental disorders -- a catatonic, an OCD case who can't stop washing hands, a (harmless) megalomaniac, what have you. But given that it's an insane asylum in a fantasy world inside the Dreamlands, we can probably get even more creative.


Doug M.

Briarstone is a fairly down-to-earth location. Prior to the whole dreaming thing your average client was just... a normal person with a mental illness. It was a nice place. Trying to make some Wacky Fantasy Mental Illnesses both undersells the premise of "things WERE normal til it all got messed up" and also is a little in bad taste. The fact that these are people with mental illnesses is not the source of the horror, it's that bad things are happening to them.

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I see the bad taste issue, and I'm not making the patients be the source of the horror. More like... there's a guy whose hallucinations occasionally manifest as short-lived illusions, so that everyone else can see them? Or a catatonic guy who occasionally levitates? Or a dissociative patient who has become slightly transparent, because she's literally slowly fading from reality?

Trying to ramp up the weirdness factor, basically.

Doug M.

Someone who believes he is Aroden. Or, for extra fun, two Arodens.

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