About how big is the "Inner Sea Region"

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Probably a dumb question but from the map it looks about as big as North and South America combined?

Not that large. Looking at the map of Golarion in the second edition Core Rulebook should give you some scale, since Golarion's size is equal to that of Earth.

Remember that the Garundi part of the Inner Sea is only about the northern quarter of the continent of Garund.

I'd say that for north-south distance it's more like a third of the distance from the north end to the south end of the Americas.

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Europe + North Africa.

Thankfully, despite the main inner sea map in the lost omens world guide lacking a scale, the golden road region spans almost the entire width of the map, so based on the scale on the golden road map, the inner sea region is a bit over 1400 miles wide (oh how it pains me to use imperial measurements), and maybe twice that tall (2800 miles) (so roughly 2200kms by 4500 kms for those of us living in the 21st century).

For reference, from portugal to the eastern edge of Ukraine is about 4000 kms, or 2500 miles (I use the eastern edge of Ukraine as reference because any further east and you start getting into questions of whether you are in Europe or Asia or whether delineating between the two is even meaningful).

I umm, don't care enough to go any further into the maths for a comparison, because down that road lies the risk of me going too far and obsessively mapping out the exact square kms of the inner sea regions landmasses so that I can compare them to Europe.

Long story short, Europe is a fair bit wider but less tall than the map in the Lost Omens World Guide.

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The Inner Sea Region map is deceptive. A scale bar doesn't remain consistent as you move from south to north on most projections, including the one used by the map.

Fortunately, John Mechalas is awesome, and has given us a graticule map of the Inner Sea Region. Avistan's northern, southern, and eastern edges are remarkably consistent at 60 degrees north, 35 degrees north, and 10 degrees east respectively. Its western edge falls away from 45 to 25 degrees west as you move from north to south. Northern Garund is similar, with a western coast closely following the Prime Meridian, a northern edge on 35 degrees north, a southern edge defined by the edge of the map between 20 and 15 degrees north, and a western edge at 25 degrees west.

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