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I loved PF 1st ED APG and hope we will get Inquitor and other classes to be 2nd ed converts.

Liberty's Edge

Me too!

With 6 new classes like the original had (Sorry Antipaladin, you don't count, you're just an overblown Paladin Archetype) I hope makes the first big Hardcover for the 2020 GenCon release:


Once these are added the remaining 95% of the other PF1 Classes can be created using the "Class-Paths" and Archetypes leaving more room for actual new cool feats, equipment, spells, ancestries, and lore instead of wasting tons of space on a huge chapter in every hardcover that like happened in PF1 where it was full of Class Tables and Ability descriptions whose primary role was to serve as options to trade out for Archetype Abilities.

This is simply my opinion and not an invitation to debate my reasoning!

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