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I did a order for the lost omens books. Is it possible to get the two lost order pre orders canceled so that I can instead pick them up with a subscription? I would much appreciate it. Thank you.

Let me know if you need anything from me to assist in this. I could not see a way to cancel the unfulfilled orders from my account and just pick up the subscription instead

As additional information if its needed, I have Order 7899124 which had the lost omens world guide, Order 7904227 lost omens players guide

You guys are so busy, that at this rate your going to end up sending them before you even get a chance to cancel it. If that happens, or if you get to this before you ship, please just switch me to the lost omens subscription please. If you have already shipped them I would appreciate the sub being started and credited with the PDF. Thank you for your time and help!

This post literally was pushed off the forum it was so old. lol

Has customer service gone on holiday? I know you guys are short staffed but this is excessive. lol

This has been resolved through calling Paizo Customer service. Thank you!

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